Veterinary medicine essay

I absolutely loved working with them and learning more about dogs. Then decided to become a veterinary technician and attend college full time. My boyfriend was proud of me; he knew had a passion for animals. My family and friends thought it was pretty cool; my friends always had asked me for advice as well as gave me any unwanted pets to care for. So finally I enrolled myself in school to get a degree in veterinary technician. I made sure would have to do my part in putting time to study and do each and every assignment successfully.

A year into school and now having a full time job at a tertiary hospital, when get home my day hasn’t even been finished yet. With a dog living at home, I must provide her with love and attention. I also must take her on short walks around our neighborhood and of course feed her dinner. My dog must also get her teeth brushed and take vitamins to prevent any health issues as she ages. Before my boyfriend gets home, I get our dinner for the evening started. I also do some household chores around the house including laundry and vacuuming the carpets. I then check our calendar to see if there’s any upcoming bills or payments that are due.

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Once a month I travel down 3 hours to the city to visit my family and friends. It’s usually just for the weekend when visit so you can imagine how very little time have to fit everyone in. On any other free time I have, usually go on social media websites to post photos or even view what everyone has been up to. Also go on websites such as Amazon or any online clothing store and just browse or shop. Leave most of the studying and school work on my days off. During the weekdays when I work, my time is already constraint with other things as well. When I study, I do it for 3-4 hours or even more pending how much I would want to get done.

Sometimes it’s very hard to find the time, energy and money to do it. I find myself questioning if it’s even really worth it but then get a reminder from myself that this is something I really want and it will pay off in the long run. Managing my time has been one of the most difficult task since I started school once again. Working full time in an animal hospital requires me to be organized especially handling multiple charts all at once. Taking phone calls, making appointments, checking out clients and getting patients medication together at the same mime can be overwhelming sometimes. Mind it really helpful for me to write a list or a note on the task that has to be done but can wait when the hospital is very busy that day. If I can’t get to it even then, I’ll just ask one of my co workers to help me out. Being organized at my job is very important. If we mix up the patients charts and prescriptions, not only would it lead to misinformation, it can lead to misdiagnosis and can be harmful or even deadly to the patience. I must also be organized in taking care of my bills or finances. If I miss paying my bills, my credit score will be effected.

When you have a low credit score, you will be denied if you decide to get a house, car, loan or even a credit card. The bill collectors will even come after me if I haven’t paid after some time. I have a calendar that is a dry erase board where I’m able to view and write what day the bills are due and plan accordingly with my pay day schedule. This has definitely helped me be more organized and pay my bills on time. I cook almost every day so having all the ingredients is very important or it won’t taste how would want it to taste. I rye to do the grocery shopping to a minimal amount of trips since I don’t have much time on my hands anyway.

I make a thought-out list of items and stock up for the items to last me at least a couple of weeks. Sometimes there are those moments where want to make something like Lasagna but don’t always have the ingredients for it. I then suggest the idea to my boyfriend and we come up with ideas as to if we should go to the supermarket to get them or if not, what we should make instead of that. Luckily it’s only a 2 minute drive by car! As you can tell if I’m not organized, everything will get overwhelming and a bad chain of occurrences will happen.

It is very important for me to finish school and work full time in the veterinary office. I keep a small notebook in my purse to keep in handy when ideas, or things I have to do/get comes across my head. I’m a forgetful person especially multitasking and carrying this notebook helps me remember everything. The technique of jointing things down has tremendously improved my organization skills. Now I’ve planned the next 3 years with school and everything else, I’m very confident that I can accomplish my dream in becoming a veterinary technician.

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