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Because this study is to find the difference between male and female, then the gender is the independent variable, which will be controlled by Joan. 2. An experimenter collects data on the effectiveness Of types Of humor (slapstic k comedy, dark humor, no humor) on the healing process, but makes sure that participa nts have equal senses of humor prior to the study. In this case, the independent variable is types of humor and the dependent v affable is the effectiveness of healing process. Humor sense will be helpful to healing proce ss, but ifferent types will have difference effectiveness, so the independent variable is the types of humor. . David investigates the effects of temperature (really hot classroom, really cold classroom) on exam performance. In this case, the independent variable is the temperature, and the dependent variable is the exam performance. During the experiment, David will change the temper ature of the room and investigate the performance of the each player, so the independen tvariable is the temperature. 4. A drag racer wants to see if the speed of a race car can be altered depending n type of fuel used, either alcohol, nitrous, or gasoline. In this case, the independent variable is type of fuel, and the dependent varia ble is the speed of the car.

The word “depend on” has showed that type of the fuel will decide the speed of the car, and the drag racer will change the fuel type and see differen t effect on speed, so the independent variable is the type of the fuel. 5. A study is conducted on the influence of instructor presentation medium (cha 1k board, dry erase board, overheads, or technologyenhanced PowerPoint presentation ) on the accuracy of student note taking. In this case, the independent variable is the types of presentation medium an d the dependent variable is the accuracy of student note taking.

During the experi ment, instructor will change the presentation medium and investigate accuracy of st udent note taking. 6. A researcher shows one group of students a violent cartoon and another grou p of students a nonviolent cartoon and watches to see violent behavior on the pla yground for the next month. In this case, the independent variable is violent or nonviolent cartoon and the dependent variable is the violent behavior. What kind of cartoon will decide the different eflect on violent behavior, so the violent or nonviolent cartoon is the independent varia ble. 7.

A chef wants to see if the quality of bread (e. g. , texture and appearance) is inc reased by using an imported Italian yeast, when compared to using the normal domesti c yeast. In this case, the independent variable is Italian yeast or domestic yeast, and th dependent variable is the quality of bread (e. g. , texture and appearance). The chef IS comparing the different effect on bread with domestic yeast and import Italia n yeast. 8. A sports psychologist records the number of fouls committed by players and t en codes if they were wearing a light or dark colored uniform.

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Another incident was when Sandra Bullock’s husband, who was the district attorney, was trying to find out what to tell the news. He mentioned he didn’t want to lose the black vote and needed to pin a medal on a black man. He brought up a firefighter’s name who he assumed was black. The man on his team mentioned he wasn’t black, he was Iraqi. Bullock’s husband assumed because he was dark-skinned, it made him black. When Don, the detective working with LAPD called Ria, the woman he was having relations with Mexican, when her parents are from Puerto Rico and El Salvador. ) Does stereotyping appear anywhere in the film? Give examples. At the beginning of the movie there was the “Mexicans can’t drive” and “Koreans can’t see over the steering wheel when there was an accident in the beginning of the movie. Another example of stereotype saw in the movie was when a young Hispanic man was changing the locks in Sandra Bullock’s house. She took a look at him then turned around told her husband that she wanted to have the locks changed again the next day because he was a thug nd was going to sell a copy of their key to one of his homeys.

She just saw his exterior and made the assumption not even knowing he was a hard- working man and an amazing father to his little girl. c) Is stereotyping a basis for any conflict incidents shown in the film? Not some examples. – Again, with the Hispanic locksmith. He was to change the locks for the Persian store owner. When the store owner’s shop was broken into and destroyed, he came up with his elaborate scheme that it was the young gentleman that was ut to get them, found his name, then went to his house to confront him, and ultimately open fire with the gun he had previously purchased. When Terrance Howard and his wife were pulled over and his wife was assaulted, he did not defend nor help her because he was well aware of stereotypes for the black people and he was afraid they would be taken to jail or shot if he reacted to the situation. d) Are there any moments of acceptance of differences in the film? Explain. There are three examples that you could see a sense of acceptance in the characters’ eyes.

The first being when the Hispanic gentleman looks over at Sandra Bullock after she bashed him for his tattoos, haircut, and pants then gets up and sets all the copies of the keys on the counter. The second was when the Persian store owner pulls put his gun to shoot the young Hispanic man and his daughter, only to shoot a blank. Lastly, when the police officer pulled the black woman from her burning car. Although he had preciously assaulted her in a previous traffic stop, he saved her life. There was acceptance on both ends.

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My Representation in Texas Monique Taylor Texas Government 2306-21409 Fall 2013 Word Count: 887 The United States of America grants the right of representation which is mandated by the U. S. Constitution. In our democracy, our citizenship allows us to elect individuals to make decisions on our behalf. In the process, our goal is to elect an individual that shares our beliefs, protects us from injustice, and is law-abiding to the Congressional oath of office. Our representatives must be ethically responsible in the political forum to maintain the respect and support of their constituents.

According to the Texas Legislature Online website, the zip code for 75254 is represented by Texas State Senator John Carona. Senator Carona is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and a Republican representing District 16 in his sixth term in office for Dallas County (The Texas Senate). Representative Jason Villalba is the Texas State House representative for House District 114 in Dallas County. He is a Republican serving in his first term and a graduate of Baylor University with a Juris Doctor from the University Texas School of Law (Texas House of Representatives, 2013).

