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For Example, in Auk’s 2010 General Election the Conservative Party attacks Gordon Brown’s character, by outing and add out with his face that states “l let 80000 criminals out early, vote for me. ” This ads tone is very sarcastic and encourages voters to vote for the conservative Party and reject Browns policies on law and order (Walker 2010). The tactic of fear is successful because people do not want criminals on the streets. The problem with the justice system and prisons being “too full” which further fosters the fear in voters.

For this particular ad if a parent saw this they would agree because he or she’s best interest is to make sure the household and children are protected. Public Health Advertising informs he public on health concerns in a specific community or area. The most recent public health scare is Bola entering the United States. The Department of Defense released fliers with information on the infectious disease and asking for people with the symptoms to seek medical attention and become quarantines. It reads in capital and bold lettering that “Bola is a deadly virus.

It spreads quickly, claiming the lives of many’ (Bola 2010). The tone for the aid is serious and cautious. The advisory educates the public and pushes the public to use preventatives to stop the spread of Bola, As well as, port any outbreak of the disease. The fear of death makes the aid effective since nobody wants to die. The fact that Bola has entered the United States, brings the problem at home; it’s more personal. People who pop up with the disease are featured on the news. These Bola patients could’ve been places one is near or have been to.

Since one could catch Bola by being in the same vicinity and it hasn’t been in the United States it makes the disease feel sudden perpetuating the fear. Another health ad that has been circulating is one concerning HIVE. The ad captures an African-American male and his rinds, but he looks as though something is on his mind. The advisory reads “You deserve answers” (HIVE 2013). The tone of the ad is concerning and empathetic. The initial emotion that it appeals to is sadness then fear. Fear is not directly used, but is put into focus by the audience.

When one thinks of HIVE one thinks of AIDS too. AIDS leads a person to think about the worst possible result death, since there is no cure for the disease. Preventive measures like condoms and abstinence have been used to educate the public on contacting sexually transmitted infections. The ad urges people Of all ages o know his or her status, for personal safety and the safety of others to prevent the spread of the virus. The usage of the second person individualizes the ad as if the advertisers are speaking directly to you.

In order to appeal to the emotions fear does not have to be a dominant emotion or used at all. A variety of emotions can be associated with commercial advertisement. Two different commercials aired on CNN, both on car insurance. The first commercial was a State Farm Commercial. In the commercial the husband was on the phone with a State Farm receptionist (Jarred) about how much he could save if he switched to State Farm; however, e was whispering and on the phone at an inappropriate time (State Farm 2014).

The wife comes downstairs and suspects the husband is on the phone with another woman (2014). The commercial was very light hearted and funny. The commercial is very memorable, because of the irony within it. It urged drivers who had insurance to switch in order to save money and those who do not that State Farm was the cheapest option. Saving money was put at a priority because of the debt issue in America and the inflation of prices. The second commercial was an Allocate commercial. In the commercial there ere simply sounds and visuals of a fatal car accident.

Then the spokesperson came in and Says, “Are you in good hands? ” (Allocate 2014) The tone of the commercial is very defining wanting drivers to be insured, particularly with Allocate. The message is clear because it appeals to fear, but at the end it makes one feel safe if he or she has Allocate. Most people have been in a car accident or know an individual who has been in one. Afterwards, one wants to know that everything is going to be okay. The Allocate commercial is more effective than the State Farm commercial because it appeals to the emotion of fear.

Using a car accident made it more relatable and raw. Both use the concept of family, but the Allocate commercial makes a person want to take action to protect oneself and family. The ads that I mentioned above all have the same underlying purpose which is for the viewer to share the message with someone else. Both and Renee (2013) express, “if the content is familiar to the viewer, their emotional reaction to the video is the second determinant” (168). Emotion plays a significant role as to whether the message is received and shared.

When advertisers use fear hey connect it with something familiar like family, sickness, a social issue, or death; something that can be experienced by anyone. By personalizing and individualizing the message of the ad it contributes to turning the message into a societal action. Goldsmith, Choc, and Dear (2012) researched how negative emotions can result in positive effects due to a person’s surroundings; they use guilt and pleasure as an example. If an advertising company expresses a negative emotion to a viewer as a marketing technique, it can cause one to do what the company wants resulting in a positive effect.

Re essay

This paper will provide in detail two creative solutions proposed by team C to resolve the problem, methods utilized to develop two creative solutions and other alternatives to laying off, and how the team overcame obstacles to deciding on the solutions The method Team C utilized to develop the two creative solutions of finding other alternatives to laying off an employee first before having to terminate and/or requiring quarterly training for all managers and supervisors on the subject of laying off employees in a respectful manner was extensive research and development n the subject of laying off and how it effects an organization as a whole. During the investigation it was discovered that there are better results for both the organization and employees if other alternatives to laying off are first considered. Alternatives to laying off can be actions such as asking for ideas from employees, cutting out the extras such as bonuses or overtime, and offering extra days of unpaid leave or instituting shorter work weeks.

If these kinds of actions are absolutely out of the question and employees have to be laid off it is essential that the process of laying off employees is done in courteous and gracious manner. To ensure managers and supervisors are equip to handle such corporate issues as these the investigation determined that quarterly training on the subject of laying off should is essential to the success of an organization. Methods used to organize the creative solution Creative Solutions to assist in managing layoffs are created in different manners while coming to the same conclusion to complete this task in the most cost-effective way possible. When using a creative method one much extract ideas from both mid and lower level management and present them to upper management.

