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More investigative studies are needed to test the variation of tissue tolerance during prolonged surgery I chose this article based on its relevance to my epic and the highlights on new measures that use technology to measure the temperature and pressure placed on the bony prominences during us roger. Brindle, C. T. , & Wiggling,J. Journal of Wound Story Continence Nurses Society Quantitative Experimental design 100 cardiac surgical patients in CHIC. Ix week study All Participants had foam dressing applied prep and daily skin assessment Comparison group had standard of care only(foam dressing removed Post) Intervention group had standard of care *foam dressing was not removed No statistical difference in participants characteristics No pressure sores were noted until day 6 Post. In the comparison group, 1 1. 7% developed pressure sores. In the intervention group 2% developed pressure sores.

The presence of pressure sores were lower then expected. Further research is needed to test the use Of sacral foam dressing in the operating room. Nursing interventions may have contributed to the lower rate of pressure sores chose this article based on the Authors current hospitals practice. The application of foam dressings on all surgical patients with a low Braded score and/or patients with long surgeries. Connors, T. , Sledge, J. Bryant-Worriers, L. , Steam, L. , & Potter, P.

Society of Urological Nurses and Associates 201 0 147 Patients undergoing urological surgical procedure The Braded Scale was selected to evaluate the risk for pressure sore development The average Braded Scale score prep was 22. 63 (range 14 to 26) and Post was 18. 72 Further research is needed to examine pressure ulcer occurrence in the OR to identify predictive variables I chose this article to research the importance of identifying patients at high risk for pressure sores and the use of tissue support on OR tables Guiana, M. , Bombardier,C. , Deed,D. , Repack,L. , Rogers,T. , Bates-Jensen,B. Holmes,S. American Congress of Rehabilitation medicine Journal 2014 singletree prospective randomized control Design 173 Veterans with preexisting pressure sores six month study All participated in self management and motivational interviews to increase patient compliance statistical data showed no improvement of pressure sores in patients that left the hospital with pressure sores More changes in collaborative health care is needed to reduce the recurrence of pressure sores I chose this article to compare the interventions of interviews with interventions of direct nursing care.

Karakas, M. , & G;m;skyway, N. Journal of Clinical Nursing 2006 Quantitative; Prospective and Analytic descriptive study 84 surgical patients in Turkey All surgeries lasted 2 or more hours Braded score assessment prep and Post. IBM form filled out and patients were followed six months post surgery. Findings correlated with the increase of pressure sores with surgeries lasting more then two hours chose this article to support my theory that surgery that will be longer then 2 hours in length need to have patient interventions in place to prevent pressure sores. Iranian M..

Friend VI. ,MCClure C. , Nard S, Fix L.. Schafer M. , Savoir K. , Magnet M. Association of preoperative Registered Nurses 201 1 Prospective Cohort Design 258 surgical patients during an eight month period. All patients underwent surgery for more then 3 hours the use of foam table pad reduced Braded score in surgical patients the findings indicate table surface and patient positioning may influence the occurrence of pressure sores chose this article to compare same day surgical patients with no prep pressure sores with their post pop skin assessment Shuck D.. Paddle C. Osborne E. Quantitative; retrospective descriptive study 150 cardiac surgical patients. Six month study Three groups of fifty patients each used A -Standard foam mattress. B-Fluid pressure reducing mattress C-Fluid pressure reducing mattress and nursing intervention Group Group Group developed pressure ulcer Author suggest that preventing pressure sores is a team effort between preoperative, interpretive, and postoperative nurses. I chose this article to compare the differences pressure sore incidences in operation tables used during surgery. Shania, E. , Dashes, T. Halftones, R.

International Journal of Nursing Studies 2009 Quantitative, Longitudinal Study 121 ICC patients Patients were assessed at admission and discharge of ICC and assessed using Braded Score and APACHE II score. During the ICC stay 6 pressure sores developed and 5 Pressure sores healed. There was a correlation between APACHE II score and new pressure sores. Pressure sores can be healed in ICC patients chose this article to gain understanding between pressure sores and critically ill patients. Attachments Del, Bates O, Talisman A, Go Y. American Journal of Critical Care Quantitative; Cohort Study 3,225 surgical patients. Nine month study To compare patients’ characteristics (age, sex, IBM, hex of diabetes, and Braded Scale score at admission) VS.. Patient Care characteristics(total OR time, number of surgeries, and possessor use) The patients Braded score at admission, length of surgery, and IBM all played a role in the development of pressure sores. Pressure sores can be avoided if potential risk factors are addressed and interventions are used. I chose this article based of the amount of participants and that this was a cohort study wanted to compare ND contrast the differences between the studies.

Van Len M, Hooves S, Nesses J, Halftones R, Schools J. Journal of Tissue Viability single center prospective controlled clinical trial 83 patients with <12 score on the Norton Scale and no pressure sore at the beginning of the study Group A-? cold foam mattress Group B=static air overlay over the cold foam mattress Group A: 17. 1% Group 8-4. 8% Developed pressure sores. Group B's intervention provided better prevention against pressure sores. I chose this article to determine the use of air overlay in preventing pressure sores.

Duty Work Role essay

In my duty of care, I take on responsibilities in the mornings by making sure the pupils are up and ready for school. Will support the less capable pupils with personal care and try to encourage them to wash and be independent at shower times if needed in the mornings. Will make sure that the pupils have breakfast and have everything ready for school and then drop the younger pupils to school.

Make sure that everyone is safe and in the right place where they should be going and make sure the bedrooms, living room and kitchen is tidy and safe. After school I always supervise the children with homework and help them if needed. In the evenings, as in the mornings I will make sure they are safe at all times. We try and get the children involved with the cooking each day and make meals they would enjoy. I will take the pupils to their activities such as Paramour, Samba, sweet shop, to the town and cubs weekly.

I took the Older pupils to paramour weekly to be able to get involved with socializing and learning different skills, they really enjoyed it but eventually it became something that they did not what to do as there were not enough kills to teach them as much as they would have wanted to learn. I take some of the pupils to Samba weekly and organized the primary pupils to the sweet shop weekly for them to learn how to manage their pocket money and teach them about math to help them to be a little more independent before they go onto secondary school.

