Securing And Protecting Information essay

First we will go into detail about the Security authentication Process itself to shed some light on what it really is and how much it does to help protect you and your system from unwanted attention. Authentication is a process where you as the operator will have to enter in information in the form of an account name and password to access the system or even files on the system, this is the first step to making sure unwanted users are not on the system or gaining access to files they shouldn’t be in.

This can also be broken down and used to track anyone who s accessing any files, which hour’s files can be accessed, and if any editing can be done to the files once they are accessed as well. This is all done by the administrator and can be changed by only them, by doing this you are greatly increasing the security of the system and making sure only the required personal are accessing files with the most secure protection and if something were to happen then you can go back to whoever has access and who had accessed the files at the time before whatever had happened.

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Lastly on the authentication process itself, this can be broken down into two efferent methods of authentication such as user and machine and all this means is that some things are done by us as humans, and the computer itself will have its own form of authentication that it will need to do with other computers and networks to allow access to these things and other things as well. The biggest well known computer side of this are allow programs to run, allowing updates to download and install, and anything that the computer has to verify before it allows it to work and have access.

Next we are going to go over how this affects the design and development recess for new information systems, and this can be complicated and it can be simple and that all depends on if you look into security before checking into the system or after. As I said if you take the time and get the security all configured before the system then you will know ahead of time that the security side of the inns is working and being protective of everything as it should and then the new system should adapt and work with it well.

The only thing you will have to do is make sure that the system recognizes the new system and will work with it to keep it protected with its access and things hat work through it. The design shouldn’t be too much of an issue because almost any system can be worked into a security setup and will function 100% of the time with no Issues, this IS because they designed the security side of things to accept almost anything you want it to and allow through it, but when you block something or don’t want it then it will fight its hardest to keep it out and not allow access from that source.

Overall though the information security side of things should never be a problem when you are installing a new system or even adding new things into an old system as long as you allow it through the security and make sure its working with and around it so it’s not giving errors and blocking access. Next up we will go over how to include in preventative measures to help secure data such as backups, and remote/redundant storage systems, which in almost every case are very easy to do and will provide no issues because it’s just a simple plug in or install it and go system that will hold information, and allow you to view and edit it as you want.

First we will go over backups in that they have physical backups that are either on site or off site and allow for anything and everything to be wirelessly sent and stored on them to make sure if a system failure was to happen that the information will not be lost it can be regained from the backup at any time with little effort. They are even adapting these to work online now to such as the cloud and other things, that will hold so much space and you can access from anyway. Here as long as you have the authentication information through the website, which will then allow you to download the information back off of the online storage. The other side of things is the RAID storage and this one is pretty similar to the other types as in it uses multiple drives of storage and combines them together into one big storage drive, and has different levels such as RAID O, RAID 1, and different levels of protection for each. RAID O offers reliability, availability, performance, and capacity, which RAID 1 and up offers protection against unrecoverable data, read errors, and disk failure.

Next up is how this will affect other parts of the system such as fertilization and cloud storage, which as I mentioned before Security will almost never provide issues with systems unless you don’t have it setup correctly or it sees something it doesn’t like such as unwanted access or things that shouldn’t be there. Fertilization and the cloud will work in similar ways as the overall system in which that it will ask for authentication and verification when anyone is accessing the system itself and or files on the system as well.

These two though will be more protected than the other parts of the system because they will mainly deal with online parts and could easily be at more sis because of that fact alone. Anything that connects online is at risk already because it’s opening itself up to intruders and access to hackers, the cloud is one of the bigger ones that can be accessed because it’s generally holding a very big amount of information that is just waiting to be accessed by hackers. This last part is going to go over the things that can be used to help protect your system from the hardware and software point of things such as devices and programs.

These things can range from protection software to locks that ark with accounts and have random number passwords that will only work on that device that has to be linked to the account. Software can be found everywhere free or bought that will provide a great deal of protection for your system and can range from Virus Protection, Mallard Protection, Identity Protection, Network security, Firewalls, and etc. The biggest software being used are the virus protections firewalls, and other types of network security because they offer the greatest help when it comes to keeping things safe and keeping unwanted users off your system.

As for the hardware side of things, the one big thing I have saw and used myself is an authenticator and this is used with accounts and it links the login process with the device and when trying to log in it will ask for a password from the device and the device will constantly be changing its password which is usually 10-20 characters long and is all numbers and will be needed to access the account. These are typically used with online gaming accounts because they are always being hacked into from other players.