The upper level supervisors of the corporate ladder will not always know how to best handle different situation that occur at the lower levels Of management. Some of the other creative solution would be to look at the overall condition of the company and see in what other areas cost could be cut, oppose to reducing the amount of employees the company holds. Terminating employees is not the best way to handle things in many cases, because when the market changes and business is back in the black, the company may have to deal with a deficit of employees. It would cost the company more money to bring employees back after letting them go. Cutting staff may seem like the obvious solution at the time, but in most cases, it is just a quick fix.

Doing this is not a long term or permanent solution to the financial issues the business may be facing. Mismanaged Layoffs can go horribly wrong When an employee works for a certain company, they never expect to be laid off or even terminated. When this happens, managers need a solution into place before even thinking about laying off an employee, one could be each individual be talked to separately, explain to them process and what is in the works and how they will be taken care off when they are laid off or even ruminated. Each employee should be given a severance package with an insurance type benefit that will take care of them and their family if they have a family. Companies should have some sort of backup plan that is set into place.

For instance they would have to make sure employees are moved to different areas of the company to make up for what is said to be lost in the termination and/or lay off. When managers layoff or terminate employees, they need to have a lot of thought into place before they Start laying off employees, managers need a lot of heart and compassion, but some managers are not ware of what this can do to an employee if he/she is terminated or laid off. Having to lay someone off can be a difficult task when a manager is not sure how to or if it is the right decision for the company. They need to make sure that every solution has be looked over to see if a layoff is even necessary. There might be another department within the company that needs someone with their skill set or who is lacking the manpower.

If relocation is not an option and the layoff is, the only thing left to do the company needs to have a severance package in place. If an employee has worked for the company overall years or if they have a family it would not be fair to leave them high and dry. There should be severance pay that will take care often for a certain amount of time and a health insurance policy that will cover them as well. This way employees can feel comfortable if a layoff may be in their future due to downsizing in the company or economy issues. No one envisions being laid off, but nothing is guaranteed so as a manager making sure the employees are taken care of even after they no longer work for the company is important.

Marketing Plan TH True Milk essay

The benefit customers: The assurance of 100% pure fresh milk The secret of the clean fresh milk lies in its advanced technology and technique, imported Israel and other countries, in cow rearing and milk processing. HTH has utilized Israeli expertise in technology management and training to ensure a smooth and correct application. The most important element among many in clean, nutritious milk production is the ingredient input. We can only fully utilize the advances processing technology when we have a good and stable inflow of ingredients. All the production stages are technologically supported and supervised by 2 multinational companies,

AFAIK (Israel) in herd management and Totally Vets (New Zealand) in veterinary, which insures efficiency and professionalism throughout the process: Breed origin, Nutrition, Housing, Herd management, Milking, Processing factory, etc. In detail, click the link: http://www. Think. Van/en/ news_events/message-the-true-milk-consumers 1. 2. 2. Product categories New product is launched milk prepared no more than 1% The product includes 8 categories: whole milk, less sugar milk, sugar milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, additional milk Collagen, additional milk Photosphere, additional milk Calcium. . 2. 3.

Name of product HTH is stands for “True Happiness”. The company always wants to bring customers truly fresh and natural prod cuts. A name associated with the characteristics of the product. The name is easy to remember, deeply impressed by the customer. 1. 2. 4. Designing and packaging Tetra Peak – famous packaging technology from Sweden has been considered as a proof of clean, sterilized milk. Its respectability is much suitable for Vietnamese routine use of the milk carton bottle. Size: mall and mall box Image: Blue sky, which symbolizes the nature, has been shown simply, clearly ND prominently. 1. 2. 5.

Distribution Channels: True Mart chain: HTH has chosen their own path in preserving natural goodness for each and every HTH product, and this path has led to the establishment of HTH true mart chain of stores. In the first few steps, the chain is mainly based in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Mini and Nigh An, and is developed throughout the whole country. First, HTH true mart will serve as a tool to raise awareness of HTH. Second, this is a direct channel of distribution. And third, HTH true mart is a modern and distinctive distribution channel of clean, safe, fresh and atrocious natural product to Consumers.

In the future, when the online shopping and home delivery is launched, the chain of stores will serve as offline representative for this channel. HTH true MILK has been launched and distributed in HTH true mart since December, 2010. Currently, to broaden consumers’ choices of natural products, HTH has introduced vegetable product called HTH true VEGA. The project is managed by May Forestry Joint Stock company, using a closed process production under strict technology management. System of retailers Large supermarkets: Co. Mart, Big, Metro, etc…. Small retailers . SOOT Analysis 2. 1. Strengths Success in Preemptive Claim.

HTH True Milk is the first milk producer to guarantee definitely 100% pure fresh milk. By be qualified for many international healthy standard , verified by governmental agency and especially through marketing in time, HTH True Milk have been clearly positioning the image of a large investor who desire to improve Vietnamese resident’s health by our own competence. At present, HTH True Milk has applied the most advanced foreign technology and management know-how in all processes which have innovated 5 years in advance of the age. HTH True ilk’s process has been cycle line, which means to own privately supply sources and distribution channel.

As a result,this independence of outputs’ price has made our price stable. Trauma- chain stores has been unique and efficient distribution. They have also been creating professional image of HTH True Milk. Be consulted & financial support from Back A Bank 2. 2. Weaknesses Established in late 2009, HTH True Milk have been still a young branded in fresh milk market. The products and brand have not approached to potential provinces such as: Name Dine, Nine Bin, Been Ho, Inspire of be accounted for approximately 33% northern market share, this index in southern market is only 7%.

