When Prisoners Come Home: Rehabilitation Programs essay

This essay will provide history, statistics, an d facts that fête favor help programs after incarceration and there success rate History In early 2008, the “Second Chance Act” was rd ratified by the 43 President of the United States, George W. Bush who wished to reconstruct and restore family units, enlarge public security and rupture the cycle of roof ending (The Economist). Most of this innovation has been at local and state levels. The Co uncivil of American State Governments Justice Centre produced a recent report which h slighted the programs which were working well.

According to this report, adhering to four principles can greatly assist in lowering costly recidivism rates. The first principle should focus on the individuals who are more likely to roofed. This is because early intervention is a crucial element in pre venting Recidivism. According to the statistics from the Bureau of Justice, approximate Ely 30% of the total reasserts take place within the first 6 months of release. The second print civil emphasizes that programs should be based on measurable outcomes and sic enteric evidence.

In relation to this, John Jay College and the Urban Institute are working toward s developing a library, which will compare reentry policies, programs and practices. The third Renville delves into the issue of community supervision which must improve. The four the principle suggests that expressions need to get support in their own neighborhoods as opposed to looking for centrally based institutions. According to Frank Wolf, who is a Virginia congressman and had participated i congressional hearings concerning reentry contends that the principles are n to radical, but they will work.

This is a reassuring concept because approximately 95% of mind vitals in state prisons will inevitably return to their communities one day (Illinois Office of the Governor). Statistics and Facts Expressions can stay out of jail through effective reentry programs. This is evident as shown by the Exodus Transitional Com unity program, which assists expressions and felons to get back on their feet. According to the e latest Pew report, approximately 45% and 4. 7% of offenders in Alaska and Montana rest actively return to state prisons within less than three years after their release.

However, in 2 01 0, those who completed their exodus program comprised of only 3% who returned to prison n (The Economist). John. L. Clark, a D. C corrections trustee noted that the reentry of individuals w ho are cost likely to commit crimes is not an exclusive problem for the criminal just CE system, but also a challenge to the community’s safety (The Washington Post). In this reggae rd, Clark notes that this fact brings into attention the concerns of community residents and e elected leaders alike. The fact that half. Ay house beds in the district are less than the expect De influx of approximately more than 2,500 (District of Columbia) D. C inmates who are ex pecked back into the community sets off alarm bells. The main reason for this shortage is t hat the increasing demand of district offenders and parolees from the D. C correction s department overlaps the supply of beds. Parole and D. C corrections officials claim that HTH s dilemma has been created by the inability of the district to open more halfway houses. This is because instead of felons being placed in rehabilitation programs, they will be release d to the streets.

Once placed back into society they are expected to follow the laws of society a ND find employment. Jasper Round with the Offender Supervision Agency and Court Services, provides proof that those that had completed their treatment in his programs were Appalachia sees likely to roofed or relapse. Mr.. Rounds, 1 998 program shows quantity dive statistics which show a 70% decrease in parolee arrests, which means that they were n o longer violating the law. Due to the fact that the recipients were living by the guideline sees of their parole, also contributed to a 50% decrease in positive drug tests carried out a mongo offenders.

New York Unless offenders are offered good reentry programs, their prospects for returning home are oblique. Almost a q ratter of these prisoners suffer mental health disorders and alcohol and drug abuse is the n arm. Most of hem have not finished high school and have debauched work histories which reduce their chances of employment due to criminal records. At some point in time, almost TA quarter of Newark inhabitants have been caught up with their criminal justice system. I n order to reverse this, the Manhattan Institute together with the mayor, Cord Booker SE tip an office of reentry in 2008, which focused on work.

Former inmates can approach this o office and seek for assistance in getting a job. Since the program began, only 10% of the offend deer have refunded while 60% of offenders who took part in the program have success fully managed to get work. In 1 999, the district of Brooklyn legal representative Charles Haynes fashioned Community and Law Enforcement Resources Together (Comelier) to operate as a bridge between the community and prison for parolees who were coming back to BRB jokily.

Comelier parolees according to a Harvard research are less prone to be death Ned as opposed to parolees who have not gone through the program. In addition, Comelier o offers counseling and drug treatment. Approximately a quarter and a third of federal and state convicts respectively perpetrate crimes under the control of drugs. HOPE Another successful program is the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) in Hawaii also FCC_SSE s and emphasizes on drug treatment programs. Comparable designs are being mea surer or piloted in Alabama, California and Alaska.

The cost of state and federal prison admits ions to tax payers is also enormous. It is estimated that more than $60 billion is spent on jails and prisons annually. It costs approximately $ 45,000 for an inmate to stay at a state prison n annually. Over the past two decades, state corrections spending in the US has increase d from $ 10 billion to over $ 50 billion dollars. Approximately 90% of American voters prefer creating stronger parole and probation systems in favor Of reducing PRI son time.

