Leadership: Training a Successor essay

Over the past few years the center has seen very little growth, and to remain viable the center needs a new direction to stay competitive in the local marketplace. In the past the center has served mainly senior citizens, and the surrounding community reflects this however, the local neighborhoods are changing and now many young adults and children are moving into the surrounding areas. Another important fact is that the ethnicity of the neighborhood is changing as well, with more Hispanic and African American families are moving into the local areas.

Although in the cost recent past most of the patients for the center use Medicare as a financial basis, the new families moving into the area are mainly working for the local car manufacturing plant and are using high quality group insurance. The center would like to use this insurance group and is interested in contracting with the car manufacturing company to provide services to their employees. Because of these changes in the community the center wants to change the direction for the future of the community and would like the community to no longer view them as just a senior center.

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Moving forward he center would like the communion¶y’ to view them as a center to provide for children, including newborn screening for metabolic, sickle cell, and other genetic disorders; special programs for diabetic children; and specialty treatments for children with DID, autism, and Espalier’s syndrome. The addition of a specialized pediatric group to their physician base has made these services possible, and they want to get the word out to the community as to their availability. Strength and Weaknesses of Each Candidate As with any employee, all will have a list Of strengths and weaknesses.

The iris person being considered for the new leadership job is Tanneries. She is an African American woman, age 36, who has worked for the Center for the last three years. She has her bachelor’s degree in health administration and is a registered record administrator. Her college minor was in human resources management. She is currently the director of health information management systems, has done well in her job, and has increased reimbursement for the Center. The second person being considered for the new leadership job is Feline.

He is a Hispanic male, age 29, who has worked for the Center for the last five years. He started with them directly out of college and has worked his way up to where he is now the director of community outreach. He has his bachelor’s in health administration, and he just finished his masters in business administration. His duties include marketing and contracting with managed care companies. He has done well in his job and is seen as a talented negotiator. The third person being considered for the new leadership job is Amanda.

She is a Caucasian woman, age 45, who has worked for the Center for the last 10 years. She started as a front office receptionist in order to “get in” and has worked her way up to the bob of business office manager. She has a bachelors degree in health administration. Amanda has a professional style and dresses well. She is a confident woman with a positive outlook on life. She is highly motivated to do a good job and motivates those around her. Strength (Tanneries) -She is good with technology and she knows how to handle her department.

She likes to create new procedures and also has an entrepreneurial approach towards things. Weakness (Tanneries) -She is considered pompous and keeps an opinion that she is the best in her approach to her work and no one can compete with her. She has a knack for pushing people too hard sometimes. Strength (Feline) -He is a talented negotiator. His masters make him more applicable for a leadership role. He has a professional style which has helped the center improve its reputation among people. He is a person known to have high standards Of integrity.

Weakness (Feline) -He has never worked as a leader despite all the capabilities. Rumors around him may cause damage to his reputation in the center. His integrity is not as strong due to the fact that he may be taking MBA classes on the clock without permission from management. Strength (Amanda) -She is a confident person who is highly motivated and keeps other coworkers motivated. She is liked by the employees and has excellent coaching skills. Weakness (Amanda) – Inability to work with people of different backgrounds. She pursues aggressive methods which are not liked by all.

Less sympathetic to patients make it difficult to portray her as a people’s leader. As with any decision to be made there are a few items to keep in mind when considering a candidate for any management position. Education has to be a priority; in this case Feline would have the advantage as he has his Masters Degree. The ability to omelet the job and carry out the centers mission and vision, as well as overall attitude towards co workers as well as outside vendor and of course the patients. For this reason Amanda and Tannins may be tied, both could use help in this category.

Their attitudes could come across to vendors and more importantly the patients the wrong way. Communication is another big factor; Tannins having a superior attitude to her co workers is not conducive to good communication and could shut down open dialogue in the workplace. One cannot consider a candidate based on just one of these factors and should give much thought and consideration to each. Considering all these factors the best candidate for the position would have to be Feline. By participating in community activities and programs and having his Masters Degree he would be the most rounded person for the job.

He has the background of leading and has a great reputation of integrity from the community and his fellow employees. Although Tannins and Amanda are strong candidates they do not have the training education, reputation or communication skills that Feline possesses. With any organization race, color, creed, nationality, or religious preference should never be used in choosing a candidate and is frankly against the law. Although having a diverse work group from different backgrounds can prove very valuable to any organization.

A company is a reflection Of the employees that they have, having a diverse workup can strengthen the company by incorporating a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Paul has a difficult decision ahead of him. Should he consider an outside candidate, yes. Although all three of the candidates have shown improvements within their departments and have shown some type of personal growth within the company, there are other factors to consider. They have also shown in different ways, that they are capable of being traders.

While it may be considered good to find someone one “new’ due to the fact that the community itself is changing, the three candidates have a good history within the company and they have shown to know their patients and are working on more personal improvements to help the center grow. But on the same token although it is wise to consider hiring within, Paul should also consider an outside candidate before making a decision to hire within the company. Conclusion Management as we all know is a very hard thing to accomplish. Being a manager as well as a leader and mentor can be very difficult.

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