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This Assignment will focus on the Halcyon Group study case as presented. I will focus on the three main theories that are of significance, which are the Strategic Human Resource Management (SHIRR), the Retention Strategy and performance Management. Using these theories, I will explain how Halcyon will gain a competitive advantage by adapting the Act Now change vehicle. I will also look at their current HER challenges and discuss how these theories will be applied to improve their situation and gain a competitive advantage.

To support that the Act Now change programmer will add value to the merging strategy, I will identify challenges within Hallows functions/ activities and illustrate how the Act Now will mitigate them. Below is a statement from the case study of importance In 2004, Halcyon launched its change program Act now, which was designed to help the Group to continue to develop in a dynamic and sustainable way. The focus of Act now was to align multifariousness’s and approaches to Wallach’s purpose, values, codes of behavior and business principles thereby improving individual, team and overall business performance.

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The statement above emphasis how urgent it was for Halcyon to transform ND be able to cope with all the environments they are operating under and they chose to Act now. QUESTION 1 (SHIRR Theory) 1. Strategic Human Resource Management 1. 1. 1 Halcyon Strategy Halcyon understood the urgent need to evolve to suit their customer desires, both internal and external The question is to how you adopt the effective strategy to survive. This assay will take you through to how Halcyon did right and erred and what possible options they could have chosen.

The basis are from proven theories and literatures which can assist any emerging organization’s HER to be effective in realizing the true value of HER and to enhance the company’s goal achievement. As any other business Halcyon is faced with the challenge to sustain itself,the global challenge and the technology challenge. 1 . 1. 2 Strategy Formulation Neo et al(2009) describes the strategy formulation as “The process of deciding on a strategic direction by defining a company s mission and goals,its external opportunities and threats,and its internal strengths and weaknesses”.

Strategies like -Overall Cost Leadership,Concentration Strategies,Mergers and Acquisitions and Downsizing and Internal Growth Strategies were not the possible alternatives for Halcyon. So the decision was to execute the Differentiation Strategy ,which is about creating a difference between the organization s product and/or service to its competitors(Neo et al,2009). 1. 1. 3 Matching HER Practices with the Strategy There will be an integrated link between the Act Now and the Her functions. T is mentioned on the case study that the program will be continuous with emphasis to create flexibility and sharing of good practices,learning throughout the group and will monitored and evaluated. 1. 2 HER Functions 1. 2. 1 HER practices Many writers of academic and practitioner literatures have been critical about he traditional HARM practices. Len many organizations where HER is merely administrative,their fictions can easily replaced by new technology or vendors which can provide higher quality services at a lower cost(Neo:2009).

HER as a business has three product lines,namely: Administrative Services and Transactions:compensation,hiring and staffing with the emphasis on resource efficiency and service quality. Business Partner Services: Developing effective Her systems and helping implement business plans with emphasis on knowing the businessman exercising influence-problem solving,designing vivified systems to ensure needed impenitence.

Strategies Partner: contributing to business strategy based on considerations of human capital,buckminsterfullerene,readiness, and developing HER practices as strategic differentiators with the emphasis on knowledge HER and of the business,competition,the market,and business strategies( Neo el at 2009). 12. 2 Changing HARM Functions The administrative role of HARM is decreasing allowing HER practitioners to focus more on strategic issues.

This is as a result of use technology,such the introduction of programs like SAP,which allows employees’ records to be engaged with ease and for employees to be able to get information about and enroll in training,benefits and other programs. Advances in the Internet and the increased employee computer literacy has made possible for HER to introduce services like ‘Self-service’ program whereby employees are given online access information about HER,Training benefits and other related services.

Another form of taking away the administrative role from Halcyon HER is Out Sourcing’ which refers to having another company (vendor,third party provider or a consultant) to provide services. This service providers are usually very effective as they will normally concentrate on one field of their specialization and they normally have vast experience in different organization,therefore can be aware Of Halcyon,n/s Congregationalist’s and help you gain more competitive advantage.

This would help Halcyon HER to focus more on strategic business issues like identifying new business opportunities;assessing possible merger,acquisition;or working on recur ting and developing talent. 1. 2. 3 HARM Challenges 1. 2. 3. 1 Sustainability Challenge According to Neo et al(2009) Sustainability is the ability of accompany to arrive in a dynamic competitive environment. Based on an approach to organizational decommissioning that considers company’s ability to make profit without sacrificing resources of its employees,the community,or the environment.

Economic Changes Economic environments are changing and bring about the following challenges for the organization: -Competition Amongst Organizations for Employees -Valuing of Intangible Assets and Human Capital. -Changes in Employment Expectation -Employee Engagement -Talent Management -Alternative Work Arrangements -Demanding Work but Getter Flexibility 2. Employer of Choice and Retention 2. 1 Employer Of Choice In South Africa an HER National Standard was developed in August 2014. The aim is to qualify organizations with an ?employer of Catholicity’s.

