Technology Growth essay

Technology will always be forever (use one or the other, don’t need both words) changing. In the past 20 years we’ve evolved from bricks of a cell phone to a less than 1 centimeter thick even though it bends in peoples pockets it’s quite impressive (run on sentence). In 20 more years imagine how much more can change such as virtual reality, computers and games. But the question is how will this impact Canada? (try to combine this into one sentence, since it’s two questions in a row) First, one thing that will change drastically in 20 years is virtual reality.

Virtual reality is already really close to being realistic. (try to choose another word for “realistic since you’re saying virtual reality is close to being realistic… The wording seems a bit off). In 20 years it has high potential of being completely realistic or even better than realistic. Right now they have things like roller coaster simulators and things like that make someone feel like they re on a roller coaster even though the graphics are pretty bad. Now fast forward 20 years it could be completely realistic and the immersion will be even better than it is right now.

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The immersion can be so realistic tattoo won’t (l don’t know how formal this essay is supposed to be, but typically you don’t use contractions formal essays (egg. Use it is, vs. it’s) even realize where you are. If Canadian game companies like EAI Sports use that to their advantage you (also in essays, typically you avoid words such as “you” “we” etc) could feel like an actual player in the game. Virtual reality could also evolve to using the whole body with AR (augmented reality) which uses a glove that controls a hand in the game. Lots of companies would be able to capitalize on that for plenty of things.

Let’s use obvious Montreal as an example this time. They have a game called Assassin’s Creed. Imagine being an assassin, you could with this IVR and AR combined together. It would be a profitable idea and there are other companies in Canada that can use this to their advantage and do great things. Virtual reality can also be used for education. A school in Ireland uses a virtual reality headset called the Culls Rift to build areas and show kids what that place is like. That could be relevant in a history class where a period of time is rendered out and students can be in that period of time.

Also it can be used for doctors and military for training. Surgery practice can train more doctors in Canada and they can be sent to other countries and Canada could have doctors as an export. Virtual reality is big right now and in 20 years it could be massive especially in places like Canada and the US that have lots of technology. (should try to word this more strongly) Secondly, a thing that will change in 20 years is computing/computers. Quantum computing is becoming a thing(what does “a thing” mean???? Definitely change this! ) and with that so is network enabled telepathy.

Using mutant processors it gives the ability to wear a headband that you can telepathically talk to people with a headband as well. (confusing sentence) If a company like RIM (Blackberry) could use something like that in their devices, Canada could be a top dog in the smart phone sales and would be known more than just hockey and maple syrup land. Along with telepathic communication comes more powerful computers with quantum computing. Quantum processors destroy (again, not sure about the word choice. But this really depends on the level of formality you’re supposed to have in the paper) jugular silicon processors in their speed.

If MM, one of Canada’s computer makers, start using these in their server computers and maybe even start making desktops, Canada could be at the top of the computer game as well. Lastly, with computer evolution, graphic card evolution will happen as well. It’s inevitable. Graphics cards are already superior. In 20 years graphics cards will be crazy and even more superior. If MM yet again takes advantage of these, Canada will be at the top for these things. Computers are a way of life for some people, and they’re amazing right now. Another 20 years will be mind blowing.

Lastly, the thing that can change the most in 20 years is gaming. There will definitely be a graphic improvement no doubt. 20 years ago a game called The Need for Speed came out. The graphics were good for the year but fast forward 20 years and the evolution of graphics in the Need for Speed games is amazing. The cars look realistic maybe even close to identical. The same applies to the NIL and sports games by EAI Sports. NIL 15 and FIFE 15, the players look almost as real as real life. Even though game play wise EAI Sports (is this fact relevant? And if it is, you should expand on it- like why aren’t they hat great? Isn’t the best they know how to do graphics. Next is game immersion (what does this mean? )- EAI Sports has been making their sports games to make the immersion really well, as if the player is actually in the arena, or the player is watching the game on TV. In NIL 15 they added NBC commentators and an NBC scoreboard in the top so it looks like you’re watching TV’. They’ve also made the crowd more realistic rather than using the same 7 player models for the crowd. The crowd has been personally customized to seem like every person is different and by using more player models.

Canadian companies have been using the same techniques no matter what the game. In childhood, video game players would’ve wanted to be in games. Running around on a battlefield, playing basketball, playing soccer and being the person walking around the haunted house. (fragmented sentence, not sure what point you’re trying to get across with it) Using virtual reality and a wallboard, it is now possible.

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