Business Analysis for Elite Personal Training essay

Due to $14,000 in equity and a $24,000 bank loan, they must find alternate ways to raise SSL 7,396 or decrease start-up costs (Exhibit Monthly costs for the business will be roughly $9,937 (Exhibit 8) with each client generating $540 per month in revenue (Exhibit 7). Taken together, Elite just have a minimum of 18 clients per month to remain in business (Exhibit 8). In order to draw in new clients, the Elite building is within walking distance of multiple businesses, giving easy access to business professionals as a target market.

As most competitors focus on women, focusing on professionals might allow Elite to grow a niche market. Decision Criteria Attain the required startup costs of $17,396 by October 1 , 2005 Retain a minimum of 18 customers each year to break-even Option 1: Asking Members to Pay Prior to Official Opening Since there is a shortage of cash required to start the business, which is about 17,396, Elite must find a way to finance their company to get through the initial startup cost (Exhibit 1). In this option, we would be asking our 20 anticipated members to pay their 25% deposit upfront, prior to our official opening date.

By doing so, we can generate $14,400 dollars (Exhibit 2). This can lower the cash gap required to start up the company. However, we still have not reached one of our decision criteria because we are still $2,996 short of the cash required. Although this option seems promising and can help us generate a large sum of cash for our initial startup at close to no cost, whether or not the clients will pay is a different story. The main problem is that, when we implement this option, we do not have a facility to show our clients.

This makes clients feel that they are paying for nothing and may discourage them to pay up front. Moreover, the money generated within this option is based on the belief that there would be 20 members that are going to join them during their initial startup. This figure may be too optimistic because, if their new facility does not offer as many services as Body Word does, then their clients may not follow them over. Option 2: Financing Weight Training Equipment Though Meaner and Crucial would prefer to pay for everything COD, there are low interest or interest free alternatives.

Fitness Depot, which has a location in London, offers multiple financing options. The first we looked into was a 12 month plan that offered no interest or additional fees, as long as the sales price was paid in full within 12 months. The second offered 24 months, and no interest terms were specified so 5% interest was assumed. Between the two, the 24 month plan is more beneficial to Elite because it allows them to spread the payment over 2 years’ worth of revenues. This option would cost $1, 125 in interest, in addition to the $21. 00 price of the equipment. This option meets the decision criteria of attaining the required start-up costs, as it lowers the initial investment needed from $55,000 to about $35,000. Break- even for this option, covering the $1,125 interest expense, is selling one additional client a package of 48 sessions. All profits Elite generates will be as a result of having this equipment, as without the equipment the business would not even open. Risks involved with financing include not being able to meet the required monthly payments.

In order for that to happen, however, Elite would have to be operating with less than 18 members per month. Exhibit 3 discusses this option in detail. Option 3: Marketing Elite wants to keep its marketing costs low. It was decided that $3,000 should be the budget. This has a low breakable of 50 sessions or TV. ro 48 session packages. The marketing budget would consist of 2,500 print brochures, 100 custom logo water bottles, and 50 custom logo t-shirts. The print brochures would be distributed by the owners to nearby business buildings to reach the target market of business professionals.

They can also ask nearby health stores to feature the pamphlets on their counters. The water bottles and t-shirts would be given clients upon referral sign ups. They can also be used for other promotional reasons. Due to the industry heavy reliance on word-of-mouth, it is assumed that the brochures will result in low conversion. However, it would help to increase Elite’s awareness within its desired market. If 20% of initial customers sign up one friend by the end of the first year, the water bottles and t-shirts would have an ROI of 2. 7%. This would result in an additional $5,760 in sales. The biggest risk in this option would be the money spent on brochures. It would have little to no conversion to clients. Some clients may find the t-shirts and water bottles as not worth referring friends to Elite. Option 4: Leasing the Equipment Option 4 is to reduce the start-up cost by leasing the equipment. According to the information provided by a fitness equipment provider, the leasing rate is calculated to be 2. 58% per month. Flexi Commercial, 201 5) Total cost of leasing is calculated by matching the useful life of the equipment, where the additional cost incurred amounts to $114,120. The cost is calculated to be very high since weight training equipment provides a useful life Of 20 years. Start-up cost will be reduced by $17,398. 08 in the first year with this option, which yields a ROI of 1 . 23%. Breakable for this option is 57 48-session packages. This option involves high risk and low return as it cost almost 5 times more than purchasing the equipment, therefore, should not be considered.

Option 5: Client Retention/Renewal This option will offer clients a free meal plan upon renewal of their personal training sessions. It is assumed that 30% of the 20 clients will renew due to he free meal plans, which will generate $17,280 in revenues. The meals plan will cost Meaner and Crucial their hourly wage plus printing costs for $106. 26 for 6 clients. This will put Elite in a good position compared to the alternative of nutritionists, who offer meal plans for an average of $77 per client (Microfilmed. Com, 2015).

Vitiation explains this has been the most effective way to get membership renewals and increase client satisfaction by 30% since other boot camps in the area do not offer it (vitiation’, 2015). This will achieve an ROI of 16,162% with a breakable of 1 client package. This is a high reward and low risk option that will help Elite grow a loyal customer base because clients will be able to achieve even better results due to a controlled diet. However, a potential risk in this option is of clients developing a negative image of Elite when they do not follow their meal plan and thus don’t receive the results they expected.

Recommendation & Action Plan It is recommended that Meaner and Crucial implement options 2 and 5. Through option 2, by financing equipment, we are able to save $20,000 and are able to meet the criteria of generating the start-up costs. Through option 5, we are able to retain 6 clients. Since Elite anticipates to have 13 members of its initial 20 renew as lifetime members after their third package, these additional 6 (if they were non-renewing otherwise), would allow us to meet our retention criteria of 18 members.

Immersion Week Reflection Portfolio essay

When I’m out in the city it’s always important to r e me beer who I am and what school I represent. Default promotes Vientiane principle s, and they encourage generosity, honesty and kindness. This reminds me to always think about others and how my actions would affect them. With this, the Default WA y also encourages charity/ community work. Since I’ve had a lot of experience with that from high school, it was more of a transition than an adaptation. Working at the Or anal McDonald House was enjoyable and heartwarming.

Especially, since we all go to work together to make many people happy. Even though volunteering at PAWS was not particularly fun, it was still good to feel like I was making a difference and play ins with cats is always a good time. I would enjoy working there again, and i will most definitely recommend it to volunteer work seekers. All this was food for thought, but i al so learned other interesting things including the locations of famous death sites, and loc sanctions important Chicagoans tombs and tombstones.

After this person who was quite relevant in my life passed away, was much ore calm and collected when someone close to me passed away. Someone even closer to me passed away recently and it didn’t hit me nearly as hard. It’s okay to feel sad, but I didn’t want to be trapped in my own thought and fall into a pit of De pressmen. The only thing that would make me feel like I did that fateful day would be if my mother, father, or sister passepied forbid.

