Trials And Verdicts essay

Former NFG star Darrel Sharper, 39 has pleaded guilty to federal charges of drugging and raping three women in New Orleans, Louisiana. He had previously pleaded guilty to similar charges distributing drugs with the intent to commit rape in Nevada, Arizona, and California. This case started in the Louisiana state courts but has moved on to federal court. The united States Supreme Court will hear this case due to the fact that he has plead guilty in more than one state to drugging and raping women.

This case actually has lit-jurisdiction, but in March a resolved all charges in all jurisdictions. He was sentenced to nine years in Arizona for sexual assault, he is expected to do a nine year sentence in California, an eight year sentence in Lass Vegas, Nevada. He will serve 10 years total in prison instead of the multi-state sentences. Darrel Sharper played football for the green bay packers, the Vikings and the Saints, he starred in the super bowl one as a rookie with the packers and 201 0 victory with the Vikings.

Rapper/Singer Chris Brown, 26 has accepted a plea deal for misdemeanors harass for simple assault that happened in October 2013. Apparently Chris Brown punched one or two men who tried to “bottom” his picture on the streets of Washington D. C. Brown had previously pleaded guilty on felony assault charges in 2009 against at the time girlfriend Iranian, and was on probation. After Brown accepted the plea deal he was sentenced to time served. According to his lawyers he only accepted a guilty plea deal so that he could go on tour to promote his next album.

I do not believe that justice was served due to the fact that he had already plead guilty to a previous FELONY assault as a plea bargain. He has not learned his lesson that you cannot just assault someone because they make you mad. Michael Kenneth McAlister, 56 was released from prison after 29 long years Of being wrongly convicted, and almost civilly committed for a crime he did not commit. McAlister was misidentified by a young south Richmond woman in 1 986 who said he abducted and attempted to rape her in her apartment complex Laundromat.

Richmond police were unaware that Henries county officers were following Deer to the same apartments and had an undercover female cop to lure the suspect. McAlister was rejected a pardon in 2003 but since then more information has come to light, McAlister was finally granted an absolute pardon, meaning the governor and his staff must review all of the documents and evidence of the case, and he avoids a civil commitment hearing, also a confession from a serial rapist named Norman B.

Deer whom resembled McAlister. Help free this man. McAlister is the second man to be sent to prison for a crime committed by Deer. According to the pardon request officers “believe that it is highly improbable that another stocking- ask-wearing, knife-wielding 6-foot-tall white man with shoulder length blonde hair was terrorizing women at night in the Town & Country apartment complex laundry rooms during the same period in time. McAlister received a phone call minutes after he was released from the governor of Virginia to apologize for the time of his that had been wasted. In conclusion, Trials and Verdicts are just a small part to criminal justice system, the three court cases examined in the previous paragraphs explain the processes of the Supreme Court, the plea bargain and the way it is cached, and how the wrongly accused are exonerated.

Beauty Definition essay

Therefore, any people forget that there is more to a person than just their looks. In my eyes, beauty means fully loving yourself and appreciating what you were born with because no matter how hard you try , you will never be able to change yourself completely. Although ‘”beauty’ and “attractiveness” are synonyms, they are two completely different things. Attractiveness, as defined by Dictionary. Com, is “arousing interest or engaging one’s thought. ” One person may look at someone beautiful and admire that person for a short amount of time.

However, someone who attracts others by their personality will always be beautiful. Therefore, attractiveness helps to create long lasting relationships, while physical beauty can only last for so long. The media is everywhere. We are now living in a world flooded with the mass media. Therefore, when the media portrays beauty as being super skinny and extremely tall, we are pressured to think that as well. When beauty companies advertise their products to the public, the people on the commercials are flawless. To get this way, however, there are hours of Photocopying involved to cover up any scars and imperfections.

They do this to trick people, especially women, into buying their products, which claim o give them “perfect bodies. ” The girls in the magazine do not even look like the girls in the magazine. Before appearing in the magazines, models are manipulated with the help of technology to fit the media’s idea of thinness and beauty. They are free of winkles, blemishes, and even pore. “Perfect’ models are fake. When models look at their magazine images, they may not even recognize themselves. If society definition of perfect is not even real, then how can we possibly live up to their definition of being beautiful?