In January 2013, the House District 1 14 underwent a change in leadership. The seat was previously held by the Republican Representative Will Hartnett. Representative Hartnett served ten terms and was first elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1990 . He is a graduate of Harvard University with a Juris Doctor from the University of Texas (Hartnett, W. ) As noted in 201 1 Texas Conservative Report by Heritage Alliance, he garnered the following scores: (1) total was 52 percent; (2) social was 100 percent; (3) economic was 55 percent; (4) other was 29 percent (Heritage Alliance).

Overall, Representative Will Hartnett voted conservatively on Issues of abortion, election reform, immigration, and healthcare. In the Presidential election of 2008, the constituents in District 1 14 were a Republican majority. In fact, voter turnout was 81. 2 percent in the district with Representative Hartnett receiving 31 ,393 votes in an uncontested race (Texas Legislative Council, 2009). A breakdown of the voters in the district were as follows: (1) 55. 5 percent Anglo; (2) 16. 4 percent Black; (3) 24. percent Hispanic; (4) 40. 4 Black/Hispanic mixed; (5) 4. 1 percent Other (Texas Legislative Council, 2010). There was a slight increase in voters for the district during this historic election. According to the data provided by the Texas Legislative Council in Will Hartnett’s District 1 14, the per capita income was $36, 234. The district’s population of people is poverty was low for those making less than $10,000 at 7. 2 percent. He represents a steady median of middle class income at 30. 2 percent for people making a year.

Representative Hartnett also has a major population of people who made $50,000 or more and account for 43. 6 percent in the district (Texas Legislative Council, 2009). This was a historic election as the nation eventually selected its first African- American President. The campaign was grueling, filled with its typical high- and-low moments for each political candidate. This election was also the first time we had two women in the road for the White House. In 2008, District 1 14 experienced a higher voter turnout in a tight race between Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama.

From the data provided by the Texas egislative Council, Senator Mccain held a slight edge, winning 54. 5 percent of the vote over Senator Obama’s 44. 6 percent. Since Representative’s Will Hartnett has a higher concentration of Anglo voters, Senator Mccain was in a better position to win the district. The middle class of the district were more in favor of Senator Obama which help keep his numbers close in this highly contested race. There was a clear consensus in the voting pattern for constituents in this economically strong district.

The Republican party did well during the 2008 Presidential election. In District 1 14, 78,438 Anglo-Americans versus 23,1 78 African-Americans participated in the election, but with the inclusion of other inority groups, voter participation was strong with 120,406 votes (Texas Legislative Council, 2010). The reasons for low participation in certain minority groups could be related to invalid voter registration, loss the right to vote, and citizenship. In 201 3, Texas joined other states to require photo identification to vote in the state of Texas.

This will have a significant impact on the number of participants voting in the 2016 Presidential election. Conservatively speaking, the district of 114 remains in the Republican favor even as Representative John Villalba holds the current seat. In 2013, in a eated race with Democrat Carol Kent he received 54. 2 percent of the vote (Texas Legislative Council, 2013). Voter turnout from the Hispanic community was high but low in the African-American community. The Anglo participation remained consistent to numbers in the 2008 Presidential election.

District 1 14 will continue to retain Republican control because of the strong economic base of voters helping to preserve the party’s continued presence in their community. Conclusion Representation will always remain in the hand of voter, but they must have an active presence in the political process to have their voices heard. In competition, the candidate must be relatable in their education, morals, family life, and personality to win an elected seat in office. This formula remains unchanged in this present day for the selection of a political candidate.

As a voter, it is our duty to educate ourselves on the person we are hiring to uphold our social ideals and represent us with humility and sincerity. References Hartnett, W. (n. d. ). Re-elect our republican representative: will hartnett. Retrieved from http://willhartnett. com/about/ Heritage Alliance. (n. d. ). 2011 Texas Conservative Report. Retrieved from http://www. eritagealliance. com/ tcr/tcrhome. php? Year=2011 =House Texas House of Representatives. (201 3, October). Texas house member: rep.

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As the organization’s IT security professional, you have been asked by your organization’s CIO and CEO to suggest steps and techniq ues that would mitigate risks associated with VoIP and SIP applications at the same time, maintaining the controls provided via C-I-A model. Provide a well-developed (remember who the intended recipients are) response outlining your recommendations. Be sure to substantiate each of your recommendations for mitigating identifiable risks. Please be sure to provide your response via the proper thread under the discussion question link for this chapter.

Please do not submit your reply via email, use only the thread provided by Canvas to submit your responses. The book mentions some of the risks for VoIP and SIP applications being: Eavesdropping Call control Denial of service (Dos) or distributed denial of service (DDoS) Poor network performance Server failure Disclosure of confidential information Recommendations to mitigate risks associated with VoIP: Construction of a reliable and properly configured network: Ensuring the right equipment is being used, and there is redundancy built nto the network infrastructure will help increase the availability, and uptime of services.

Ensuring the network is configured to separate different data (i. e. Voice data, Computer data) through VLANs and using Quality of Service (QOS) routing for voice services will help the integrity of the data being transmitted for VoIP, and also leave the data more secure. Controlled management of network devices, and user accounts: Having the computers and other network devices managed by authentication through a server will keep unauthorized devices from accessing the network, and ensure the overall ntegrity of the network as a whole.

Proper management of user accounts will ensure the information and access to devices on the network confidential. Set up a solid user policy: Having a clear and well thought out user policy will keep the work environment and ultimately the network secured. Password restrictions and change durations (confidentiality) Ensuring users secure their area, or are aware of their surroundings when discussing sensitive information (confidentiality/integrity)

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This marketing research report provides an analysis and evaluation of our research findings regarding how the living situations for Temple students affect their eating habits and preferences of eating meals on-campus. We onducted various research techniques that included creating an online survey that was distributed to a wide range of Temple University undergraduate students via Temple Email, Facebook, and through Blackboard. After we collected the results from the Qualtrics survey system, we analyzed it with SPSS software.