This wasn’t an experience where I could lee earn from mistakes, but observe how Alfred dealt with his loss with such collectedness. Still don’t know how he did it to this because I am obviously not going to ask. It woo old only e appropriate if I was going the rough something similar and was seeking help full advice. Moving forward feel that I’ll be okay the next time this happens. Thinking it w onto happen again is naive and unrealistic. Immersion week helped me realized De tat sins the end for some people based on what they believe.

It could be a new begin Eng or continuation of their lives. Thinking in this manner will help in dealing with Los s in the future. For some people, their deaths will be appropriately celebrated, and so me will not be at all or hardly at all. I am not religious,but it is not for me to decide what h pens after death. I think wed all like to think positive things happen to good people , and the ones that have done horrible things are properly punished. AY Capon’s “dead h Site” had no indication of his death anywhere; it was just a grass field.

Going the Graced Cemetery and the Scavenger hunt showed me how celebrated one’s death ca Moving forward from this, the other 2 days of immersion week were very eye opening as I mentioned in my opening narrative-The Ronald Mcdonald house also helped realize that other people have it much worse than do which helps me not get hung up n small things like not getting the grade I wanted or not getting to eat what I wanted for dinner. This whole week bettered me as a person and a community member. This was was not what i expected.

When i first signed up for this class I thought I was g owing to experience some morbid stuff and my instructor was going to be strange. Fin ally, day one was here. Woke up much earlier than I would normally wake up in sum however for some mysterious reason I was not feeling any tiredness. Probable y due to the fact i was so excited and curious. We all met at the classroom, and went t rough the syllabus and the schedule for the following week. was in no way physically Y or mentally prepared to walk the 7. 7 miles. The only preparedness was shown in my gemlike attire. As We walked around Lincoln park and Dry.

Bryant unveiled ms terries behind some buildings what seemed to be just any other buildings, I was enjoy Yin my time very much. It might sound terribly wrong, but although they were about tragic events, it sounded so cool to still be part a history that was still alive. Especially y AY Capons. But, to think that women’s suffrage started prohibition is not cometh Eng would have pieced together on my own Our grand tour of Lincoln Park ended in a ca fee, dedicated only and only to cupcakes, sounded delicious. Furthermore, we we NT on some non death related adventures including visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo an d the farmers market.

Even though i go to the city quite often, I have never been to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Clayton, Seed and I all wandered the park to try and see as many cool animals as possible with the hour timeshare we were given. I had no did a would see rhinos, a lynx and a red panda. It was a fun and fascinating experience. La ere got to eat subs at lunch from a place that slipped from my mind, but they were e delicious even though mine was unexpectedly spicy. The farmers market was interests Eng. The fact that everything there was organically grown and mostly family run was eve welcoming.

It establishes a new type of trust with food vendors. Thought it w interesting that people in Chicago are growing certain fruits and vegetables in doors because they cannot handle the City’s sporadic weather. If i am correct, we us De the same ingredients being sold at the farmers market at the Ronald Mcdonald h souse to rate the extravagant dinner. Though the crepe ate was 13 dollars, it was a cool experience to see where the REAL Whole Foods is. The last day was the cave anger hunt and it was quite fun. I was paired with Legal and Ariel. We sat at the co imputer and figured out our route to success.

We figured out where each site was, the n we were ready to go. We visited, an ally, bridge, and multiple memorials along with the Art Institute. We took a while to find the ally where the fire happened so we thou get we’d be running late, but it turned that we finished first! I was excited because we won ND we got to go back to our dorms earlier than everyone. Knowing this, we celebrate d with Cataracts and Chipolata to satisfy our empty stomachs. This immersion week experience was an overall positive learning experience f me, and I think my classmates would agree. M privileged to go to such a Greg at school with such respectful and accepting people in a vibrant and diverse city. Took Chicago for granted for most of my life since Vive lived in the area for my whole life. No w that i actually live in the city, realize how lucky I am to be here. It’s not just the bull dings and either that i love, but rather the people and things to do. Because of emmer Soon week, i now have a better understanding Of loss. It used to be a touchy topic that i b lived instilled a melancholy mood in people who discussed it.

It may be true for so me,but i believe it should not be that way. Fear is the worst enemy and it will not help anyone. Moving forward I feel that I’ll be okay the next time this happens. Thinking it w happen again is naive and unrealistic. Death is everywhere everyday. It’s the t Ruth and there’s no denying the truth. Furthermore, i feel much more comfortable with death, and want to be there for any of my friends that are struggling with loss. With that will carry on Vientiane principles and continue bettering myself and the people around d me to create an ideal community.

Untitled document essay

The amount of access to information that people have these days is astounds g, and their consumption of it, even greater. He supports this by mentioning how hyperlinks don’t merely point to related works; they propel you toward them. ” Carr believes that we should be skeptical of the internet because of the adverse ways it may be shah ping the way we think. Thinking critically about his article, one can find some patterns i n his writing, such as fact and fiction, presenting evidence with an argument, and c cause and effect. Carr starts his article with a quote from a CIFS movie. Dave, stop, will you” (Carr 1). He starts off illustrating an eerie scene from the 001 movie Space Odyssey . This part of the article is obviously fictional, but does a good job of leading up to his next point. He discusses that he feels like his mi ND is being influenced by advancing technologies. He states that even as a writer hi s mind struggles to keep focused on a book, something that is new to him. He blame this on the internet, which he describes as “The perfect recall of silicone me He uses his friends as examples, stating that “.. Any are having similar expert encase” (2). While impossible to tell if this fiction or not, one can reason that he’s most likely dating fact. Carr does bring up facts from a London study where results jug est. that internet readers aren’t reading in traditional methods and that they do not ABA sorbs the text that they are reading. Following that though, he sneaks his opinion that ” We are what we read” (3). Carr then does bring up a conversation that he had, stating interesting fact of how reading is not part of our genes like how speech is.

That t is a very interesting fact and that suggests that the way we read can be influenced just like other habits. He brings in quotes from other professors he has talked to and mentis ins how the human brain can still be molded even at older ages. To help support his did concussion, he brings up a very interesting part of history. With the invention of the mesh inimical clock, people’s minds were changed into thinking in mathematical sections of time. That people “… Eat, work, sleep, rise, we stopped listening to our senses and starts d obeying the clock’ (4).

When identifying the argument in Car’s article, some interesting g ideas and evidence surface. The most apparent point of this essay is to stir discussion how the internet m ay have negative effects on the human mind. He States how his own memory is being affected by speeding on the internet jumping from one page to the next. He f rather supports that his reading habits that used to be natural for him have become struggles. He argues that the zip lining across the internet is changing how we read and how we interpret text.