I support the children if they need help or wanting to talk to a member of staff when they are upset or worried about something. Have been involved with Student A who is going through an emotional time and is struggling with her confidence and homework, so I have been encouraging her to use a homework chart that I have created for her to spread out her homework and make it easier for her to focus. When she needs to we will have one to one time, weekly if she needs to talk and needs some help.

Recently Student A has been drawing pictures that have been able to translate with regards to her pain. She wanted to keep this private but explained that could not and so went to the Senior Child Protection to discuss it and this has given us a little more insight into her home life and her needs. She continues to draw these pictures and is benefiting from it. I will adapt the communication and the language to match the child’s need and for them to understand.

We use the visual communication for the less able to communicate and to be clear with what activities are happening, who is working which day and doing sleep in duties. I have created rewards charts for the primary children to aim their targets to achieve their independence and understanding what is right and wrong to get their rewards weekly when they have achieved the badges. I get involved in situations with challenging behavior children and deal with them.

When I was dealing with Student B ho was in trouble for his behavior previous day by ignoring staffs and being rude to his peers and wanting his sweets as I have locked them in my drawer due his behavior when walking to school in the morning being horrible to his peer so I wanted to deal with it after school, and explained him the situation calmly and was not happy with his behavior and was refusing to leave the room for a time out as he was being rude as he has time outs to reflect his behavior at times and locked the door with all the children in the living room when I was trying to get the Head of Care to explain the situation, e panicked when the Head of Care came upstairs and pushed me when I had my arm up on the door and hurt my shoulder so I left the room and Student A was sent to bed straight away and he knew it was unacceptable and in the next morning, he came to apologies and would help me for the rest of the week. I had to report it in the sanction book and the incident book to log in what has happened and reported to the Headrace and followed the WOW procedure. We have pupils in residential that are involved in child protection that comes and talk to me about their situations when they feel dressed or upset.

I would support each of them and listen to what they want to say and what they want to talk about, I always make sure I report it to the Senior Child Protection and pass on any information that I am concerned about to deal with situations if needed to. I did the safeguarding training, so it is always about protecting the pupils and myself too if needed as Student C was threaten to self- harm herself and would talk about it in front of her peers. It was a situation where it needed to be dealt with urgently, to get her away from her peers to explain that it is a threat. It was reported to the Head of Pastoral Care and a close eye was kept on her constantly and made sure there is no sharp objects around and if some where around took them away.

Admit duties- I will write in the daily De-brief book to keep updated with what the pupils have been doing, record any concerns, behaviors and incidents. I organized different activities weekly for the pupils and give them choices of what they would like to do then fill in the risk assessments and the offset forms. I would create different reward charts for the primary with targets to alp them to understand their targets and to achieve rewards end of each week and also make credit cards for the secondary to help them to achieve their responsibilities and understands the routines so the amount of money they will receive each of end term they are able to spend on what they would like as a reward. Loud sort out the photographs that had been taken each term and file them in the outcomes as evidence of what activities the pupils got involved with and what they enjoyed doing every term. I will do the logs every week to keep updated with the children take responsibility for, to keep updated with their personal development, social development, health, happiness and enjoyment and issues that needs to bring up. I review their targets every week to make sure they are following their targets that have been set each term, follow their ICILY (Independent Check List) and do their ICP (Independent Care Plan) to file in the folder along with their annual reviews and targets that will be reviewed every long term period or when needed.

I take the responsibility to sort out the photographs every term and collect them as evidence of what activities they have got involved in and what they eave been doing and record them in the outcomes file and keep the files updated with the activities timetables and menu weekly. I will get in contact with the parents if needed to. I would use peacetime to be able to talk to them directly as I am hard of hearing myself and some of the parents are deaf so it is easier to use peacetime to talk about their child. Also it makes it a little more personal. I always make sure I keep updated with the policies and use them in my everyday routine such as the missing child procedures- when a child goes missing, we note what time we have discovered this, we communicate tit the team i. Ask where the child was last seen, sear h the whole area and if we still cannot find the pupil after 15-10 minutes we then contact the head of pastoral care, the headrace and the police. Fire procedures- if the fire alarm goes off we have to collect the fire register and clear the building but if a child does not want to leave we then have to give a clear explanation and give them a choice and then we leave together and go to the safe fire point to make sure everyone is out of the building, child protection, care policy and we eave a system called WOW procedures (this is something we have in our residential area) that We will follow everyday if a pupil gets into trouble or do something they should not have done and not followed the rules in an residential environment.

We have 4 different levels of the WOW procedures and we will match their behavior in which level they should be in such as Level 1 would be a warning and recorded in the daily De-brief, Level 2 would be informing their school teacher and early bed if required, Level 3 would be banned from activities, staff to talk to the pupil to get them to understand it is to appropriate behavior and what we expect from them, Level 4 would be the major sanction as in grounding or getting sent home. Always make sure I use the WOW procedures if needed and talk to my line manager or head of care to discuss what it is the best way. Feel need to be able to stand my ground with the secondary more when they misbehave as I do struggle at times to be able to deal with their behavior as the pupils tend to ignore you more and be difficult when they are in trouble.

Sometimes I have to pass it onto head of care to deal with whereas I should be able to deal with it myself UT I feel am improving in this part becoming more firm by making sure they know where they stand with me and to accept the punishment better and I need to continue with it and to make it clear where the boundaries are between me and the pupils. Whereas with the primary children, feel I can deal with the situations on my own without having to get the Head of Care involved.

Response to Three Employment Laws essay

The simulation takes place at Faster; a company involved in direct marketing of branded sports attire with two online marketing and distribution channels. Business did not go as expected and Faster has to downsize. This decision must be made taking into consideration what major benefits the company; this can also mean risk of discrimination claims. Brian Carter has been chosen to be laid off; his skills are redundant to the company.

He has been diagnosed with “carpel tunnel syndrome. He is submitting medical reports tomorrow. Related Resource: Americans with disability act (DAD) disability is defined as any physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of an individual’s major life activities. Major Provisions of this act prohibit employees from discrimination against the process of adjusting a job or work environment to fit the needs of disabled employees. The company will consider provide Brian with outplacement support.

