Effective Listening Strategie essay

I enjoyed the way the article provided different ways of listening. Active listening skills has stated that interviewers should participate actively which can be shown by facing the client, keeping eye contact, stay focus exactly what the client is saying, and making sure to respond when needed. The article gives statements on how to use reflective listening. I have learned that interviewers must restate exactly what the client says, in which it will show and prove that the interviewer is listening.

I also read that the interviewers should not have any distractions such as flipping through papers while the clients is speaking. I also read in this article I learned that facing the client, sitting up straight, or leaning forward will show the client we are attentive. Interviewers must maintain eye contact, however, this will show the client we are interested in what he or she is saying. I believe can apply what I learned from this article to my everyday life by focusing directly on what a person is saying to me.

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I have learned I should not let anything distract me, for the reason that my clients will know they have my undivided attention. I do not believe that giving eye contact would be a problem, because already make eye contact with a person when he or she is speaking to me on a daily basis. Am excited to be have learned these strategies I will definitely use them in my practice because I want my client to receive the best services for whatever situation they may be in. I can honestly say that these strategies I believe would help me become a better listen to my clients as well as others.

The second article had decided to read was called as “Timely Advising: Incorporating Counseling Skills into the Advising Appointment”. This article is about a student who comes into the financial aid office for some assistance, even though she is unfamiliar with the proper steps. The students approaches the front desk where she is guided impatiently to a teller who has no patience in dealing with her. The teller then has an attitude and directs the student to receive a signature from the director.

After the student reaching the director office, the director exhibits negligence by looking through their phone and pays no mind to the student but instead seems to try and lock the office. The students receives the signature from the director and takes it back to another sectary which appears to be more comforting and nicer than her other encounters. The sectary files the students with a smile and converse with others students, the sectary also wished her a good evening. The article that read also included a section called “Utilizing Relevant Counseling Skills and Techniques”.

Reading the article it was about how advisors should use active listening in ways they will be able to understand what the student is going through, and help her create and implement solutions. In this article it stated how using verbal and nonverbal encourages will help the student feel like part of the conversation, and this will make them be able to open up more. This article also states how summarizing and paraphrasing the student’s feelings and statements can help the student feel that they are understood, and this makes them willing to provide more information to the advisor.

The article states add information on asking questions, paying attention to nonverbal language that will open conversation to feedback and reflection. It is important to maintain an open posture and face the student so that it can establish communication interest n the conversation, and to have the ability read the student’s body language to see if he or she is open, and engaged or closed and disinterested can guide the questions an adviser asks. (Vive et. Al. , 2010, up. 130-133). Learned that by listening to the students it is just as important as advisors are giving them advice.

When showing the students they are important it will make the student confident to allow the advisor to help them. Also learned when you are aware of things around the environment can establish a great impact on the situation. I do feel that if a person is not comfortable in the current environment the experience will not be effective. I have also learned when asking open-ended questions it can be a useful tool to guide to steer the conversation in the right direction. I believe these strategies can used in my everyday life definitely for the fact that they can be effective with my clients.

The final article that I read was called “Quality of a Good Counselor”. This article states how counselors should be patient, observant, good listener, knowledgeable, always have empathy, personal integrity, confidentiality, and maintain a therapeutic relationship with a client. This article focuses on counselors needs to be successful. In conclusion, Active listening is practiced when counselors or interviewers listen to what the client is saying and they are focusing their r attention on the client.

It is important for counselor to practice attentive behavior towards their clients, this act is when the counselor greets their client politely to make them feel comfortable. Counselor should always maintain eye contact to show their client they are interested in the conversation. These article expresses you should ask open- ended questions instead of closed-ended questions. When counselors are asking closed-ended questions their clients will be only required them to answer in a yes or no answer form.

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