Women spend a great deal of money on beauty products to get them closer o the media’s version of beauty. One way that women try to cover up their flaws is by using large amounts of makeup to cover their faces. A woman first applies foundation to even out her skin tone, then concealed to hide redness and any dark circles under the eye, and bronzer in the hollow of her cheeks to make her face look slimmer. She primes her eyelids to make eyeshades last, applies eyeliner to make her eyes look bigger, and then mascara to define and lengthen her lashes.

A bold color lipstick is the final touch that secures her insecurity and makes her stand out in the public. Another way that omen try to look beautiful is by following extreme diets and taking pills to achieve the body that they want. Some women go as far as to undergo painful plastic surgery to change their looks permanently. In some extreme cases, women even lose their lives. For example, a housekeeper from Weston, Flab. Died following a $3,600 lip-sculpting procedure at the Alone Medical Rejuvenation Institute in Florida.

She worked seven days a week to earn money for the procedure, while it took only a few hours to lose her life. The media is so powerful that it could impact the traditional value of beauty in nee culture. For instant, there was no television in Fiji, a South Pacific nation, before 1995. The “thin” idea did not affect them because women with curvy bodies and large appetites are valued and encouraged. It is a sign of prosperity, health, and fertility. Thus, to insult someone, Fijian people used the phrase “skinny legs. ” After television was introduced, girls in Fiji began dieting and showing signs of anorexia.

This was a response to the beautiful, tall, and skinny women on TV. The media brainwashes young girls into believing that outer beauty is the most essential thing of all. The show Toddlers & Tiaras is a great example, because it follows families of young contestants in child beauty pageants. Contestants’ moms train and force their young girls to closely resemble their adult counterparts, including waxing eyebrows and wearing heavy makeup. Thus, these young girls are shaped to think that a beautiful outer look is the only thing needed to win and get what they want.

Eight years old pageant Pro, Daises Mae, said that “Facial beauty is the most important thing in life and in pageants. ” It is not normal for children to say this because children should not attach too much important to physical attributes. These children do not spend their time on age appropriate activities such as playing outdoors and reading books. Instead, they waste their childhood focused on their looks. Even though outer beauty is promoted by the media, there are people who realize that outer beauty is not everything.

People, who are able to merely overcome judging someone quickly and harshly based on their appearances, can truly get to know how great someone can be. A beautiful looking person with an ugly heart will always be truly ugly. Sooner or later, time will catch up to them and no matter how hard they try to preserve their looks, their true nature will begin o show. That person’s ugly personality will chase away the people around him or her. As a result, he or she will end up dying alone. In contrast, there could be a not so great looking person with a beautiful heart, that many people will find them to be lovely even so.

Inner beauty is someone’s personality and morality. They are features that define someone’s true beauty. They express their inner self by being caring and loving to others. Their inner beauty attracts and creates long lasting bonds with people. Inner beauty will always make someone look young. Despite being old, a person tit a beautiful personality will always feel beautiful and happy because there are people who are willing to love and care for them in return. Besides the two traditional meanings of beauty, the perceptions about beauty has been extended more overtime.

In my opinion, beauty is to respect your body, learn to appreciate and love what you are naturally created with. Someone who shaped my idea of what beauty is, is Alice Walker. In “Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self,” Walker explains her journey of finding her definition of true beauty. When she was young, Lice’s perception of beauty was simple cause she was born with natural cuteness. Her perception of beauty was spoiled by other people around her since they praised her by saying “Oh, isn’t she the cutest thing! ” One day, her brothers accidental shot her in the eye.

Her physical beauty, once brought her pride and joy, now gave her shame and disappointment. She learned and accepted her injured eye, but she did not love it. Lice’s perception of beauty has changed overtime, but she did not recognize it until her daughter saw “a world” in her eye. She came to the conclusion that true beauty was within her heart. That night, she dreamed of ere other self as “whole and free” because she freed herself from her prison to appreciate and give love for her body. When I was in middle school, I was highly self-consciousness about my body weight.

Growing up, my friends often teased me by comparing me to a pig. One day, decided to give myself a new look by cutting my eating portion. I was successful because I was able to lose five pounds. My teachers asked if I was sick because I began to have a pale-as-turkey-meat skin. I started to have cravings for food. I became so hungry that could not help myself and ate large amounts of food uncontrollably in hope to end my hunger. I would make myself even hungrier by looking at all the foods I could not have. I asked my mother for help, so she told me to just go back to eating normally.