Sarah Boyd has been chosen to be laid off because her skills are redundant to the company. She is 53 and has invested 15 years in the company. Related Resource: The age discrimination in Employment Act (IDEA) forbids scarification based on age. Employees over 40 are protected against discrimination based on age when they are as qualified as younger workers. Open communication with the employees diminishes risk of litigation. Mrs.. Boyd will be given a fitting severance package. Carl Haines has been chosen to be one of the employees to be laid off because his skills are redundant to the company.

His profile indicates that he is that a 34 year old male whose overall track record is above average, his productivity is above medium, he is a qualified system analyst, BBS in Information Systems. There is a problem and this is that he has been mutinously humiliated by the accounts manager in particular and other colleagues because of his sexual Orientation, because he is gay. Related Resource: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (on sexual harassment) to prohibit discrimination against employees based on their sexual orientation. Title 29. Labor. CHAPTER 7, PROTECTION OF EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS. Section IEEE (2013).

Sexual harassment in employment – Declaration of public policy. This Legislation resolves and declares as the public policy of the Commonwealth of Puerco Rich that sexual harassment in employment is a hype of sexual discrimination and, as such, constitutes an illegal and undesirable practice that goes against the established constitutional principle that the dignity off human being is inviolable. It is the intention of this Legislature to prohibit sexual harassment in employment, to impose responsibilities and fix penalties. Re-hiring Carl as a consultant is a good non-discrimination response to the issue Ben-Haines.

The accounts manager will be counseled to stop discriminatory and offensive behavior. Legal Encounter 2 This scenario is at Newcomer a company that hires Sam as an electrical manufacturing supervisor. He develops a relationship with coworker Paula. They have an affair that included trysts at the workplace. Later on Paula ends her romance with Sam and starts dating an outside person that did not work at Newcomer. Even though Sam and Paula did not have a relationship anymore, Sam kept on showing unwelcome behavior and did not limit himself to touch her when he pleased.

Paula was clear to Sam and told him to Stop his behavior. He then suggested that she had no interest in her job because she stopped dating him. Paula decides to transfer and Sam blocks the transfer. He cites company policy indicating the elements used in wire coating could be harmful to early state fetus and that because Paula was a young woman that she could become pregnant any time soon. Paula claimed that this was discrimination based on sex and it was illegal. Title 29. Labor. CHAPTER 7, PROTECTION OF EMPLOYEE RIGHTS. Section IEEE (2013).

Sexual harassment in employment–Between employees; exculpatory evidence. An employer shall be held responsible for any acts of sexual harassment towards the employees in the work place, if the employer proves that he took immediate and appropriate action to correct the situation. Hat the dignity of a human being is inviolable. It is the intention Of this glistered to prohibit sexual harassment in employment, to impose Newcomer must take action immediately because as an employer he shall be held responsible for any acts of sexual harassment towards the employees in the work place.

Newcomer must transfer Paula to a healthy work environment where she can develop her potential as an employee for Newcomer; and where she does not have to fear of being harassed. On the other and investigation must be made and Sam can be held accountable for his actions. He must be counseled to stop discriminatory and offensive behavior. Legal Encounter 3 In this case Paul complains to the Occupational Safety Administration (OSHA) about how the company he works for, Wilily Publishing, Inc. Requires for him to work in an unsafely environment.

He is a senior maintenance technician that must repair the equipment in a confined space. The space is narrow, there is a lot of noise and vibrates when turning the machine on and off to repair it. Already there has been trouble regarding this situation in which an employee was injured while working in this area. Even though the company has moved the machine a bit to create mom space the beams in the room do not give much opportunity for working area. Paul refuses to work in this small space alleging that it is hazardous. The safety manager believes otherwise and says it is safe.

Project Part essay

In the User Domain the first thing that should be done is create an acceptable use policy (AUP). An ASAP defines what users are allowed to do with organization-owned IT assets. Violation of the terms defined in the ASAP can be grounds for discharge. We will require staff and other 3rd parties to sign a privacy agreement to keep private data confidential. In addition to signing a privacy agreement, some positions may require criminal background checks to help ensure security. Here at Irishman Investments we need to conduct security awareness training.

The Workstation Domain is where most users connect to the IT infrastructure. A Workstation can include a computer, smartened or any other device that connects to our network. Staff should not have excessive access to the system or any application not needed to be productive. This includes restricting applications like media players, or internet explorer. The Workstation domain needs additional layers of security which means implanting login IDs and passwords to protect entry into the IT infrastructure.

The next domain is the LANA Domain, which consists of two parts, physical and logical. Make sure wiring closets, data centers, and computer rooms are secure. We do not want unauthorized access to the LANA so we must require strict access control policies and procedures. Use WALLA network keys that require a password for wireless access. We must also implement encryption between workstation and WAP to maintain confidentiality. Connecting to the internet is opens up a lot of back doors for cybernetics’s and most internet traffic is clear text which means its visible to anyone.

In the LANA-to-WAN Domain, local users can download unknown file type attachments from unknown sources so we must apply file transfer observing, scanning, and alarming for unknown file types from unknown sources. We must enforce Irishman Investment’s Internal Use Only data lactation’s standard through a multitude of efforts including applying strict security monitoring controls for invasion detection and prevention. The WAN Domain represents the 5th component in the IT infrastructure which is the second most complex area to secure.

Use encryption and VPN tunnels for end-to-end secure IP communications. When traveling over the internet data may be corrupted for multiple reasons, therefore we must backup and store data in an off-site data center with tested recovery features. The Remote Access Domain connects remote users to the company’s IT infrastructure using many different mobile devices. We must set automatic blocking for multiple failed login retries. Unauthorized access to IT systems, applications, and data are customary in this area.

We must apply first and second level security measures for remote access to sensitive systems. Finally is the System/Apposition, which carries all mission-critical systems, applications, and data. We must define a liability window for server operating systems for system updates or maintenance to maintain a hardened environment. Server closets and computer rooms need be accessed by only personnel who need those assets for their part in the company. The user is the weakest link in security. With all procedures, rules, and policies in place, even the most highly trained professional can make a mistake.

This is why there are so many different layers to a secure environment, to try to lessen those risks, threats, and weaknesses. This is why it is important to conduct regular staff evaluation and regularly review the security plans for each of the seven domains. No one group can completely control a person’s behavior, which is why we must be prepared for nasty, unqualified, and thoughtless users.