A number of criteria will be discussed on this essay at which the organizations can be qualified as an Employer of Choice. Skill and organizational knowledge is lost on daily basis due to the organizations not being directed to be seated in a position where it can attract people from outside and within the organization to work for them. Also imperative it attract the right people for your mapmaker his case it is the Entry of New graduates. Once the right people are attracted,they must be kept-Staff Retention. . 1. 1 Employer of Choice- indicators/Drivers Employee Wellbeing(EPA)- Most large organizations globally have a system in place to ensure that employees are assisted in matter of physical and psychological being. This is beneficial to the organization as the employee can be made available and to be productive. It also assure the employee the multidimensionality suits employees wellbeing Career Management- Nobody,especially skilled workforce would like to remain stagnant in one position.

There Personal Development Plans and Succession Planning should used as a tool to give employees career satisfaction. Compensation-At the end Of the day the services rendered by the employee must be paid for. The more satisfying is the compensation,the organization is likely to be favored and can attract new employees and retain the current staff. Training and Development-Training can be defined as giving the skills for the job at hand so that it can be done to the required standard and safely.

Development is the skills for future or life long-An example is Gold Fields of South Africa which ad in the past decade intensively trained and developed Mining Engineer/ Managers,who today the key Leaders in the South African Mining industry. Diversity Management:As globalization see people moving from one continent to another and country to country,more attention should be given to ensure that the diverseness of human capital in the organization does not hinder the attainment of the organizational goals. Equal Employment Opportunities-Gender equality and people with disabilities should be given fair treatment as their counterparts.

Recognition-Gratitude must be given where its due. This will encourage each employee to do more as there can be reward afterward. That will give an organization a competitive advantage. Social Responsibility-This means the organization’s commitment to protect the environment it operates on and contribute to the host community to alleviate social shortcomings. Future Assurance- Ownership schemes,like Trust Funds,Share schemes and Employee Children Study Assistance gives employees an assurance about the future even after they can not work anymore. 2. 1. Hallmarks position Halcyon is not an Employer of choice as they have satisfied the above arteries: -Staff retention- -Attraction of new graduates- -Gender Equity- -Transparency- -Succession Planning. 2. 1. 3 Recommendation The ?CT Inkwell be able to help Halcyon overcome the above challenges. The underlying point is to how effective will they implement ,monitor and evaluate their strategy. Lot now lies with the HER practitioners at Halcyon align themselves with this strategy and put required attention to issues that they have also themselves identified. 2. Retention Strategy(Young Graduates) Hallows survival is dependent on the availability of skilled personnel which s the Engineers that need to deliver competitive level of consultancy to its customers. The decline in the number of young individual entering the construction field and the increased number of young graduates leaving the field poses a threat in the sustainability of this organization. Majors to overcome these issues will be dealt with in this writing. Taking into consideration that the generations have evolved, the approach should suit the needs of the generation in question. . 2-2 The 8 Management Tools 1 . Diversity Management-An organization that is aware of the differences ACH employee has(based on religion,ethnic group,race and gender) is likely to be welcoming and is not prone have discriminated individuals having to leave employment. 2. Career Management and Succession Planning-sadly most Graduates in South Africa leave their initial employer who had them after graduation due to lack of career management. They soon feel there is nothing in for them going forward.

They are only expected to give their services no career path is monitored and there no sense of direction for their careers. Lot is important the that Personal Development Plans are in place and Succession plans are available and understood. 3. Training and Development- Skill and confidence is built through training. Most graduates come out of the university with only a wide theory they learnt. At work training must be given for individual to have confidence and a skill to perform duties to expected standard and safely.

Job specific course are given on site and refresher training to ensure familiarity with the tasks. Development of employees for the future is an investment that an organization should make in order to motivate and maintain high level of talent pull . This also markets the organization to its employees and may create loyalty. 4. Compensation and Rewards-Most companies have in ideate some retention bonuses. An example is Northman,which give its skilled employees 1 1 000 of its company shares should they not leave the company in two consecutive years and another 11 DO every year thereafter.

Should at anytime the employee leave the company,all shares are forfeited. A competition of pay amongst employers and different industries has seen qualified personnel doing cross moves looking for higher salaries. This is however a problem for imaginary organizations as they can be easily monopolized by their big rivals. So the trick for them will be hire less at high pay and ensure higher outputs. 5. Leadership(Transformational Leadership)-A leader has an influence into retention of employee. With sound leadership skills ,a leader can align employees to the organization’s objectives.