My mother said that if I wanted my body to treat me well then would have to do the same to it. I began to just eat healthier and exercise more; after this experience, I began to feel good in my own skin, and realized that I was beautiful in my own unique way. Beauty is really how you perceive it. You may look at yourself and feel that you have a really ugly butt, because to you it is so big. However, someone may look at o and say “She is so beautiful. Look at her butt! I wish I had that. ” It shows that although you may hate your appearance, someone out there may love it.

Another way to look at it would be if you look at yourself and notice that you do not have the smallest legs in the world, but you know they are beautiful anyway because you respect and love your body just the way it is. This really goes to show that beauty is just how you look at it. The most beautiful and happiest people in the world are the ones who love themselves even though they know that they are not perfect. Beauty takes shape in many forms. Different societies have different perceptions of beauty and at a young age, children learn to adapt to them.

Violence in kindred essay

Even more so, she uses violence as a dominant theme throughout the entire novel. As always, a sensitive topic like full out physical abuse is hard to handle for mom readers, and that makes people question whether the prevalent violent theme in Kindred was truly necessary. Without violence, the novel would never of become such an accurate and view changing story. In fact, removing the violence in the book would of toned down reality and created a misrepresentation of historical fact.

The necessity of violence in Kindred was to accurately educate the reader about the never ending abuse which blacks were forced to submit themselves too during the early 1 ass’s, and without it the novel would of been nothing more than pure fiction. In 19th century North America, white men held the highest socio-economic status, and had absolute authority over their “inferior’ counterparts. Due to this power, society gave them every right to abuse African Americans and make them into slaves, effectively striping them of all human rights and making violence towards blacks socially acceptable. Unfortunately, not only was it socially acceptable to abuse your slaves, but a slammers would be looked down upon if he did not In Kindred, Tom Wyllie shows his authority through regular whippings of slaves. When a field hand responded rudely, Wyllie ordered the man stripped naked and tied to the trunk of a dead tree… Suddenly, he brought the whip down across the slave’s back” (Butler 92). This quote shows how if any slave questioned his master’s authority, they would be immediately punished. Additionally, this was usually not because the clatterers were evil.

Usually, a slammers would be a “ordinary man who sometimes did the monstrous things his society said were legal and proper” (Butler 134). Without the presence of violence, the plantation would have been run in a unrealistic fashion that would not be an accurate presentation of the times. The asses mentality caused for miscreant personality amongst individuals that was passed on from generation to generation. This continued the cycle of violence in slaves’ lives. Growing up, Rufus picked up on his father’s example.

His father often whipped him, and as Dana observed, “Tom Wyllie had probably marked his son more than he knew with that whip. ” (Butler 39). Tom Wyllie did not realize that his abuse was slowly starting to take its toll on his son. When Dana asked Rufus why he tried to burn down the stables, he said “l wanted Daddy to give me Nero- a rose I liked. But he sold him to Reverend Yamaha just because Reverend Yamaha offered a lot of money. Daddy already has a lot of money. Anyway, got mad and burned down the stable” (Butler 25). His explanation can be deciphered simply as an act of revenge.

When something did not go Ruff’s way, he made sure it did by implementing physical force. These tendencies developed at a young age and continued to be intact when he grew up. As the master of the plantation, he constantly raped and abused Alice to quench his sexual desires because he could not accept feelings of frustration and the Hough of abandoning the desire. No matter the circumstance, Rufus always made sure that, one way or another, he got his way. Tom Welkin’s behavioral tendencies were adopted by Rufus, making life no less violent and terror-filled for the slaves.

Not only was violence necessary to show how it was widely accepted in society, but violence was also used as a method of quitting rebellions through fear. Butler used widely used violence and the fear of it to show how much it would scare the slaves into obedience. For any small act Of disobedience, there was an unimaginably larger punishment. In Kindred, the impact of these violence acts were accurately represented through Dona’s thoughts on them. She said ‘the whipping served its purpose as far as was concerned.

It scared me, made me wonder how long it would be before I made a mistake that would give someone a reason to whip me” (Butler 92). Through this quote from Dana, it is evident how Butler used the torturous beatings to showcase the harsh mental effects it had on the victims. Similarly, the whippings are a symbol of a slave’s life. Like a whipping session, a slave’s life was hard and stretched out, and with everyday they would break down more ND more. Sometimes, the fear of getting whipped was a more powerful tool in preventing rebellions than the actual physical pain they caused.