Promote Professional Develo Hellip essay

Provide an explanation of the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice As a senior team leader, I have a responsibility to engage in continuous professional development. This means taking action to keep my skills and knowledge up to date and seeking to improve my capabilities across the range of tasks I carry out daily. Continually improving my knowledge is essential to my role and ensures that have the skills and knowledge needed to create the best provision for the service users in my home. I need to be aware of the most up to date legislations and guidelines, including the ICQ requirements and the welfare requirements.

As a senior team leader it is even more vital that I am aware and up to date with the above, as part of my role is to guide, support and influence other staff to do well in their own roles. My own professional develop does not only impact on me but on other staff, the company and people who use the service. Reflective practice is a huge part of professional development and I need to be skillful in this to really benefit from it; criticizing your own practice isn’t always easy but if you take a Step back and look at it from different points Of view it can really benefit how you recognize and utilities your skills.

To improve my own knowledge is very important to me and really enjoy learning new skills which can benefit my roles or future roles. In doing this feel am progressing in my career, keeping myself desirable to other employers and maximizing my potential to do well within my career. Therefore if I continue to develop professionally and improve my knowledge resulting in me improving my practice will: * Become a positive role model to other staff * Be confident in abilities and future employment * Lead and influence staff positively with the correct information and highest of standards.

Recognize opportunity for further career movements * Build a path into desired career. However, working in the field that do, the most important thing is the service users, their comfort, health and well-being, therefore the more we are aware of what we do, why we do it and its effect on the service users in our care and the more we reflect and enhance our own knowledge and learning, the more effective we will be.

Professional development is an opportunity to reflect, share common goals, support each other as well as learn from others knowledge, expertise and experience. Regular supervision and training of Taft can lead to reduced sickness and absence, it can improve the service that they provide and allow them to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses.

It will eventually lead to an increase in accountability and motivation in the workplace and improve recruitment and retention of current members of staff. The members of staff will improve in the service they provide and be more confident. 1. 2 0 Analyses the potential barriers to professional development and record your findings below There are a number of barriers to professional development within my role and a number of things which need to think about when booking/planning raining for staff.

I have outlined the potential barriers which I could face within my role: * Lack Of funding to access training * Lack of staff to cover training * Courses being cancelled by organization * No time * No support/encouragement from your manager * General lack of appropriate training which you require * No one to acknowledge your training needs through supervisions and appraisals * No-confidence or drive to strive for better * Transport (do not drive, no bus routes etc) * Lack of childcare (or unable to afford) while attending courses * Not being able to identify your own training needs

Potential barriers to professional development may be a lack of facility with language or literacy and members of staff may be embarrassed that others may learn of this. Dyslexia and learning difficulties may make professional development a longer more intense learning path. Another barrier may be that members of staff may already think they hold the relevant knowledge they require to fulfill their jobs from many years of being in the profession.

Age can always be a major barrier to someone’s professional development as if a member Of staff is Of an older age they may be reluctant to learn new kills as the number of years they have left before retirement may be short. So they see it as a waste of time and resources, whereas for these members of staff the training would benefit them immensely.

In many cases the reluctance for professional development may come from someone not wishing to admit they require new skills and knowledge to carry out their duties effectively 1. 3 Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development Formal support Informal support Comparison of sources There are numerous options for developing professionally stated below: *

External training agencies including the local authorities * The internet * Online training courses * College courses/including apprentices * Libraries for research * Internal training from management * In house training (using outside trainers) * Colleagues sharing information within staff meeting/general talking * One on one time with management (Appraisals / supervisions) Within my setting we mostly use external training sessions which are organized and delivered by Simon Brown training.

These are valuable experiences for all staff attending as they are run by knowledgeable and experienced professionals, in which trainees can ask questions, join in with debates and generally have a positive learning experience. We also complete mandatory work booklets supplied by the local college which encourages staff to research different topics and gain valuable knowledge. These experiences are then shared among all staff in regular staff meeting so that all staff, not just those attending the training, gain some new knowledge or can have their existing knowledge refreshed.

Us pervasion Appraisal Comparison of systems Supervisions are completed bi-monthly within my work place, these are to enable staff to raise concerns that they may have and also the manager can address any issues they may have, you can also address any training and development needs and agree an action plan to be met before the next supervision. Appraisal’s are completed once a year in my work place and objectives are reviewed six monthly.

The staff member is asked to score themselves on their performance of different duties and the manager will also score the employee and at the meeting they can both discuss why they scored as they have. This allows staff members to take ownership of their goals and targets or the coming year and can reflect on their achievements for the previous year. 1. 4 Provide an explanation of the factors to consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date It is necessary to ensure that any opportunities and activities are relevant for keeping my knowledge and practice up to date. Eave to consider and assess how relevant sources of support are and also the systems of support available to me, in relation to my personal, professional and organizational goals. There are subtle differences between personal and professional development. Personal development is about developing personal qualities and skills needed to live and work with others e. G. Understanding, empathy, patience, self-respect, self-esteem and communication.

Professional development concerns career progression and developing skills which are needed for my profession such as communication, team work, leading, time management, decision making and problem solving. The principles of professional development are based on motivation and reaching goals and on maintaining high standards and effective care for the service users. Best practice can be promoted through training, personal and professional placement, reflective practice, supervisions and support. Outcome 2 (Knowledge and must be assessed in the work setting) 2. 0 Evaluate you own knowledge and performance against the following standards and benchmarks Standards and Benchmarks Evaluation The Social Care Commitment (formerly -? Codes of Practice) The social care commitment is the adult social care sectors promise to provide people who need care and support with high quality services. There are 7 ‘l will’ statements, with associated task that address the minimum standards required when working care, the commitment aims to both increase public confidence in the care sector and raise workforce quality in adult social care. You can sign up for the commitment online: www. The social care commitment. Org. K Statements 1 will always take responsibility for the things I do or don’t do 2 I will always promote and uphold the privacy, dignity, rights, health and wellbeing of people who need care and support 3 will work cooperatively with others to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality care and support 4 = I will communicate in an effective way to promote the wellbeing of people who need care and support 5 = I will respect people?s right to confidentiality, retention and upholding their privacy and dignity 6 I will improve the quality of the care and support I provide by constantly reflecting on and updating my own knowledge, skills and experience 7 = I will promote equality, diversity and inclusion by treating all people fairly and without bias. These statements are all things that I do on a daily basis at work and everyone working in the care sector should follow the same statements.

