Safety Guidelines at the Workplace essay

Hazards Control measurements Recommendations Existing Browne is fatally injured due to a broken ladder Change the existing ladder every year Ensuring all the staff look at condition of the ladder before they start work Workers not using PEE Proper training in PEE Explaining the staff the long term harms of not using PEE Not complying with safety inspector instructions Internal checking and follow up of the inspector’s instructions Give penalty to staffs who do not comply with the instructions. Site manager non compliance Warning to the site manager Revising the role and responsibilities of the site manager Future

Bad reputation in community Community engagement through working safely ACE must work safely to gain trust and its reputation back in the community Heavy fines from safety inspector Complying with safety standards Work safely or just stop the work until the workplace is checked and considered safe to work Loss of contracts Working as per state’s laws and regulations Making sure all the staff understand the WASH laws and works according to them Putting contractual obligations over safety Explain workers to work safely first Safety must be the first priority in the workplace C. WASH induction and training programmer for the staff

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The principal contractor will: ensure workers are trained and competent for the work to be carried out ensure workers are trained to deal with any risks associated with the work and understand the control measures in place ensure all workers have had relevant white card training (or other appropriate training from another jurisdiction) ensure on-site training and supervision is provided organism external training for specific tasks where required seek high risk licenses for all high risk work and maintain a register of licenses communicate with other contractors to ensure their workers are appropriately trained and impotent.

The principal contractor will work with other contractors to ensure a site specific induction is provided for all workers before starting work. This induction must outline: the expectations outlined In this WASH Management Plan, including all policies and procedures the emergency meeting point the site rules the facilities any site specific hazards high risk construction work activities WASH Induction Online ACE health and safety induction program The online ACE Health and Safety Induction program should Oboe completed within 2 weeks of arrival. The ACE Safety Induction program is available at the

WASH web site (http://womb. Ace. Com. AU/WASH/training/safety-induction- program. HTML) The primary aim of the induction is to provide new staff with a brief overview of WASH policies, procedures and practices at ACE and to provide them with a basic understanding Of their own WASH roles and responsibilities. Records of completion by an inductee are maintained by WASH via an electronic database attached to the online induction. D Supporting documentation: The online induction must be used in conjunction with other supporting WASH documentation and also be accompanied by information on coal WASH processes.

CLC A checklist to be used by supervisors during the local induction of new staff is available at the WASH web site . The checklist should only be seen as a guide and any local departmental information should also be included. Upon completion of the induction process, the checklist should be signed by the supervisor and the new staff member as acknowledgement that the induction process has been completed. Supporting documentation to be distributed to new staff like ACE Safety Induction Summary and WASH Information Sheet; LEWIS Structure, Function Roles and Responsibilities comment.

C 1. WASH Training: DETERMINATION OF WASH TRAINING NEEDS: Each unit/entity must identify the WASH training needs for staff, working in their area. The WASH branch has provided a guide to the WASH training requirements at ACE in the Occupational Health & Safety Training Guide. C]The Work Health & Safety Training Guide lists: the WASH courses available at ACE, The essential WASH training requirements for staff and Contractors in various roles;a the recommended training requirements for staff and contractors in various roles; The time period during which each course remains current, i. The time period after which the course must be repeated. C] In addition to courses outlined in the guide, the individual WASH training needs of units/entities can be determined through discussions with safety officers or by contacting the WASH branch or the WASH&E consultant for the area. WASH training for undergraduate staff is the responsibility of the unit/ entity in control of the specific coursework of the staff. Following the analysis and identification of WASH training needs, staff, and staff must complete the WASH training before they commence activities that may be hazardous. This

WASH training can be provided by: supervisors, safety personnel and experts at a local level; and/or external organizations. 2. WASH TRAINING RECORDS In order for units/entities and supervisors to demonstrate effectively that they have provided comprehensive WASH training for the staff and staff that they supervise, the training undertaken must be recorded. The WASH branch has a developed a simple performance to use to record attendance at local WASH training in each unit/entity. A short description of the points covered in the training should also be documented for all WASH training provided in the unit/entity.

The description will act as both a reminder regarding the areas that should be covered in the training and as a record of the areas covered in the training. Task based WASH training I. When task based training in a procedure or in the use of equipment occurs, completion of the training must be recorded. N II. Records of WASH training should be maintained in a folder in each area, e. G. Work area/staff room/ training room where training is provided. CA Ill. The staff being trained should be able to Demonstrate competence in the task(s) before the training provider C]completes the record obtaining. њ IV.

A short description of the points covered in the training should also be Docket for each process, use of equipment or procedure. D. Continuous improvement measurements: ACE’s senior managers actively support and promote WASH. Include WASH as an agenda item at all employee meetings. Consult with health and safety representatives and employees on all matters related to WASH. Establish methods of communication in regards to WASH information. Implement an agreed WASH issue resolution process. Update the WASH legal requirements in the ACE business processes and procedures. Senior management measures and checks the WASH performance t regular intervals (ii.

Monthly, annually, etc). E. 2 statistical techniques: 1) General monitoring and inspections: this process should be done on ongoing basis and the corrective actions must be taken henceforth. It requires all control measures implemented as a part of the hazard management process and incident investigations are to be monitored for their effectiveness. General monitoring includes routine checks, workplace inspections, tests, examinations and observation of safe working procedures. 2) Performance measures/ indicators: while developing the WASH program, the performance measures must be planned.

It includes long or short-term requirements. The measurements must be related to the WASH activity being evaluated. Some of the measurements/ indicators include number of hazards that have been fixed, 100% hazardous substances have Material Safety Data Sheet, number of incidents, number of employees trained, all employees are aware of the WASH policy, all legislative requirements are identified etc. F. Appropriate reconsidering procedures: Create records routinely: include recording meetings or telephone conversations, receipt of funds, or email as to reflect transaction or activity hat has taken place.

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