Because whippings were essential in controlling the slaves, it was vital for Butler to include them in the novel. Catalyst, violence in Kindred was used to show how the treatment of slaves was used to euthanize and put down blacks. In a society where a slave owner had absolute power over its “property”, the importance of a slave’s life was greatly disregarded. Butler used this notion and violence to show how in the eyes of whites, slaves were subhuman. Thusly, they had no rights, and received extremely unlucky treatment.

When traveling to the sass’s as a black women, Dana stated that in that time “there was no shame in raping a black woman, but there could be shame in loving one” (Butler 124). This mentality was enforced by Rufus and his father, as they have both raped black women numerous times. Rape is a violent act that is sometimes harsh to read about, but Butler’s decision to include it showed how only the wishes of the white mattered. However, the second part of Dona’s quote is arguably more powerful, as she says loving a slave is beyond shameful.

This meant that while an act of rape towards a black women was accept blue, showing any type of affection towards her was so shameful it was almost unspeakable. In order to communicate the severity of the demutualization towards blacks in the sass’s, Butler had to include rape and violence. The theme of violence has constantly appeared throughout Kindred. It is filled with whippings, rapes, dog attacks, and a hanging to show just how violent the life of an African American slave was. Butler writes about violence in explicit detail to try to give the reader an optimal understanding of what slavery was like.

Group Leadership And Conflict SummaryAB essay

The team prepared themselves by espousing to one another and leaving the discussion open for other team members to respond as well. Some of the team, did not respond back to the forum as frequent as the others, but still responded though. Then the team posted to the team forum about when they were going to post and so forth. Yes, I can say that everyone participated in the group. We could have had more communication and more open discussions about the videos and different scenarios of the videos. The team communicated effectively and openly without destructive conflict involved.

Yes, team members were open o different views about the video especially the video “Politics of Sociology’. Both videos have encountered different views from the team. I enjoyed reading the different views because it opened me up to different levels of thinking as well. The overall climate of the discussion was a classroom climate and a productive climate. The classroom climate is where the discussion begin in a classroom setting but in a distant learning environment. The team was productive in the discussion when it comes to evaluating the videos and how everyone in the team feels about their input.

Yes, some of the team was productive. Some of the team came together and discussed the goal or task. Then, the team waited on feedback from the rest of team. The team collaboration was effective with the time permitted and the information required. The team was supportive, respectful, and offer advice in the team setting. The need to approach the group with increases cohesion is not needed at this team. Video Analysis – “Planning A Playground” The issues in the meeting were not coming prepared. For instance, in the beginning of the video, the team introduced themselves.

There was not an agenda outlined, so the team begin discussing the task at hand, planning to lid a playground, and how to get funding for the project. One of the team members, eyelash, came in with a how much it would cost to build a playground. This idea was great. The team group did well by discussing ways to get the funding. Betty, one of the team members discussed about bake sales. I enjoyed the idea of the bake sale, then the team felt this measure of funding would not have been adequate. The communication was open and productive.

There was constructive conflict in the scenario. Constructive conflict occurs when the group or team expresses disagreements in ways that alee everyone’s contributions and promote the group’s goals. (Englander, Wynn, 201 2) The key factor is when the team did not agree with Betty’s idea of a bake sale. After not agreeing with the bake sale, the team discussed why the bake sale was not a good idea, then discussed another option for the funding. One conflict style that I saw was collaboration, and compromise. Would have prepared an agenda.

In the agenda, I would have outlined what the task would have been and goals to be accomplished. Would have assigned everyone to different jobs to complete. For instance, Betty could eave been the chairperson and eyelash could have been the bookkeeper or handle the financial portion of the project. Video Analysis – “The Politics of Sociology” There a few issues in the team meeting. There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. The leader could not lead the team after the outburst from Tremor and the other lady.

In the video, the only thing that was done well was the meeting on time. As soon as the meeting begin, the conflict begin. Destructive conflict is presented in the video. For instance, the team had behavioral issues and this created a hostile environment to work in for the mea. There were other conflict styles presented such as accommodation, competition, and procedural. For example, one of the team implemented a new assignment, and Tremor, being competed and procedural implemented, “l have teaching this class for many years, and I know this is not going to work. The guy had a great idea but Tremor was not hearing it. The leader could have exhibited better leadership skills but allowing the team to construct but not destruct. As soon as the leader noticed conflict was arising, then he could have stopped it before it had gotten too far. The leader of the team acknowledged but did not step in when needed to defuse the issue at hand. The team goal was not met and everyone was upset. First thing is to have an agenda. Next would have been to assign everyone a task top complete within the group.