High price is the most impotent barrier to approach lower-income customers 2. 3. Opportunities Vietnam has been at high increasing rate of demand 15-30% per year. State prior policies to Milk Industry: Lowering interest rate, encouraging policies to raise milk cow farms, etc. Developing information technology make online- shopping more applicable. 2. 4. Threats Over 70 competitors & approximately 300 substitute goods. Vanilla, which has operated in this market for over 35 years, is the biggest motorists with over market share.

Entering WTFO brings high competition from foreign investors: lower cost of milk producing, reducing tax on schedule of be a member of AFT A, WTFO. 3. Objectives and Goals 3. 1 . Short-run Objectives on 2013) The main objectives in 201 3 is to grow revenue 1 . XX, approximately 3500 – 3700 billion VEND, which means be equivalent to about 35% Of gross market share. This one is rationally reachable because in 2012, the gross revenue of HTH true milk was 2000 billion VEND which was accounted for 28% market of over 7000 billion VEND.

To succeed in this yeans objectives, following goals would be done: Develop patrons: means that they will create 70% of revenue in 2012, which means to raise 20% in 2013. Catch over 150. 000 new-paying target customers. ( At least 37. 500/ quarter) Reach high level of customers’ satisfaction: 95% target customers Improve cost per customer by 20%. Raise awareness of new products which will be launched in 1/2013. Expand to southern market: 7% D 15% market share. 3. 2. Long-run Objectives (Next 5 years) On schedule, 2013 will be still in developing stage of HTH True Milk.

At present, our market share has not appropriate with scale of production the company as been investing in. HTH True milk has had 22. 000 milk cows and bye, will have reached 137. 000 ones; got capacity of 500 million liters/year. This also means it will afford to supply for over 50% gross demand. As a result, by 201 7, HTH True Milk will have been the largest milk producers in domestic market. 4. Target Market 4. 1 . Market Segmentation and Market Size Criteria Features Size Geographic Urban: advertising programs, sale, delivering of HTH true milk takes place almost in cities: Ha Non, Vine, Ho Chi Mini city…..

Rural: HTH true milk products are not used a lot and in fact, it has not left rebound image in customers. It is potential market with big purchasing power and in the future, HTH true milk can develop this market Over 70% of the population Demographic Ages of 5-18: Be consumers because of growing stage. Nevertheless, they are not deciding people who will choose what brand of milk they drink. 24. 931 Ages of 18-40: Be consumers and deciding people. 22 million Cryptographic Appreciate quality and safety of milk, rather than price. They strongly believe relationship between price & quality.

People who are sensitive about price. They consider price as a first factor to decide whether buy or not. Behaviors Buy small amount, regularly Buy big amount, irregularly 4. 2. Target market 42. 1. Image Ages: 18-40 Sex: Female Social Status: Housewife Family size: 3-4 people Income: > 3 million VEND/person Characteristics: Require higher quality and be willing to pay more to get better products Based on quality, not famous brand name as buying. 42. 2. Consumption Motivation for buying: Take care Of their children’s healthy growth: improve height, resistance, etc…

Desire to improve your beauty. Be searching a nutritious drink as a substitution for water. Buying through retailers systems or distribution channel – True Mart. Amount of consumption: 1. 5 barrel/month. Means of communication: TV, internet, radio, newspapers 4. 2. 3. Customer Feedback What customers prefer HTH True Milk What customers complain about – Ensured quality – Taste: more sweet-smelling, differently delicious, in comparison with others. – Designing: Convenient; proper color that brings feeling of nature, purity. – Much high concentration of sugar in sugar milk. – High price. 5.

Competition Nowadays, Vietnamese milk market has about 300 products of more than 70 milk companies such as: Vanilla, Dutch Lady, Notified, Abort, etc. In there, Vanilla and Dutch Lady make up milk market mostly in Vietnam. 5. 1 The strategy of Vanilla Vanilla is the top of companies ranking in Vietnam about manufacturing not merely milk but also many products from milk. In 2011 , Vanilla gains the impressive business results including revenue reaching 1 billion IIS dollar (22,279 billion VEND), increasing by 37%, delivery to the National treasury of 2,400 billion VEND, increasing by compared with 2010. . 1. 1. Strength points: Manufacturing technology achieves international standards. Holding 39% market share in whole Nation. Continuously developing advanced products. System of distribution and selling covers many areas. 5. 1. 2. Weakness points: Because of diversifying kinds of products, Vanilla controls by many segments of those kinds. It means that Vanilla will meet difficulty in focusing the kind of natural milk. 5. 2. Strategies of Dutch Lady In 1 924, Dutch Lady is imported into Vietnam. So far Dutch Lady Vietnam has a large market in whole Vietnam.

In there, Dutch Lady have many market segments following the age including the small child, child, teenager and adult; following the kind of milk products consisting on sterilized milk, condensed milk. Because Dutch Lady makes menu segments, they set slogan for the natural milk which is called: “Ready for life! ” and for impressing their various products for all age which is called: “Gung be ye chon Ion” to distinguish with other Sis’s messages. 5. 2. 1 . Strength points: Applying to the high technology. Holding about 35% Vietnamese market share.

