Jeff Bezos essay

In regard to such success stories, it is hard to argue against Amazon’s achievements and the leadership abilities of its chairman, Jeff Bozos. In other words, Jeff is a significant leader. Amazon’s founder is a significant manager because his style focuses on and priorities the customer service. The success of a corporate firm is mostly determined by its focus on clients. The principle reason why customers are an important component of an entity is because they influence the growth of sales and revenue.

Therefore, leaders who focus on keeping their clients satisfied enjoy the benefits of this strategy through increased profitability. Jeff Bozos’ leadership strategy has always prioritize the company’s clients, even at the expense of the interest of shareholders and other parties. For example, during most business meetings, Jeff is known to include an empty chair, to serve as a reminder of the customer, who usually is not in the room (Stone 36). Thus, the decisions made during such meetings are sensitive to the needs of customers.

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The benefits of focusing on customers are evident from Amazon’s steady growth in sales revenue over the years. Another leadership attribute, which makes Jeff Bozos a remarkable leader, is his level of innovativeness. Innovation is important since it can help a company fulfill the ever-changing needs of its customers. An innovative leader often inspires creativity among his subjects. Jeff is known for thinking beyond the box. For example, his move to buy the Washington Post was driven by innovation. His decision to purchase the Washington Post also shows that he is an optimistic leader (Stone 18).

Additionally, Jeff innovativeness developed the idea of using drones In package delivery to clients. This idea has been useful in attracting additional clients and meeting their online purchasing needs. Jiff’s creativity and innovativeness push employees to deliver excellent quality. Jeff Bozos is a significant leader since he communicates and expresses his opinions clearly. Although some people have criticized him for openly opinions stating, others argue that his openness has been influential into pushing his employees to work more effectively (Stone 28).

Jeff Bozos always pushes his employees to exceed their potential by openly stating his opinions. He does not let the lack of a clear communication channel interfere with operations. Notably, Jeff Bozos is a significant leader who has inspired people round him. A great leader is often recognized by his or her ability to inspire hard work, positivist, and integrity. An article published in the Entrepreneur in August, 2014, highlighted a story about how Jeff Bozos has inspired a 16 year old immigrant to become a chief executive officer.

The immigrant was quoted saying that Amazon’s achievements were the main reason why he admired Jeff s leadership skills (Entrepreneur). Jeff has also inspired other individuals such as Andy Sassy, who runs Amazon Web Services. Prior to his achievement, Andy followed Jeff to all his business meetings as his chief of staff. Jeff abilities inspired Andy to become an accomplished executive, who has acquired desirable skills from Jeff. This implies that Jeff is an influential leader (Stone 41). Additionally, Jeff Bozos is extremely intelligent, an important element for Amazon to succeed.

Jeff Bozos is knowledgeable even in the areas where he had no background before. Bruce Jones, a former Amazon supply chain vice president, says, “It would be easier to stomach if we could prove he was wrong, but we couldn’t. That was a typical interaction with Jeff. He had this unbelievable ability to be incredibly intelligent about things he ad nothing to do with, and he Was totally ruthless about communicating it” (Bloomberg). Despite his success as Amazon’s chairman and recognition as a significant leader, Jeff Bozos’ actions have often been criticized based on the way he treats his employees and shareholders.

Therefore, if Jeff hired me to coach him about becoming a better leader, I would concentrate on employee motivation, efficient decision-making, and shareholder satisfaction. Jeff could become a better leader if he focused on motivating employees rather than pushing or embarrassing them. He has often been criticized for uttering arctic or belittling comments in reference to employees, especially when he was unsatisfied with their work. For example, in a meeting, he said ” Are you lazy or just incompetent? ” to one worker (Stone 177).

It is clear to see that Jeff Bozos lacks empathy toward employees. Jeff is also accused of being extremely harsh on employees who do not deliver. However, it is important that he would listen to them first and encourage them to work and perform better. Employee motivation also focuses on compensation philosophies. Amazon . Com has been widely criticized for low wages paid, especially to the employees manning its warehouses. Therefore, it is necessary for Jeff Bozos to focus more on employee welfare in order to increase morale and normalize the rate of turnover.

Additionally, he should reassess the company’s compensation philosophy in order to become a better leader. Jeff Bozos should also engage all members of his company in decision-making processes. Great leaders emphasize decentralization in their organization in order to facilitate effective decision-making. While Amazon. Com is considerably decentralized, Jeff has not effectively cultivated a culture of employee involvement in decision-making. This is because he has coercive leadership style, and often overrules most employee decisions even when they have more information than he does about a given issue (Stone 32).

For instance, when an employee disagreed with his idea, he rejected his idea by saying “Do need to go down and get the certificate that says I’m CEO of the company to get you to stop challenging me on 177) . It is obvious to see that Jeff Bozos does not allow his workers to challenge him. If employees feel unrecognized, especially when making decisions that affect them, their morale goes down. Negative employee morale leads to a decline in their arsenal productivity as well as company productivity.

Jeff Bozos could become a better leader by encouraging communication and statement of opinions and disputes among his subjects, especially during decision-making. Jeff Bozos has often focused more on customer service, thereby ignoring an integral component of the company: the shareholders. Since his inaugural letter addressed to shareholders in 1997, Jeff Bozos vowed to focus relentlessly on clients, while ignoring short-term profitability and reactions from the Wall Street. This implies that he has not focused on shareholders, ho contribute significantly towards the firm’s profitability.