S/He can motivate an employee to remain with organization and become a role model. 6. Employee Wellness- Caring for employees wellbeing is vital to create a sense of belonging to them. Anglo American’s(Platinum Health) outstanding wellness programs ivies the a competitive advantage over its peers who end up utilizing their service. 7. 1_earning Culture-Len Some organization,one finds that things are done the conventional way and no one challenges the status quo. Elf a young graduate get into an organization where people are not willing to learn new things,they will be denominated and leave. . Employee Engagement-when employees are engaged they are empowered. An empowered employee is involved in decommissioning and thereby feeling a sense of ownership. Some great ideas have came from employees and gave brands another meaning,example is tadpole’s call me’ by Voodoos that was an idea from an employee. 2. 2. 3 Other Considerations The company image plays a vital role in maintaining pride to its employees. An organization like Eskimo,filled with a series of failures and scandals which are trending on the media,will not be as attractive as flawless organization.

This bad image can skilled employees to leave the company in order to protect their self image and pride. Work-life balance-Many surveys have shown that the rest youth demands flexible working hours and flexible work design to accommodate for their rivet life. It is true to say a majority of employees will not choose to work from Sam to pm and only see their families for 2 hours before they go to bed. At Salsa Intro,employees using company cars to do their work are also allowed a number of kilometers for private use at the company expense.

Upon the implementation of the ?CT Now,Hollow need to put more focus on the above strategy. Engineering graduates are scarce and they belong to the Generations . They come with a variety of expectations which maybe not understood by a person of previous generations dealing with them. Toffee n HER practitioner should be aware of the facts and respond as such. For Hollow to gain a competitive advantage, given their challenges, the most effective performance management system needed to be chosen.

Below will look at what is meant by Performance Management, the purpose for Halcyon to embark on Performance Management, The Performance Management Model and the 360-Degree Appraisal Approach and whether is the most effective approach to contribute to Hallows Act Now change programmer. 3. 1 Performance Management According to Neo al et 2009-Performance Management is the means through which managers ensures employees activities and outputs are congruent with the organizations goals. For Hollow this was very vital for them to realism their strategic intent. 3. Performance Management Model Figure 2 The Performance Management Model (From Neo et al, 2009) 3. 3 The Purpose of Performance Management Strategic Purpose- Quoting from the case study, The focus of Act Now was to align employees behaviors and approaches to Holbrookј purpose,values. Codes of behavior and business strategy’. To assess whether Halcyon employees activities were linked with the organizational goal,a reference management system had to be implemented. This would help identify shortcomings and recognize strengths to assist HER in Training and Development Planning.

Administrative Purpose-To curb high labor turn-over and compensation and rewards unhappiness at Halcyon,data collected from Performance Management system can be used to adjust recognition of individual performances. Developmental Purpose-A general practice- A good performer Will be selected for development to the next/higher level as the results of performance management. This create the required skill base for the company and arsenal satisfaction for individuals. On the other hand Performance Management identifies employees that need assistance to perform as per organizations plans.

This also assist in identifying the causes of failure so that they may be dealt and activities are redirected to match company strategy. 3. 4 Performance Management Approach Halcyon decided to evaluate its strategy by introducing 360-Degree Appraisal approach, which is described by Neo et al 2009 as a performance appraisal process for managers that includes evaluations from a wide range of persons who interact with the manager. The process includes self-evaluations from manager’s boss, sub-ordinates, peers, and customers.

Other approaches to Performance Management: – The Comparative Approach-The individuals performance is measured against the performance of others. This approach is useful when the employees performance needs to be differentiated . The techniques used in this approach are not linked to the overall strategy of the organization and the ratings are subjective and the validity and reliability of the assessment depend on the rater himself(Maniocs Studying) -The Attribute Approach- The approach focuses identifying the individuals attributes required to sustain the business of the organic=sanction .

This approach is easy to develop and can be applied to different disciplines. Lot lacks though strategic alliance and provides no specific feedback information. -The Behavioral Approach- The behavioral approach defines behaviors necessary for effective performance in a particular job. Lot provides linkage to the organizational strategy and well accepted by employees and managers. Alts downside is that its stipulates one way of doing things and may not be applicable in complex ND dynamic tasks. -The Results Approach-Employees performance is measured by the value addition to the organizational success.

This can be measured against the objectives,outputs and the use of the Scorecards. This approach may result in employees focusing only on the results Which they will be measured thereby losing focus on other strategically issues. -The Quality Approach-The approach is based on improving customer satisfaction through a customer orientation and the prevention Of advantage is that it incorporates and capitalists on the strength of both the attribute and he results approach to performance management and adopts systems approach to performance management.