He backs this up from evidence from studies performed in Loon don that suggests that people exhibit ‘”a form of skimming activity’ and “… Read no MO re than one or two pages Of an article or a book before they would bounce out to anon there site” (3). Another point he tries to argue is that technology is taking part of forming in his thoughts. He proposes that it has “changed from arguments to aphorisms, fro thoughts to puns, from rhetoric to telegram style” (4). The pattern of cause an d effect is also apparent in his writing, starting from the very beginning.

Early in the essay, Carr suggests that he is having trouble reading. He then rag uses that the way we use the internet has hindered his attention, and that he is not all nee with this problem. This claim becomes more valid after he references some of his Cole agues and enforces his argument and thesis. One of the most compelling examples of cause and effect is found later in the essay. Carr introduces the idea of the mechanical CLC sock, a piece of technology that arose in the 14th century. Carr states, ” … He clock disassociated time from human events and helped create the belief in an indeed pendent world of mathematically measurable sequences” (4). That is a startling concept tan definitely goes along the line of cause and effect, suggesting that the clock co multiple affected the way our minds operate. The last pattern of tone can be found thro ought the paper. Car’s tone seems to have a concerned feel to it, and rightfully should. This ca be found by analyzing some of the examples that he gives, and how he seems almost nervous about what the future holds.

A good example is when he begins to TA k about the internet again. Carr says, “The internet, an immeasurably powerful comps ting system, is submersing most of our other intellectual technologies” (5). He use s words such as “immeasurably’, “powerful”, and “submersing” that suggests that the internet is truly a threat to us. His purpose seems to get a message across, saying to be aware of how the internet is shaping us. Carr suggests that we should be skeptical of his skepticism, but he brings up some very interesting concepts.

Adverse effects Of the internet are undoubted idly out there, and Carr does a good job of getting that across. He uses patterns of face fiction, cause and effect, evidence and tone and leaves the reader with much t o think about. His paper works because it stirs up thoughts about the relationship between technology and us and backs it up correctly. Maybe we shouldn’t be concerned about Google making us stupid, but how as technology shapes and contorts t he way our minds work.

Final Exam Latest essay

Customers need to trust that the online marketplace and its businesses will not violate the right to privacy. Electrical privacy practices can have both immediate and long-term negative business consequences. Violators expose themselves to harsh penalties from various government agencies and victimized customers, as well as floggers and consumer interest groups. All of the above Question 13. 13. (TCO 7) Ethical issues raised by m-commerce include all of the following except (Points 5) limited access to data and documents. Privacy invasion. Infringing on workers’ personal time. Isolation. Question 14. 14. (TCO 7) All of the following are security-related issues of m- commerce except (Points : 5) abstractionist security issues of auditing and nonresidential are less difficult because cell phones have the ability to store the digital equivalent of a receipt. The basic security goals of confidentiality, authentication, authorization, and integrity are just as important for m- commerce as they are for e-commerce. As the capabilities of cell phones and Pads increase and converge, the threat of attack from malicious code increases. N appropriate level of security must be maintained on each outwork that traffic flows through, in spite of the fact that interoperability among the various networks is difficult. Question 15. 15. (TCO 8) A website provides details on a manufactured product. What type of website is this? (Points : 5) Informational interactive Transactional Framed Question 16. 16. (TCO 8) Which of the following is not one of the Steps in business formation? (Points : 5) Identify a customer or business need. Construct an interactive website. Investigate the opportunity.

Determine the business owners ability to meet the need. 1 . (T CO 1) Write a short essay that defines the term e-commerce, then scribe how companies have utilized this new medium. (Points : 35) E-commerce is the purchasing and selling of any goods or services, or the transmitting of data or funds over an electric network (the Internet). These types of transactions can occur either by business to business (BIB), business to customer (BBC), customer to customer (ICC), or customer to business (CB). Companies have been able to utilize e-commerce by using within their official websites.

Several companies have implemented e-Payment systems on their websites and this has made purchasing goods or services on said websites a to more convenient for customers all around the world. The popular types of e-payment for online shopping are (American. Du, n. D. ): Credit Cards. This can be credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards. Customers who own any of these cards can pay for products and services just by providing their card information, card number, name of the owner, and security code to facilitate payment. The funds will then be transferred by the issuing financial institution to settle the purchase.

Mobile Devices. With the explosion of mobile devices in recent history, this is also a way that customers can pay for goods online. Customers can pay by sending SMS messages, PIN numbers, using WAP or infrared and Bluetooth technology to transmit account data in order to facilitate payment by guaranteeing financial institutions. As for third party online payment systems, there are several service provides that are quite notable for their excellent track record in facilitating payment for e-commerce sites or any type of business (Meyer, 2012).

Third-party online payment service providers have been popular for small business specifically, as they enable them to manage payment/cash flow more easily. The fees are usually upfront and charged to client/users, thereby minimizing cost for the merchants. The more critical advantage of contracting a third party payment system is that there are security measures and responsibilities that need to be followed, i. E. , on customer privacy with regards to payment mechanisms, are placed mainly on them rather than the merchants themselves.

Reference: Meyer, R (1 5 May 201 2) 10 Excellent Online Payment Systems. Six Revisions. Retrieved from http://excretions. Com/tools/online-payment- systems/ 2. (T CO 4) Compare current motives Of hackers to those Of the past. Points : 35) A typical hackers motivation for doing what they do is either curiosity, commercial gain, or political/ideological propagation. In the past, a hacker’s ethics and motives would reflect their resistance to obstacles, and their ideology of the liberators power of technology. Below are 3 popular principles of the old hacker ethic: 1 .

Hands on Imperative: Hackers thought that access to a computer or advanced hardware should be given to everyone. 2. “Information Wants to be Free”: This can be meant in three different ways. All hackers believed one or more of these. (a) no restrictions whatsoever b) no control whatsoever (c) doesn’t cost anything to use 3. Mistrust Authority: Hackers would want to promote decentralization. Most hackers show a lot of hate and distrust towards the state, corporations, and computer administrative bureaucracies. Tools like the computer and the Internet allowed hackers to gain power (and to take it away) from large organizations.

The new hacker ethic is to protect privacy, leave no traces, and self defense. The main motives for current hackers are monetary gain, intellectual challenges, vengeance, or terrorism. Reference: http://whiff. Du/?mismatch/Hackett. HTML 3. TCO 2) List and describe the four basic types of BIB transactions and activities. (Points : 35) The four basic types of BIB transactions are as follows: 1. Sell-side 2. Buy-side 3. Exchange 4. Supply chain improvements and collaborative commerce. A sell-side transaction focuses on one selling selling to many different buyers.