Constantly improve products. Distributing system covers many areas. Locating a power position of brand name. 52. 2. Weakness point: Fairyland Camping Corporation runs business not only natural milk but also condensed milk, so resources are divided for those segments. Focusing on in fresh milk, there are 100 kinds of milk from 70 companies, this picture shows you know that just only 2 years, HTH milk have a big achievement. There are 2000 billion in market 7000 billion following until quarter 4 in 2012, it means that holds 30 % in there.

However, HTH need try more to compete with Vanilla a most big competitor and keep watch Dutch Lady. 6. Marketing Strategy: 6. 1. Positioning Strategy HTH True milk has succeeded in preemptive claim tactic (gain the pioneer’s advantages) which called Law of Mind in AAA Erie’s theory. According to this hero, HTH True Milk is the first one to claim that our products have been 100% pure fresh milk which is verified by State government and international health organizations. Asserting perceived quality, we have preceded all others in positioning two words “pure” and “clean” in customers’ mind.

HTH True Milk has been also the first one to have own distribution channel – True Mart which impress our professional image on customers. 6. 2. Branding Strategy: Raising awareness of brand by meaning of logo: HTH is the acronym of True Happiness. That is, in the end, what we want to bring to consumers, the true happiness from truly natural products. True” is the one principle we always adhere to, true in the natural ingredient, in advanced technology production. This is our genuine commitment to the true value in life, to the true happiness.

HTH true MILK is made up of 3 attributes: Earnest, Proud, and Honest. Proud to be the first to lay down the foundation for the milk industry in Vietnam, HTH has made a breakthrough in applying high technology in agriculture, maximizing the rich soil heritage, and turning it into a commercially beneficial strength. HTH is aware that it all comes down to serving the consumers. A country is strengthened when its citizens are hectically and mentally healthy. This development hinges not only on the essential nutrients found in food and dairy products, but also in a healthy lifestyle.

People are those who build a nation hence doing our job of serving the consumers is doing out duty to the nation. To us, we fulfill our job by producing clean, safe and natural products. Be a smart consumer who chooses truly natural products, and be a follower of HTH because we will make you proud. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 7. Marketing Tactics 7. 1. Products: Strategy of diversity of products: HTH True Milk have launched produced with new additives HTH True MILK OUT pure Fresh Milk 100% fresh cow milk so you can enjoy the natural goodness in every drop.

Regulations for Foods Served in Public Schools essay

After that, a case was opened against the DOD management at that school. I know we all love to know the facts that related with the foods. This paper will explore some critical factors that we need to understand regarding school’s food menu, their quality, and our responsibility. The thesis statement I have selected for this is “Public Schools and food safety; should changes be made for safety’ The audience selected for this article are parents, schools managements and food authorities.

The official positions of parents is not strong in this case, their decision-making power about their child is strong but for school’s management’s decisions is to applicable and their current view on topic is worried about safety and health. The second audiences are schools managements and food authorities. They both have decisions making power; both have official positions and both are concerned with the food safety and health related issues. This paper has a scope in the practical world as the food safety is the issue for parents and school management from years.

The major sections of this paper are listed below: Parent’s View: Parents are the party that decided about the school, and about the food their kids would eat. They handle understanding the requirements a for safe environment for their loved one. The safety precautions are also their responsibility here. Its what they decide for their kids to learn, and to eat. They are the first line of resistance against bedrooms disease. Being cautious both at home, what’s more, at school is constantly vital.

At home, folks can rehearse and show great food wellbeing practices and screen their tyke’s wellbeing. Folks can likewise help by guaranteeing that the school is routinely examined and by asking their nearby and state governments to receive the most recent food codes. Official’s View: The officials are the other party that is linked with the food management. It is their duty to ensure the safe and healthy food hygienic environment for kids. The complaints about the food, the freshness of food and the taste, of course, all are their responsibility as well.

In case they found any Issue it is their responsibility to resolved them all. These officials include the management of the school as well as inspection teams that are required to check the food in public schools. Food Management: The food management is the third party and direct authority who can decide bout the served food. The menu, the items of food, the quantity served, the taste, the hygienic assurance and relevant inquiries are their priority. The management also has two further responsibilities.

All are listed below: Food safety: the safety is the best precaution for food to avoid the future problems. If the management ensures the safe food, not the complete meals but also the raw fruits and vegetables, the sickness ratio among the children can be reduced. Food analysis: The analysis was not including after serving the meals, but it comes with various steps. The analysis starts with the raw eternal, the second analysis when the food was prepared, the third analysis when the food was served and the last analysis when the food was done by the kids.

Feedback: the feedback of the kids is another important factor in food analysis. The management should take surveys and ask by and then from the students about the quality, quantity and taste of food. This feedback cab also helps to maintain the quality of the food according to the student’s comfort zone. The questions that have in mind right now are related to food and safety. These questions also target the officials as well as parents for heir responsibility: Is food safe? Is food properly checked?

What should be included in a menu for growing children? What are the methods to check and balance the food? School cafeterias serve a large number of meals each day, and most suppers are impeccably sheltered. Be that as it may, when food wellbeing issues do happen in a school lunch cafeteria, they are particularly unsafe because youngsters have a higher danger of confusions from bedrooms sickness. Also, because they eat there consistently, kids going to schools with poor security records may be at expanded danger for bedrooms sickness.

It’s an age-old problem for folks – would it be advisable for you to put together your youngster’s lunch or pay for it? Besides expense and accommodation, the security record of the school lunch cafeteria ought to be a piece of your choice. The National School Lunch Program gives healthfully adjusted, ease or free snacks to 29 million youngsters every day in the United States. A 2003 report on elected school meal projects by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that 66% of bedrooms sickness episodes in schools included the governmentally financed meal.

