Strategic Auditing for Astro essay

Mission To create an organization that will exceed customer’s expectations in quality n time delivery, problem solving, service and cost control. 2. Objectives To make best use of its shareholders worth by means of increasing the size of its business by devoting and providing new opportunities in the media production internationally in order to get sustained growth in revenues with a view of early cash flow generation. Search in new ways to boast its contribution mostly in the penetrated economies.

Its own operational and monetary aims which are different in terms of diverse business units. 3. Strategies Aiming to discover the correlation between customer marketing strategies implementation Determine the feedbacks from rewarding its current 1. 53 million spores package subscribers through the execution of sports ground events and corporate social responsibility. To retain the customer loyalty from withdrawing the sports pack, the important of ground events and corporate social responsibility needs to be done. II. STRATEGIC MANAGERS A.

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Board of Directors Consists of three directors who are non executive with one executive chairman and one non executive director. B. Top Management Responsible for managing their departmental activities related to different rand’s and sections. The link between the lowest level and the board and mostly comprises of managers and senior managers who implement the plans made by the top levels. Ill. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT A. Natural Environment 1 . Growing usage of energy availability is the problem, whereby it generates high consumption of energy. (T) B. Societal Environment 1.

Economic a. Enlarge its target market not only to households, but hotels, residential areas, other business entity, and institutions. (O) b. Intense competition from the market, now many paid-W firms are penetrating the market. (T) c. Existing ay-TV household penetration rate of 54% indicates there is still room to grow. (O) 2. Technological a. Rising demands in emerging technology markets. (O) b. Higher demands of HAD services, unable to fulfill the demands from markets. (T) 3. Political-legal a. Environmentalism being reflected in laws on pollution and energy usage. (T) b.

Piracy of motion pictures; everything can be downloaded for free in the Internet. (T) 4. Coloratura a. Divorce and career mobility means need for more money to fill them, so the desire to cut the contract or delaying its payments are high. (T) b. Bundled arrives with strategic partners could strengthen its market leadership. (O) C. Task Environment 1 . Vigilant consumers demand high quality services with low price in safe, environmentally sound services. (T) 2. Rivalry low. No competitors for the time being it concurs the market positions and leadership in pay-TV industry. O) 3. Buyers’ power high. Since it is the one and only pay-TV firms locally. (O) 4. Other stakeholders’ power medium. Quality, safety, and environmental regulations becoming strictly increasing due to it lead to societal issues. (T) 5. Threat of substitutes medium. RTFM , RTFM, TV, TV and TV still takes the positions in the market, and it is free. (T) 6. Entry barriers high. New entrants locally are unlikely to happen, except for large existing international firms. (T) lb. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Strength Astor has first-mover advantage in the pay TV business in Malaysia.

It contain uses to expand by offering various value-added services and through strategic partnerships Largest Pay TV’ operator in Malaysia. (0. 4) High barriers to entry into the pay-TV area due to high cape requirements. (0. 2) Live broadcasting. (0. 4) Astor beyond in HAD. (0. 2) Weakness. High depreciation and amortization. (0. 2) Too much movie repetition (0. 5) Increases in price. (0. 2) V. ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC FACTORS A. Situational Analysis (SOOT) i. Strength Offering various value-added services Live broadcasting High Definition (HAD) ii.

Weaknesses High depreciation and amortization Too much movie repetition Increase in price iii. Opportunities Market segmentation enlargement Potential penetration growth Rise of tech oenology demands Strategic alliances Rivalry low High buyers’ power iv. Threats Energy availability growing problem Intense competition Inability of demands fulfillment Strict environmental laws Piracy of motion pictures Divorce and career mobility High market competitiveness Substitutes medium High entry barriers B. Review of Current Mission and Objectives The current mission is still in process of improving their service.

The objective appears appropriate. It is shown in ASTOR latest annual report. VI. STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES & RECOMMENDED STRATEGY A. Strategic Alternatives i. Structure of Organization – The organization structure consists of board of directors who are the top authority and are responsible for planning and corresponding the strategic direction and taking care of its affairs to make ere the organizations success to have the proper control over risk and go on with the rules and regulations of the territory and the company. Ii.