Regulations The health and social care act 2008- My knowledge on this is forever expanding, complete audits across all of my sites and look at quality monitoring to ensure the outcomes and standards are met. Action work to ensure requirements are fulfilled and staff members are following their Duty Of Care by adhering to mine. I monitor staff and look at standards through the residential home to ensure they are compliant. I ensure service users are treated with dignity and respect by incorporating them into their care pathways. I have attached an example of one of the audits completed by myself to show the monitoring the different aspects in my work.

Minimum / essential standards The essential standards of quality and safety are central to our work in ejaculating health and adult social care. Each of the standards has an associated outcome that we expect all people who use services to experience as a result of the care they receive. The standards relate to the 28 regulations contained in the legislation governing our work. As a senior team leader these are all new to me and it is my responsibility to become familiar with the essential standards and be able to follow and share all the details with others that work with.

Assignment essay

Every month families look at their bills and write checks or pay their bills online shaking their heads out how much it costs just to live the average lifestyle in the united States. Certain bills we can control like meals, entertainment, vacations, etc. But other bills we cannot control as much like rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. But, what if you could significantly lower your utility rates by almost half? I propose a new service through Duke Energy Corporation known as Duke Saves Initiative.

Duke Saves Initiative is an incentive program that is offered to our customers that allows them to make more energy efficient choices and receive rewards and bonuses for making better choices. Duke Energy Corporation Duke Energy is a Fortune 250 company that currently services over 7 million electric customers and 500,000 gas customers in the Carolinas, the Midwest, Florida, Ohio and Kentucky. With over 150 years of experience in the industry Duke Saves Initiative is a way for Duke Energy to offer their customers a way to save money on their monthly bills while making improvements to their moms and reducing their carbon foot print.

Duke Energy believes in providing electrical and gas services in a sustainable way by being affordable, reliable, and clean. (Duke Energy, 201 5) Duke Saves Initiative Duke Saves Initiative would be a division Of Duke Energy that will work with both commercial and residential customers to find more energy efficient ways to help manage energy use and help lower their costs. The program would start with a free energy assessment provided by Duke Energy where a technician comes to your home and assess the areas that you are using more energy than you should.

They will create a report that tells you the areas that you can save on your monthly bills. By agreeing to the free assessment, you will be offered a one-time loan through an affiliated bank of Duke Energy to upgrade your heating and cooling systems to more energy efficient products. There will also be rebates that you can receive for purchasing more energy efficient appliances in your home such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Company Vision The vision behind this program is simple, promotion of energy efficiency while still providing the same electrical and gas services we have over the past 150 years.

At this point in time no one is one hundred percent sure how much longer our fossil fuels supply will last and what damage that it is doing to the environment. This initiative will help us to be able to reduce our emissions and maybe save some of those fossil fuels for future need. We are doing our part to make sure that we have customers to service another 1 50 years from now. We are always striving to make sure that We continue to meet and hopefully go above and beyond for our customers. Duke Energy is always looking for ways that we can bring newer technologies to the customers that we service. Partnerships

Duke Energy would like to partner up with local banks, HAVE and plumbing contractors, and stores that sell various parts and equipment along with our customers to get this initiative going. Local banks can gain more customers by giving exclusive interest free loans to customers so that they can upgrade their heating and cooling systems that will save them money on a monthly basis as well as improve their homes for resale value if they chose to do so. Contractors in the area can partner with Duke Saves Initiative to receive rebates for using certain energy efficient products and equipment with their customers.

And lastly, local stores and manufacturers can also receive a rebate incentive to sell certain products to contractors to ensure that the most energy efficient products are being used in the area. At Duke Energy we strive to be reliable and keep developing new ways to help and save our customers money. Local Banks Banks within communities are key structures to the financial healthiness of that particular community. People will only be able to buy homes or make renovations most of the time if they are able to get a loan from a bank. Most non-local banks do not have as much vested interest in the community that coal banks and credit unions do.

The partnership with the local banks and Duke Energy would allow people in the neighborhood to be able to upgrade their homes to becoming more energy efficient. The homeowner would have the opportunity to apply for a 0% financing loan that will help them to install a more energy efficient heating and cooling system in their home. This benefits the home owner because they do not have to pay financing fees and the banks gain new customers. These customers in turn may become permanent customers which would also help out the banks. Contractors

Most people, especially in today’s economy are not as eager to go out and spend ten to twenty thousand dollars on a new heating and cooling system, even if it is more energy efficient and would save them money on their monthly bills. So, this program offered by Duke Energy will allow people to get lower costing loans from banks which will hopefully cause them to take advantage of such a wonderful deal. The contractors that are approved by the Duke Saves Initiative will get paid for the work that they do during the install but they will be offered incentives in the form of a rebate for using a reticular energy efficient prod cuts.

Retailers The last piece of the energy efficient puzzle is partnering with the retailers. Retailers and consumers are going to benefit the most on this part of the new program. Retailers will have the advantage to sell to both individual homeowners as well as contracting companies so they will be drumming up business every. Veer. By selling energy efficient products, they will be eligible for the Same rebates that the contractors and Consumers are offered for switching over to more energy friendly products.

So whether they are selling homeowner an Energy Star rated refrigerator or selling Joey’s Plumbing and Heating Company a 30,000 BTU heating unit for a home, they are offered a rebate for selling those particular products. Culture, Social Responsibility, and Ethics We are always doing everything we can in today’s society to please everyone which is becoming a more difficult task every day. It is everyone’s responsibility to not only look out for themselves and their families but also look out for their neighbors and future generations. Every generation has worked to make the world better for the next.

By initiating this program we ill be ensuring a better future for generations to come. Not only will they be in homes that are heated properly, but they are more energy efficient which helps the environment. In today’s society many people are trying to fix the damage that our technological advances have caused so I fell that this will become a very welcome program. The only ethical concern is going to be in choosing who we conduct our partnerships with. We do not want to discriminate against any company or person but we also have to do what we need to do to protect the program and the people that wish to use it.