International Business Strategy essay

This has en declining also because Of international business in the past few years. But today, growth of international service industry : growth of travel, hotels, restaurants, finance, real estate, international students. -Scenario 1 : Ford (US) establishes manufacturing facilities in China. FED = Foreign direct investment. – Scenario 2 : Australian BP exports iron ore to China. International trade (= Import/Export). -Scenario 3 : Motorola out-sources its after-sale services from India. India has a comparative advantage in IT,service-centers,… => international outsourcing. ?outsource service/resource from another entry). Many companies are outsourcing R&D to other countries, ex : Apple has 5 R&D innovation and design buildings, only 1 is in the US. – Scenario 4 : Toshiba and Phillips establish alliance in : international partnership in strategic R&D design and innovation. **Why study International business ? Expertise in global strategy is highly sought after, and needed in every functional expertise in a business. International assignments in multinational corporations => we need preparation to go internationally **HCI Online : Do Susie managers think globally enough ?

Lack of innovation and incomplete global strategies. *Takeaway : in top 10 of consulting companies Their global Business policy Council has B strategy expertise : to build international strategy strategies for companies. ** What is Strategy ? We won’t discuss functional level strategies (marketing strategy’… ). Strategic management questions : Why do some firms succeed while others fail ? (ex : Apple VS. Monika) Why some firms enjoy sustainable competitive advantage wile others don’t (ex : P) Formulation of strategy : what direction shall we take ?

And then Make it happen : how to implement a strategy ? ** What determines the International Success or Failure of firms ? Fundamental question we’ll be able to answer after this course. ** purpose of the Unit Develop understanding of the components of B strategy. ** Semester Program Module 1 : Globalization and B Module 2 : Strategy and Global Strategy Module 3 B Strategy 3 cases from Takeaway : A leading European household goods manufacturer A multinational packaged food company For an integrated international apparel retailer entry in market, recommendations for sales…

Tutorial participation (5%) & contribution (10%) : 15% Final exam : 55% Group consulting project : 30% Consulting project : Identify * Attractiveness of the country market * Competitors analysis * Evaluate competitiveness of company * Value proposition of the product * Options of entry mode * Select a location in the target country * Key operational issues Check Group project Guidelines under В« Assessment В» ! Week 2 Module 1 : Globalization, International Business and Mans 1. Globalization and implication 2. International business & motives 3. Multinational Corporations (Mans) 4. Success triangle 5.

Video Case study **Value of world exports (=international export = X-M) tripled between 1980 ad 2000. FED (foreign direct investment) grow more than twenty-fold. 51 of top 1 00 economic entities (countries or companies) are Mans. Firms without international goals may find their domestic markets under threat from foreign competition. “Globalization : Increasing integration of companies, economies, cultures, people in the world. The world is become smaller and flatter. World is interrelated and interdependence across countries and companies (ex : slow down of Chinese economy is slowing down Australian economy as well). Irrespective : Australia doesn’t have comparative advantage in manufacturing but in natural sources. * *Age of globalization characteristics to have : Be international, flexible, open and on the other hand also have a very local insight. This mixture advantage is valuable for companies. Think global, act local. Capture the opportunities. Take advantage of opportunities while minimizing the stress. **GAP (estimates of Gross domestic products) : China 1. 3 trillion to S trillion from 2003 to 2020 ; while E. U (9. 5 trillion to 19 trillion) US(10. To 21 trillion) and Japan(4 to 8) will double. Australia very *Implication of interested in emerging markets like India and China. Elaboration : more choices, lower prices, blurred national identity for products and services, career choices and progression In globalization age, come global opportunities and we must search for Our global competitive advantage. Where to find global opportunities and grow our global advantage ? **Gibbon integration : Companies can put different activities in different locations and reintegrate these activities on a global basis. *Len the context of globalization : need of capacity to live with challenges of globalization, requires confidence and competence to live, work, study anywhere in the world. *COO : Country of origin Ex : Airbus – engine = KICK, wing = France, seats = China. COO France = Assembles elements from all over the world. Which location is best for which activity. **Top 20 global countries : Based on economic integration, personal contact, technology, political engagement. 1. Ireland 2. Switzerland 3. Singapore Australia is 21st. It is not so stable at the moment. China, Brasilia, India, South Africa : 53, 58, 49, 54…. Re going to become more international in the future. **Drivers of globalization : economic drivers, technological drivers (Ex : internet, e-mails, transport), political drivers (most Mounties nowadays support globalization), cultural drivers (global thinking for clothing for example, cultures are converging but they are still diverse). **Globalization : for & against Brings benefit especially to developed countries at the cost of poorer nations. The real issue shouldn’t be if globalization is good or bad, but be how to allocate the benefits of this globalization across the countries, making it a fair game.

Some countries high among the G-7 are low on globalization (ex : Japan) Some emerging economies are quite high (Ex : Czech Republic) Developing countries exceeding the global average growth Hurts the environment (Relocate to escape tough pollution rules at home) Some firms adhere to strict corporate policy, strict codes of environmental protection and bring these with them when they relocate, enhancing the country environmental protection Stress : Exposes national economies to the uncertainties of the global economy Opportunities Could offer advantages to participation economies Harvard recommended books : В« the world is flat В» and В« the world is not flat В», World 3. 0, redefining global strategy Globalization infrastructure . Institutional frameworks and market efficiency that support fair and reentrant transactions of products or services. Streamlines flows of commodities, capital, labor, knowledge, and information. E.

