Tantan essay

West Romeo, Magmata City. First of all, I can say that our community is a worthy place to live in because we practice cleanliness and I am comfortable with my community. As my observation, even though I always get home late but I have a lot of free time in the morning, so decided to walk in the streets to observe what is going on in the community, and as roam around see peace and order in our immunity.

Like the typical community, there were school, market, parks, and basketball courts for the youths. As I roam around the streets, I saw students go to the basketball court after their classes, some of them go to computer shops and play. I also observed that there were students that cut classes and go to computer shops to spend hours and wait until the dismissal time comes. As a student, I pity them, because they are wasting their time in playing games instead of learning in school and educating themselves.

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There re also a lot of out of school youths and many of them were involve in the usage of illegal drugs, and I think that is the problem in our community. We should decrease the number of out of school youths and make projects to make them busy or for them to have something to do instead of using illegal drugs and making their lives miserable. To wrap it up, I think the problem in our community is how to decrease the population of the out of school youths in our community and help them to educate for them to have a better life.

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