If we make sure that we offer the initial opportunity to everyone and base our decisions on the partnerships on predetermined factors, we should not have any ethical issues. Conclusion This program is a win-win-win for all that are involved. Duke Energy will be known for helping customers to bring in better products in their homes that will save them money as well as doing their part to reduce energy emissions. Homeowners will finally be able to upgrade to systems that will be better for the environment and in many cases reduce their monthly utility bills in half.

Banks will become partners with Duke Energy and the community to help families that will make people in the community use that particular bank more because they see them willing to help residents. Contractors will be able to grow their companies by working with communities and they will be known for their environmentally friendly atmosphere. And lastly, the retailers, they will be able to receive money back for selling more energy efficient products to their consumers. All it takes is for an individual home owner to call Duke Saves Initiative and sign up for their free home energy assessment.

Next an approved contractor assesses the areas in their homes that are not energy efficient and where they could improve. After that it becomes a domino effect of banks, contractors, retailers, and consumers that all benefit from this program. There is no one that does not benefit from this program, to me it is a no brainier.

Childhood essay

Confidentiality is essential in my line of work, not only from the children but from certain adults, we all have a duty to share information and disclose any issues are safe guarding. I am required to keep personal information and only distribute to those that need to know. Information that is private needs to be handled with care, safely, appropriately and in a professional manner which meets legal requirements. Confidentially can mean a few things: 1 . Trust: the relationships you’re building with the young people and families re vital.

The individuals need to know that we promote and carry out secure procedures to protect confidential information 2. Safety: some information must be kept confidential for safety reasons, however at times a child’s confidentiality can be breached either by the child and or parent. 3. The law: the law states all written and recorded information is legally bound for 75 years, recording is important as it can be taken to court if requested. Handling information correctly and follow safeguarding procedures. Recording: recording is essential and critical when working in this environment; you need to safeguard yourself and the young person with what ever information is going to be given. During a shift, I communicate in the following ways: 1 . Conversations, verbally passing on information whether it is one to one, supervision, handover, telephone calls and or team meetings. 2. Paper format: Written reports, letters, notes, all of which are photocopies and kept securely on the young person individual file.

No information should be taken offset or taken home. 3. Electronic information: a lot of information is now being stored and transferred electronically this is via a computer, laptop, USB, pen drives. Its another secure way to store data as computers are protected with passwords and can only be accessed by authorized individuals.

Bullard Houses Comprador essay

It is commonly used, as in this case, by a real-estate principal with deep pockets and limited purchase options who ears being held up for an extortionate price if his or her true identity should become known. ) Your undisclosed principal is the Conrad Milton Hotel group, a publicly held company that owns and operates eighty-three luxury hotels worldwide. For these reason, Conrad Milton wants you to keep their identity secret. You are attempting a brilliant coup. Because of its landmark status, demolition of the Ballard Houses is impossible.

Moreover, the garden area is too small for it to be partitioned into a viable separate building lot, given Asthma’s property margin rules. (Such rules commonly call for a minimum tieback of some number of feet between the property edge and the beginning of any structure. ) The difficulty of access to any such garden site almost surely forecloses the possibility of getting a waiver of these restrictions (such a waiver is called a variance), even if the garden land were rezoned as commercial (commercial property usually has a smaller setback requirement).

Hence, you are gambling that Downtown Realty has written off the possibility of developing the Ballard property for commercial use and that it is selling what it believes to be the (much less valuable) right to develop only luxury residential housing. Review Copy Do Not Reproduce The property is capable of another use, however. Your architects have drawn rough plans for the construction of a Milton Hotel on the site. The hotel would use the elegant Houses for its lobby and public rooms.

A great crystal tower would be built in the garden connecting to the rear of the Houses. Because there would be no need to margin off a separate plot, this site for the tower would be Of ideal dimensions, wide enough to permit eighty rooms per floor. Half of the rooms in the tower would be premium “bay view” rooms. The hotel would retain the Houses’ prestigious Bay Drive address and excellent access to the financial district. Even assuming the site can be acquired, however, making this celebrated landmark into a Milton Hotel will not be easy.

The Landmark Commission would have to approve the tower This case was created by Ron Kara and revised by Mix Tan, David Gold, Andrew Clarion, Paul Cramer, Douglas Stone, and Bruce Patton for the Harvard Negotiation Project. Copies are available at reasonable cost from the Clearinghouse for the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (website: www. Pond. Org; telephone: 800-258-4406 or 617-495-1684). This case may not be reproduced, revised, or translated in whole or in part by any means without the written permission of the director of Curriculum Development, Program on Negotiation, 513 Pound Hall, Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA 021 38.

Please help to preserve the usefulness of this case by keeping it confidential. Copyright 0 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1995, 2002 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. All rights reserved. (Revised 4/19/02. ) THE BALLARD HOUSES -? Confidential Instructions for the Buyers Representative construction, and the Zoning Board would have to rezone the site from residential to high-rise commercial. These changes are not inconceivable, but hey will depend heavily on politics. Nonetheless, you and your clients are optimistic about securing these administrative changes.

You feel that your hotel proposal is more politically acceptable than the luxury residential development that Downtown is reportedly considering. You intend to fan the considerable anger that has been expressed about plans to restrict use of the Houses to the rich and powerful. Although Milton Hotels are certainly not populist palaces, a new Milton would be a sorely needed addition to currently tight convention and hotel capacity in Gotcha. Moreover, the lobby and bars loud at least be open to the public, unlike the contemplated private residences.

Overall, the bottom line is that your proposal will succeed if it offers the mayor and her machine the only politically and economically viable alternative to luxury developments. You can see no reason why it wouldn’t: you have a good idea of the possible competing bids Downtown may have received. The Milton real-estate department believes that the Ballard complex could be developed in several ways: 1 . Residential housing development, namely brownstones or duplexes. Million’s real-estate department and construction consultants estimate that such a condo conversion would ultimately generate revenues to the developer of roughly $76 million.

Likewise, they estimate it would cost between $28 million and $34 million to build condos (not counting the cost Of purchasing the property from Downtown). Subtracting costs from revenues, leaves a net revenue to a potential developer for turning the Ballard Houses into luxury condos of $42 million to $48 million. From this projected net revenue you can figure out what a reasonable developer might be willing to pay Downtown for the Houses. This should give you a good idea of the kind of bids for the Houses that Downtown has in and now-?and which Absentia will have to beat.