IS : create regional integration to compete against US, Japan. There are still some barriers in global expansion : distances still matter. Globalization does not mean the advance off homogeneous civilization and uniform business system. The is no global strategies, there are regional strategies because world is not completely globalizes. Growing interaction makes people more aware of the differences among them Semi-globalization ? = World is not flat from Dry Panky Somewhat ; Global integration, local responses. = World is not totally isolated but is not total integrated. Key challenge for firms : Keep balance between international and national. Less euphoria at how close to total globalization we are. *Aeration between international and domestic business Traditional model = Stage model : we have our domestic business, we build up our competitive advantage there and then go abroad, first to close countries (similar in terms of economic development or in culture or in distance) then expand to distant countries. International business is the outgrowth of domestic business. S International entrepreneurs = homeless companies : might go to many countries at the same time, or directly to a distant country. Differences between domestic and international business : environmental dynamics : going to another country, there are a number of differences between host country and old one regulation policies, customers, competitors, suppliers, currency, interest… Ability to deal with differences builds your global advantage. Operational nature cross-cultural communication challenges in the same company between 2 offices ; coordination, motivation, differences in management philosophies ND principles. Dynamics increasing cost of doing international business Business = Reduce stress by understanding complexity. Week 3 Motives to expand internationally . ** Market motive Offensive motive – grow, capture market opportunities Defensive motive ? go abroad to protect your own country (ex Honda protects market share by building cars in the US) Short term strategy VS. Long term strategy : To meet customers need or to create money in the future = demand ? Ex. Of long term strategy : Cutbacks US business model : create market Office away from office. Go to cutbacks not only for coffee.

Business model based on experience. They are opening 50 coffee shops/month in China even though they are not making any money : basing their strategy on potential demand rather than existing demand. What is the company comparative advantage when it enters the country ? Has the company clearly defined its customers ? ** Strategic motive : Core competency = because no opportunity to leverage it in our home country = capitalize on distinctive resources already developed at home. First mover strategy in a foreign market (ex : Cutbacks in China), more interested in the future Vertical integration = import of natural resources, innovation/design, manufacturing…. To output.

We enter different countries to PU our different activities and then reintegrate everything (ex : R&D in Singapore, Manufacturing in China, Call center in India, design in the US) Follow the company major customers abroad : Follow company major customers abroad : Network competitive advantage move as a team – not only Toyota company but its suppliers move too- from home county to foreign country. Silicon Valley : many Indian/Chinese NC : to have the knowledge access strategic **Economic motive : Lower costs (to increase profit), by taking advantage from differences in countries **Success Trip-angle 3 critical components to succeed : IQ (Intelligence quotient : general intelligence) : captured by tests We focused too much in our IQ in the past years, it is important but it can only explain our success up to 20%. It is not the most important factor to explain success.

CEQ (emotional intelligence) : Empathic with others, ability to understand yourself and others, manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, overcome challenges, leadership skills, motivate others. Global leadership : ICQ (cultural intelligence) : ability to understand, manage and use cross- cultural difference to our advantage. Strategic thinking (ask and thank as a strategist *manager) Global perspective think global Other critical dimensions : Mindset = have some empathy and curiosity, find a way to learn from the new country, respect people, show you are listening and learning, wanting to make a difference Case study : 20 years ago, Renault & Ionians were almost bankrupt. A global leader saved both. He is now CEO of Ionians and Renault : Carols Shown Diverse team is a more creative team.

Better solutions. Tragedy . Levels of strategy 2. Evolution 3. Issues 4. Perspective 1. What is strategy : Vision, how to make it happen, what to do and not to do. Business strategy finds its origins in military strategy behavior of military chief. The Art of War : Sun TTS = first military strategy book Strategy is not about planning, it is about action, risk taking flexibility, innovation ; because everything is changing: Planning and action. Sometimes it is not necessary to have a plan in a fast changing context. Strategy is theory. We need theory to explain (why Some companies are successful and others are not) and predict. But we also need action plans.

Replications and experimentations Once our strategy is set, it can be very difficult to change it. What makes a strategy successful ? Long-term, simple, agreed objectives Deep understanding of the competitive environment (external environment analysis) Objective appraisal of resources : Understand yourself, your resources, your competitive advantage (internal analysis) Strategy is in the middle between intern and extern. If there is no balance between these too, the strategy will be a misfit. Case study : Japanese mobile phone brands. All completely dead in 15 years time : Motorola, Monika, Toshiba. They were too slow to adapt to external environment.

Their strategy is misfit with the external environment. Motorola : first-mover. They invented the mobile phone technology. Focuses on high-tech knowledge of the mobile phone itself, but no one uses mobile phones to make phone calls anymore, it is used as a platform for the different applications. Monika : too slow, too conservative to transform itself comparing to the external environment. Case study of misfit shih the internal environment : Handmaid’s ambitious plan to enter luxury automobile segment (compete against BMW). Is this strategy too ambitious, dangerous ? Dangerous if can’t fit the internal environment, if don’t have necessary resources and capabilities.

Best technologies, strong branding, perfect quality. Do the resources used until now in the mass market still apply for the luxury market or do you need to acquire new resources ? Premium price to buy brand – image ? reputation. Do you have the capabilities to build this ? COO : chief operations officer Evolution of strategy . Financial budgeting -> corporate planning -> external aspect (industry analysis, competition, priorities in location and establishing market dervish)-> internal (advantage, resources, network, dynamic companies) week 5 **SOOT analysis : strength and weaknesses internal assessment of the firm leading to management decisions.