According to the Pew Report, more than S 635 million can be saved in prison c sots if states reduce their refunding rates by almost 10%. One particular report estimate d that for every 100 individuals who avoid returning to prison, New York can save $ 3. 2 million . Women Benevolence Farm is the institution where women can connect with the world. This farm was formed in 2006 by a sustainable agriculture sup porter and community worker, Tanya Assai. During her weekly shopping visits to Carbon Farmers Market the following year, she advanced the idea of establishing Benevolence Farm to vendors.

Sais’s objective is that she intends the project to provide ways and m earls for women to regain their power, which they lost while serving prison sentences. Accords Eng to the Civil Liberties Lotion of America (UCLA), one in every five incarcerated women is the e primary giver and a mother to her children. The UCLA in 201 1 found that more than 8 5% of women in state and federal prisons reported being victims of sexual abuse or domes c violence. Several of these women are convicted for crimes related to self defense or crib mess associated to those committed by men as accomplices.

According Lynn Burke, who is no w a federal immigration attorney portends that majority of these women have lost hope and are addicted to alcohol or drugs. According to the figures acquired from the Department of Public Safety in 201 2, North Carolina penal complexes released 2,61 1 women. Those women, of them were released in January 2013. According to Assai, they did not have stable home plans or definite places to go upon their release. This demanded a fundraiser occasion which was organized at Haw Ri ever Ballroom, which saw a collection of more than $ 1 0,000 for the Farm realized.

In this eve NT, four women stood on the empty stage and addressed the crowd which consisted of community members, local business owners, chefs, farmers and artists. One woman name De DARPA Locker walked up to the stage and told the crowd why she had been in prison n for 105 days. She explained that she had killed her abuser of approximately eight years. SSH e emphasized that a program like Benevolence farm would undoubtedly give opportunity an hope to women suffering prison sentences upon their release (Bailouts).

African American Males During a recent Editorial Board meeting with John Wetted, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections, W taste made some alarming factual statements, which should concern all African American s irrespective of whether they should return back to their home or placed into a different co immunity. One fact which stood out is that there are approximately 51 ,OHO individuals in pen insanity state prisons (Carter). In essence, this means that one out of two hundred Openness Ionians are incarcerated. In addition, one out of 34 incarcerated African Americans in Pen insanity is a male.

Furthermore, incarcerated African American between the ages of 2034: one out of every 1 5 black male are incarcerated. SouthWestern Pennsylvania makes up a approximately 8% of that number, which means approximately 1 ,600 inmates, will be release d to the streets each year. This begs the question of what to do with them and what was done with them while they were in prison. The view in the past was to lock them up and wait f or them to commit a crime again after they got out and lock them up again. Astonishingly, Wetted does not fathom it in that way. He is continuing a proven system which h worked under the former Governor Renders.

This system put in place programs which ensure De that inmates have the support of their families, the support of the community they are go Eng back to and that they are properly trained in particular areas of work. This means that the system, loved ones or family gives these convicts temporary places to stay until they can find jobs and pay for themselves. Drug Use The largest numbers of inmates in federal or state prisons in the US are on dry jug related charges. In the US, the demand for drugs has risen to the point that the US is the leading country in the world in relation to drug use.

This means that there must be off rots beyond the prison setting which emphasize more programs and efforts into why so many individuals are compelled to get high irrespective of the consequences. The cost of imprisonment is exceptionally high. According to Wetted, it is third behind huh man services and education in Pennsylvania. Incarcerating an individual after committing a crime IS more expensive than educating a child. In this regard, it is much easier and rational o add more funding to finance the educational system, which would cut on the excessive s pending used in the criminal justice system.

Conclusion In conclusion, the history, facts, and statistics support the claim that it is fact that parolees should have access to reentry programs after being released. Hi story presents evidence that our paste leaders support the usage of help programs. Those t hat currently have worked with parolees understand the importance Of rehabilitating those that have been in jail or prison. Without being introduced to the skill to deal with reentering society chances for success are scarce. The facts show that programs work and in the course of it me the tax payers money.

Essentials of Economics essay

Answers to even-numbered questions and questions in boxes in Essentials of Economics (2nd edition) John Slogan Introduction 2 Would redistributing incomes from the rich to the poor reduce the overall problem of scarcity? Yes, to the extent that the gain to the poor is greater than the cost to the rich. Nevertheless, it is difficult to give a categorical answer to this question. It could be argued that El gained by a poor person is more valuable to them than El sacrificed by a rich person: the more money you have the less valuable to you is each additional El. If this is so, there would be a net gain in unman welfare by such as redistribution.

