Critical Thinking essay

With this thinking hat, we focus on the data available to us. We observe and look at the information we have, and from there, we can learn from it. This is also where we look for gaps in our knowledge, and either try to fill them or take account of them. By using this hat, we can analyze past trends, and try to extrapolate from historical data. It is about making use of what we know. We’ll provide examples from the story itself and also do reflections based on our way of seeing things.

First of all, Marie and Jean are supposed to attend a encore together one night. But Marie had decided to change the plan instead of telling Jean. Marie went to a secret subway all by herself. Marie is a kind of a playful girl. She likes to go and explore dangerous places alone. She wants to be the first one to explore the place and the first one to discover what is going on at the secret location. On the other hand, Marie wants to seek attention from Jean. She tested Jean to taunt her and also revealed to Jean of her where about and what she is doing under the subway.

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Even though Jean had messaged Marie and warned her not to go to the mysteriously dangerous lace. However, Marie decided to shrug off her warning and continued her journey. Jean gave up on persuading Marie and went to the concert alone. In the whole process, she did still message Marie because she was very concern about her journey. Marie did not feel any sense of afraid when she is going deeper and deeper under the subway. She was a rather stubborn person to have explored the secret location even though she heard some noises in a room of the subway.

But she still continued her journey and opened the door. From the story, we gathered the information that the whole situation revolves round the stubbornness of Marie in her pursuit of dangerous excitement as this becomes the primary cause of the incident that happened afterwards. We also know that the location Marie traveled to was an abandoned subway that contains a variety of plausibility including imminent danger. Looking from Jean’s perspective, she was in a state of worry when she found out that her friend has traveled to an unknown location although she was in the concert.

From Maria’s perspective however, it was only about the excitement, fun and teasing her friend. Red Hat: (Feelings towards the problem) By wearing the red hat, we look at problems using intuition, gut reaction, and emotion. We also try to think of how other people will react emotionally to the situations imposed upon them. Try to understand the responses of people who do not fully know your reasoning. To put it in simpler words, it is the feeling of the individuals involved towards the situation.

After Marie told Jean that she is not going to the concert with her because she is going to explore the secret subway. Jean was very angry at Marie for not telling her and not informing her earlier when she changed the plan as the tickets were expensive. After Marie found out there was a door under the subway, she opened the door. This happened because of her sense of curiosity and the ‘bravery that leads to no good. She saw there were a couple of guys in the room. They kidnapped Marie and made a deal with her. They asked Marie to bring someone to exchange her freedom.

So, Marie messaged Jean that she needed some help under the subway because she wanted to escape from those guys and asked Jean to come and meet her. But she did not tell Jean what is actually happening under the subway. She wanted Jean to come as a scapegoat and replace herself with Jean’s. When Jean arrived there, she nicked as she worried for her friend’s safety. She wanted Marie to be safe, because she is her best friend. But when Jean met Marie, she was with a couple of guys under the subway. Jean started to ask what is happening down there. Marie explained everything to Jean.

Jean felt betrayed because it was a trap set by Marie and those guys. Here, we look at three feelings faced by the persons involved in the situation. First of all, we look at the anger faced by Jean when her friend left out on her. This is a fairly normal feeling everyone would experience if one’s best friend were to ditch their pre-planned gathering for another activity, One that Marie claims is more fun than their activity together. Next, we look at the cause of all problems which is Maria’s personal aspiration for satisfying her own curiosity.

If we look at this, her curiosity led her to the secret subway and also the opening of the door. Lastly, the feeling of betrayal felt by Jean when Marie selfishly led her to a trap causing Jean’s demise. The same as any reader would feel, this is one of the worst feeling that we could have as we take our best friend seriously not to even mention that Jean’s great care for Marie was repaid by Maria’s betrayal. Black Hat: (What are the negative aspects of the problem? ) Using black hat thinking, we look at all the bad points of the decision. Look at it cautiously and defensively.

Try to see why it might not work. This is important because it highlights the weak points in a plan. It allows you to eliminate them, alter them, or prepare contingency plans to counter them. Black Hat thinking helps to make our plans ‘tougher’ and more resilient. It can also help you to spot fatal flaws and risks before you embark on a course of action. Black Hat thinking is one of the real benefits of this technique, as any successful people get so used to thinking positively that often they cannot see problems in advance. This leaves them under-prepared for difficulties.

Marie knew that there was something wrong or at least something going on under the subway and the hidden vault. She was too into it and still continues to find out the mysterious place. Once Marie told Jean that she was in trouble under the subway, Jean was worried and get out of the concert immediately. Jean would feel heartache for the ticket Of the concert due to its price, but she did not want to leave Marie alone under the subway. She wanted Marie to be safe and sound. She went out to the concert and called for a public cab. She told the driver to drive her to the subway in a shortest possible of time.

On her way to the subway, she asked Marie not to go any further, just to stay right there and wait for her arrival. On the other side, Marie knew that it was wrong to asked Jean to come over the subway and rescue her. But she had no idea what those guys will do to her. She wants to escape from those guys and leave the place at that very moment. Looking at the bad decisions made by both parties, this situation is definitely full of it. First of all, the change of the original plan and replaced by Maries personal adventure is already a definition of bad decision itself.