We calculated tests using the SPSS software such as the Independent T-Test, One sample T-test and Paired Sample T-test. All of our final calculations and findings can be found at the end of our report in the appendices. The results that we calculated show that those who live on-campus eat at on-campus eateries more often than those ho commute or live off-campus. The results concluded that freshmen were the largest group of individuals that lived in on-campus housing and that eat on campus the most.

The results also conclude that cash is the most common form of payment when dining on campus. We recommend that freshness of the food needs to be improved within on-campus eateries. Our other recommendations include aiming to have a similar number of respondents spread across the class years if this survey was repeated in the future and conducting focus groups to gather more in depth information about the students needs and perceptions. We have concluded that on-campus dining options should be more affordable for those who live off-campus without meal plans.

The more affordable places should be those like food trucks because they are targeted more towards those without meal plans and those who are on the go. The most common form of payment for Temple students who eat on campus is cash. We can also conclude that the primary factors that contribute to positive satisfaction of food options on campus is taste and variety of selection and the factor that need improvement the most in regards to satisfaction is freshness. 2.

Introduction Background: On Temple university’s main campus there are a variety of on and off campus dining options for students who live nearby, commute, or live in on campus housing. Temple has two dining halls, Morgan Hall Dining Center and the Louis J. Esposito Dining Center, where students on campus can use their meal plans and experience an “all you can eat” buffet style option. Another on campus dining option for students is the Valaida S. Walker Food Court located in the Student Activity Center in the center of campus that also allows students to use their meal plans and diamond dollars.

There are also many various cafes on campus where students can also use their meal plans and diamond dollars such as Cosi, Jazzman’s Cafe, Starbucks, and Fresh Bytes. There are many options for students who don’t use meal plans where they can buy food using cash, credit, debit, and diamond dollars. These options include the various food trucks on and around campus, Subway, Chipotle, Maxis, potbelly Sandwiches, and “The Wall” next to the Tech Center. Students have many options when it comes down to living on or off campus and commuting.

Temple offers students many residence halls and dorms hich include: Johnson & Hardwick, Peabody Hall, White Hall, 1940 Residence Hall, 1300 Residence Hall, Temple Towers, ElmiraJeffries, and Morgan Hall. There are also many off campus apartment complexes that are right off campus and even located on Temple’s main campus which include: The Edge, Kardon Atlantic, University Village, and Oxford Village. Many Temple students also have the option of commuting to campus by train, subway, bus, car, or biking.

With all the available dining options, upcoming and future dining options, and incoming students every year, Temple University can use data from esearch projects such as ours to discover how satisfied the students who eat on campus are with these on-campus dining options, how to improve these dining options based on their perceptions, and understand the eating habits of Temple students to plan for upcoming and future additions to on campus food options. Research Question: “Do the living situations of Temple University students affect where they eat on-campus? Research Objectives: understand the on campus eating habits of Temple students Determine if the living situations of Temple students affect where and when hey eat on campus Understand student’s perceptions of the affordability of on campus food options Discover students preferences of the on campus food options Understand student’s satisfaction with the available food options Discover which payment method is mostly used by students who eat on campus and whether their living situation affects the forms of payment they use We tested the following 3 hypotheses: 1) Students who live on-campus do not more meals than students who commute to class. Independent T-Test 2) Temple University students believe the prices offood from food trucks are ffordable. One Sample T-test 3) Temple University students do not purchase more meals than snacks.

Paired Sample T-test Research Design Qualtrics Online Survey Software Survey contained 15 multiple choice questions Completion time: less than 5 minutes Data Collection Method We constructed Our Survey using Qualtrics and then circulated the link to Temple students using: TUMail Facebook Blackboard Whenever a student responded to our survey the results were sent to the Qualtrics survey system and compiled into analytics and metrics. Sample Size and Data Collection Approach Population: 28,068 Temple University undergraduate students Sample Size: 92 total responses, 48 completed surveys We created an original survey using the Qualtrics sof?are to obtain information about Temple student’s eating habits, their on campus meal and dining preferences, payment preferences and opinions about the main campus’ dining options including food trucks, dining halls, food courts, and sit in eateries.

We used many different question formats such as Likert scales, Nominal, and Rating scales. Using SPSS we ran: Independent T-Test One Sample T-test 5. Data Analysis and Findings Hypothesis 1: Independent T-test Comparing 2 groups: on-campus & commuters, with one question One question: how many meals do you purchase per day Results: We used an independent sample t-test and the means where; On campus- 1. 88 and commuters-125 & significance was . 009 < . 05 Conclusion: Our results support our hypotheses because our t-test shows that there is a significant difference between the two groups and the mean for on-campus is greater than the mean for commuters.

We can conclude from this that on campus students purchase more meals than commuters. Our T-test shows us that there is a significant difference between the two roups because the sig. level is . 009 which is less than . 05. We reject the null hypothesis because significance is less <. 05 How many meals students who live on campus purchase per day: How many meals students who commute to campus purchase per day: Hypothesis 2: One Sample T-test Comparing a mean from a number of samples against a specific value One Question: On a scale of 1-10 how affordable are food trucks? Results: N=62 Mean= 5. 92 t-value= 3. 756 critical t-value=l . 6072 Value being compared-5 Conclusion: We fail to reject the hypothesis.