Presentation essay

Coco had developed an idea for a completely new and novel television game show that would be cheap to produce and have great public appeal. Coco had a private meeting with a television producer and explained the idea in detail to the producer in the hope that the producer would assist Coco in making the idea a television reality. Coco hadn’t put the idea in writing because she was concerned it might fall into the hands of people who would exploit the idea before she could, although she had discussed the idea tit a trusted friend before approaching the producer.

Without further reference or credit to Coco, the producer packaged the new game and sold it to a major television network. It became an international success. The Copyright Act 1968 protects the original expression of ideas, rather than just an idea itself. In this case Coco had not documented the idea in a material form and therefore cannot acquire copyright protection. However she can sue for “breach of confidence”.

Breach of confidence is a sort of safety net for ideas that are not expressed in a material form. Breach of confidence is a tort that protects ideas and intellectual property that is commercially significant, not trivial or public knowledge, and is potentially worth some value. Fifth idea was expressed verbally to a party and that party uses the information without permission, one can sue them for breach of confidence if the context was clear that the information was secret.

In this case it is clear that there is a reach of confidence because the idea is commercially significant, not trivial as it is sold off to a major television neeјark, and the idea was clearly a secret as the meeting was private and Coco had only discusses the idea with a trusted friend before approaching the producer. A similar case is the case Of Fraser vs. Thames Television. Where, three female actors formed a rock group. Fraser was their manager and together they thought of an idea for a show. They took the idea to

Thames Television and signed a contract. Like in the case of Coco, The TV show idea was never written down, only oral expressed. Thames excluded Fraser and the group and hired four different actors and TV show was successful. Fraser successfully sued. Based on the facts presented in this question and case law, Coco has a strong case for “breach of confidence”. With her friend as a witness could sue the television producer and seek remedies such as injunctions, interim orders, Damages or an account of profits.

Does Money Impact Our Lives essay

Sending your kids to private schools? No it’s not that because anyone can do that no matter what your financial status if you now how to do it right. Less the amount of money you have sitting in your bank accounts, it’s about the kind of job you or your parents have, it’s about the way you act and your social circle of friends. Although money makes the world turn, is it a good thing to have money and be in that upper class Of people?

From personal experiences, I don’t think its all that good at all to have that status and the money pouring from everywhere round you, because it wraps you in cotton wool so to speak. You don’t know what the real world is like and real life problems are. Understand there are those one in a million kinds of upper class people that do their best to use their money to help and better the world but one person can only get so far.

Yes its all about the choices you make as a adolescent and young adult that get you into the upper class if you come from middle class or lower class, but how about the people that come from upper class, all the offspring are the ones as I said earlier “wrapped in cotton wool” a lot of them don’t understand the value of money and are so ungrateful, and don’t have many true friend because if they onto get their way they end up in a bad mood and no one wants a friend like that, I know I don’t.

What’s the point in having friends if they re not real? Many people in an upper class lifestyle have this issue of no true friends that generally like them for who they are. Yet they all know this, but they stick together because of the social status and they don’t want to be “looked down” upon by fraternities with people that belong in other classes, its rather disgusting and diminishing that they can do that were all human beings for Pet’s sake. Exactly were all human beings so why are we separated into these classes?

Why do we have countries like Africa with children and people dying every day because they can feed themselves or have water? Why do we need all these charities for people that are homeless and struggling when there is plenty of money to go around, but people just don’t want to share. Take the Smith family.

Black Eyed Peas Poetry Investigation essay

He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor, D], record producer, and philanthropist, best known as one of the founding members of the hip hop/ pop band, The Black Eyed Peas. He was born in Los Angels, California Social/Political Conditions of the decade The song had started being written in late 2001, but was produced in 2003. The political conditions of this time was the 9/11 attacks, the US attacks on Iraq and the state of post 9/1 1 world. Target Audience Aimed at the world, in particular, America Teens and young adults Society as a whole

Intro Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Bridge Coda Repetition “Where’s the love hall, C’mon, don’t know Where’s the truth fall, C’mon, I don’t know Where’s the love hall” This is repetition because they repeat this line multiple times. Simile “People living like they anti got no mama” This is a simile they are comparing living life without punishment Rhyming “mama, drama, trauma” “demonstrate, irate, hate, discriminate” “other, brother, undercover” Metaphor “Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria” This is a metaphor because it is comparing bacteria to the media which infects young people’s minds.

Language Choices Emotive Used to make the reader feel one emotion in particular. “People killing’, people dying’ Children hurt and you hear them crying’ ” Figurative (similes, metaphors, personification… ) Similes: ” People living like they anti got no mama” Metaphor: “Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria” The message they’re trying to get across is that the human race took a wrong turn somewhere along the way, and if we don’t try to be better we’re going to destroy ourselves. They say “But if you only have love for your own race /

Then you only leave space to discriminate / And to discriminate only generates hate / And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate” meaning that prejudice only fuels more hate and the more hate there is the angrier everyone will be and the worse their decisions will be. They mention a pair of feuding street gangs (“The Bloods and the Crisps”) as well as the UK Klux Klan to say that racism isn’t the only form of hate that’s going to destroy us. Upbeat Conscious hip hop (aka political hip hop): This is a genre where rappers address social and political subjects/issues. Analysis – “Where Is the Love?