By assigning roles in the group, destructive conflict could have been eliminated. I would have used the Trait leadership Theory in this scenario. By using this theory in the team will help me analyze different behaviors needed to conquer the task or goal set. When the constructive conflict turned destructive, would have ended the meeting and post a new date. Then, go back and discuss the issues that has arose in the meeting. I would have opening discussion about the meeting and effective ways to change the outcome.

Another thing I would have implemented would have been to stand up and not sit down and the next meeting and further meetings. This will keep the team members mind focused on the point at hand, completing the goal or task presented. When you are in a team, many issues may arise. By being an effective leader, one can use effective leadership skills to implement. Such skills such as promoting cohesion is one criteria needed in this scenario. Can incorporate cohesion by showing aspect to other team members, and allow everyone to be active listeners.

By showing respect to one another in a team, the members can reach the unaccomplished goal set. There are different personalities and diversities in a group, but as long as you can work together despite the diversities, attitude, behaviors, competition, the goal can be completed effectively. I enjoyed the team collaboration this week. Have so much from the videos and the team input and discussion. Effective communication is needed in all areas of teams. Know that working in team can be challenging, but always remember to put our best foot forward, and keep on moving towards the goal.

Short Article essay

That’s a question every student should be asking themselves. In high school e everything was planned, from the time you walked in, to the time you left. College is a who ole new playing field. You’re responsible for everything you do, even registering for classes! As fun and exciting as that all sounds that means that you will be responsible for making time to see friends and doing school work.

If you manage your time poorly you’ll be at risk for failing y our classes or even worse, losing some close friends or relationships. A big part of students failing out of college or even losing friends comes from procrastinating. It’s really easy to say “Oh I’ll finish that after’ but do you ever actually finish it? Don’t let a silly thing like procrastination ruin a great friendship, or years worst h of hard work. It’s simple to make a plan for managing time, and it’s a shame that not every nee does it.

You could be the best with planning time,(or so you think) you should always have a least something to fall back on when something unexpected comes into your life and gets you r mind off track. For this article I designed 5 questions that were formatted to give the best ad sis people had for managing their time. After posting the survey on Faceable got six id efferent people to answer. Each answer is different from the last, but each answer has some Greg at advice! The first question I asked was ” Did you lose any relationships to the workload of college?

If so, would you go back and try to change the way you managed your time? ” To some this question might have been personally, but it had to be asked. Some young students think that this topic is no big deal, when in reality it changes your life. The first responses is one Of the realize SST answers I got to this question. L lost friendships from high school, but grew new ones. I would have managed my time better by more closely following my own advice regarding time manage meant. However, I am proud and happy where I am now and likely wouldn’t change much. Life isn’t always fair, you are bound to lose some people. The people that walk out without reason were just never meant to be in your life. If you’ve done everything you can to juggle the crazy fife of college classes and the everyday events life throws at you than you’ve done something g right! After such a personally question I went on to ask some simpler and more pope n questions. The next question was What would you do to make sure you had enough time to maintain decent grades and see friends. One helpful answer was ” Prioritize things. I would also gauge which work was procrastinations and which wasn’t. ” To most people this is the e common thing to do. This method was drilled in our heads all the way back in elementary SOHO 01. Over the years though, it has become easy for students to just put things off to be involved in other activities. Also it’s very easy to get distracted by all the technology we have around us. S o even though this method is something we should all be use to, it’s a lot easier said than done.


He has effectively interacted with lecturers and professors in the department to gain maximum possible academic knowledge on a daily basis.

What has caught my eye very early and impressed me time and again is the act that he is a prolific writer of technical papers. Having participated in various National and State Level Paper Presentation Competitions, he has gained immense insights into wide-ranging areas. This experience, while directly increasing his knowledge in these areas, has benefited him immensely by way of exposure to the latest happenings in the fields. In our interactions during committee meetings, he came up with some innovative ideas to enhance teaching methods and was also efficient in indicating some practical approach towards realizing the same.