A buy-side transaction is one buyer purchasing goods/services from many different sellers. An exchange transaction involves many different sellers and buyers working together. The supply chain improvements and collaborative commerce transaction includes everything that the other transactions have, s well as providing supply chain improvements, communication, collaborating, and the sharing of ideas for joint designs, planning, and so on. Reference: Our Text pig 173. 4. (TCO 6) Discuss the role of intermediaries in BIB. Distinguish between buy- side and sell-side intermediaries. Points : 35) The major role of intermediaries in BIB transactions is to make sure that buy-side and sell-side conditionals coincide. Buy-side transactions focus on one buyer purchasing goods/services from many different sellers. The intermediaries job would be buy all the gods and services. In a sell-side transaction, the intermediaries old focus on selling goods and services to specific buyers. Question 5. 5. (TCO 6) Define procurement. (Points : 35) e-Procurement refers to web based procurement networks in which case one or multiple businesses source out their suppliers at the lowest possible price. -procurement can cause a lot of issues for buyers that purchase things individually. In a lot of cases, buyers engage in maverick buying in order to save time. An effective solution to such a e-Procurement problem is group all of the catalogs of any approved suppliers together, and combine them into one single electronic catalog. This way, the suppliers’ catalogs on their buyer’s server is easier to control all procurement. This type of aggregation is called an internal procurement marketplace. Reference: Our Text Peg 190 6. (TCO 3) Explain how personalization is done in e-Commerce. Points : 35) personalization in e-Commerce is the matching Of services, advertising content, and products with single clients and their specific preferences. This matching process is based on what a business knows about their specific client(s). If a company wants to keep clients interested in their products and services, then they need to offer them personalization. Acknowledging clients by offering them certain discounts based on past purchases would be one example of personalization. Set 2 (T CO 2) Mobile devices used in m-commerce include (Points : 5) cell phones and smart phones.

Autism essay

For instance, f an individual is unable to obtain sufficient education or does not have the opportunity to develop essential social skills during their adolescence, they may be less inclined to continue their education and may find it increasingly difficult to develop social bonds with other individuals as they age. Thus, it IS absolute essential that every individual is given the opportunity to excel during their school years to increase their probability of future success.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (SAD) are a family of increasingly prevalent disabilities that qualify an individual for special education services in the school under PILL-142, now called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (Bradley et al. , 2014). There have been multiple theories that have attempted to elucidate on the relative increase of Cads in contemporary society; however, the underlying mechanism that makes one more predisposed to developing an SAD is currently unknown.

Even if an individual has been diagnosed with an SAD, they should be given sufficient opportunity to excel at anything they desired to pursue. A diagnosis Of an SAD does not have to be a limiting factor in the individual’s life but is only an obstacle that hey must overcome to guarantee their development. The transition of an individual from the academic system to post-school life can be relatively daunting and has the potential to induce a substantial amount of apprehension (Anderson et al. , 2014).

The transition from school to post-school life can be troubling for any individual, and the cumbersome nature of this change is exacerbated when an individual suffers from an SAD. Multiple proposals have been published that just how an SAD inflicted individual can make a smooth transition from school to post-school life. The repose of this paper is to examine the evidence-based practices suitable for and required for the transition of an individual with an SAD when transitioning from school to post-school life.

This will be accomplished by reviewing relevant peer-reviewed literature that analyzes how an individual with an SAD disorder can make an appropriate transition from school to post- school life. Different evidence-based practices will be presented in each will be scrutinized to determine the most advantageous method. This paper will be concluded by reiterating the main thoughts and by providing a commendation for which method would allow for the best transition from school to post-school life for an individual suffering from an SAD.

Autism Spectrum Disorder The amount of autism awareness in contemporary society has increased substantially within the past decade (Anderson et al. , 2014). According to Folder (2014), the prevalence of autism in the United States’ increased by 119. 4% from 2000 (1 in 150) to 2010 (1 in 68), making the disorder the fastest- growing developmental disability in the nation. It is been estimated that the number of individuals suffering from an SAD is approximately 3. 5 million, and rent projections suggest that there will be at least 4 million individuals with an SAD by 2020 (Folder, 2014).

The substantial increase SAD in the united States has been (falsely) linked to multiple causes that have yet to be definitively determined by empirical evidence. Anderson et al. (2014) and Folder (2014) indicate that the causes of autism range from troubles in utter to genetic predispositions that cannot be prevented without prior genetic analysis of both parents. Hence, it is difficult to speculate how one can have an increased risk of developing an SAD, which has ultimately resulted in its increased prevalence and incidence rates (Folder, 2014). Bradley et al. 2014) indicated that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V classifies an SAD as a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. The broad symptoms associated with SAD make it difficult to diagnose appropriately each who is suspected of autism; however, contemporary methods of behavioral analysis have significantly improved the successful diagnoses of the disorder. An individual who suffers from an SAD is extremely similar to an individual who be classified as ‘normal’ (Bradley et al. 2014). The key characteristics of an individual with an SAD are that they have difficulty picking up on subtle nonverbal cues and the use of body language (Bradley et al. , 2014). These symptoms can be extrapolated to suggest that an individual who suffers from an SAD finds it difficult to act properly within a social interaction and is unable to express sufficiently their emotions or feelings. This inability to appropriately express their feelings may cause them to feel agitated and or defeated, which could result in outbursts that further exacerbate the situation (Bradley et al. , 2014).

As one can imagine, an individual suffering from an SAD will find it more difficult to cope with their environment as compared to their peers (Foxes et al. , 2015). Children of any age, as well as many adults, are continually developing their social skills and are constantly analyzing their environment to determine the most appropriate reaction to a stimulus (Foxes et al. , 2015). An individual suffering from an SAD will find it increasingly difficult to determine the most appropriate reaction to a particular stimulus and frequently become confused and/or anxious, which can lead to an outburst hat is deemed inappropriate.

Hence, it is necessary to outline how an individual suffering from an SAD can appropriately express themselves that will hopefully reduce the frequency of these non-communicative outbursts in the future (Foxes et al. , 2015). Transition from School to Post-School Life Job hunting can be very discouraging for any person. Furthermore, a child with autism may find it near impossible to be accepted into the working class. Employers are tentative when hiring a person with autism, mainly because they are unaware of their capabilities and are also ignorant of the ways in which they are to be dealt with (Glenn, 2014).

Advocates for neurotransmitters, or greater inclusiveness of people with neurological differences such as Cads and Attention Deficit Disorder, argue that society would benefit from opening workplaces to people whose brains work differently (Glenn, 2014). Working with autism, however, may have some challenges both for the individual and his employees/employers. Although many individuals with autism are fully capable of working, most are unemployed or underemployed because the necessary support services are not available to help them find and keep jobs Hirsch-Guttenberg et al. , 2015).

