Premiere Theatrical Family Show essay

The company’s main and prime product is the “Amazing Show”, a one (1) hour show which features various world cultures, broadways and modernly choreographed to suit the taste of the audience. The show was named “Amazing Show’ primarily because of its performers; the performers are amongst the prettiest gays and transgender in the country. Through its thirteen (13) years of existence, the show has attracted legions of tourists mostly Koreans. Amazing Show draws its sales from tying up with travel agencies here in the Philippines and in Korea and direct sales of the tickets.

From the point of view f travel/tour operators, they gather information about possible tourist destinations in a particular place and they use this information to organize different tour packages. According to Tourism. Gob. PH, the Philippines has different famous tourist destinations such the awesome hills in Boll, Banana is a place where the clouds and land merge to meet the heavens, the pristine beach of Barclay Island, the last frontier they call Planar, the oldest world city up there in Locos region, and the capital of the Philippines – Manila. Equines Tour packages come in various forms based on what thrills the incoming guests (echo-tour, mountain climbing search for historical spots, beaches, etc). Based from inquiries, tour packages are designed by combining a major destination or attraction to go to and some other places that are recommended by the tour operators. Travel agency owners’ plays an important role in the business chain. These other places are what they term as “option tours”. For Korean tourists, these “option tours” can be in a form of activities like dining, shopping, spa or watching shows like the Amazing Show.

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These option tours are included in the itinerary to make the stay of the rigorists even more special and this usually happen before they go back to their hotel or to the airport. The activities in the tour package is what the customers will be paying and the quality of their experience will corresponds to the value of what they paid for. The Amazing show does not only sell show tickets or the show itself but it also sells experience. It’s not just about the show but it’s about what other people from different nationalities will think about the performers, talents, the Filipino gay talents.

It is something that Filipinos must be proud of, just like owe Many Piquant brings pride to the Philippines. The Amazing Show opened its theatre to the public in 2001 and since then legions of Korean tourists have watched the Amazing Show. Tour packages among Korean nationals are usually handled by Korean tour guides. So, in a typical business night, group of Korean guests lining up in the theatre doors. Tickets are received by the Korean tour guides, and which are later paid after their guests has come inside the theatre.

Walk-in guests can also purchase to watch the show for as long as there are available seats or buy another tickets for different available date. Paid and release tickets are then logged by the cashier in a daily monitoring sheet which is everyday checked by the Duty Manager – a Korean manager acting as operations manager. Then, these daily monitoring sheets are used by the Duty Managers as basis for their daily reporting tasks. Daily sales reports are forwarded via email or “kaka” to the Finance, Presidents and to the Chairman.

The logged sheets are kept in a folder and are organized according to month. Cash and starting money are also check on a daily basis. Still, as a business entity, the primary goal is to provide return to the owners, he stakeholders and to the employees as well. But, how will the company reach the dream of becoming the biggest transvestite show in the world if it can’t capture majority of the market. Looking at the company’s past and current IFS, it shows that there is a decline in the past years and this must be properly addressed. F Financial report 201 1/2012/201 3/201 Past and recent economical, political and natural events that have happened in and out of the country have affected the influx of tourist in the country and also to our theatre. Contingencies like streamlining the operations, cutting on operational expenses have been done in order to survive. The show concept has been revamp in several occasions and improvements were already in place. But still the question remains, how will the company improve its sales? Factors like the quality of the show, ticket price and amenities have been addressed accordingly.

Operational expenses and streamlining the operations have been done too. What other factors needs tweaking, repair or overhaul to allow options to increase sales? What if the company bring the show nearer to its clients? What if the company invest in the sales system ore convenient for the clients, tour agencies and tour guides? Finally, an article in Tourism. Gob. PH described the performance Of tourism industry through the influx of foreign visitors. Stating an increase of 6. 63% as compared to the January 2014 figure and Koreans again are majority of our visitors.

It is a clear sign that the business still has the brightest potential in terms of market size. If only the company can muster a campaign that will catapult to become famous or number one (1 ) choice among the tour operators and ultimately their clients. Http://www. Tourism. Gob. H/pages/noninterference’s. Asps The proposal aims to answer the decrease in sales and extend more market to watch the Amazing Show. This proposal aims to provide the customers a facility to book tickets for the Amazing Show online which is available anytime at their own reach.

