The Millennials essay

In addition, millennial tend to set their goals much too high then necessary and have the most lenient and liberal views awards taboo situations than any other past generations. They seem to treat each individual around them equally and promote nonviolence to the world around them. This cohort has plenty of positive attributes due to their more modern outlook on society. Education is primarily stressed for a young millennial with the realization that higher education leads to a higher earnings throughout life.

They believe that a future with a well-paying and benefited career is especially important for a financially comforting lifestyle, potentially due to the lack of security that hey may have felt with their Generation X parents. Generation X parents typically have lower to middle-class paying jobs due to the lack of free education and support from their own Baby Boomer parents. This has led to increase in demands and motivation that these parents have on the millennial and a higher expectation they have for their own futures.

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Although confidence and hard work is overall progressive, millennial are often stressed and over bearing because they want to be the most elite. Most millennial believe that they will graduate within the top 20% of their class, UT the issue is that this mathematical impossibility leads many to experience frustration. They are showing measures of stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression because they cannot deliver their expected success. On the other hand, the millennial are also optimistic and concerned with the well-being of their community.

They tend to volunteer actively and take part in sports, clubs, and many extracurricular activities due to their high demanding personalities. Outside of the high pressure bubble the millennial thrive in, they tend to relax by scrolling through social media and watching elevation. They are comfortable with sharing the most minimal aspects of their lives to the entirety of the internet world. In fact, privacy is a luxury in this small world of the millennial. An example of this is seen in how socially conscious they are.

The generation of today can share a story or an insight with hundreds in just moments; hence, making them more aware Of social issues surrounding them. Although this does come with a price, as this generation spends less time socializing with people in a more intimate way rather than just posting on social media; however, they are more informed of hat is going on around them. I feel that this generation will lay the foundation for more advancement technologically paving the way for many generations after them.

Hence, one can see that the millennial will play an important role for many generations as they move forward towards the future of technology. Additionally, millennial will influence the next generation in a positive way by showing equality to their fellow man and this will continue to grow for many generations. Through the struggles of generations before them, alienists have learned that the persons in their lives are all equal, a valuable lesson that will continue to impact the lives of all who share this world.

There is still work to be done on this social issue; however, I feel we are heading in the right direction. For example, the more liberal views of same sex marriage has been booming in the last decades. Racism and stereotypes have also been reduced throughout the world around us. This is also something seen in schools throughout the country as people promote nonviolence on campus; hence, promoting anti bullying throughout the country. Students see each other more of equals rather than competing for who is the coolest on campus.

This generation I feel is more likely to make friends with those who are different which a significant progression from Generation X. From the above mentioned, one can see how the millennial ability to see others more of an equal than generations before them, as well as their technological advancements and their motivation for achieving their dreams, will lay the foundation of those who come after them. This generation has many attributes to show those in the future how to come closer as a mankind wrought their social consciousness while educating those around them through equality and hard work.

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