Employment services specifically designed to provide the supports that adults with autism need are still very limited, if they are available at all. There are a few major problems that can arise in the workplace of an employee with Autism. Interaction beјmen fellow employees and employers can lead to many problems (Herschel-Guttenberg et al. , 2015). Discrimination where they treat the autistic worker differently from, less favorably than others is often heard of. Bullying by management, including ridicule and physical/ verbal abuse can also occur, diminishing the elf-confidence of the individual (Yah et al. 2015). There may also be a lack Of communication and support. People may be hesitant to communicate with that employee with autism with the fear or to say or doing the wrong thing. New work processes can also pose a challenge (Yah et al. , 2015). The imposition of new arrangements at work may cause difficulties for workers on the autistic spectrum may also be challenging to deal with. Personnel Discussion When students are transitioning from school to work, there should be a team available to help guide not only the student but the caretakers and family of aid child.

School psychologists are an important part of the team. They can assist in gathering information relevant to a student’s cognitive, academic, and interpersonal skills. Performing, assessing and relating results is also a necessary part of these discussions (Irvin et al. , 2015). Counselors can be added to the discussion to give the individual career guidance. Principals can play a vital role in the transitioning period of a child. Assisting in the development of specific policies and procedures relevant to the process is essential in the planning phase.

Special education coordinators and transition ordinate’s may share some of the responsibility for case management and oversight of the process for individual students. The parents should also be involved to remain fully aware of everything taking place in their child’s life most importantly (Irvin et al. , 2015). The child in question must be a part. Taking responsibility for his/her future is the first step one can take in transitioning from not the only school to a career but from a child to an adult (Irvin et al. , 2015).

Assisted Technologies Assisted Technology is defined in the Technology-Related Assistance Act Tech Act) as “any item piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities” (Irvin et al. , 2015). The main advantage that Assisted technology has been the fact that it can either be made at home and designed specifically for an individual, purchased in a local store, or ordered online.

SAD can present many communication challenges, some may not speak at all whereas some Will say very little, and there are those who communicate effectively. In this case, however, communication is very minimal (Irvin et al. , 2015). The assumption still can’t be made that because this autistic individual may not often speak that they are incapable of common acting to others around him. There are some key assisted technologies that will be vital in transitioning to the workplace in this particular instant.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (CA) approaches can be used to enhance, expand and develop communication skills (Kim et al. , 2014). With individuals with autism, signs, gestures, picture based systems, communication books and speech enervating devices are highly recommended (Kim et al. , 2014). Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) are mostly used. Speech Generating Devices are also advised when dealing with autistic individuals in the workplace (Kim et al. , 2014). They are designed to provide an effective means of verbal communication for individuals whose “natural speech” is not functional for them.

Employers may have to train all employees to be efficient when using these technologies (Kim et al. , 2014). This will ensure a more comforts able environment for both employees without and with autism. Other vices that work well in the workplace with employees with autism are portable Word Processor Keyboard, Talking Word Processor Writing software, Text To Speech Software Program used to convert text from print to audio, Visual Assistants Electronic/Non-Electronic Organizers Assisted Technology has been not without its problems or barriers (Kim et al. 2014). Many times the devices that are needed are very expensive, and resources are not readily available; or the equipment is purchased, and no training or support system is in place to show the individual how to use it effectively; or the device simply areas down and needs to be repaired (Kim et al. , 2014).

Accommodation Many employers find it a burden to make accommodations within their organization to facilitate individuals with disabilities (Siegel et al. , 2014). With physical disabilities, organizations may build ramps or add elevators to ensure their accessibility to the building. With SAD, it is quite different. The following are some ways in which organizations can accommodate individuals with Autism. These methods are modified from Siegel et al. (2014).

Communication: Provide notice of topics to be discussed in meetings to help facilitate immunization Provide notice of date of meeting when employee is required to speak to anxiety Allow employee to provide written response instead of verbal response Allow employee to bring an advocate to performance reviews and disciplinary meetings Time Management: Divide large assignments into several small tasks Provide a checklist of assignments Supply an electronic or handheld organizer and train how to use effectively Use a wall calendar to emphasize due dates Body Movements: Provide structured breaks to create an outlet for physical activity Allow the employee to work from home Schedule periodic rest breaks away from the workstation

Provide private workspace where employee will have room to move about and not disturb others by movements such as fidgeting Organization: Develop color-code system for files, projects, or activities use weekly chart to identify daily work activities Assign a mentor to help employee Assign new project only when the previous project is complete use post-it notes as reminders of important dates or tasks Memory: Safely and securely maintain paper lists of crucial information such as passwords Allow employee to use voice activated recorder to record verbal instructions Provide employee directory with pictures or use nutmeats and or/cubicle Label or color-code each task in sequential or preferential order Effective Transition The previous section explained many different ways in which employers can accommodate individuals with autism. I believe that each child should be self- equipped to cope successfully in the world of work. Teaching them vocational skills is the most effective way in which they can learn about life and its processes. According to Elevations and Palmer, there are four key areas in which students but be trained. Firstly, they must acquire some level of academic skills.

Reading and Writing, Math (basic computation, money, assortment), Problem solving, Speaking, Computer, Art or music and even a Foreign Language can be beneficial. Communication is extremely important especially for children with Autism (Lesson et al 2014). Systematically and explicitly enforcing skills such as following and giving directions, understanding, and processing information and requesting or offering assistance are integral in the effective and efficient transition from school to work (Lesson et al. , 2014). Thirdly, Occupational and Vocational Skills should also be taught simply because they most likely will be needed on the job.

Using a time card and punch a clock, arriving to work on time, using the appropriate voice tone and volume, accepting instructions and corrections are just a few skills that students should teach (Lesson et al. , 2014). Finally Social and Interpersonal Skills like answering the phone and taking a message displaying appropriate workplace behavior and etiquette, knowing appropriate topics for discussion in the workplace must be integrated into the child’s curriculum before entering the work force (Lesson et al. , 2014). If students are not given the opportunity to learn these skills, then any accommodation made by employers will be futile. Reason being that the individuals will not be able to understand, use, operate and learn the specific job that is being offered.

Example of Effective Transition in Metropolitan City In the united States, there is a need for great improvement in services provided for people with special needs. Particularly, with a person who has autism, limited services are available for individuals to transition from one phase of their life to another. In transitioning having an Individual Education Program (PIPE), is crucial (Lesson et al. , 2014). Many times, Pep’s are rarely pet and used throughout an individuals’ life. It is rarely reviewed or improved (Lesson et al. , 2014). Therefore, in an attempt to transition, there is no documentation as to the person’s strengths, weaknesses or improvements.