This is an opportunity for the company to extend its availability to its Customers who will not need to go directly to their office to buy tickets. Rather, these customers can choose their preferred date and set schedule in advance; they will also notify for the availability of seats for each show schedule. A facility which can be used as a marketing tool of the company to post and announce the shows online and can be linked to other social media websites which will have an easier and faster information dissemination about the shows.

To avoid possible fraudulent transactions and non-disclosure of sales which can be manipulated by the front desk agents, this facility can accept payments online and match versus the issued tickets to validate the actual cost of sales per show. The front desk agents should also use this facility for accepting booking directly in the office in order to record the purchased eats. The hypothesis of this proposal will be converting the manual ticketing process to an automated online solution will be directly correlated in the sales of the company.

This means going online will have a positive impact that will increase the sales of ticket for the Amazing Show. The integration of Information Technology for Amazing Show will be going from manual process Of booking to an automated online facility. The company has experienced a decrease in sales because of different reasons but continuously aims to grow and tap more tourists – foreign and local to thatch the show as part of their tour in the Philippines. The company also wants to share the experience to its customers through the show.

A proposed solution which will directly address the problem is an online ticketing system. This will add to the additional experience for the customers as they will have more options in smooth process of buying tickets and for the company to tap and extend to more customers as they are always available online. According to Teach-CIT. Com, it described online booking (ticketing) as a need of many organizations to allocate their resources to customers ahead of time which is called “making a booking’.

Resources may include rooms in hotels, holidays in travel agencies, equipment in clubs, classes in gyms and colleges, seats in theaters and cinemas, and appointments in hospitals and salons. A booking system handles the task of allocating resources for a set amount of time to customers. The following are the different characteristics of a ticket booking system: Allow Customers to select the event Allow customers to select the date of the performance Able to select the number of adults/children who need tickets – Check the availability and position of seats

Check the price of the different seats available Book the seats/tickets and update the seating plan accordingly – Can automatically issues tickets for posting out to customers – Enable the payment for tickets to be verified and processed – Issue confirmation emails to online customers Enable changes to be made to the booking if required The project of online ticketing system is an internet based application which can be accessed online by anyone with a net connection.

This application will automate the reservation and inquiry about the availability of seats and schedule of shows. The proposal will include issuance of tickets via email as well as a secured payment facility scheme for the purchase. This project will target two major affected users of the application – Customer and Administrative Personnel. The customer starts to check the show and the schedule online. Once he is decided, the customer starts to buy ticket through choosing the preferred time and venue.

The online facility will automatically show the available schedule. The customer choose the seat position and view the available seat and total amount for payment. The customer will enter the payment method credit card, debit card, over-the-counter, or remittance center. Then, online facility validates the data entered by the customer (e. G. Credit card number or debit card number) and ask for confirmation from the customer. Once confirmed, the system will show the transaction summary which is sent via electronic email.

The administrative personnel is assigned to perform backroom operations in the application to manage the design and transactions in the system. Functionalities available for this users is to manage data of the show (insert, delete, & modify) date and time and manage design of the website. The administrative personnel has access to reserve and process payment for the walk-in customers in the office. This access can be used for the MIS reports to validate summary reports of the sales for the shows.

Ticket Sales System (based from Phillips Technologies Group proposal) The ticketing system is designed to facilitate and maximize the use of its key features. The module is comprised of five parts: 1 . Security – Contains the access level of the entire SYSTEM user. This module is designed to administer the level of access and permission of each group that uses the system such as customers and company personnel to prevent unauthorized access of confidential information. 2.

Front Office – Designed to administer front office transaction such as printing and issuing of Ticket and other special transactions. 3. Back Office – Stores all the variables used by the system, the module is designed to modify the values that are variables on the system such as ticket price, discounts, schedules, promos, ticket series, system path and all other factors that will generally affect the system operation and other online promotions to manage the website. 4. Reports – Designed to preview all management reports, pre-defined reports ND custom pivot reports. . Online Payment – this will be accessible through internet, designed to conveniently access show schedule and buy ticket without a hassle. The objective of the proposed system is mainly to address the growing problem of the company which is the loss of sales and possible fraudulent transactions. With the ticketing system in place, the company will be able to increase sales tremendously through online facilities that will give convenience to the clients and make paid reservations.