Since we are using a I-tailed test nd the chart only gives us the option of a 2-tailed significance level, we find the value of our data by examining the t-value. The critical t-value at 61 degrees of freedom is 1. 6072. The t-value we calculated is 3. 756. Since our t- value is greater than the critical t-value we fail to reject the hypothesis. In conclusion, Temple University students find the food truck prices to be affordable because on a scale 1-10, the mean was 5. 92. 5 being a neutral number and 10 being the most affordable, most students leaned towards food trucks being affordable. Students’ perception on a scale of 1-10 on how affordable food trucks are:

Hypothesis 3: Paired Sample T-test Comparing one group (Temple Students) with two questions Questions: How often do you purchase meals/specials? How often do you purchase snacks/cookies? Results: N=62, Mean 1=2. 53, Mean 2=4. 1 1, Significance= . 041 Conclusion: By looking at the means we can conclude that Temple University students purchase more snacks/cookies than meals/specials. Snacks/Cookies had a mean of 4. 11 and Meals/ Specials had a mean of 2. 53. Out T-test proves that there is a significant difference between the two variables because our significance level is less than . 05. Although this is the case we reject the hypothesis because the significance level of . 041 is less than . 05.

This concludes that although the null hypothesis might be true, it is unlikely to happen. How often Temple students purchase meals/specials and how often they purchase snacks/cookies on campus: Our limitations resulted from many factors that limited the success of our research problem and the amount of data we were able to collect. The first limitation of our marketing research problem was the time allotted to complete the survey and answer the research question in a 3 month period. If we had more time to obtain more respondents we would have a larger and more accurate sample size. Due to the minimal time allotted to complete the research problem and survey, we didn’t get a chance to explore different research methods.

Since we used an online survey, our research method was limited but this was the easiest way to reach our sample in a minimal amount of time. Unfortunately by using an online survey, we were unable to obtain more in depth and personal information about our sample. Another limitation was our sample in general. The sample of our respondents was not s diverse as we hoped because we did not have many freshman in our sample and we only reached a small sample of students out of the large target population of over 28,000. Increasing our response rate would allow more freshman to respond and might have given us more accurate information on the student body as a wholes’ eating habits and food preferences.

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Artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced nd able to perform multiple capabilities, so one cannot deny that at some point in the future human jobs may have a smaller role in the manufacturing industry. Humans are limited by how long they can work no matter what the conditions are. Humans need food, water, and sleep at a minimum to maintain a functional state. Artificial intelligence such as robotics are only limited by factors dealing with proper maintenance. As long as the equipment is maintained and ran in optimal conditions then, the robotics are able to perform for an unlimited amount of time.

It’s no secret that robotics in anufacturing companies allows them to produce more products at a faster rate then with humans alone. As demand for these products increases, its easy to see why more manufacturing companies are transitioning to more artificial intelligence in the workplace. Everyday on almost every platform there is some type of technological advancement made. Industries from medicine to automobiles have had enormous amounts of advances specifically encouraged by technology. Technology is advancing in a way that allows artificial intelligence to not only perform simple task but can now learn instead of just follow instructions.

More and more humans are relying on technology and it has created a huge decline in learning skills among younger generations. This decline in skilled workers among the human workforce has forced more companies to resort to using more artificial intelligence thus destroying human jobs all together. There comes a point when humans are just no longer able to compete with their artificial intelligence counterparts. Automated systems with artificial intelligence have made the threat of job loss not only affect the blue collar industry but is seeping into the white collar industry as well.

More automated systems are becoming common in areas like answering phones but have advanced to flying planes, driving cars, and even designing software. Everyday more Americans without jobs are citing technology as a reason for their unemployment. To compete with a system that requires no necessities like humans do, makes the threat of artificial intelligence stealing jobs a very real situation. Human error in jobs with high risk has caused concern for businesses that rely on perfection. Pilots falling asleep due to long flight schedules, or bus drivers drinking on the job are ssues that are very real.

Artificial intelligence has eliminated that factor and have given certain companies that peace of mind knowing they can cut the human error factor out of the product failure equation. Technology as a whole cannot be stopped. It has helped the human race in more Ways then it has hurt them. Costing humans their jobs has just become a causality of an advancing race looking to improve their way of live in all aspects. Without tech nology the world would be a far different place then it is today. Humans must learn to adapt to this change and work towards working ith technology and not against it.

With education on the decline, this has allowed technology to surpass humans in the workplace. However, without the human mind this technology would not exist. It was humans that created and still create technology. Allowing artificial intelligence to be created in order to perform a task for humans so that life is easier is a double edged sword. An easier life because of artificial intelligence will draw a life support of such for many companies. Humans should still be using their minds to enhance their own skills and develop workforce skills that companies are ooking for.

Castaneda Markup essay

Todays leaders must become robust and creative leaders as todays politicians and general officers have lost touch with reality in reducing soldier pay, implementation of troop reductions, stopped tuition ssistance for troops, and threaten to reduce or do away with retirement benefits. During these turbulent times, we must make every effort to convince soldiers to continue service to our great nation and if needed protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America. In addition the research conducted emphasizes drastic changes that the Obama administration has implemented throughout the Army.

The purging of soldiers and officers throughout the Army and its willingness to risk national security amidst huge budget cuts to the Department of Defense (DOD) which will without a doubt hurt troop readiness. Budget cuts implemented across DOD not only hurt troop readiness, but cripples Americas’ ability to respond to contingencies that will undoubtedly happen in the future. In disregarding troop readiness through budget cuts, the Obama administration has accepted the risk that our Army will undoubtedly fail to remain ready when the wolf comes knocking on our doorsteps.