This makes it almost impossible for an educator or an employer to know what should be done to make accommodations and facilitate this individual. There is no body, organization or group specialized in helping students’ with special needs further their education or start a career. Parents are left on their own to provide for their kids in whatever way they can (Retaliate et al. , 2015). Most times these children are excluded from working or attending university because there are not enough accommodations or personnel trained to deal with them. Even when trying to locate information on transition services available in this country, all efforts are too little or no avail. Retaliate et al. 2015) stated that early intervention, and secondary transitional services for special needs students needed to be implemented. Moving forward, educators believe that primary school students should be afforded the expertise to take advantage of every opportunity life presents and to adapt positively to new circumstances. There have been some examples where children with special needs, specifically autism, have been able to transition into higher education and build successful careers (Retaliate et al. , 2015). Nevertheless, most individuals continue to suffer at their homes without any avenue in which they can take to become a meaningful contributor to society.

Calculating for Acceleration Due to Gravity with a Picket Fence essay

The main purpose of the introduction is to give a motivation for the problem in the laboratory experiment performed. There are many ways to do this. One way is to start with mention something familiar to your reader, then slowly lead him to something unfamiliar?your problem. Along the way, define the terms in the title starting from the subject to the modifiers. Let us give an example. Suppose your title is “Measuring a car’s acceleration using a pendulum. ” Notice that the structure of the title is ‘Variable-method. ”

Because “chaff is the most familiar, begin with “car” and relate it with “acceleration”: describe what pedal to press, what then happens to your car, and end with a note that this is acceleration. Then define “acceleration” precisely. You have just finished explaining the variable part of your title and you have started with something familiar. If your reader has read this far, then you have gained his confidence that you know what you are talking about and he can relate with it. Now you go to the next Step by stating your general problem: how to measure the acceleration of your car.

He expects o give him something familiar again, so you say, “One way to measure the acceleration of a car is to get the difference between the readings in the speedometer between two times and then divide the result by the time interval. ” This is the most obvious way and you affirm what he knows. By now your reader is getting bored seeing the same things and he is preparing to leave. So you lead him into something unfamiliar by showing that what he knows is limited. For example, you may continue as follows: “this method for measuring acceleration is valid, but it would only be useful if you were in the rent seat.

If you were in the back seat, there is no way that you can see the speedometer. ” You are right and your reader agrees. So he asks: “How can you measure acceleration without reading the speedometer?. He may try to guess several possibilities. If you are SST. Thomas Aquinas, most likely you will list them all for him, give a critique of each one of them, and show that the procedure that you propose is superior in certain aspects. In research jargon, this is called “review of related literature,” while in business, it may be termed as “SOOT Analysis.

But since you are not yet an Aquinas or a scientist or a businessman, your teacher would only ask you to immediately state your method in one sentence: “l shall solve this problem using a pendulum: a stone tied to a string. ” This ends your introduction. If your paper is long, about five to six pages, it would help the reader if you will write a short paragraph outlining the sections of your paper. (10) II. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Countless phenomena?from the falling of an apple off a tree to black holes?owe their origins to gravity, the weakest of the four fundamental interactions. L] Gravity, taken from the Latin word gravitas meaning јeight”, was formulated by Sir Isaac Newton in his Philosophies Naturalist Principia Mathematic as an attractive force between two bodies that is directly proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers of mass, summed up by the equation Fagan=Gem mark where Fagan is the force of gravity, G is the gravitational constant (6. Xx 0-11 N (m/keg)2), ml is the first mass, mm is the second mass, and r is the distance between the two centers of mass.

Modern science’s conception of gravity was revolutionized in 1915 by Einstein theory of general relativity which introduced the concept of a four-dimensional union of space and time called capacities. [2] Objects with mass, such as the Sun, curve and change the geometry of capacities, causing what we observe as the force of gravity on objects falling freely along straight paths in the curve. [3] In Newtonian mechanics, an object in constant acceleration towards the Earth with only the force of weight acting on it is described as being in free fall.

Free fall assumes that air resistance is negligible and that all objects, regardless of mass, accelerate downward at the same rate, a phenomenon first noted by Galileo Galilee in 1589. 14] This constant acceleration, defined as the acceleration due to gravity (g) or the downward acceleration the Earth exerts on an object. The standard value of this acceleration is 9. 806 m/so; the actual value varies with latitude, altitude, and various other factors. [5] Today, modern measuring instruments, computers, and statistical software can be seed to measure the motion of an object with great accuracy and precision.

Recommendations for Executive Action on Climate Change essay

Possible executive actions include encouraging the Environmental Protection Agency to enact further regulations regarding greenhouse gas emitters, the SE of the General National Research Council. America’s Climate Choices . Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2011: p. 7. Http://WV. Nap. Du/ catalog. PH? Record_id=1 2781 2 America’s Climate Choices. Summary p. 2 3 America’s Climate Choices. P. 1 1-12 Services Administration to purchase a “green” vehicle fleet, and using existing climate treaties and laws to diminish greenhouse gas emissions.

The administration will ideally begin to implement these recommendations during the first six months Of 201 3 – thus taking advantage of its renewed political mandate in the wake of the November 2012 presidential re-election. While ultimately the administration should explore all three options, the third alternative ? using extant international agreements and domestic laws to combat pollutants that contribute to the greenhouse effect – holds the fewest drawbacks. Background Scientific consensus states that human activity is a major factor contributing toward the warming of the planet.

The Earth’s temperature rose almost 1 degree Celsius over the past 100 years as a result of activities such as heavy industry and the use of automobiles. This warming is caused by the preponderance of greenhouse gases (e. G. , carbon dioxide, methane) that trap eat in the Earth’s atmosphere. 4 If unchecked this temperature increase could lead to droughts, food shortages, longer fire seasons, and a rise in worldwide sea levels. 5 Following the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009, the United States and several other nations agreed to work toward preventing an overall world temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius. The American Security and Clean Energy Act, passed by the House of Representatives in June 2009, would have gone a long way toward meeting this goal by 4 America’s Climate Choices p. 16 America’s Climate Choices p. 18 6 America’s Climate Choices p. 11 5 2 lowering U. S. Emissions by 17 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. 7 Yet the bill stalled in the Senate and expired at the end of the legislative session. Congress’s reluctance to enact is a reflection of the American publics indifference toward the climate change issue.

An April 2011 survey by Gallup found that 47 percent of Americans – the highest in the percentage in the world ? blame natural causes for global warming instead of human activity. 8 Thus, there does not exist a strong incentive for Congressional representatives to pass laws the reduce emissions because there is not an equivalent push by their constituents. This reality lends further credence to the notion that the White House must take executive action in this policy area.

Policy Options The simple “do nothing’ option, while applicable in many policy scenarios, is not viable in this instance given the potentially catastrophic nature of the unfettered effects of climate change. Fortunately many avenues exist for the executive to address the issue: Encouraging the Environmental Protection Agency (ERA) to promulgate rules that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Order the General Services Administration (GSA) to purchase environmentally friendly tech analogies (e. . , hybrid automobiles) for the federal government.

