Motivation Plan essay

Our team is made up of 7 members including myself; there are 4 different types of styles of people within our group. Those are Cautious, Steadiness, Dominance, and Interactive. Some of the strengths and weakness associated to each are as follows: Cautious: Strengths- Quick thinker, the ability to deal with multiple things at once Weaknesses- Impatient with self and others, attachment to personal interest Steadiness Strengths- Relating to, caring for and loving others, Weaknesses- Somewhat unassertive, overly sensitive. Dominance Strengths- Manages themselves and others, independent, analyzer, perfectionism.

Weaknesses- Somewhat impatient, low tolerance for inadequacies, over thinker Interactive Strengths- Persuading, Optimistic, Motivating, Fast Paced, likes involvement Weaknesses- Dislikes being alone, Jumps from activity to activity, Short attention span. Given the short breakdown on all of the different types of style of people within our group and the different approaches that each will need it’s important to make sure that we take into consideration all aspects ND place them in an environment that will encourage positive thinking and motivation.

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All of these styles can work with one another to promote a positive environment. In our department we have three types of teams, we have the ticket team that works with the day to day troubles, we have a project team that handles Audio Visual installations and reworks of conference rooms, and we have an escalation team. The steadiness style would be a great fit for the day to day operations, they care about individuals ND would fit very well caring for issues that might arise for the end user.

We could team them with one individual with a dominance style to ensure that they are pushing others in the outside department to do their part of the job if needed as the steadiness tends to be unassertive. The Dominance style will sort of be lead from that group as they will have what it takes to push to ensure that things are getting done but not in a Way that is micromanaging the others. For the project side of the department placing the interactive style n this group will be a benefit given that they are motivating, focused and dislikes being alone.

The cautious style will work will with the interactive as the cautious tends to be a quick thinker and given that projects are usually over within a few weeks the interactive will be able to jump from project to project which some see the jumping from activity to activity as a weakness but we will use it to our benefit. Creating teams such as this will allow for everyone to excel using their strengths and weaknesses and will ensure that e are getting the most out of everyone’s talents.

Teaming the dominance style with the steadiness will help slow down the need for the dominance to seem impatient and the feel for low tolerance for inadequacies that is viewed as a weakness will help push things along without issues. Allowing people to do what they are best an in a position that will help them promote themselves and others will be key. The Cautious style will help ensure that what is being done is correct and will report to management with the overall progress of the team.

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