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Main Wigwagging who tirelessly read, guided and encouraged me in this research project and DRP. Isaac Echoing who helped me come up with the research concept. I equally salute the staff of Shagbark University, Town campus especially the Librarian and the IT department for availing relevant journal articles. Am also indebted to my dear friends Mr.. Lemon who worked with me day and night in coming up with this project, Tyson who helped me with the typing of the project and Miss Judy whose moral support was ounce raging on many occasions.

I am greatly indebted to my colleagues at the Office of the President for making valuable contributions and observations as prepared this research project. May the Almighty God bless them abundantly. DEDICATION dedicate this research project to my lovely children, Acid and O’Neal and my mum Mower who is undergoing treatment for cervical cancer. Their presence and support gave me the strength to press on even when the end seemed uncertain ABSTRACT The purpose of the study is to establish the effects of strategic implementation on organizational performance: a case study of Nassau Water and Sanitation Seen,’ices Company Limited.

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The specific objectives were to analyze the effects of leadership, structures, resource, policies and reoccurred on organizational performance and to measure the combined contribution of four factors (leadership, structure, policies and procedures, and resources) on organizational performance. This study employed a cross sectional survey design and used a structured questionnaire to gather data from both the management and employees of NACHOS. A sample of 1 1 5 employees was selected from the population of NACHOS using stratified random sampling technique, Magenta and Magenta (2003). Data were collected using structured questionnaires.

Both descriptive statistics (means, odes, standard deviation) and inferential statistics (regression analysis and correlation analysis) were used in analyzing the data. The hypothesis that leadership influences organizational performance was found to have no significant effect on the organization performance of NACHOS. Both Structure and policies and procedures were found to have significant positive influence on organization performance, while policies and procedures generally had stronger effects than structure. Resource allocation was found to have insignificant but positive effect on organizational performance.

The commendations are that NACHOS should undertake more leadership development activities among its staff; simplify its hierarchy structures to ensure easier information flows, more collaboration among the personnel, and teamwork; undertake policy modifications and revision of procedure manual geared towards devolving decision making and authority to staff at all levels so that they feel empowered to act in areas of their expertise for the benefit of the organization as a whole, and provide strict resource allocation accountability measures for its staff.

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