Use international treaties and agreements that the United States is already a signatory to implement emission reductions Of non-CA greenhouse gases. 7 America’s Climate Choices p. 11-12 Julie Ray and Anita Pugilism. “Worldwide, Blame for Climate Change Falls on Humans. ” Gallup. April 22, 201 1 . Towpath. Gallup. Com/poll/147242/ worldwide-blame-climate-change-falls-humans. Asps (Accessed on April 1 1, 201 1). 8 Option 1: Promulgation of New Rules by the Environmental Protection Agency The Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that the EPA had the responsibility o regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. In response the EPA issued several regulations that treat these gases as pollutants that endanger public health. Most notable is the “tailpipe rule” that the EPA issued in conjunction with the Department of Transportation in 2010. This rule sets emission standards for cars and light-duty trucks and calls for all new vehicles to achieve an average of 35. 5 miles a gallon by 2016. ID The President can exert influence over the EPA after re-election by appointing and retaining key personnel to oversee these agencies who share his environmental policy preferences.

The problem, however, with using the EPA in this manner is that the agency is not totally immune to Congressional influence. The Senate may refuse to reconfirm key nominees. Congress can also amend the Clean Air Act in such a way that forbids the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, Congress can cut the agency’s funding. While the legislative branch may not be able to follow through on these threats given the executive’s veto power, these actions nevertheless cost time and serve as distractions from addressing the root problem of climate change.

Environmental advocacy groups will likely be pleased with further EPA isolations provided that there is a perception that the rules will benefit the environment. The petroleum industry, the automobile industry, and possibly unions will be displeased if this 9 America’s Climate Choices p. 12 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “EPA and NATHAN Finalize Historic National Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Improve Fuel Economy for Cars and Trucks. ” EPA-420-F-1 0-014. April 2010. Http:/Awe. Raw. EPA. Gob/tots/ climate/regulations/off 0014. HTML (Accessed April 1 1 , 2012). 0 means additional costs involved with production. The costs to the federal overspent, and thus the taxpayers, will likely increase as the result of enforcement of new regulations and the burden of defending them in court. Option 2: General Services Administration Another option is to require the General Services Administration (GSA) to purchase more energy efficient vehicles for the federal fleet. The White House has previously directed the GSA to accomplish this under Executive Order 13514, which requires the federal government to reduce its use of petroleum in its automobile fleet by 30 percent by 2020. 1 The GSA made some progress in this area. In 2010, for the first time the GSA bought more automobiles that run on ethanol than traditional gasoline. Yet, ethanol still contributes to climate change through extensive land use (e. G. , supplanting trees and other vegetation for corn). By contrast, hybrid and electric vehicles made up only about 1 0 percent of the Saga’s purchases. 1 2 To step up these efforts the executive may issue another order that mandates a certain percentage of the Saga’s annual purchases consist of hybrid, electric, and hydrogen-powered automobiles.

The percentage of such vehicles purchased by the GSA can increase each year until such “green” vehicles make up the charity of the fleet. 11 White House. Office of the Press Secretary. “President Obama signs an Executive Order Focused on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance. ” October 5, 2009. Http://www. Whitehorse. Gob/ infielder-Leadership-in-Environmental-Energy-and-Economic-Performance (Accessed April 11, 2012). 12 Lou Jacobson. “Big gains for alternative-fuel vehicles, but not for electric plug- ins. ” Tampa Bay Times. February 1, 2012. Http://www. Political. Com/truth-o- meter/promises/beamer/promise/469/require-federally-to-be-half- hybrids-or-electric/ (Accessed April 1 1, 2012). The most significant barrier to this option is cost. These vehicles are more expensive than their traditional counterparts that run exclusively On gasoline. The 201 2 Chevy Volt, for example, costs almost $40,000 on average. 13 In 201 0 the federal government owned almost 249,359 passenger vehicles. 14 Assuming, for the sake of argument, that each of these were replaced with a Chevy Volt, the cost would be almost $10 billion.

Granted it’s unlikely that all these vehicles will be purchased at once, but these numbers are simply meant to demonstrate the scale of the necessary fiscal resources. In addition, higher cost will no doubt attract Congress’s attention. The legislative body then may decide to strip the GSA of funds in the next federal budget. The good news, however, is that this option will probably face less pushball from interest groups. The petroleum industry may prefer that the U. S. Government purchase gasoline-based vehicles, but hybrids are probably an acceptable alternative.

Moreover, the American automotive industry will probably not protest as long as the government continues to buy domestically manufactured vehicles Option 3: Use International Agreements to Combat Climate Change The cent round of united Nations climate talks ended in Durban, South Africa in December 201 1 with still no agreed follow-up to the Kyoto Protocol that will expire at the end of 2012. Even, however, if a new greenhouse gas reduction agreement were implemented, there is no guarantee Congress would ratify it.

One method to side step this dilemma, to the benefit of domestic greenhouse gas reduction, is for the administration to employ current treaties of which it the U. S. Is already a signatory. In February 2012, 13 U. S. News and world Report – 201 2 Chevy Void. February 3, 2012. Http:// sinews. Misunderstandings. Com/cars-trucks/Chevrolet_Void/ (Accessed April 11, 2012). 14 U. S. General Services Administration. 2010 Federal Fleet Report. Http:// www. GSA. Gob/Portia/content/242645 (Accessed April 1 1, 2012).

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a multinational effort to reduce short-term pollutants that have a disproportionate effect on climate change, including black soot, methane, and hydrocephalus’s. Collectively these pollutants make up 30 to 40 percent of global warming. Scientists believe that action on these substances can reduce global warming by 0. 5 degrees Celsius y 2050. 15 Under this option the administration would throw its full support behind this initiative? making it a major component of its environmental policy – and go further by commissioning a relevant department (e. . Department of State, EPA) to conduct research into other existing treaties or laws that could be used to regulate or reduce emissions. The administration’s argument, therefore, is that the U. S. Is not employing a new policy per say, but is rather enacting steps to fulfill its existing commitments. There are many benefits to this approach. First, the regulation of these Laotians can be accomplished without additional legislation or rules. The regulation of hydrocephalus’s, for example, can be controlled under the auspices of the Montreal Protocol ozone treaty that the U.

S. Signed in 1987. As a result, Congress doesn’t need to be heavily involved in the matter. Further, the cost would likely be less than the other two options given that the structures already exist to deal with these pollutants. Environmental groups will likely be the loudest voices of protest with this approach. They will argue that the administration is overlooking the real cause of global warming – 15 Information in this paragraph: John M. Brooder- “IS. S. Pushes to Cut Emissions of Some Pollutants That Hasten Climate Change. New York Times. February 15, 2012. Http://womb. Anytime. Com/2012/02/1 6/science/earth/us-pushes-to- cut-emissions-that-speed-challenging. HTML? ISRC=tip (Accessed April 1 1 , 2012). Carbon dioxide emissions. Yet, the fact that this option deals with pollutants over “carbon” allows the administration to avoid skeptics’ arguments that carbon dioxide is a natural, benign part of the world’s climate. Recommendation In some sense, the administration is already pursuing all three of these options to some degree.

