The Lay Of The Werewolf essay

This is an example of ethos because she believ ed that it was unethical to keep secrets the way he did. The wife is also innocent because she spent many long nights worry’ing about her husband’s safety. She knew not where he went, nor on what errand. Neither did any of his house know the business which called him forth. ” This quote shows that the wife had a strong emotional connection with her husband. She worried about him every minute he was gone. He would leave her without telling her where he was going. Keeping secrets in a r lationship never ends well.

This situation is an example of logos because her husband left her putting a strain on their bond. Although both the husband and wife continue to stay loyal for a period of tim e, the wife becomes uneasy of the secret he kept for so long. To continue, the facts show that the wife is innocent because of the actions o f Bisclavret and how the wife responded to it. When Bisclavret left her for three days, the wife was determined to stay loyal and strong. “Husband, right long and wearisome are the days that you spend away from your home. se from my bed in the morning sick at heart, know not why. So fearful am I, lestyou do aught to your loss, that may not find any comfort. “This quote refers to pathos because it ties in emotion for the wife’s feelings. When she fo und out about his secret, she relized she could not take it any longer.

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