Broken promises Throughout the last decade of War, approximately 1 % of the American population have fought in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One major blow came when families of fallen service members were cut off from death benefits. This in itself is the reason service members raise their right hand in defense of American knowing they may not return alive because they knew that their loved ones would be taken care of if they were killed and no longer available to do so themselves. Leaders in the U.

S. Army must contend with such situations and somehow convince subordinates that although this is going on governmental leadership Will ensure that their families will remain taken care of. Our political leaders have lost touch with reality and disgraced the very fabric that protects them at night and allows them to make unethical ecisions with total disregard of the American veteran. How them at a time that these families mourn they use the dead as a pawn for one’s political financial motives.

If a promise such as this is broken, the trust is now gone, the numbers of Americans willing to step forward and pick up arms in defense of America will quickly dwindle; for good reason. It is unfathomable to any veteran that the country that they so dearly loved, defended, and would be willing to give one’s life for would one day turn their backs on them. The fact is that this actually did come to fruition. This country exists because or as long as we have been a nation, enemies have wanted to defeat us. Throughout time there have been brave men and women that stood tall and said to all; This We’ll defend.

When our nation’s leaders refused to pay death benefits for fallen soldiers this became shameful that a country built on values and morals would dismiss this as simply 0k. Poor is the country who has not heroes, but many are those who having them forget. Retirement Pensions Under Fire A very low amount of service members actually commits and stay for the long haul; 20 plus years of service. Congressional leaders proposed a reduction of etirement benefits to service members in an attempt to reduce the deficit over a 10 year period.

Veterans’ groups say “the cut could amount to an average cash loss of $80,000 or more for each affected retiree and a loss of confidence in the U. S. government’s word. ” (Scotti, 2014) The U. S. government has broken its promise and disregarded its own view of commitment. All soldiers go into the military under a contract that is expected to be fulfilled. Once signed, the contract is law and must be fulfilled. When a service member enters military service the soldier is promised a umber of entitlements and one of them is a pension if the service member serves in excess of 20 years.

The pension is not modest by any means when you take into account the wear and tear on the body over a 20 year period as well as serving under the most stressful conditions under fire. To receive a pension for the rest of one’s life is a compensation for being that one percent. Senior leaders in the Army preach values our congressional leaders use loosely; loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage (LDRSHIP). The leaders in the highest levels of government have a elief in what is considered a social norm and what is acceptable and in the process set a do as I say not as I do attitude.

Our nation’s leaders have become a group of hypocrites. Political leaders are no longer there for the people, instead are in office to take care of Washington’s political lobbyist who are more concerned about lining their pockets that taking care of constituents who put them in office. The federal budget committee agrees with reducing retirement benefits and look at it as a “tiny cut’. (Scotti, 2014) “They are giving you a half-truth,” said Barron, “These are people who, after 0 years of service, had a base pay of under $50,000 and are now losing around $83,000. (Scotti, 2014 ) An Attack on Healthcare The president has proposed cuts at military retirees and military families by increasing the cost of Tricare payouts. Another promise made to sen,’ice members from the inception of their contracts has or ultimately will be broken. This does not come as a surprise as service and defense to the nation has become nothing more than a waste of time to the American population. The days of an all-volunteer force will dramatically come to an end if the right decisions are not made at the highest levels of government.

The constitution of the United States of American clearly dictates that by law elected officials will fund a military has now become debatable and is thrown out the window in order to fund other unconstitutional programs that our elected officials support. The takeaway from all of this is not that military and retired military benefits are becoming unionized, the issue at hand is that our elected officials dictate what we the people receive yet their pay, benefits, retirement entitlements go unscathed .

If Obamacare is so good for the people why are our government officials not on the same plan? Retirees and ilitary personnel have sacrificed so much for this nation especially in the last decade and should be provided with the best medical care available. If ObamaCare is the best, then so be it, but it should also be mandated for elected officials in Washington. ‘We will compromise our nation’s defense and risk losing highly qualified individuals so that our elected officials can fund all their little pet projects and unconstitutional programs that are driving our nation into bankruptcy. (TRICARE, 2012) The issue at hand is not that veterans are not willing to pay increases in Tricare co-pays, the problem is hat veterans have been lied to for so long that veterans don’t believe that the nation’s leaders will use funds saved to actually pay down the nation’s debt. Tuition Assistance Chopped All service members are entitled to tuition assistance and is used greatly in part as a retention tool. By cutting the militarys tuition assistance program would greatly hurt recruitment as well as retention. Service members in todays Army are well aware of the benefits of securing a collegiate level education.

In order to get ahead in today’s Army one must hold at a minimum an associate’s degree. How are service members careers held to his standard and expected to pay out of pocket from an already tiny paycheck? If you are to make a college education a requirement then the federal government must provide the means and time in order for service members to continue their education. The troops “need the assistance to advance their careers, “and failure to restore the funding could damage recruitment and retention for many years to come,” said Lt. Gen. Howard Bromberg, the Army’s deputy chief of Staff for Personnel. Sisk, 2013) Perks over Patriotism Gone are the days where Americans picked up a weapon in the name of atriotism. Today’s service member will without question, tell the federal government here is a check payable up to and including my life. However, here is what one would want in return while one is still here for dedicated and honorable service. The truth of the matter is that it is more difficult for todays Army Leaders to entice service members with the thought of patriotism. Leaders must work diligently and become creative in motivating service members.

