Zygote essay

Progressive series of change that occur as a result of maturation and experience. Qualitative change is the sequential and continuous process of change in any direction. Progressive Growth Changes are directional, leading to something positive. Quantitative change in size and structure-an increase in magnitude-in body size, intellectual ability or even social traits Types of Changes in Development Change in size -? there is a change in physical and mental growth.

Change in proportion – physical development is not only limited to size it is also apparent in mental development Disappearance of old features – some features that disappear. Acquisition of new features. Biological Factors of Development Is the transmission of traits from parents to offspring. Characteristics of both parents Heredity are passed to the child through the union of fathers sperm and mother’s egg cell to form a zygote. Maturation The unfolding of traits potentially present in the individual considering his hereditary endowment.

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Environment Learning Includes all the conditions in the world that influence behavior, growth, development or fife process in any way. The result of activities or day-to-day experiences on the child himself. Chromosomes Are threadlike bodies in the nucleus of cells. With in the nucleus are structure containing heredity factors 23 Genes 22 GENOMES OUTCOMES Unit carrier of heredity Chemical blueprints for building and maintaining a living organism GENES Two identical chi rooms mess X+X=xx Two unintentional chi Romeos Kinds of Genes Dominant Genes Recessive Genes Is one whose characteristics will be dominant when paired with another gene. Ill not be produced when paired with another genes. Brown Eyes Black Eyes Curly Hair Straight Hair Normal Hair Baldness Extra Finger or Toes Normal number of fingers or toes HOMOZYGOUS Dwarfed limbs HETEROZYGOUS Genes with identical characteristics. Different characteristics are found in the genes Normal-proportional limbs Traits Most Influence by Hereditary Physical Features Predisposition to certain diseases Intelligence Sensory Activity Mental Disorder Other fundamental abilities and capacities Principles of of Heredity Heredity Principles Principles of Variation-no two individuals of any kind are very exactly alike.

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