Millennial Generation essay

Everything is so customer driven that people can do almost anything on their phones. Pay bills, Order food, have multiple conversations with people from all over the world, and they can even find their osculate with just a phone. (Kettle & Armstrong, Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value, 2014) I remember having to stand in line to order food, paying my bills through the mail, and going to gathering to meet people. Companies are marketing using these tools that allow for the instant gratification and even promote it, because guess what they have a Backbone account too.

I don’t know a company now a days that doesn’t have a Backbone account. Their business portfolio has this is their make up now. Most companies are setting their objectives and goals using these tools. It is the perfect marketing atmosphere, it is not totally accurate because some people don’t always tell the truth, the use multiple accounts, or use false identities to promote their own causes. (Kettle & Armstrong, Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships, 2014) This is heir way of life, technology and the digital age.

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They are so use to the technology that they rely on it to help with and solve their problems. Companies are not only using this as a marketing tool, they are profiting on the tools they are making. They can work from home, while traveling, or the traditional way from an actual office. They now have conferences where they see everyone they are talking to and allows them to present their presentation around the globe in real time. (Kettle & Armstrong Analyzing the Marketing Environment, 2014) References Kettle, P. & Armstrong, G. (2014).

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