The thought and potential to be sent into harm’s way is never at the forefront of military personnel. The biggest and most popular eason for joining the military is for college assistance and job training. Why are so many soldiers leaving? The reasons are many; loss in leadership confidence, troop reductions, benefit reductions, toxic leadership and the list goes on and on. It seems as if throughout the military, the best and brightest always seem to be the ones who end up walking out of the door. Senior leadership in todays Army are forced to retain the very best.

But how can leaders do that? How can one stand there and tell them this is a great choice to make in their lives when leadership has nothing to offer them in return for their service. Even in the civilian sector, employees are compensated for their labor. If the employee works beyond their scheduled time they are compensated. Military personnel often work in excess of 60 hours a week and receive no compensation for it other than their normal base pay. There is no overtime pay in the military. Service members also site a loss in leadership confidence.

Due to over a decade of war, the military was forced to simply promote or advance individuals to higher levels of management not because one was the best or the brightest but simply due to that slot or position needing to be filled. The result was an increase in under trained leaders and in most cases service members forced into leadership roles who for all intensive purposes did not want to be there. The end result became known as toxic leadership. Leaders often neglected their responsibility or concern for subordinates and worried more about the advancement of their careers and pay.

Be All You Can Be? The motto of the U. S. Army in the early 90s was echoed as “Be all you can be”. The service members of today are leaving service in dramatic numbers because this saying is no longer true. The military now is seen as holding one ack as opposed to offering soldiers a stepping stone or advancement after military service. It is shameful to think that our military has done such a great job at enticing the youth of America into military service and training them to become such great leaders only to have nothing to convince them to continue military service.

Military personnel are trained to remain calm and think critically on their feet while under the most intense of stressors. These two strengths become lucrative to employers in the civilian sector who today are providing better compensation and pay. In addition, provide service embers with the ability to be home with their families every night without the thought of deploying to a War zone. “Why is the military so bad at retaining these people? It’s convenient to believe that top officers simply have more lucrative opportunities in the private sector, and that their departures are inevitable. (Kane, 2011) The main reason service members choose not to remain in military service is because the sense of being held back is overwhelmingly prevalent. Promotions are not merit based. Assignments needed for advancement wrapped up in a centralized bureaucracy that leaves ervice members not knowing where they will end up next. Civilian Sector Option It is extremely difficult for military leaders to maintain personnel strengths at high levels due to the civilian sector job markets providing better pay and benefits. Soldiers of today earn around 30,000 dollars conservatively.

How can military leaders compete with this when our civilian sector companies are offering service members upwards of 75,000 dollars with medical benefits as well as tuition assistance? They are offering all things that our federal government at one point promised its veterans. All roads are leading out of ilitary service and if this continues will result in a military force at critically low levels with the federal government unable to replace them. In the event of a major conflict, we as a nation will be left without the ability to respond decisively.

Military Readiness In a time of budget constraints and troop reductions, the thought of having a ready force prepared to respond to a contingency that inevitably will happen seems out right ridiculous. Todays senior military Non- Commissioned Officers seem to think that the idea of pay freezes, benefit reductions and the threat of one’s military retirement system is the last thing n troops minds. They assure senior level political figures in Washington of this with the utmost of confidence.

The message to senior senators during a budget conference was sound and resolute. The advice was given that political figures take the difficult path and remove sequestration cuts especially those to be imposed by 201 6 which will regrettably be the stiffest in order to ensure that there is a balance between protecting troop training and readiness . There seems to be a major disconnect amongst not only our senior military leaders but also our senior political leaders who only during imes Of political campaigning do they even think to consider the military men and women.

It is difficult for military leadership with a serious face say that we will be 0k with budgeting constraints and be able to ensure a ready and trained force. Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Michael P. Barrett told the subcommittee, “Marines are ready to take the hits. But, for gosh sakes, get on with it so there’s no doubt they stay trained and ready for the next fight. ” (Philpott, 2014) This very comment by the highest enlisted Marine shows a lack of understanding on what military personnel really want.

Service embers in todays military understand that money is tight and that we must do our part to help with the deficit. What service members disagree with is the thought that one may potentially be sent into harm’s way knowing that they lack training and lack the very thing that our nation’s leaders promised; the best equipment available in order to assure defeat of our nation’s enemies. How with such drastic budget constraints and troop reductions do our senior military leaders and politicians expect troops to do that? Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Michael P.

Barrett contin ued during his testimony o political figures that Marines were not focusing on compensation, benefits, or retirement, instead had a “bias for action” and measured their quality of life by the number of deployments and training events. How on earth can a senior enlisted Marine Say such comments with such confidence fully knowing that todays troops are battle weary and in no form would ever agree to such a thing. The difficulty for leaders in the military today is that they most often are left to deal with the effects on morale that such senior leaders create.

Leaders promise troops the world but tell them they can only have so much of it at a time. The problem is that our enemies do not sleep; they continue to observe ones every move and plot on when to strike next. America’s enemies know we are vulnerable, they know that all they have to do is wait it out. The military of today cant continue to be the world police if they are not properly compensated and equipment as well as prepared to ensure a swift and deadly victory against anyone who dares to call.

Leadership Must Change Todays military stands as the most battle seasoned military since the Vietnam War. Our military has responded for the last decade and ensure terrorist networks were dismantled and the threat of another attack on American soil was minimized. However, because of the fact that we have been at war for over a decade, standards of promotions were reduced thus allowing many that would otherwise never have promoted during a peace time military to rise to senior level leadership positions.

