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In 1990, Procter & Gamble acquired the Old Spice fragrances and introduced many new Old Spice products. However, the marketing campaign for Old Spice by has not been successful and the company needs to look into ifferent digital alternatives in order to increase its market share and once again be successful in the market. To increase the market share it is important that the target audience once again see the Old Spice Men’s Cologne as one of the best brands which meets with their needs and wants.

This report will be focussing on how the men’s cologne can look into different possibilities so that the cologne can once again be one of the best brands in the market. When it comes to marketing online, it is important to understand the four elements: Personalization, peer-to-peer communities and participation. The men’s cologne can be personalized by asking the target audience how they would like their cologne to be and then providing the consumers with exactly what they need.

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Word of mouth is one of the best advertising out there, people are more likely to listen about the product when it comes from their peers so it is important to keep every customer satisfied and hoping they would promote you. Participation is another very important and key element which Old Spice can use to engage with their audience with the means social media and try’ reaching out to them. 2. Situation Analysis (S. W. O. T. Analysis): Strengths

A very well-known and successful brand in the cologne market Strong distribution channel Good product quality Effective marketing and advertising campaigns Financially well placed after its acquisition by P&G Vast variety of fragrance products Weaknesses The brand perception by the consumers of Old Spice changed after its acquisition by market share Of other products is more than the Old Spice The packing style is out of date Limited targeting market example younger males Availability of much more cheaper products in the market Opportunities There is a vast market which uses of men’s cologne globally More innovation o meet the needs of the targeted market Create products which are female oriented Younger generations do like to experiment with new products Opportunity to expand Old Spice brand globally Advertise through high school and global sporting events Th reats Competition from other men deodorants and colognes Brands like Axe, Gillette have much more market share than Old Spice Bad press and reputation due to the previous reported skin reactions Young targeted consumers may not remain loyal with the product Government rules & regulations varies in different countries 3. Problem/Opportunity Definition: Old Spice was a well-known product when it came to men’s cologne but with all the competition from companies like Axe, Gillette, etc.

Old Spice has lost its market share to these competitors and the men’s cologne is not doing that great in the market. In order to gain market share and be successful, the men’s cologne needs to start advertising about their product and to target the intended audience. By engaging with the audience there is a more likely chance of increase in sales which Will increase the market share. The opportunity is to get back the Old Spice product back in the market and with he help of various digital media solutions available this can be done. 4. Alternatives (Digital Media Solutions): A) Social Media:- using Social Media sites to advertise about the product.

The recommendation is to keep the same video creation and presence on YouTube and have a solid incorporation among all the social media channels. The links of these social media sites will be added to Google+ and the aim would be to increase the conversational content on all the tweets and posts. Use the already established “Smell is Power” campaign and make it viral on social media sites with #SmellIsPower. The focus will be to be more actively present and keep on posting relevant data with the help of tweets, Facebook posts or YouTube videos. Many people have a strong connection with the internet and also people are using social media to become famous. Old Spice can use such upcoming artists or even a well-known celebrity as an ambassador for the brand.

The social media sites which will be used are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The main focus will by posting advertisement of the men’s cologne on YouTube and Facebook, while sending regular tweets using the #SmeIllsPower. Instagram and Vine will also be used o post pictures and offers about the product. B) Mobile Marketing:- Mobile marketing can be defined as marketing with a mobile phone. This kind of marketing will help the customer by providing location and time sensitive personalized message of the men’s cologne to the target audience. A mobile phone is a very personal device which is carried by people everywhere they go and which makes easy for the marketers to deliver their message to them using this medium.

One of the main ways of communicating will be through SMS marketing where Old Spice will be sending the targeted audience special promo codes for the men’s cologne. The common short codes (CSC) will be used in order to get the target audience to sign up for services or enter competitions and receive permission to get marketing messages. QR codes will be implemented into this campaign in order to connect with the target audience across both online and offline media. Instead of using scanners, QR codes can scanned through many new modern mobile phones. Creating effective banner advertisements and mobile pop up which will be advertising the Old Spice men’s cologne and other products on the website.

A new app of Old Spice will be made to market the product and provide information of new roducts, deals and special offers. With the help of the new app push notifications will be used and with the help of the location enabled, consumers with the app will be getting directly special offers notifications whenever they are near the Old Spice products. The mobile phone can also be used as a way of payment for the consumers. 5. Alternatives: Pros and Cons Social Media Pro’S Cons Low cost of marketing Easy access to big market and target audience Quickest way to reach the audience Social media creates interaction with the audience It can be effectively used for customer service

It can be time consuming It can generate negative users who can harm your reputation Many competitors use social media too You lose control after publishing it online Some social media sites are banned in certain countries One of the big advantages of advertising through social media is that if the content is good and has humour, it is highly likely that it will go viral on Social Media. Also, having a well-known celebrity can help your advertisement go viral. Advertising this way is also very cost efficient, once the video is uploaded, it will be there till it’s taken down or removed and so the company oes not have to worry about the cost involved advertising on televisions, radios and newspapers.