Bullard Houses Instrucciones Generales essay

For nearly fifty years, the Ballard Houses dominated the Gotcha vista as their residents dominated the city’s financial and political structures. Built by what one historian called “an assemblage of former horse thieves, peddlers, farmers, and fur trappers,” with fortunes swollen by Civil War profits, the Houses quickly became a monument to privilege. Their splendor from without was rivaled only by the elegance of the salons and ballrooms within. The Houses seemed to be above daily life -? even during the Great Depression of the asses, they remained a beacon of success.

Eventually, however, shifting economic and sociological trends brought an end to the Houses’ proud reign of privilege. After World War II the swollen demand for housing in the historical district abated. The age of its buildings, the narrowness of its streets, and its deteriorating sewer system hastened a long, steep decline into crime-ridden decay. The war’s end also brought superhighways and rapid transit that made Gotcha accessible from still undeveloped, outlying areas. Finally, reconditioning became widely available, making the once crucial bay breezes superfluous and sealing the Ballard Houses’ fate.

Its occupants relocated en masses to the lush hills north of Gotcha. Review Copy Do Not Reproduce For the past seven years the Ballard property has been owned by Downtown Realty, Inc. Downtown bought the property, then occupied by low-income tenants, hoping to renovate and convert the property into condominiums. When Asthma’s nascent Landmark Commission declared the property a landmark, however, that plan seemed unlikely to be as profitable as hoped. Nevertheless, Downtown has proceeded to clear nearly all of the tenants from the building and has signed a relocation agreement with the remaining ewe.

If all goes as planned, the Houses will be empty in six months. Downtown Realty’s original predictions of a downtown resurgence proved correct, however. Gotcha weathered the recent recession magnificently with a successful biotech industry that lifted the local economy over the bumps of the nationwide slowdown. As this industry has This case was created by Ron Kara and revised by Mix Tan, David Gold, Andrew Clarion, Paul Cramer, Douglas Stone, and Bruce Patton for the Harvard Negotiation Project. Copies are available at reasonable cost from the Clearinghouse for the Program on

Negotiation at Harvard Law School (website: m. Vi. Pond. Org; telephone: 800-258-4406 or 617-495-1684). This case may not be reproduced, revised, or translated in whole or in part by any means without the written permission of the director of Curriculum Development, Program on Negotiation, 513 Pound Hall, Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA 021 38. Please help to preserve the usefulness of this case by keeping it confidential. Copyright 0 1 983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1 991, 1 995, 2002 by the President and Fellows Of Harvard College. All rights reserved. (Revised 4/19/02. THE BALLARD HOUSES – General Instructions prospered, demand has increased for new skyscrapers in the financial district. Biotech conventions have increased, and current meeting facilities are strained. Meanwhile, living in the city has become fashionable again, and the historical district has been almost completely regenerative. It is now the most chic area in Gotcha. Ironically, in the midst of this prosperity, Downtown Realty has run into trouble. The zoning clearance for their planned condo development has proven more difficult to get than expected.

Gentrification and the current Indo craze have driven apartment rents sky-high, forcing many middle- to lower-income residents of the historical district to relocate. This has fueled jealousy and resentment towards the young and newly wealthy biotech professionals who are moving into the area. Beyond a doubt, this contributed to the election of a populist mayor. At her urging, the Gotcha City Council passed tenants’ rights and anti-condo legislation that stretched the relocation process to nearly three times longer than Downtown’s original estimates. Moreover, the legislation required significant cash payments to departing tenants.

As the number of tenants dwindled, so did Downtown’s cash flow. Taxes rose however, and Downtown discovered that it costs almost as much to heat a near-empty building as a full one. As a result, with roughly six months Of tenant clearance remaining, Downtown is in a State Of financial extremis. First, it is delinquent on $60,000 in back property taxes. The city has begun to threaten a tax sale, but the formalities would take at least a year. Second, it will be unable to make its annual $189,000 payment due next week on the twenty-year, 7% note ($2 million principal) it gave to the previous owners of the property.

However, the corporation is in no immediate danger of triggering the acceleration clause for default on payment, because Downtown’s owners (wealthy individuals) could loan it the $189,000 needed before the deadline. Downtown’s owners want to sell the Ballard Houses as soon as possible. Retaining the property for any significant period would require a substantial capital infusion by the owners to Downtown, which they are reluctant to make. Furthermore, they no longer have any interest in developing this property themselves -? they have soured on rehabilitation and would prefer to specialize in new development.

They also need the money they have tied up in the Houses to finance new investments. Under the circumstances investment loans would be hard to come by. Downtown’s architectural consultant believes that the Houses could be converted into approximately ninety large, luxury duplexes or fifty-one magnificent brownstones. This might be politically problematic, however. Considerable anger has been aroused by the move to resurrect the Houses as a symbol of wealth and privilege. In a speech last week the mayor once again denounced gentrification as a heartless displacement of the poor, suggesting that if

Gotcha had the money (which it doesn’t) it would purchase the Houses by eminent domain and let all citizens, not just the rich, have access to the landmark. Landmark status, tenants’ rights, and anti-condo legislation have frozen the Houses in their dilapidated state for seven years. However, while the preservation of landmarks and tenants’ rights are politically popular, the current real estate boom in the downtown area is putting the Copyright O 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1995, and 2002 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. All rights reserved. 2

Landmark Commission and the Zoning Board (both dominated by allies of the mayor) under significant pressure to promote some development of the Houses as soon as possible. The entire Ballard parcel is zoned residential, so a condo conversion plan that preserved the buildings facade would pose no legal problems. Eventually, unless they find a better alternative, these two administrative groups will probably swallow their populist ideals and approve a plan for luxury duplexes or brownstone. Copyright c 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1995, and 2002 by the president and Fellows of Harvard College. All rights reserved.

Assignment essay

This chapter discuss about the introduction of this study, which included the information of the background of e-filling system in Malaysia, problem statement, research questions, research objective, and significance of study. 1. 1 Background The function of Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (RIBS) is to act as an agent for the government of Malaysia in the administration, assessment, collection and enforcement of income tax and other taxes within Malaysia.

Initially, the tax return was done manually. As information technology (IT) has become moon in this era, e-filing system has first been launched in Malaysia by the Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (RIBS) in February 2006. In many countries such as United States (US), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Africa, Singapore, the United Kingdom (K) and Japan, e-filing is offered as an option to taxpayers and their tax representatives and had progressively embraced (Ling & Fat, 2008).