Structure of Organization – The body of board of directors consists of three directors who are non-executive with one executive chairman and one nonconsecutive director. The Next level come the management group who are responsible for managing their departmental activities related to different brands and sections. This level is the link between the lowest level and the board and plans made by the top levels. The next level is the lowest level comprising of aroma workers who are directly into the activities and are only linked with the management groups. Ii. Information Technology – According to the oxford dictionary Information technology is the branch of technology concerned with the dissemination, processing, and storage of information, which means that Astor an organization which is completely dependent on IT and makes mass usage Of it. We can see the usage of IT in almost all the business activities of this corporation. The massive usage of IT however is made for the digital channel service which the organization provides to its obscurer. Iv.

Information Technology – For associations like Astor where the service is based on subscription, IT helps the group to keep the track of its subscriber in terms of: Type of service pack undertaken. Time period of the subscription. Outstanding bills of the subscribers. Details of the customers requiring services. The works of digital media production itself requires different software’s in its workplace. As we know that Astor works in the digital media production it is the field where IT is required in: Editing and combining the movies Digital production AD and graphic works v.

Problem Statement – From our research analysis we have come out with the result that though the company is running in the multinational zone, there are still some defects which are still being faced by their customers with the view of payment in many locations. Currently the company’s system of subscription payment is manual and there is a limited usage of IT in this phase. The current system of Starts subscription payment gives out the following major problems which are: Inaccessibility Long Queue Timing vi. Solution with the Analysis – Electronic Voucher Recharge System: Customers will have better access to service.

Company also will be able to provide better service to the customer with on time services. The system works in a similar sense as to the previous system of encryption, the only distinction from the previous system is in terms of payment of service bills. Rather than paying bills going to the Astor service centers the payment is made on the recharge basis either by an online or by a normal recharge voucher yet utilizing Stator’s Satellite services. Vii. Technical Aspects – Adopt new technology architecture. Payments have to be tracked by Astor using an intelligent client interface.

The interface’s role is to allow the customers to key in the electronic code purchased. Additionally the client program must adhere to a secure transmission of the reactivation code. On the other side of the transaction, Astor must successfully authenticate the received reactivation request. Thus, the main modules that need to be added to the existing system would be: Electronic vouchers generation Electronic voucher authentication End user account management – the client program running on the decoder B. Recommended Strategy i.

Astor can focus on their corporate responsibilities in order to enhance the people by the social work Of responsibilities such as making the Corporate Social Responsibilities. The program that can be consider such as; Lifelong Learning Astor learning pillar aims to equalize access to education opportunities and gear towards academic excellence. Their flagship program, Comparators, encompasses our efforts in creating and aggregating quality learning content on the television platform as well as providing the Comparators Learning Systems in schools and activity Center’s and engaging teachers and students to maximize content usage.

Community Development – To move society towards an improved overall standard of living, they believe in the need to improve opportunities for the attainment of better living skills and living conditions. The flagship project, Astronauts Hostel, saw the building of hostel blocks in rural Saba and Karakas to provide underprivileged students with comfortable living facilities and an engagement plan to improve academic performance in our effort in creating a conducive learning environment.

Sports and Wellness – To increase appreciation, participation and to advance the standard of local sports, they support and partner numerous sports initiatives. With the advent of Astor Arena and the dream towards advancing the local sports industry, they host the 1 MAC-Astor Kemp BOLA and other sports clinics to nurture young children towards sports involvement and appreciation. Environment – Astor environment pillar demonstrates their commitment in raising awareness on conserving the environment. He efforts have not just translated in environmental efficiency at the workplace but also through our record-breaking Beautiful Malaysia project where they engage the community with hands-on coral restoration initiatives to highlight environmental preservation and conservation. . Astor quality must be maintained and continued shortage of operating capital will its toll, so investment must be made in R. VII. IMPLEMENTATION a. In order to increase the total revenues or gain more market share in TV household of Malaysia, targeting the right customer and fulfill their needs and wants must be concern. . Astor should introduced more channels that near to the flavor of Malay such as Astor Cerci, Astor prima and etc. Astor are also organizing more Malay shows like Academic Fantasia and Radioman to attract the Malay customers. As for the Chinese, Indian and other ethnics, he total of subscribers are increasing constantly year by year. C. To increase their market share in Malaysia, Astor have to make some enhancement on it and find better strategies to implement. D.

Implicit here is that due to the continuously changing in the external environment, company has to keep watch so as to interact with these movements. The environment changes can be divided into micro and macro environments. VII. EVALUATION AND CONTROL a. The manager need to work closely with Business Units to understand their annual plan to ensure adequate resources and proper planning of sourcing and execution activities. B. Astor Malaysia has to controls and measures to minimize business and financial risk and exposure. C.

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