His creativity earned him a lot of appreciation from professors. Recommend him for graduate studies since in my view his academic competence and commitment, definitely makes him one of the most noteworthy students have taught. I am convinced he will put forth all his efforts into any endeavor. He will be an asset to your department and I recommend him without reservation.

bloodthirsty fiend essay

Greened to gnaw the broken bones Of his last human supper. Human Eyes were watching his evil steps, Waiting to see his swift hard claws. Greened snatched at the first Seat He came to, ripped him apart, cut His body to bits with powerful jaws, Drank the blood from his veins, and bolted Him down, hands and feet; death And Grenade’s great teeth came together, Snapping life shut. Then he stepped to another Still body, clutched at Beowulf with his claws, Grasped at a stouthearted wakeful sleeper And was instantly seized himself, claws Bent back as Beowulf leaned up on one arm.

That shepherd of evil, guardian of crime, Knew at once that nowhere on earth Had he met a man whose hands Were harder; His mind was flooded with fear?but nothing Could take his talons and himself from that tight Hard grip. Grenade’s one thought was to run From Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide there: This was a different Hero than the hall he had emptied. But Haggles follower remembered his final Boast and, standing erect, stopped The monster’s flight, fastened those claws In his fists till they cracked, clutched Greened Closer. The infamous killer fought

For his freedom, wanting no flesh but retreat, Desiring nothing but escape; his claws Had been caught, he was trapped. That trip to Hero Was a miserable journey for the writhing monster! The high hall rang, its roof boards swayed, And Danes shook with terror. Down The aisles the battle swept, angry And wild. Hero trembled, wonderfully Built to withstand the blows, the struggling Great bodies beating at its beautiful walls; Shaped and fastened with iron, inside And out, artfully worked, the building 460 465 470 475 480 485 490 495 Stood firm. Its benches rattled, fell TO the floor, goldbricked boards grating

As Greened and Beowulf battled across them. Hoarder’s wise men had fashioned Hero To stand forever; only fire, They had planned, could shatter what such skill had put Together, swallow in hot flames such splendor Of ivory and iron and wood. Suddenly The sounds changed, the Danes started In new terror, cowering in their beds as the terrible Screams of the Almighty enemy sang In the darkness, the horrible shrieks of pain And defeat, the tears torn out of Grenade’s Taut throat, hell’s captive caught in the arms Of him who of all the men on earth 9 That mighty protector of men

Meant to hold the monster till its life Was the strongest. Leaped out, knowing the fiend was no use TO anyone in Denmark. All of Beowulf Band had jumped from their beds, ancestral Swords raised and ready, determined To protect their prince if they could. Their courage Was great but all wasted: They could hack at Greened From every side, trying to open A path for his evil soul, but their points Could not hurt him, the sharpest and hardest iron Could not scratch at his skin, for that assassinated demon Had bewitched all men’s weapons, laid spells That blunted every mortal man’s blade.

And yet his time had come, his days Were over, his death near; down To hell he would go, swept groaning and helpless To the waiting hands of still worse fiends. Now he discovered?once the afflicted Of men, tormentor of their days?what it meant To feud with Almighty God: Greened Saw that his strength was deserting him, his claws Bound fast, Highball’s brave follower tearing at His hands. The monsters hatred rose higher, But his power had gone. He insisted in pain, And the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder 500 505 510 515 10 520 525 530 535 Snapped, muscle and bone split And broke.

The battle was over, Beowulf Had been granted new glory: Greened escaped, But wounded as he was could flee to his den, His miserable hole at the bottom of the marsh, Only to die, to wait for the end Of all his days. And after that bloody Combat the Danes laughed with delight. He who had come to them from across the sea, Bold and strengthened, had driven affliction Off, purged Hero clean. He was happy, Now, with that night’s fierce work; the Danes Had been served as he’d boasted he’d serve them; Beowulf, A prince of the Seats, had killed Greened, Ended the grief, the sorrow, the suffering

Forced on Hoarder’s helpless people By a bloodthirsty fiend. No Dane doubted The victory, for the proof, hanging high From the rafters where Beowulf had hung it, was the monsters Arm, claw and shoulder and all. And then, in the morning crowds surrounded Hereto warriors coming to that hall From faraway lands, princes and leaders Of men hurrying to behold the monsters Great staggering tracks. They gaped with no sense Of sorrow, felt no regret for his suffering, Went tracing his bloody footprints, his beaten And lonely flight, to the edge of the lake Where he’d dragged his acropolises way, doomed