Then it led to Maria’s decision to explore the closed room. After she got captured, Jean’s bad decision of trying to save her all by herself can also be improved if Jean had called the cops to follow her earlier on. By observing at these decisions, we can come to the conclusion that we should not act based on our impulse but rather analyze the situation beforehand. Yellow Hat: (What are the benefits/ positive aspects of the problem? ) The yellow hat helps you to think positively. It is the optimistic viewpoint that helps you to see all the benefits Of the decision and the value in it.

Yellow Hat thinking helps you to keep going when everything looks gloomy and difficult. At the very moment, Marie thinks that there is a very interesting place under the subway and it is fun to find out all by herself. Marie do still believed that she is the first one to find out the mysterious place under the subway. Jean assumed Marie is just going to have some fun by herself. She wants something more exciting than the concert. Jean let Marie to go to the subway instead of going to the concert with her. Under the subway, Marie assumes that those guys would not hurt her, because they just want to exchange person with Marie.

Those guys might be the first ones who find out the vault under the subway. They just wanted to have some fun with Jean instead of Marie. Marie thought that Jean would understand why Marie did this to her. Marie assumed that after all these things; Jean would still be her best friend. Jean will forget about everything and forgive Marie. To be optimistic even in the worst kind of scenarios is a must because optimism might be the slightest chance to turn something negative to take a 80 degrees turn for the better.

At first, Marie had this sense of optimism as she thought she would be the one to rediscover this abandoned subway and she awaits a certain amount of surprises which she perceive as positive. On Jean’s side, her optimism was only limited to the fact that she didn’t waste her concert’s ticket as she was reluctant to change the plan. For Marie, Jean’s decision to come for her was a positive decision as she knew that her life would be exchange for Jean’s life. When Jean came for Marie, her thought was of positive as she believed she was coming to save Marie and that she would be united with Marie again.

However, to see the situation as a whole, there is not much optimism left aside from the fact that a police report was filed and person missing at that secret location was reported so that in the future, caution would be put up to prevent people from going there. At the very least, an awareness was created on the danger of exploring that place, albeit sacrificing Jean. Green Hat: (What alternatives do we have / creative ideas) The Green Hat stands for creativity. This is where we can develop creative solutions to a problem. It is a freewheeling way of thinking, in which there is title criticism of ideas.

A whole range of creativity tools can help you here. This is the alternative possibilities to every situation as every decisions we make influence the outcome of everything. By using this hat, we look what could have gone down if a different decision was taken in order to observe and take into account the list of decisions we can take. Along the way to the subway, Marie found out there was actually a hidden door under the subway. Marie thought that there was something fun or some unexpected mystery boxes or treasure box behind the door.

She opened the or excitedly; she Wants something great behind the door. She may share all the joy to her best friend, den. Unfortunately, Marie found out there was a couple of bad guys in the room. She assumed that those guys get to the vault first instead of her. Marie probably will think that those guys get the unexpected mystery box and discuss about the boxes in the vault. Besides that, Jean could imagine how happy Marie is when she found out there was a vault under the subway. Jean would also assume that Marie is bored of concert and excited for the treasure hunt under the subway.

Let’s look from the start of the scenario, if Marie had joined Jean on going to the concert, nothing of this disaster would have happen. However, the same cannot be said for the next time as Marie is an adventurous person and she would take on any dangerous trip no matter what. The same can be said as when Marie went down the subway and if she had not opened the door or if the door had been locked, she would not be kidnapped. If Jean had decided to call the police to go with her instead of going in alone for the save, both of them might have been saved and lesson learned without sacrificing anyone of them.

If Marie had stayed calm and think of a different solution not involving sacrificing her best friend, Jean would not have fell into the bad guys’ hand. If Marie had tested her to warn her when she came for Marie, Jean would also be safe by the end of the day. Blue Hat: (Sum what is learned and discuss possible next steps) The Blue Hat stands for process control. This is the hat worn by people that are in charge of things. Blue hat stands for what has been learned from the scenario and the process undertaken afterwards to make improvements or suggestions. In shorter words, this is the discussion of sequel for the scenario.

From the journey to explore the subway, Marie was too concentrating to find out her mystery place instead of replying Jean’s messages. Jean was super anxious when she does not get any feedback from Marie when she knew there is something bad happened under the subway. Furthermore, Jean was focused on the concert rather than asking Marie to get out of the subway at the first moment. Marie believed that Jean would not leave her alone to face all the problems under the subway, she would go and save her instead of staying at the concert. When Jean had arrived the Subway and found out what was owing on there, she felt betrayed and sad.

She should not believe what Marie had told her and asking her to go to the subway. After Jean had arrived the vault, Marie grabbed her things and get out of the door and ran out of the subway as fast as she could. Jean had killed by those guys in the vault under the subway and Marie ended up being caught by the police on the next day. Jean would not believe that her best friend, Marie will treat her like this. She thought that Marie was really got into trouble. From the story and what we have learned, we observed two of the most important lessons that We can derive from the Story.

First, we should not act on our guts and impulse and although as De-motivating as it sounds, sometimes impulses led us to the wrong things. The second most important lesson is that we should never betray our friends and loved ones no matter what as we do not wish any harm upon them as the only result we get is not satisfaction but never-ending regrets. From the scenario, what Marie can do from now onwards is to repent for her wrongdoings, take responsibility for her deeds and hopefully help the investigations into the bad guys and Jean’s demise.

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