Title: “Love” is the symbol of freedom and Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. The title is questioning where this is, which sets the mood Of the song to be more serious or mournful. By using ‘the Love’ in the title, it gives the reader an understanding that they are talking about love on a global scale and not just personal, or else they would have used words such as ‘my or their’. Paraphrase: The first lines of the opening verse questions how the people of today don’t now how to behave properly, and how they lack knowledge of what is right and wrong.

So it would seem that they have no mother who would have taught them these things. But the first verse mainly discusses the fight against racism that took place in America. The start of the chorus begins with, “People killing’, people dying’, children hurt and you hear ‘me crying” is referring to the problems going through the world, such as the government invading other countries and bringing injustice to others. The next line ‘can you practice what you preach? As asking the president George Bush, that if he wanted to stop wars and inequality, then he should do so himself.

The chorus ends with the question ‘where is the love? And it is repeated 6 times and echoed on each. The chorus is also sung after each verse. The second verse talks about the wars and attacks from countries and that in the world there is a lot of hatred and violence towards one another. America is seen as a peaceful nation but there are wars, terrorism and racism. The final verse talks about how things used to be better back in the day and that society is owing backwards and we are becoming more selfish, by doing things that only help ourselves, while others are suffering.

We are questioned, what happened to our values of humanity, our fairness and equality. Connotation: “As I’m getting’ older, hall, people gets colder Most of us only care about money making Greediness is becoming more common in today’s society and making money seems to be the most important thing on everyone’s mind. “People killing’, people dying’, children hurt and you hear ‘me crying” Could suggest that we stand by when others are in trouble and need help. Or it could refer to governments attacking and invading other countries. A war is going’ on but the reason’s undercover / The truth is kept secret, it’s swept under the rug” As if to say that we’ve been fighting for so long that nobody really remembers why we were killing each other in the first place. Devices: infects young people’s minds. Personification “l feel the weight on my shoulders” “Negative images is the main criteria, Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria”

Homework essay

A patient asks Rosa why the physician did not prescribe an antibiotic for her viral illness. What should Rosa say to the patient? Include in your discussion the physician’s concerns about antibiotic resistance. 3. Mrs.. Beck has been diagnosed with the flu. Explain why she might be ordered over-the-counter (ETC) or prescribed medication as a palliative treatment for this viral infection. Give an example of an ETC that the physician might recommend to relieve her discomfort. 4. While performing punctured, Rosa receives an accidental neediest. Describe the post exposure instructions and follow-up procedures. . Rosa realizes that her patient needs to be educated about proper sepsis. However, in a busy office, the staff does not have a lot of extra time. What can Rosa do during her time with the patient to educate the person properly about aseptic techniques? Include the difference between an antiseptic and a disinfectant. 6. Rosa is responsible for teaching a new member of the staff sanitize and cuisines properly the instruments used throughout a typical day in the facility. What APE should the employee use to protect herself from possible contamination?

What are the important steps in cleaning instruments so that all biologic material is removed? What are some reasons that disinfection might not occur? How can the medical assistant prevent these errors? WORKPLACE APPLICATION OPTIONS 1 . Employers with workers who are at risk for occupational exposure to blood or other infectious materials must implement an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Exposure Control plan that details employee protection procedures. List seven items that should be included in the plan. 2. Rosa is concerned that she may be allergic to latex.

For what signs and symptoms should she look when she puts on latex gloves? Is Rojas’s employer required to supply her with latex-free gloves if she does have a latex allergy? Why or why not? 3. Rosa is helping update the OSHA Exposure Control Plan in her office. She wants to include a policy for wearing gloves. List six different times that gloves should be worn. 4. To prevent cross contamination of infectious materials among patients, herself, and other staff members, it is vital that Rosa understand and follow he Cad’s recommendations for adequate hand hygiene.

Summarize these GU deadlines. 5. Review Procedure 27-4 in your textbook, Performing Medical Aseptic Handshaking. What did you learn? Practice proper handshaking for the next 24 hours. Note any new habits you have formed. Do you see any improvement? Have you noticed the handshaking behaviors of others? Explain the difference between resident and transient bacteria. 6. Rosa is assisting the physician with a dressing change when a patient suspected Of having tuberculosis coughs, and mucus splatters into Rojas’s eyes. Based on what you learned in Procedure 27-2, what should Rosa do?

Porritt Park Rebuild essay

Along with the one turf at Newsweek it was just enough to cater for the average of 5000 people who play each year. Portrait had two hockey turfs one of which was New Sealant’s only international turf and now they are in the ruins. On September 4 2011 a 7. 1 magnitude earthquake hit Canterbury and destroyed many homes and businesses including Portrait Park. The cost for the rebuild of Portrait Park was estimated to between 6 and 8 million dollars.

To fix the major land movement and liquefaction the plan was to build a gravel raft under the turfs. Tim Shannon the chief of Canterbury hockey said it made no sense to spend that sort of money to bring the facility back to how it was. The September earthquakes left Christopher with only 2 turfs to cater for the 5000 people. Lucky the earthquake was just after the winter season so it didn’t have as big of an impact as it would have if it occurred through winter.

The lack of turfs had an impact on pre season trainings. Previous years I would train twice a week through the off season but in 2011/2012 we could not get turf time and had one training a week at Burnside high turf which was not a full length turf and had a lot of bumps and cracks. This had an effect on me and my team because we weren’t training on a quality turf.