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What is the first image that pops up in your mind when you’ve been asked t he question, what is happiness, exactly? Happiness could be sniffing flowers every day, or maybe helping people get up from a hard life. Things or circumstances such as money, beauty y, fame. And power, which people Often think can bring them happiness, are only temporary or AR e not true happiness. Happiness is not experiencing joy or jubilation 24 hours a day, being rich, or e even achieving your dream or goal. It is not materialism either.

Happiness is based on genetic CSS, life circumstances, and positive emotions. It is also being praised, feeling limitless , and becoming what you want and maintaining it for long periods of time. You feel happy who en you feel loved, help people, and when you improve. Materialism is not happiness. Happiness is not feeling good all the time. “If f lending good all the time were our only requirement, then the answer would be yes. ‘( Happily. Com, 1)” No amount of feeling satisfied will make you happy. One might say that they f eel satisfied when they eat ice cream. However, you would probably want more after that.

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Feeling g good all the time means that you want to have more, and then it would actually undermine you r ability to feel happy, according to my research. For example, studies show that cocaine will make you “feel pleasure,” but the effects will wear off after a while. Over time, your brain will be psychologically attached to the drug, and then it will want you to get it no ma deter the cost. For example, you could steal, sell your precious items, and even resort to violence . In addition to that, what you expect all the time is not physically possible for most people.

T eke “unhealthy’ people, for example, they have to live with old rags and scraps of food daily. H over, they don’t expect too much, which is the reason why they are most likely to be hap pier than rich people. Lastly, according to Happily. Com , “When you ask people what makes their lives worth living, they rarely say anything about their mood. ” They would probably say so meeting along the lines of their work or their beloved ones. They never describe what makes their life worth living; they just say works and relationships. For example, when I was interview wing my mom, he told me that her work made her life worth living.

She did not say a single word about her mood. Next, happiness is not a final destination. The older saying “Are we there y et? ” is also used in discussions about happiness, as if a person works towards happy news and eventually “arrives” at happiness. However, then what? Unless you are the few who inhere tied the rare trait of naturally being happy all the time, you have to work to maintain that happy news. Utopia can only last a short amount of time, after all. For example, when you get married or find that perfect mom, it only lasts for a while and wears off as we adapt to them.

Furthermore, happiness is not being rich and affording everything you want all the time. Many people think that it can bring us happiness because it can buy you technically everything. It does not necessarily guarantee perfect happiness. In the movie Wily Wonk Charlie Bucket is a poor child that lives with his parents and grandparents, eat ins cabbage soup daily. Of course, they wish for a more “wealthier” life. However, Charlie Bucket still accustomed to this environment and is happy, nevertheless. Also, wealthy pee plea tend to have an empty bowl that will never be filled.

When you say you want more money, an d you get it, you want more. For example, John Cardiac said in his article, “We shall all have mad e it to heaven when we possess enough. ” (John Cardiac, 2) However, the only exception to this claim is donating to others in need. Wealth can also affect you in the aspect of being conceited. Many wealthy people believe that since they can buy everything, they are happy. However, g owing back to the “empty bowl” concept, you will want more and more of everything but will en ever be satisfied. Therefore, you are not happy. Having wealth could also prove to be dangerous s.

What if your money got stolen? There could be thieves around every corner trying to get a hold of that money. This might lead to you being untrusting and will isolate you from everyone else e, therefore also making you unhappy. The next topic I want to talk about is how happiness feels like being limitless. The song Happy provides a lot Of potential information. For instance, Peripheral says, “Cal p along, if you feel like a room without a roof. ” A room without a roof means technically have Eng no limits to our world, analogies. In addition, Peripheral says, “I’m a hot air balloon that c loud go to space. The current world record for the highest air balloon flown is 69,869 fee et, but it still is not the height of space. I believe that Peripheral thinks his happiness could propel hi s hot air balloon into space. Next I want to talk about when you feel happy. According to my mom, she fee Is happy a lot of times. She says that she experiences happiness when she improves or when she feels loved. When someone feels loved they feel accepted into the world and that the word old is where they belong. When you have sensed that you improved, it makes you want to Caleb rate because you have accomplished something.

My mom says that she experiences happiness s when she is praised or when she is able to help people. Being praised, in my opinion, is the same as being recognized for who they are, not just an individual that does certain tasks. Looking at the claim that you feel happy when you help people is like a positive “empty bowl”. When I saw the p people whom I helped smiled and thanked me, I wanted to do more of helping people. It is s rot of like the term, “When you laugh I laugh. We should always help more people to make this w oral a better place, and to make ourselves happier too.

A winning situation. There are three sources of happiness. I found three reasons from PBS. Orgy’s This Emotional Life . According to the website, “Researchers have explored three basic sources of happiness: genetics, including temperament and personality; life circumstance sees, such as wealth and health; and our own choices. ” The first source is genetics. I think this is rig HTH because the temperament and personality of a mother or father with their kid is quite Simi AR- Furthermore, I believe that our own choices affect how happy we are, too.

We can choose to think of everything in a negative Way and it will make us unhappy. For example, if your brother or sibling steps on your flower you just picked on accident, you can either go to the park and get a new one or sulk. Also, John Cardiac said in his article, “It may be we are issued a hunting license but offered no game. ” What he probably means is that we are given the ability to be happy, b UT it is our own choices to get that “game” Cardiac talks about. The last source of happiness is lie e circumstances. Wealth could affect you greatly when it comes to happiness.

You can either h eave the “empty bowl” or donate and fill that bowl to satisfaction. In addition, health could also affect you. For example, if you have depression, you are not going to be happy all the time. B y the same token, f you are sick, like having a cold or fever, you will be very tired and will not be a blew to exercise. Exercising releases chemicals in your brain called endorphins that will make y o feel happier. What is happiness? Happiness is about feeling more positive emotions and ho good you feel on a today basis.

It is also a matter of feeling more positive emotions t Han negative ones. Finding meaning in your work will make you a lot happier, because word k is what you do for your life. You should also find what is important to you. For example, my mom IS a precious person to me. She is what I think is most important to me and she makes me happy. Furthermore, John Cardiac says, “No difficulty, no fun. ” agree with this because when I was p laying video games, many people cheated to beat the game faster. I tried to cheat on one game, and then it came too boring to play; it made me unhappy with the game itself. We De and difficulty even in our games,” John Cardiac says. I believe he is correct for we do demand difficulty in our games. Like chess, it is only fun when you think about the strategy needed to beat your opponent. If it was easy, there would be no fun. Hence, “No difficulty, no fun. ” In conclusion, happiness is all about the pleasant feels Of everything. It is not materialism, also. Happiness is found in food, toys, or even in love. It can also be found in places, like Taiwan or Thailand. It originates from our genes, our life circumstance ices, and our own choices.

Happiness, I believe, is everything. We all learned that happiness is a very complicated subject. We need to dig deeper and find the true meaning of hap planes.

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