And already weary of his vanishing life. The water was bloody, steaming and boiling In horrible pounding waves, heat Sucked from his magic veins; but the swirling Surf had covered his death, hidden Deep in murky darkness his miserable End, as hell opened to receive him. Then old and young rejoiced, turned back From that happy pilgrimage, mounted their hardheaded 540 545 550 555 560 565 Horses, highlighted stallions, and rode them Slowly toward Hero again, retelling Beowulf bravery as they jogged along. And over and over they swore that nowhere On earth or under the spreading sky

Or between the seas, neither south nor north, Was there a warrior worthier to rule over men. (But no one meant Beowulf praise to belittle Warthogs, their kind and gracious king! ) . . ‘They live in secret places, windy Cliffs, wolfhounds where water pours 11 From the rocks, then runs underground, where mist Steams like black clouds, and the groves of trees Growing out over their lake are all covered With frozen spray, and wind down snakelike Roots that reach as far as the water And help keep it dark. At night that lake Burns like a torch. No one knows its bottom, No wisdom reaches such depths.

Why People Go Into Business essay

These are the different reasons why people go into business. Social Approval The businessman has a high social standing in the community. Profit The major factor of motivation for going into business is profit. Individuals enter into these activities because of the anticipation of a “reward” in the form of monetary benefits. ASide from this, returns must be realized by their productive assets so as to maintain a satisfactory level of productive operations.

Service to the Community and to Employees Many business men render service to the community in donating money, pinioning civic activities, setting up facilities for community needs, or providing opportunities for employment. Personal Satisfaction This personal satisfaction comes about from the social Status conferred on those engaged in business. It also arises from the many opportunities given the businessmen to satisfy his creative urge, his desire to witness the concrete fruits of endeavors, and his search for self-fulfillment in what e feels is useful activity. Livelihood People go into business to earn a living.

The pervasive influence of business n human activity is such, that very often the only avenue where one could enter in the hopes of earning a living, is to work for commercial, industrial, or service establishment. Power Some people enter business because they expect to rise up to positions of prestige, power, and leadership. Successful businessman exercise influence with the money or productive facilities under his control, and commands authority over the subordinates working under him. Protection Quite often individuals inherit a business and rather suffer a loss through selling it decide to run the business themselves.

The Role of Male Practitioners in Early Years essay

Builds relations with the nursery and male careers- it can be daunting for a an to enter an all female setting and vice versa Research carried out by the Children’s Workforce Development Council in 2008, showed that 36% of children from lone parent families had under six hours week Of contact time with a man, while 17% had fewer than two hours. Male early years workers are therefore vital in making sure young children have quality contact time with men. Some children/ cultures respond to men rather than women. Therefore male practitioners can promote positive behavior. My experience….. Have worked in a variety of settings some only woman and some with one male practitioner and another setting with 2 ale practitioners and a male administrator. Have seen the impact that having a male practitioner can have on parents, staff and the children. Personal Accounts spoke with two male practitioners who I worked with in the past to get and insight into their experience. Mike L. ? 8 years experience When first went on placements and for interviews, the managers would be initially shocked, went for 5 interviews before I was offered a job and I believed it was because I’m a man. Love my job and once the parents get to know me, the love having a male practitioner. A lot of the dads find it easier to speak with me and specially grandfathers will speak with me, think the find it less intimidating to talk to a man. We now have dads day the Saturday Of the month. James B- 3 years experienced found it hard when was studying at college. Everyone would give me funny looks and whisper when they saw me in my work experience t shirt.

At first my friends mocked me for wanting to be a nursery nurse and called me horrendous things, it was just a bit of fun for them but it made me cross. Even my own brother would say things. Some parents at my setting ask for me not to toilet their daughters. I am lucky to have a opportune manager. Am proud of the fact that I am seen as a selling point for our setting. I can see the impact my role has on the children. The future Lots of different groups are now seeing the importance of men in Early years. My local council (Surrey C) have set up and initiative to encourage colleges and schools to promote men enter childcare careers. Surrey county council has increased the proportion of men working in their childcare settings to 3. 5%. Www. Enchilada’s. Co. K offer courses, guidance and support for existing practitioners and those wanting to enter the profession. The Fatherhood Institute has joined up with City Gateway to recruit and offer training 18-24 year old men. Toad Hall Nursery group has launched a series of Men in Early Years Events along with Surrey County Council. Richard Torrance, chief executive Of childcare qualifications awarding body CACHE, said their centers had seen more interest from men for courses Nursery world Magazine Online The Future Initiatives to encourage men into Early Years More male practitioners in settings Positive impact on the setting children, staff and families Change societies view on male More men choosing early years as a profession.

