Drinking Culture In South Korea essay

The drinking culture in Korea has much to do with the free and lively temperament of its people. Koreans have intense feelings and high spirits, and love to enjoy themselves. The Korean tradition of generous hospitality and the dimensioned custom of sharing a drink to deepen relationships can lead to drinking in various social settings.Being invited out to drinks by a superior is one of the biggest compliments a Korean worker can receive. ; If your boss is constantly re-filling your juju cup, it’s COLLECTIVISM a sign that he really likes you. Belonging to a group is vital to one’s identity.

TO succeed in a group, one must please the others. Alcohol plays an essential role in lubricating this system. RESPECT ; Drinking is how you show your elders respect and how they show you respect ; Older people are more superior to those younger than them. A younger person cannot refuse a drink offered to them by someone older. LOOSENING SCREWS ; Drinking is important because it lets you open a whole can of things that can’t and won’t be said! ; Prevalent attitude : the person who drinks less than his counterparts is ding something or is afraid to let down his defenses.

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Expenditure on alcohol by Koreans per year of alcohol consumed in one year Hoes i k (314) a company sponsored meal that involves alcohol consumption. It is usually vital to sealing the deal on business engagements or helps welcome new members. On the flipped… Alcohol was a factor in almost a third of the 3 most serious crimes -? including murder, robbery and rape Drunkenness was cited in 76% of public order offences and 44% of cases of domestic violence. Vicious drinking cycle – Men tend to resort to violence because they are run, and then drink more to avoid the shame of what they have done. . But the trend is changing People refrain from binge drinking which is pointed as a social problem Movement towards drinks with lower alcohol content Businesses have created internal rules to prevent excessive drinking The 91 1 campaign – 1 round of 1 type alcohol by 09:00 pm Socializing at homes rather than pubs and bars Growth in sales volume of alcohol is decreasing 1. Fill up the other person’s glass if it is empty 2. When someone is filling your glass hold it with both hands 3.

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