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The following are some generic samples of admission essays for MBA applicant ions, the topics are purely for illustrative purpose and are not to be considered as standardized formats or templates. Sally What are your short-term and long-term post-MBA goals? How will . School help you achieve these goals? My Philosophy about my career It is common wisdom that winners and leaders are people who approach life i n a different spirit than the multitude. But my experience tells me that life tends to make skeptics of most people, who feel t hey have been singled out by fate and given a raw deal.

I know it is the easiest trap to fall into, and it is what have guarded gaga nest throughout my life. It would be hypocritical to say that I do not crave for the mundane things in life e like money and fame, but there is a tangible and intangible aspect to every career aspiration. I have realized that though in the initial phases of one’s career one tends to give importance to the tangibles, but they cannot be the sole motivating factor throughout, with years it is often the later which gains more importance.

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My life till date has taught me that achieving the tangibles are but a consequence once of the final goal of achieving the intangibles, which I know is a far more difficult task. At the risk of sounding slightly Philips apical and vague, I have set myself a series of short term objectives wherein – at every step and every Stage Of my profession anal career – I would like to leave things around me a bit different -and preferably a bit better – than when I arrived.

And it is only n retrospect – when I look at the cumulative effect of my efforts – that I will judge my extent of success as a member of this global I community. Specific short term & long term career goals Though I do have a long time perspective of my career goals I have broken the m down into a series of short term achievements. For example – My goal as of now- is to secure an admission to the MBA program m in your university. My immediate goal on completion of my masters is to continue where I left of , i. E. Ion at the managerial level off renowned financial consultancy. This will provide me with the opportunity to interact with leading conglomerates and business houses, thus contribute in expanding my real life knowledge base by helping me get a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing financial models prevalent in business. Though my experience with reputed financial consultants like .. And corporate bankers like……. Has to a certain extent served the is purpose, but till date my perspective was strictly operations oriented.

Within a span of ten years I plan to rise through the echelons of the management to the position of a partner. After having worked in the uppermost echelons of a top financial consultancy for some it me, when I feel have gained the requisite amount of knowledge pertaining to every aspect of an established firm, I plan to start my own consultancy. One of the most important aspects I would look forward to developing during this span of time, is my networking with established as well as upcoming cuisines houses, for feel it is the later who are a more potential client base. Sis to experiment and implement various financial business models, and I ask to finally developing a business model without the inherent flaws of the existent ones, which will be standardized noun to absorb the impact of future technological revolutions, yet provides enough flexibility to be adapted to various cultural, if uncial structures. The following are some generic samples of admission essays for MBA applicant actions, the topics are purely for illustrative purpose How my experiences till date contribute to the achievement of long term goal

It is with this final goal in mind that I have till date during and after the completion of concentrated on developing a strong foundation in implementing theoretical financial principles in a real world business scenario. For to be a successful leader in the world of finances it, understood, was imperative that I have a perspective from every aspect of the business. In the first company At where I did my articles for -? during my Bachelors degree I had valuable exposure to providing Assurance services to various national companies.

This included Statutory Audits, Project Monitoring which included doing a cost infinite analysis of a project and verify its viability from a financial institution’s perspective, Internal Audits, Concurrent Audits of companies like had joined with a view towards developing a strong background in Corporate Taxation and have over the years worked with some of the biggest and reputed companies pertaining to corporate tax Cross-Border Transactions, Corporate restructuring including developing Entry Strategies, Mergers, De-mergers, Acquisitions, Business Reorganizations Tax Due Diligence Inbound and Outbound Investment Structuring and Foreign Investment Consulting Establishment of Joint

Ventures, Corporate Laws and other Regulatory Laws. My stint with …………… Was an especially educational one, since it not only expo used me with the world of high rolling finances but also brought home to me the sometimes derided wisdom of sticking to the basics and ethics. It succeeded in honing and molding my critical, evaluative and analytical skills on a larger and more com additive financial plane. I understood how easy it was to loose ones perspective of things and loose sight of the ultimate goal, in spite of being one of the oldest financial houses and seen almost all. My current profile in . . … Is more managerial in nature.

In my current role, as a resource of a highly networked work environment, have successfully undertaken the challenge of blending efforts of the various support teams seamlessly into one common platform from which a customer would be serviced to his utmost sat ossification. How I feel an MBA from ……. Will help me The purpose of doing my MBA is to form a sound theoretical base, which will allow me to analyze my professional experiences till date, So as to implement them at a macro level. Had topped my college in my Bachelors program and have realized that these aspects f my academic life have played a major role in give g me an edge over my contemporaries and gave me a head start in crucial career forays – though in many cases they were as c palpable as I was. I understand the value of creating a perception.

The intangible credibility factor – just as important as the tangible e qualitative value – that an MBA from an Institute of your reputation commands will go a long way in smoothening the road for the long adventure ahead. Essay-2 If you could change one decision you have made, what would it be and why? Fortunately or unfortunately my biggest regret in life happens to be something totally unrelated to my professional area. Have always aspired to be the best. I have never pursued anything that I was NT passionate about. Conversely come what may I have never given up my passions. Except on one particular occasion. I had always professed a great interest in classical music, and till my tenth grade I had taken extensive lessons a standard accompaniment in all vocal and instrumental recitals of music.

I had played with many professional ………… Classical groups and it was my dream to give solo recitals and gain recognition as one of the best armature musicians. Unfortunately just s I was getting ready for my advanced level examinations in music, my father was struck The combined pressures of academics and helping my mother out with the family business, forced me to put my musical pursuits on hold. I had every intention of taking up the pursuit at a future date. But I kept on procrastinating on the pretext that I would do so once my career was on the right path. However with the passage of time the intense dry vive I had felt for pursuing my passion gradually waned.

Today my tryst with the music world is something use to impress my friends, prospective employers and admission committees!! And come across as a man of versatile talents. Do not blame circumstances for this turn of events, and I believe that “the ABA sense of choice” is a non-existent scenario. Deep down – probably lacked the decisiveness and dedication required to achieve the kind of acclamation I was looking for. Though it is never too late, but the burning passion is not there anymore.

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