In Malaysia, e-filing system provides another choice for Malaysia citizen to file their tax via internet rather than submit manually. E-filing can be used for non-business income forms, partnership arms, non-resident individual forms, employer forms and company forms. E-filing system is a system which provides conveniences for the public to submit their tax assessment or payment electronically at any time and from anywhere within a few mouse clicks.

E-filing system provides many aspects of conveniences to the taxpayers, as well as bringing benefits to the tax authorities. To the taxpayers, e-filing system offers time flexibility and reduces calculation errors on the tax return forms. To the tax authorities, e- filing systems minimize their workloads since the public can submit tax returns by their own. It also reduces the operational cost such as printing costs, delivery costs, scanning costs, processing cost, handling cost and storing cost of the data due to a paperless environment.

Despite there are many benefits associated through e-filing, there are only a plenty of users using e-filing system. In 2006, the fritterers of implementation of e-filing system, there is only 1 20,000 out of 4 million individual taxpayers had used e- filing, which mean that there is only 3% of the total individual taxpayers had fully utilized the e-filing system. Although there is an increase in the number f using e-filing in 2008 by 35. 78% to 88, 130 people compare to year 2006 and year 2007, it is still consider low usage of the system in Malaysia.

Lack of confidence towards the technology and the quality of the system, discomfort because of the exposure of privacy to the public, question about the effectiveness of using e-filing and perceive usefulness have become the factors which causes dissatisfaction among the tax e-filing users in Malaysia. Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (RIBS) has set a goal Of having 80 percent Of Malaysian tax payers to use e-filing in future. To increase the usage of e-filing yester provided by the government to the public, it is important to understand the view from the user’s perception and the response from the users after using the system.

Hence, this study aims to investigate the factors which will affect the satisfaction of individual taxpayers throughout the way of using e-filing system. 1. Problem Statement E-filing is designed to be a platform that provides convenience, cost and time- saving for individual taxpayers. The system of e-filing should be optimized for time-efficiency but also should be straightforward enough that it can be understood by all e-filing users easily. However, from 2006 to 2012, the number of e-filling user in Malaysia just arose from 5% to 37% (Doing Business ROR 2015).

Even though e-filing usage rate in Malaysia has been increase rapidly in these few years, it still quite far to the government expectation of having 80% of usage of e-filing in the future due to dissatisfaction of individual taxpayer to e;filling that arises from certain factors (Md. Animal Islam, 2010). There are some factors that lead to dissatisfaction of taxpayer on e-filing in Malaysia, summarized below: 1) The system of e-filing congested or jammed and became slow when nearing the benison date of tax filing due to heavy usage. 2) The server of e-filing down and users cannot access the website. ) User’s privacy has been threatened as his or her confidential information can be accidentally accessed by the others in the system. 4) The internet speed is not so good in some undeveloped zone and less developed zone in Malaysia such as rural place, Saba and Karakas and hence for the people who stay at there, e-filing is a hard task and even impossible to them. 5) The issue of ease of use of e-filing has not provided to guide users especially to some higher aged users (Md. Animal Islam, 2010). Today, satisfaction of individual taxpayer on e-filing in Malaysia has become a crucial area research.

Actions should be taken by government to solve the problems that summarized above in order to achieve the goal of 80% usage of e-filing in the future. Thus, this study will aim in identifying and determining the factors of privacy, convenience, system and information quality and perceived usefulness of e-filing that influence satisfaction of individual taxpayer. 1. 3 Research Questions I. What is the relationship between privacy and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers? II. What is the relationship between convenience and e- filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers? Ill.

What is the relationship between system and information quality and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers? IV. What is the relationship between perceived usefulness and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers? 1. 4 Research Objectives I. To study the relationship between privacy and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers. II. To study the relationship between convenience and e- filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers. Ill. TO study the relationship individual taxpayers. IV. To study the relationship between perceived usefulness and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers. 1. Hypotheses Hal : There is a positive relationship between privacy and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers. Ha: There is a positive relationship between convenience and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers. Ha: There is a positive relationship between system and information quality and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers. Ha:There is a positive relationship between perceived usefulness and e-filling satisfaction among individual taxpayers. 1. Significant of Study This study was conducted to understand the factors that influence the satisfaction of individual taxpayers on e-filing.

The main factors which discuss in this study included privacy of individual tax payers to the public, conveniences in using e-filing, system and information quality and perceived usefulness. Hence, this study will be focused on the selected factors stated previously and will also conduct further investigation and evaluation towards the factors chosen. This study will be helpful to whom planning to use e-filing to submit their tax assessment and tax return forms as this study will provide better view Of strengths and weaknesses Of using e-filing to all taxpayer in Malaysia.

Moreover, this study will provide recommendations on how to increase the usage rate of e-filing in Malaysia. Thus, the result of this research will provide a better understanding of the factors that affect the satisfaction of individual taxpayers on e-filing. Measurement of Variables This questionnaire consists oftener sections (Section A, B and C). The first section is demographic information. Second section consists of questions specify to the independent variables, which are privacy and security, system laity and perceived usefulness. Last section is to identify user satisfaction towards e-filing system in Malaysia.

Nominal scale will be used in section A. Liker scare with five-point scale will be used in section B and C, this rating scales designed to examine how strongly subjects agree or disagree. Besides, in five-point liker scale, respondents can give a neutral response by choosing the neutral option given. In five-point liker scale, 1 indicates strongly disagree, 2 indicates disagree, 3 indicates neutral, 4 indicates agree and 5 indicates strongly agree. Parts Variables Items Usefulness Demographic information Question 1-7 (Nominal Scale) To identify the basic information of all the respondents.

Privacy and security Question 8-10 (Five-point liker scale) To identify privacy and security of the system. System quality Question 11-13 To evaluate the system quality. Perceived usefulness Question 14-16 To determine the perceived usefulness of taxpayers toward e-filing system. C Users satisfaction Question 17-19 To identify users satisfaction toward e-filing system in Malaysia. We are students from CUSS University Koala Lump Campus and we are now doing research on the user satisfaction towards tax e-filing system in Malaysia. There are three (3) sessions in this questionnaire.