Thesis Statement essay

The Ignited States have a higher murder rate with firearms than Canada, even though Canada have the same amount of guns as the U. S. The violent history of Aimer IAC contributes greatly in the crimes presented in our society. Response: I agree with this because Canada has more gun control than the United State Canada has generally experienced far fewer crimes Of gun violence than the IS united States due to gun control. I personally think that the U.

S. Should look up north for a solution n to its firearms problems. Thesis #2: The media in America are more prone to violence than in Canada, as a result Americans are more fearful than Canadians. This leads to higher crime rates n the U. S. Response : I agree with this statement because the Canadians have fewer crime rates the an the united States. Also, they are not afraid to leave their front doors unlocked beck cause they don’t want to feel like they are trapped in their own home. Americans on the other hand lock all doors and fear that someone may come in and hurt them if their home is not secure lay locked.

Thesis The Second Amendment “Right to Bear Arms” is overused by Americans even when not needed, like in the case of Carlton Weston. People use this amendment a s the right to own weapons, believing that their weapons are protected. Agree with this statement, specially in the case of Carlton Weston. I understand and that us Americans have the right to bear arms but it doesn’t make sense to ha eve multiple loaded guns around your house if you have not been attacked. People don’t need more than 10 rounds in a magazine for self defense if they know how to shoot a gun properly.

This just wows how most Americans have a unhealthy obsession with firearms as well as how they live with fear d uh to the consumption of the media. Thesis #4: Although we rarely see white crimes in the media, minorities and blacks are made to be scarier than they are for two main reasons. First, They are seen as a wild g roof. But most importantly, they are always the ones depicted on the media causing crimes. I agree with this statement because when I watch the news or read news art clues online 90% of the time is caused by a black or a Hispanic person, rarely see o r hear a crime committed by a white individual.

Thesis #5: The high crimes caused by firearms are a result of how easy it is to access w paeans. If the government system were to put more restrictions on weapons, the crime e rates would go down. I disagree with this statement because by having the government system put ting restrictions on weapons, it would only affect the individuals who own guns leg ally. If someone really wanted a gun and wanted to commit a crime, all they would have to do is either steal it or get it from someone they know. Guns don’t kill people, people do! So, this rest ruction would not have any affect on them. Thesis #6:

Carlton Weston contributed to gun violence because even though the tragic incident of columbine he showed up in Littleton, Colorado and held a gun pro rally, aft re he was asked to cancel. His actions showed that he cared very little of families that were affect deed in that incident. Disagree with this statement because Carlton Weston did not promote gun violence nor did he force American citizens to buy guns and commit these crimes, he j just wanted us to have the right to bear arms. Even though he knew about the incident Of Cool imbibe and Bubble, he couldn’t do anything to stop the gun pro rallies since they were planned a yea in advance.

Thesis #7: Violence has increased due to the walkover’s program because it’s keeping parents away from their kids, which could possibly put a child in a situation w here they can obtain a weapon. Agree with this statement because if it wasn’t for this program the shooting of koala at Bubble Elementary would of never happened, the boy that accidentally shot a ND killed koala would of never been in that situation if he was being cared by his mother. Du e to this tragic incident Florida and other states have had recent changes in Welfare and Word k, child care, and Child Welfare Systems Thesis #8:

Most Americans are trigger happy, we have the highest crime rates of murder r S by firearm violence than any other country due to the media repeatedly forcing f ear in to us even though it may not be the truth, so they can have a great and interesting story to tell. I absolutely agree with this statement because this has happened multiple it mess In the past. For instance, the African killer bees that was supposed to migrate to America, the bola disease that was supposed to spread and the YAK bug that was supposed to cause mass chaos with our computer systems. None of these ever happened, but us Americans were still in fear.

Thesis #9: The media always bashes celebrities such as Marilyn Manson when horrific cry Nines are committed. Not once do they blame people who are actually in power such h as the President. Disagree with this statement because media violence is the increasing problem in modern society and the most popular and persuasive in entertainment. Children and young adults tend to get influenced by the media being video games, news, movies, and music. So, figure heads such as Marilyn Manson can be influential in an individual rather than the president. Thesis #10: The entertainment culture of guns is a direct result of death and violence in

America. If we had a strict US. Government that put a limit on the amount of v lenience shown, there would be less death and violence. Agree with this statement because the entertainment media shows off violent CE by making violent video games, music videos, and movies. This lets children and young adults believe that it is harmless and fun, while others may lead to aggression and VI lent behavior due to imitation.

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