How To Be Persuasive essay

Always state facts and check for validity of your facts before you present them. When discussing things with your peers, you should follow persuasion to share similar perspectives. Persuasion between peers can be much less structured if not informal since you have shared similar experiences. A combination of fact and emotion may be presented because you should have an idea of the person’s personality to play an advantage off of. When discussing things with a challenging person, you should know they will always e your most difficult audience. Your main key here is preparation.

A challenging person will always be trying to poke holes in your thoughts and argue your ideas. You should anticipate any and all interjections and arguments and have a rebuttal prepared for all circumstances. Develop and prepare your counter arguments and work through any issues that might come about. This will win the challenging person over because you are completely prepared with a flaw free argument. Also use a lot of attention grabbing techniques as well as facts. Open minded audiences need reparation as well, but in a completely different perspective.

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Don’t try to anticipate every objection but instead, lay out facts to coincide with what you are attempting to accomplish. When you focus on logic, an open-minded person is easily persuaded. You can think outside of the box with open minded people and even throw some creativity in there. The more interesting it is to them, the more they will listen.

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