The biggest reason troops are leaving military service in waves is due mostly to poor leadership. This is why across the board service branches have made leader development a top priority. The result came amidst a survey from the Army Research Institute that concluded that showed 26 percent of sergeants and staff ergeants and 23 percent of lieutenants and captains surveyed planned to leave the Army after completing their current service obligations. Of those, 35 percent of enlisted and 26 percent of officers cited the quality of leadership at their duty stations as a reason for leaving. Tan, 2011) Amongst troops, concerns over leadership were an even greater reason to leave military service over multiple deployments. Throughout our military there are great leaders, but the number is greatly out done by those that are simply there to collect a pay check. Too many troops are simply getting promoted based on seniority and not based off of merit. The mentality is that the longer one stays in the better the chances are for advancement. Conclusion In conclusion, todays military personnel stand ready to defend the constitution of the LJnited States against all enemies.

But for how long seems debatable. Our nation’s leaders must ensure that these brave men and women are provided with the funding that gives them the best training and equipment available that will ensure ones success. Additionally, if we as a country are to ask these men and women to take up arms and defend Americas interest abroad, our nation’s leaders must be prepared to provide hem with the best medical coverage to deal with their physical, mental, and emotional problems that they will return with.

The compensation may be attractive but it is a symbol of appreciation for a service provided by only approximately 1% of our American population. Todays soldiers are at odds with current administration and its ability to properly care for them and look out for their best interests. Soldier of today see themselves as if they were used during the War on Terror and now that the war is winding down turn a blind eye. The soldiers were promised many benefits to get them to join and ow that they are in are being asked to sacrifice something that they were promised in the first place.

Recruitment Strategies essay

Just as corporations strategies to develop, manufacture, and arrest the best product or service, so they must also vie to identify, attract, and hire the most qualified people. Recruitment is a business, and it is big business. It demands serious attention from management because any business strategy will falter without the talent to execute it” (ASCII, 2015). For each position being hired for, there must be a specification for the exact work that will need to be done, as well as the personal qualities a person must possess to be successful in that position.

When recruiting for the Lass Vegas hotel location we need to be aware of the large tourist based industry that attracts millions of visitors to Lass Vegas every year from all over our nation and from countries all over the world. “Service employees need to be able to “read” their customers-?to understand them, to anticipate and monitor their needs and expectations, and to respond sensitively and appropriately to those needs and expectations. In the service game, “customer literacy’ is an essential skill” (ASCII, 2015).

Our global business strategy should be that of recruiting a diverse workforce that can be appreciated by foreign customers with employees that not only speak many different languages but have irritate in cultures from all over the world. “By being diverse as a workforce, we become multicultural in our ideology and business practices so we grow from within. As a global company, we need to demonstrate there is no stereotypical American workforce” (Phoenix, 2014).

This type of recruiting policy is pure diversity-based recruitment which does not discriminate during the recruiting process however promotions within the company should be given to the best qualified individuals despite sex or race. Based on our research of other similar hotel chains in the market we recommend that all circuiting be done internally and that a website be built specifically to advertise open positions and careers, to attract skilled and experienced career oriented employees, and to allow for these candidates to apply directly thru our website so as to maintain records on all applicants in-house.

With the help Of social media this can be accomplished fairly quickly and effectively. “Social media includes at least four major types: (1) social- networking sites, such as Backbone, Linked, Plano, and chat rooms; (2) blobs and microbiology, such as Twitter; (3) virtual worlds, such as Second Life; and 4) video-sharing Web sites, such as You- Tube. Backbone counts more than 800 million active users. Twitter, created in 2006, has more than 200 million registered users.

Recruiters are using it to announce employment opportunities; job seekers can subscribe to their Twitter feeds to be notified when positions are available. At Linked, more than 60 million members have logged on to create profiles, upload their employment histories, and build connections with people they know. Recruiters use personal and corporate pages on Backbone and Linked to announce openings and to outwork with prospective clients” (ASCII, 2015). In order to drive traffic to the careers section on our site, it is our further recommendation to take advantage of job sites such as these; superiority. Mom, linked. Com, indeed. Com, master. Com, and glissando. Com for starters. It will also be a good idea to take advantage of social media as described above to get our loyal customers, friends and families, to help spread the word of our expansion, new location, and new job opportunities, not only attracting great candidates but allowing us to pique the interest of loyal Customers thinking Of sitting Lass Vegas, for vacations, business trips, and the like in the future. Statistics show that 35 percent of adult Internet users have profiles on at least one social-networking site, 75 percent of recruiters use the Internet as part of the screening process, and 25 percent of those have eliminated candidates based on information found” (ASCII, 2015). The decision to keep recruiting in-house instead of outsourcing this process came from the fact that an experienced, fully qualified human resources team already exists for the hotel chain.

All Minnesota employees were hired in-house and this team is already familiar with the kind of culture the organization wishes to promote and maintain with all members of its staff. They have witnessed firsthand which kind of candidates will become long term employees and are well knowledgeable in the types of skills, education, and experience, make for the most successful staff. Recruiting in-house will have a great positive financial impact on the organization saving from $8000 to over $80,000 (depending on the department and salary) per employee in head hunter fees for the first 90 says of a new employee being hired by the hotel. The retained search firm usually gets 1 /3 of the budgeted first year cash compensation for the position (base plus bonus). Stock options are usually not factored in. So for a $1 50,000 position the search firm will get $50,000, of which 1/3 is paid when you retain the firm, 1/3 after thirty days and the balance after sixty days. You will also be billed for expenses- most search firms want to control the payment of such things as air fare and hotel for candidates in order make sure things go smoothly.