The question, however, is which option the administration should emphasize in the short-term while still continuing the other two. The EPA is too mired in controversy and judicial and Congressional battles to be totally effective in its rule-making capacity. Moreover these rules are often slow to be formulated and implemented. The option of pursuing a full hybrid/electric/hydrogen federal vehicle fleet is attractive given that it will allow the government to lead by example. Moreover by purchasing such vehicles the government will effectively drive down their price for the overall green car” market.

Coming of age paper essay

These words have replayed in my head over and over especially y in the past few weeks, but when I was looking for someone to interview I thought of someone who would fit the description of someone who wasn’t so far away from their coming Of age store y and was possible still going through it. Someone who doesn’t constantly look into the future buy t never dwells in past mistakes. Isaiah Zachary White As you probably have guessed by now Isaiah is the person who I have interview wed. Mr..

White is a 20 yearned college student who attends Ga perimeter and is major Eng in sinology which is the movement of the body and his minor is psychology. Isaiah is origin anally from Coving, Ga where he graduated at stateside high. Isaiah is a natural born lee adder and athlete here he started on the Indian creek and stateside football team, while also b Ewing a big contributor for his high school track team. Favors 2 As a child Isaiah showed great talent for being a scholar and athlete.

I asked h IM what was his goals as a child a he told me other than the obvious like bounty hunt r, basketball player, or superhero he really wanted to be an anesthesiologist which also is a really hard word to spell it is also one of the most challenging professions you could go in. Things change e and people change so now Isaiah is studying something a little more different he wants to elf people and possibly be a physical therapist. Trying to balance writing papers to studying to working two jobs this summer is hard for anyone but for a person like Isaiah he saw it as a challenge that had to be con queered. E did it all with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. “College is really hard but if you u buckle down its also really rewarding, because you meet new people and have more fun than you could ever have thought of. ” Isaiah said that: in college there’s less drama, you become more proactive, an d more self motivated. ” coming from someone who was practically a straight a student HTH s shows the ululates of college and the struggle “l had a lot of butter pecan ice cream, odor toss and mountain dew to keep up on a lot of late nights.

Addiction to Drugs: The Dark Side of Life essay

There is a moment in time when your hole life changes direction, sometimes for good sometimes for bad. I believe at that moment my life changed its course. It was beautiful outside. I’m not sure of the exact date. There is a lot of things in regards to that time period of my life that do not remember. What I do know is it was not to hot nor was it too cold. So, it had to be sometime in the fall of 2008. There were beautiful colors on the trees that were now overpowering the once green foliage.

Michael, my husband and I were full force on our self-destructive quest to addiction. I don’t even know how it all to out of hand. A friend of mine gave me a couple of lowercase because had fallen down a flight of stairs at work and my back was hurting. Growing up in a nurturing, stable home I never had any encounters with the law, and had no intentions to. The way I seen it jail was for low life people with drug problems. When children are asked what they want to be when they grow-up, “convict” almost never is the answer.

The point I’m trying to make is; did not grow up in an environment watching my family go in and out of jail. My grandmother and grandfather are respectable role models. Michael was working for Cooper Cameron making a very comfortable living for the three of us. I was a stay at home wife and a decent mother. Taylor, my daughter and would occasional go with Michael on out of town dry land jobs. We were not your typical average American family with 2. 1 kids, but we were upstanding citizens of our College Station community.

When we married on July of 2005, things were good and if I had been told that in a couple of years not only would be in jail but also have an out of control pill addiction, would have laughed in your face. The introduction of pills in our lives was devastating and the ultimate cause of my husband Michaels death. Our lives had become discombobulated and neither one of us should have been allowed to make decisions. During one of my trips to the doctor while I was waiting on the nurse to bring back my prescription, I noticed that the doctor had left something on the counter.

What he left on that counter changed my life. Michael asked me, “well what did they give you” and I replied “heaven” he had left my one way ticket to jail, or also known as a prescription pad. I’m sure t the rate we were going I would have eventually ended up in jail or possibly dead, that pad just got the ball rolling. We discovered that it is much easier and defiantly less expensive to skip the whole actual going to the doctor to get our scripts. We hit every small “mom & pop” pharmacy in Houston and the surrounding areas.

I had become that low life person on drugs. Know now that my daughter, Taylor suffered the most. As my addiction got worse so did my parenting skills. At 6 years old she could make her own dinner and dress herself for school that she went to on the days didn’t forget. “Greed is bottomless pit which exhausts the person on endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reach inning satisfaction” I read that somewhere and I believe it sums it all up. The deciding factor that had me walk into that WEB was greed.

I knew better than to go into the Tambala WEB and give them a fake prescription. With Michaels words of encouragement and my need to get hi, I had the motivation to make the biggest mistake of my life. When Michael died in January Of 2007, it took me a minute but became aware of the problem. On the death certificate it lists his cause of death to be; acute toxicity due to he combined effects of alcohol, hydrocarbon, disappear, and carpooled. I am now a clean and sober grandmother to a rambunctious little boy named Jordan.

Thera Trust: Person-Centered Approach essay

As a manager it is important to support new staff in the workplace and it is paramount that staff are given the time to read through all information relevant to supporting individuals, the use of observations are also helpful as we do tend to support a large diverse group of people who at times have shown some complex or challenging behaviors towards others, all staff need to know how best to purport individuals in a person centered way.

Annual reviews are held to discuss with individuals what is working/ not working in their lives and if they would like to change anything, usually a service user’s circle of support i. E family, friends and careers are invited along with their social worker if they have one and their Day service co- coordinator, by working in partnership we are more likely to have a clearer understanding of the individuals goals and aspirations.

Within There Trust all staff have relevant training and this has included sessions with Speech and Language therapists who have run several sessions on signing, use of symbols and Megaton we have also looked at sensory interaction techniques to benefit individuals who require a different type of support, any new sessions we undertake are incorporated into our activity plans ensuring that all service users’ needs are been identified.

All our forms and documentation show clear signs and symbols to ensure we continue to value and respect our users preferences with our main aim and focus been specifically on tailoring the sessions and activities to meet the changing needs of the people we support. It is my responsibility to ensure DOD working practices and clear communication are established between the support staff and the service users and this combined with all of the above should significantly help to ensure that service users receive a personalized care and support package. . 2 Support others to implement person centered practice All service users within There have a person centered care plan, it is my responsibility to ensure that all staff have read and understand each aspect of the plan and that the work they carry out is outcome based, for example by doing A, person B can achieve C. The care plan should be a ‘living’ document in that it should be reviewed on a regular basis so that any changes can be made.