The system will allow the system administrator to define access level per each user for maximum System Security and let the client reserve and pay online. The company would be able to track hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales as well as track ticket inventory. The system will also allow the generation of timely management reports that will help management in the decision making and strategy planning. According to Metonymy. Net, ticket sales provide the financial backbone to any company in the event organizing and management business.

It compared different sales from the entertainment industry in relation to ticket sales. Ticketing has helped these events to gain financially. Same website discussed that ticket sales greatly impact in the revenues of different events such as 60 to 70% in sports, 40 to 60% for music and film industry. The rest is split between sponsorships, endorsements and merchandise, but these too are dependent on ticket sales figures, a clear indicator of popularity and reach. The measurable impact of the proposal will be on sales and information dissemination of the Amazing Show.

The increase in sales is the expected outcome of this proposed project as prospective customers not only in the Philippines but also foreigners can easily book and reserve tickets for the show. This expansion of reach for the purchase of ticket would have a positive impact in terms of the profit for the company plus prevention of possible fraudulent, Nan-disclosure of sales by the front desk agents. Since the impact includes financial aspect, the company may initiate to monitor and compare the sales of tickets once the proposal has been implemented.

In terms of dissemination of information, the online application facility may be used to market the Amazing Show and link it through different social media. If the show is known to more people, more people will be curious and interest to watch the show which will impact again in the ticket sales Of the company. The internet is undeniably the most significant technology of the interminable era. It fills this role, in part, because it is a general-purpose technology (GAP) – one of a small number of drastic innovations that creates innovation complementarities that increase productivity in a downstream sector (Hellman 1998).

The internet clearly qualifies as a “key” technology, characterized by the potential for pervasive use in a wide range of sectors and by its technological dynamism, and as an “enabling technology,” opening p new opportunities rather than final solutions (Brenan and Transgender 1995). Incorporating the internet with the entertainment industry will aid in addressing the identified problem on sales and fraudulent transactions. As discussed, it opens up new opportunities for improvement rather than finding a single solution. The combination of technological and economic trends also merges within e- commerce.

In this context, several layers of infrastructure can be identified (Center for Research in Electronic Commerce 2002): Layer 1: Internet Infrastructure – telecommunications companies, Internet arrive providers (Sips), Internet backbone carriers and manufacturers of end-users networking equipment. Layer 2: Internet Applications Infrastructure – software necessary to facilitate web transactions and transaction intermediaries; consultants and service companies that design, build and maintain web sites, from portals to full e- commerce sites.

Layer 3: Internet Intermediaries – web-based businesses that generate revenues through advertising, membership subscription fees and commissions. Some layer three companies are purely web content providers; other are market makers of market intermediaries. Year 4: Internet Commerce – companies that are conducting web-based commerce transactions. The Amazing Show may conduct a web-based commerce transactions with the help of an online ticketing system.

In entertainment, online ticketing systems are not only means of payment but process huge amount Of information that offer a large range Of possibilities to make entertainment easier to use, to manage and to control. They offer as well opportunities to introduce integrated pricing structure that are not easy to implement with traditional payment tool. An electronic market system can reduce customers’ costs of obtaining information about the prices and product offerings of alternative suppliers as well as suppliers’ costs of communicating information about their prices and product characteristics to additional customers.

This cost reduction is likely to affect the monopoly power of the suppliers in a vertical market that is moved “online” by the introduction of an inter-organizational information system. It will also have implications for the efficiency of that market in terms of the search costs experienced by the buyers and their ability to locate appropriate sellers (MIS Quarterly/September 1991 According to a study, the best tragedy for sellers may be to control the type of system that is eventually intro cued.

If they orchestrate the introduction of systems that emphasize product rather than price information, buyers will use these systems to locate the most appropriate product in the market. Sellers would be able to maintain their profits and in addition appropriate some of the buyers’ benefits through user charges (MIS Quarterly/ September 1991). A survey conducted by Theatre Communications Group last 201 0 was gathered data related to selling tickets online. There were 1 25 participating theaters answered in the survey. On the average, 34% of the tickets were sold online and there was an increase of purchase of tickets online.

The survey also asked the trend on how tickets were purchased. It showed that there was an increase of purchase through online. The participants were asked on the effective strategies in generating and conducting online ticket sales. The theatres are maximizing internet for marketing strategies in terms of e-blasts, social media and their websites to offer online-only discounts, incentives and advance purchasing opportunities. They redesign their websites, email and printed materials to highlight online getting and push sales.

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