The problem, however, is in comparing one person’s happiness With another: happiness is not something that lends itself to measurement. 4. Which of the following are macroeconomic issues, which are microeconomic ones and which could be either depending on the context? (a) Inflation. (b) LOW wages in certain service industries. (c) The rate of exchange between the pound and the Euro. (d) Why the price of cabbages fluctuates more than that of cars. (e) The rate to economic growth this year compared With last year. (f) The decline of traditional manufacturing industries. A) Macro.

It refers to a general rise in prices across the whole economy. (b) Micro. It refers to specific industries OF 94 (c) Either. In a world context, it is a micro issue, since it refers to the price of one currency in terms Of one other. In a national context it is more Of a macro issue, since it refers to the Euro exchange rate at which all UK goods are traded internationally. (This is certainly a less clear-cut division that in (a) and (b) above. ) (d) Micro. It refers to specific products. (e) Macro. It refers to the general growth in output of the economy as a whole. (f) Micro (macro in certain contexts).

It is micro because it refers to specific industries. It could, however, also help to explain the macroeconomic phenomena of high unemployment or balance of payments problems. 6. When you made the decision to study economics, was it a ‘rational’ decision (albeit based on the limited information you had available at the time)? What additional information would you like to have had in order to ensure that your decision was the right one? You will have to answer this one for yourself! The amount of care taken by prospective students to find out about their courses and what they entail differs enormously from one student to another.

Your decision would be a rational one if you did your best to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of alternative courses, and chose the one that seemed to have the best balance of advantages over disadvantages. The sorts of information that might have helped you make the right decision include: talking to students who are already studying economics, reading about the subject, talking to teachers/student advisers, finding out about the sort of jobs you can do with an economics qualification.

A problem for many students applying for courses is that they are already studying for exams (e. G. A levels) and that the time spent researching courses is time that could have been spent studying: in other words, the opportunity cost of the research may be a poorer A level result. 8. Imagine that a country can produce just two things: goods and services. Assume that over a given period it could produce any of the following combinations: Units of goods 10 20 30 50 60 70 80 90 100 Units of services 79 74 65 58 35 19 (a) Draw the country’s production possibility curve. B) Assuming that the country is currently producing 40 units of goods and 70 UN its of services, what is the opportunity cost of producing another 1 0 nits of goods? (c) Explain how the figures illustrate the principle of increasing opportunity cost. (d) Now assume that technical progress leads to a 10 per cent increase in the output of goods for any given amount of resources. Draw the new production possibility curve. How has the opportunity cost of producing extra units of services altered? (a) See the continuous line in Diagram 1. 1 below. (b) 5 units of services. Reducing another 10 units of goods means producing a total of 50 units of goods. Thus, referring to the table, production of services has to be reduced from 70 units to 65 units: a sacrifice f 5 units of services. (c) Each additional 10 units of goods produced involves an increasing sacrifice of services. Thus increasing production of goods from O to 10, to 20, to 30, to 40, etc. Involves a sacrifice of 1 (80-79), then 2 (70-77), then 3 (77-74), then 4 (74-70), etc. Units of services. Similarly, increasing the production of services involves an increasing sacrifice of goods.

This can be seen by starting at the right-hand end of the table and moving to the left. Smaller and smaller increases in services are obtained for each extra 10 units of goods sacrifice: in other words, for each extra units of services obtained, more and more goods must be sacrificed. (d) See the dashed line in Diagram 1. 1 below. The opportunity cost of producing extra services has increased (by 1 0 per cent): in other words, each extra unit of services produced involves a sacrifice of 10 per cent more goods than previously. Introduction: Boxes Box 1. 1 : The opportunity costs of studying economics 1.

What might prevent you from making the best decision? Lack of knowledge. You will not know just how much benefit you will gain from the textbook until you have read it, taken your exams or had your assignments marked! Another cause of making poor decisions is the lack of care taken in making them. 2. If there are several other things you could have done, is the opportunity cost the sum of all of them? No. It is the sacrifice of the next best alternative. 3. Why is the cost of food, entertainment, etc. Not included as opportunity costs? Because you would buy food anyway.

If, however, food were being provided free of charge by your parents if you lived at home, but you had to pay for it if you went to university or college, then food would be an purport unity cost to you. 4. Make a list of the benefits of higher education. The benefits to the individual include: increased future earnings; the direct benefits of being more educated; the pleasure of the social contacts at university or college. 5. Is the opportunity cost to the individual of attending higher education different from the opportunity costs to society as a whole? Yes.

The opportunity cost to society as a whole would include the costs of providing tuition (staffing costs, materials, capital costs, etc. ). On the other hand, the benefits to society would include benefits beyond those received by he individual. For example, they would include the extra profits employers would make by employing the individual with those qualifications. Box 1. 2: Green economics 1. Should all polluting activities be banned? Could pollution ever be justified? Explain your answer. Most economists would argue that many polluting activities ought to be allowed to continue.

