Forbes Reading Analysis essay

The main idea of this Article is effective habits for good communication skills. B) The main audience of this article is business leaders and leaders in general. Agree with most points viewed in this article point #3 in particular speaks about finding your own voice witch I think is really important when it comes to communication as a leader you must be your own person and express yourself with your own thoughts and ideas and not mimic someone else’s 2.

In today’s society it is taught that good leaders have great Communication kills In the article by Forbes magazine titled “5 habits of highly effective communicators” 5 habits are brought up as to being important skills to have to be an effective communicator tow of those points being finding your own voice and Listen with your eyes as well as your ears.

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Finding your own voice being one the habits I most agree with in this article. It specifies that in order to be a good communicator as well as leader one must use language that’s distinctly your own and Let your values come through in your own immunization and not try to mimic someone else’s witch I find greatly true. How is one supposed to clearly illustrate his point of view when he/she tries to speak or act like another.

I found the listen with your eyes as well as your ears also accurate as it demonstrates that effective communication is two- way and that Good leaders know how to ask good questions, and listen with their eyes and ears.

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