Hitler essay

Hitler and the Nazi party did many things before, during, and after World In today’s world there still is a movement of youth calling themselves war II skinheads who support many of his beliefs. In looking at the events supported by Hitler for me to determine his acts moral or immoral I must first define my moral beliefs and those of society. The two belief systems I am going to look at Hitler and the Nazi party through are absolute and relative morality. Absolute morality is defined as not to be questioned or doubted positive, certain, unconditional and perfect in quality and complete.

With ultra absolutism being society as a whole having similar moral principles, such as the need to eat, drink, and survive. Whereas relative morality states no absolute values and that the values held are subject to time, place, persons and situations. Moral relativism is a belief system that is learned from the cultures that we grow up in and around. To me what Hitler did was not only wrong in relation to absolute morality but also in relative reality. I grew up in a society that supports the belief that everything Hitler and the

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Nazi party did was not only immoral but absolutely and relatively wrong. Absolute morality to me means you do not kill others. You do not steal from others either their property or their pride. You do not violate a person by raping, experimenting, torturing or mutilating them. In the United States, we grow up with the relative beliefs that each of us is born equal and that we all have a right to the pursuit of happiness. These rights are protected by a judicial system that backs and supports a moral code that makes the events ND actions of Hitler illegal and punishable. Old have placed this as absolute morality, but after careful consideration of this subject and looking at other nation’s beliefs and thoughts I choose that this would be relative as not every country has this belief system. In looking at absolute morality Hitler took from the Jews, gypsies, handicapped and other groups the basic rights to live. Not only did he take away their right to live but he also took their quality of life, taking from them the basics such as food and shelter.

The argument would stop there if I were only to look at this from my point of view being born well after the war. If I were however a German national being born during the rise Of Hitler and the Nazi party I would argue that his actions relative to his times were morally based. He grew up in a society that from before World War I to his fall had persecuted the Jews with hate campaigns. Because of the many years of programming a belief system was put into place that to be Jewish was to be unto its self to be immoral. The

Third Reich sold the myth of a restored Germany where work, food, and a life of plenty could be had at the exploitation of the Jew community. With growing up with this belief system, the culture surrounding everyday life, and a belief system that supported Hitter’s actions to judge him immoral or moral would be a difficult thing if only one was to look at the relative situation surrounding the events. In conclusion, I myself, believe his actions were immoral, but that is my opinion based on growing up in a society that values human life and the pursuit of happiness for all.

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