These expenses might average $800 to $1,000 or more per month. Typical high-level searches are concluded within 60 to 90 days of initiation” (Jar. , 2015). With over 5000 new career positions available for employees to fill, this will save the hotel chain approximately SSL 00,000 in the first 90 days of opening. This money can instead be put toward the gaming licenses and training the hotel will need to secure before the grand opening.

Alternatively, some of this savings can be allocated toward rewiring up marketing campaigns, PR strategies, and online advertising for the grand peeing of the hotel itself, which will need to be up to par with the standards of hotel grand openings in the Lass Vegas market. Our plan for implementation will be to select a few of our senior level executives along with a few assistants from Marketing, IT and Human Resources departments, to go to Lass Vegas, six months in advance of the planned soft opening, so that they can work together to get the websites built, tested, and working properly on the company website.

These teams will also be responsible to create the job ads, get them launched onto the different job sites, and run ultimate campaigns through social media and Google, in order to attract and prepare the right candidates for the interview process, perform all drug testing for selected candidates, and other initial screening tasks keeping the recruiting and selection process running smoothly.

The metrics and time line for this process should be as follows: Of the new staff should be thru the final interview process, officially hired, and have completed the entire paperwork and certifications necessary for employment and be ready to go for training after the first 120 days. The last 20% of new hires should be ready to go within the following month.

Three weeks before our scheduled grand opening an orientation should be scheduled for all new hires to come together for a paid four day, ma-Noon, one hour for lunch, then continuation from 1 pm-pm, for meet and greet, getting to know your teams, department managers, the company culture, policies and guidelines, mission statements, goals, and company and departmental expectations. Training of all new staff as well as current staff being relocated will have continue for the ext two weeks, and following breaking up every employee into two different groups to participate in the first soft openings.

Each group should get a chance to role play as the customer and the staff, as they stay, dine, and enjoy the entertainment the hotel has to offer in order to be best prepared for the official grand opening of the Bellman Hotel International chain in Lass Vegas, Nevada. This concludes the recommendations for recruitment and selection strategies prepared for Jason Galvan from the Human Resources department of the Bellman International Hotel chain. Any further inquiries would be made to Tract Goldman at Atwood and Allen consulting firm directly for immediate response and assistance.

Team Gluco Gauge essay

Syncing monitors with smartness ; 3-5 readings a day ; 3% Estimated to sync monthly before appointments 3 Month Us ply Direct to Consumer Spend Doctor Supplemental Spend Head Count Reduction Shipped Free Product $250,0 update instruction on Levine jacking $300,0 00 on patient use instruction videos of Master strip 2 test strips sent to customer Estimate Ted $9 million opera ting profit $100,0 posters doctors offices jobs cut to avoid significant budget shortfall, 200 saved $1 million communion action campaign towards Prior to Press Conference 1.

Centralize Information ( www. Moderateness’s. Com) 2. Address Internally . Assemble Team to Evaluate Education Resources Press Conference 1. Reiterate Dedication to Customer Health 2. Take Responsibility, Not Blame 3. Vow to Educate Statement “Here at Motherhood Health we are dedicated to the health and safety of our customers and mindful of the impact our products have on their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and their healthcare providers.

For this reason, we have striven to make the Colleague device an industry leader in accuracy and convenience with accuracy ratings that surpass FDA requirements and meet the high standards recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Along the way we have discovered more than one learning curve; the recently reported inaccuracies presented one Of these challenges.

Although there have been no reports of adverse health effects from our users or their healthcare providers, we recognized an inconsistency with our device’s strip compatibility and corrected it; making the best device even better. We also partnered with doctors from across the nation to discover the root cause of most device errors was patient user error. Since, Motherhood Health has invested millions into educating our customers on the use of their vices to ensure the accuracy our devices deliver at home are the same as at the doctor’s office.

Industrial Grinders Copy essay

Additionally, Bridgehead’s superior stated himself that he needed to find a use for the steel, but would prefer that steel rings contain deed to be manufactured until inventory levels ran out in the following four months. This is ideal for Abridgment because he may have a couple of customers that are hesitant to bring about change to their companies, and will only use steel rings because of the untested capabilities of the plastic rings. This would not only move physical inventory, but would also increase customer satisfaction tit those particular customers.

However, the pitfall here is that the customer may think that s/he is excluded from the plastic rings. They would have to understand upfront that it would be a transition process over to plastic rings while their confidence in them grew. However, I believe Abridgment can utilize the steel for a better cause. The public realm loves it when major corporations do things for the communities they serve; if Abridgment found a charitable use for the steel that he could publicize and market to his consumers, public opinion would go up.

While he does not deal with the public directly, any sort of good publicity that he can bring to his company is desired. With profit margins for plastic rings being so high, Industrial Grinders can more than afford to offload the $93,000 worth of inventory via these means, within a year at the maximum. Even so, if only 10% of Industrial Grinder’s market would be receiving the option to buy plastic rings, it is reasonable to assume that a graduated scale of production hat coincides perfectly with the available steel inventory can be implemented.

Abridgment should create a production schedule that follows this while being transparent to his customers. While it is possible that companies will begin noticing that they are not able to buy plastic rings, it is highly unlikely they would be upset and / or take their business elsewhere after they realize that it is simply just market testing. Companies should be able to understand this notion. This should alleviate the encore displayed by Bridgehead’s subordinates.

Announce to everyone that you will have new, more durable, plastic rings for sale by the New Year but plan on it happening by October 1 SST to make it seem as though they are better than initially thought. Switching over to plastic rings also helps with the production schedule of the plant; with the plant operating at only 70% capacity, profit margins will not be impacted too much by a lack of production because the margin is so incredibly high for a plastic ring.