Rabbit Proof Film essay

We don’t use that jabber here. You speak English” . This Angered me as she is withholding their identity from them by not allowing them to even communicate in their own language. The characters in this film do not understand the aboriginal way of life so instead of adapting towards their lifestyle they force halfbacks like Molly, Gracie and Daisy to integrate into the E European way of life by ripping away their Aboriginal heritage. I thought this was very unjust and despicable, as they do not even allow halftimes to live the way they want. “This people… Make me sick!

Says Molly talking about that camp. This showed the audience that she was disgusted by the treatment of the Europeans. Molly the Eldest out of the 3 sees an opportunity to escape and takes it, taking her cousins with her. I instead of allowing her to leave, the supporting European characters try there best to huh NT her down, so they can make an example out of her. They used fear and terror to keep kids at the camp, this I thought was cruel on their behalf, as they have to use violence to control kids. Molly makes it home in the end with daisy, but Gracie gets caught along the way.

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SSH e uses a dude called the rabbit proof fence to get her home. This fence symbolizes Mo lays halfbacks religion as it splits the land in 2 like Molly’s background, as she is half European n half Aborigine. The Fence is connected to Molly as if it wasn’t for the Fence Molly’s father would never have met Molly’s mother because her parents met during the time her f ether was building the fence in Jiggling and then left to build the remainder of it. Throughout the text Molly face many difficulties like, no food and water also e Exhaustion. When Molly is on the edge of giving up she perseveres when she sees her spin t bird.

Maude says to Molly during the start “See that bird? That’s the spirit bird. He will always look after you” . The spirit bird Symbolizes freedom as it can fly wherever and whenever its w desires. Molly is reminded by its freedom through its flight. But even though t he bird can travel wherever it wants to it decides to Stay because being home is the ultimo ate freedom. With this realization she perseveres. This is seen in the film when Molly has hi t rock bottom, molly’s and daisy are near death but Molly is reminded by the spirit bird.

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