Google Scholar and PubMed as Scholarly Content Database essay

What I truly enjoy about using Google Scholar is one does not have to create a sign in profile, install add on software or have to pay for the information being searched. Basically, it is a site of peer-reviewed scholarly data without the annoyance bothersome of pop ups or advertisements, like those seen on many commercial sites. The second site I used was Pumped. The URL http://www. Incubi. Nil. NIH. Gob/pumped. Regularly search here for scholarly content due to its vast libraries. There are not only academic Journals in the fields of health sciences, biomedical sciences and behavioral sciences.

This tie is also free and does not require a Sign in profile or extraneous software in order to research journals or articles. This site is not only for those in the medical profession but can be used easily by the average layperson seeking knowledge on certain disorders or diseases. It is maintained by National Center for Biotechnology Information (INCUBI), located at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This is not on a credible source of peer -reviewed data but it is a leading authority when searching for scholarly content.

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