There are many platforms which the Old Spice can use to market the men’s cologne. Facebook can be used to share the advertisement and also can be used for customer relationship management. Targeted audience is more likely to comment on these posts and have opinions which can be used to satisfy their needs and wants in the future. Other social media platforms are twitter where the company can come up with short 140 characters with the help of hashtags. YouTube is one of the argest social media platform for marketing where the video will be posted. Instagram helps by posting images and short videos, Old Spice can use this by not only posting about the men’s cologne but also other products. sing advertisements through viral marketing has many advantages, one of the biggest advantage is that it will reach diverse demographics all over the globe. It is also the fastest way to advertise about the product as long as the advertisement is creative and unique in nature. On the other hand, it has its disadvantage too, making a viral marketing advertisement can take a lot of ffort, time and resources. There is a chance that the advertisement fails to go viral or is misunderstood and there may be no response at all by the targeted audience or it may be negative. The target audience may not interpret the marketing campaign as it was supposed to be and this could affect the brands reputation in the market.

Mobile Marketing pros Mobile is carried everywhere so it will help in instant result Messages are more likely to be read on mobile phones rather than email Barrier to entry is low for both small and large businesses Mobile phones receives messages anywhere at anytime Helps create a buzz about your product because consumers will receive offers while shopping actively Consumer privacy issues ” may not like receiving messages on personal devices Mobile phones are not standardised, i. e. issues with different screen size, browsing, etc. Apps could be complicated to use and difficult to understand. Difficult to navigate The biggest advantage of Mobile Marketing is that the mobile phone is a personal device which is carried almost everywhere.

The main purpose of the mobile phone is telephone but it is always on i. e. messages sent to the phone will be received and acted On at the same time. Mobile phone also has its very own built in payment mechanism where mostly the billing IS handled through the mobile network which the customer is using. There are also many services which can turn the mobile phone into a bankcard which can be used instead of cash, cheques, and credit and debit cards. Mobile devices has so many tools which the marketer can use to its advantage when it comes to being creative. Mobile phone nowadays is been used for mostly everything, making phone calls, taking pictures and videos, to make notes in their calendar, etc.

Also, using mobile marketing helps to obtain accurate audience easurement. Every transaction done on the mobile phone can be used to track down the mobile phone number and then this mobile number can be used to send a personalised message the next time. Even though, mobile phone has many advantages, there are implications which will have to be addressed. Mobile phone is a personal device so the marketer should respect the privacy and needs permission of the mobile phone owner to communicate through emails, SMS, MMS, etc. Messages sent to the mobile phone will be accessed at the same time most likely, this means that if the person is busy, he or she will likely ignore the message.

The mobile phone is always on and so the marketer needs to be careful when and what time do they send out the message. For example, no customer will like if they receive a message at 5 am about a special offer. 6. Recommendation: As the consulting agency, we have decided to go with the first alternative of using the Social media recommendation for the Old Spice men’s cologne marketing campaign. This is the best alternative because using social media is very effective and cost efficient. The main reason for choosing this alternative is that it helps us to reach our target audience across the globe. With one post on social media, the audience can receive the message and will share the message with their family and friends on their social media sites.

Old Spice advertisement of “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” has currently 51 views and went viral the time it was posted. The idea is to post humour on social media and try to get post shared, retweeted by the people so that it can go viral. The previous Old Spice advertisement was done by a famous actor, Old Spice could use him again to do these humour advertisements and post them on the Social Media. The metrics to be used in rder to know that if the campaign was successful will be by the number of views on YouTube, content shares on Facebook and Instagram, retweets on twitter, etc. Also, we will be keeping a close eye on the number of followers on the Old Spice social media pages. 7.

Implementation Strategy: Activity Weeks 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Video on YouTube Facebook Tweets nstagram On social media, it is important to create a presence in order to get the best result. The strategy is to post videos on YouTube in the first, fourth, sixth and the eight week about the men’s cologne. Facebook posts will be thrice in a week every alternative week. Facebook will also be used for consumer relationship management where consumer opinions, views and complains will be taken into considerations to provide best to the target audience. Tweets will be sent out every week 5-6 days per week. It is important to tweet regularly to make more contact with the audience. Every tweet will use the hashtag #SmeIIIsPower so that it can be measured later on how many people retweeted it.

The smell is power is a phrase which says that using an old spice product is feeling powerful, that is why the same hashtag will be used for Instagram too. Pictures of the men’s cologne, short videos of the dvertisements and other Old Spice products will be posted every week, once or twice every 2 days. After the completion of the 8 weeks, we will look to see how many people have subscribed the Old Spice YouTube channel, how many views on the video and the number of likes and dislikes of the video. For Facebook, we will see if the number of followers has increased, the likes of status Old Spice posted and the number of times they shared the content.

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