It is fear alone that controls the lower animals essay

Underneath his story of a group of animals attempting to create a new world, lies a tale of corruption and power that ultimately denounces the notion of capitalism. Fear is used extensively throughout Animal Farm by the pigs; they use it as a compelling mechanism to control the lower animals. It is an obvious abuse of power by the pigs and forces the animals to do things they usually wouldn’t. One of the fears shared by all of the animals is that of Mr. Jones returning to take over the farm, the pigs know this very well and use it to their advantage.

They continually remind them of the threat at their meetings: “Surely there is o one among you who wants to see Jones come back? ” This gives the pigs incredible power over the other animals because they look to someone who can protect them from the risk of Mr. Jones. The other main fear that the pigs use to control the animals is the ferocious dogs brought up by Napoleon himself. Just like the ENVY carried out purges, executing anyone who Stalin perceived as a threat, the dogs were the violent force that allowed Napoleon to stay in power.

The risk of being attacked by the dogs stopped the animals from betraying the farm in the same way they think Snowball betrayed them. Fear is an immensely influential device used by the pigs, although it is certainly not the only one. Additionally, propaganda is used to make the animals feel good about being a part of Animal Farm and give them false hope about the future. One of the examples of propaganda is the sheep’s slogan “Four legs good, two legs bad”. This phrase is used to reinstate their belief of it, and nothing else.

The pigs are not allowing the animals to think anything else and therefore they don’t think about rebellion or the times before the revolution, ensuring their “comrades” don’t turn against them. The there main use of propaganda is Squealer, the propaganda machine. He uses his quick mind and nimble tongue to ensure Napoleon’s regime is held up. He continually justifies the pigs’ actions and decisions by reminding the animals that “We pigs are brainteasers. The whole management and organization of this farm depend on us. The pigs say of Squealer “he could turn black into white”, this certainly rings true when the animals discover that the pigs have been allowing themselves large rations of milk and apples, Squealer immediately changes their opinions, convincing them that they require this rain food to make the important decisions about the farm. In Animal Farm, propaganda is used to twist reality to suit the interests of the pigs. An equally significant aspect of the novel is the manipulative characters of the pigs.

The lower animals are victimized by the pigs because of their lack of intelligence, similarly to the way Stalin and his men took advantage of the lower class because of their ignorance. The pigs heavily manipulate the lower animals at Animal Farm to make them do exactly what they want; they use this as a tool to force the animals to work on the farm. They act as servants to the pigs and because of their low intelligence, they can’t think for themselves or stand up to the pigs.

The most obvious manipulative technique by the pigs is their additions and changes to the commandments. The most significant of the alterations being to “All animals are equal”, which after the pigs really start to show characteristics of humans they change to “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. It emphasizes the idea that an egalitarian society is near impossible. The lower animals undoubtedly represent the rower class, who are considered to be ‘simple’, and the pigs know exactly how to use it to their advantage.

Furthermore, the pigs are clearly more intelligent than the lower animals, “None of the other animals On the farm could get further than the letter A”. As soon as Old Major dies, the pigs take the role of organizing and managing all of the animals. At first they remain loyal to their fellow animals, but the moment they are faced with something they want, they use their superior intellect to deceive the other animals. Because the animals don’t know any better, they trust what the pigs tell them.

The pigs also limit the education offered to the lower animals by destroying the children’s book they use to learn to read and write immediately after they’re done with it. The pigs use their intelligence to oppress the animals and force them into submission. On the other end of the scale, the animals are extremely ignorant to what goes on around them. Simply, the pigs were leaders and the animals were followers. The lower animals where never the ones to put forward resolutions to a problems it was always the pigs, they knew how to vote but nothing past that.

They were continually ignorant to any decisions, including ones that harmed them. Throughout Animal Farm, the pigs control the animals with fear, propaganda, manipulation, intelligence and ignorance. They become so much like their supposed enemy that by the end “it was impossible to say which was which”. They control every aspect of the farm, yet they don’t do any work and still the animals are too stupid to understand what is happening or do anything about. This can be demonstrated in one quote, “The pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others”.