Sexual Assault Prevention Program essay

Child sexual abuse is not only about rape but comes in different forms like asking or pressuring a child to get involved in sexual activities, or to expose their genitals, female nipples, with intention to satisfy their own sexual desires or pleasures, (Martin J). Signs/effects Of sexual assault on chi lilied C] Depression C] Anxiety Eating disorders C] poor self esteem C] sleep disturbances 0 Anger issues, (Levitate RD). Signs/effects of sexual assault on children count….

C] conduct disorders C] Anti-socialites CLC anxiety disorders C] withdraw from school and social activities learning and behavioral problems like cruelty to animals and people, (Levitate RD) Psycho-educational and supportive approaches to educate the children C] psychotherapy classes n At a community level, such as in community centers, schools, and social service agencies, psycho-therapeutically classes would be one of the most appropriate approach to teach and tell the children more about themselves, create an openness between them and their elders, tell them what is wrong and right.

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Teach them about their bodies, their differences as male and female, their private parts and simple facts about sex and their shortcomings. As well it’s a point where we can learn about our children’s conditions, moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors that would drive them into situations that would lead to sexual assault and know how o help them out.

CLC Friendly talks n This is engaging in talks with the children in the community, have a peer to ere talk and let them say off their feelings, create an environment of no secrecy and hence this way its easy for the community to know how the children feel and how to go about it to prevent them from being in a position where they can be easily assaulted sexually, (Rain, 2009). count….

CLC Guidance and Counseling C] Counseling and guidance is an approach that can be applied on both the children and the community at large. This is an approach that in a way is focused on teaching and guiding the children on how to walk in paths and behave in ways that would not attract any kind of desire to the opposite sex. Teach tem what to look for and what to do in case they find themselves in a situation that is alarming .

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