It might be wise to ban certain very seriously polluting activities, or those where the effects of pollution are not known. In other cases, however, economists argue that governments should attempt to weigh p whether the full marginal benefit to society from the polluting activity (i. E. The extra production of desirable goods and services) is greater or less than the full marginal cost to society, where that marginal cost includes the environmental damage done by the pollution. Of course, this will require measuring the pollution damage: something that is not always easy to do.

Economists generally argue that if the marginal Cost to society from production (including the pollution damage) exceeds the marginal benefit, then production should be cut back; but if the marginal benefit exceeds the original cost, production should be increased. Chapter 1 2. Why do the prices of fresh vegetables fall when they are in season? Could an individual farmer prevent the price falling? Because supply is at a high level. The increased supply creates a surplus which pushes down the price. Individual farmers could not prevent the price falling.

If they continued to charge the higher price, consumers would simply buy from those farmers charging the lower price. 4. The number of owners of mobile phones has grown rapidly and hence the demand for mobile phones has also grown rapidly. Yet the prices of mobile phones have fallen. Why? 1 The costs of manufacture have fallen with improvements in technology and mass-production economies. 2. Competition from increased numbers of manufacturers has increased supply and driven prices down. 6. This question is concerned with the supply of oil for central heating.

In each case consider whether there is a movement along the supply curve (and in which direction) or a shift in it (and whether left or right). (a) New oil fields start up in production. (b) The demand for central heating rises. (c) The price of gas falls. (d) Oil companies anticipate an upsurge in demand for central heating oil. E) The demand for petrol rises. (f) New technology decreases the costs of oil refining. (g) All oil products become more expensive. (a) Shift right. (b) Movement up along (as a result of a rise in price). C) Movement down along (as a result of a fall in price resulting from a fall in demand as people switch to gas-fire central heating). (d) Shift left (if companies want to conserve their stocks in anticipation of a price rise). (e) Shift right (more of a good in joint supply is produced). (f) Shift right. (g) Movement up along. 8. On separate demand and supply diagrams for bread, sketch the effects of he following: (a) a rise in the price of wheat; (b) a rise in the price of butter and margarine; (c) a rise in the price of rice, pasta and potatoes. In each case, state your assumptions. A) The supply curve will shift to the left: the price of bread will rise and the quantity sold will fall. Wheat is used to make flour, which is used to make bread. If wheat goes up in price, this will increase the cost of producing bread and hence shift the supply curve (upward) to the left. (b) The demand curve will shift to the left: the price Of bread will fall and the Butter and margarine are complements for bread. If they go up in price, less ‘bread-and-butter’ will be consumed. (c) The demand curve will shift to the right: the price of bread will rise and the quantity sold will rise.

Rice, pasta and potatoes are substitutes for bread. If they go up in price, less of them will be purchased and more bread will be purchased instead. 10. If both demand and supply change, and if we know which direction they have shifted but not how much, why is it that we will be able to predict the direction in which either price or quantity will change, but not both? (Clue: insider the four possible combinations and sketch them if necessary: (a) D left, S left; (b) D right, S right; (c) D left, S right’ (d) D right, S left. ) D left, S left: quantity falls, price may rise or fall.

D right, S right: quantity rises, price may rise or fall. D left, S right: price falls, quantity may rise or fall. D right, S left: price rises, quantity may rise or fall. Chapter 1: Boxes Box 1 . 2: Free-market medicine in Russia 1. In a market economy would you expect higher prices to lead to lower or higher Output? Higher prices, unless merely the result of higher costs of production, will encourage firms to produce more: the quantity supplied will increase. If, however, the higher prices were merely part of a general rise in prices and costs (i. E. Inflation), then firms would not be encouraged to produce more. . Would increased competition tend to reduce or increase inequality? Initially, the exposure of the Russian economy to market forces led to growing inequality. There were much greater opportunities for some people to make profits, and some grew very rich. At the other end of the income scale there was much less job security and much greater scope for employers o pay low wages, especially given the larger number of people unemployed. Over time, however, if competition continues to grow, this will help to prevent firms pushing up prices and making massive profits.

Increased competition may also help to create more jobs and help those at the bottom end of the income scale. Even so, inequality is likely to remain substantially higher than under communism. Box 1. 3: Getting satisfaction 1. How will your marginal utility from the consumption of electricity be affected by the number of electrical appliances you own? For a ‘rational’ consumer will not be affected. The rational consumer would consume electricity up to the point where its marginal utility equaled its price.

Since the price of electricity is given, the marginal utility will be the same, irrespective of the number of appliances owned. (With more appliances and hence more electricity consumed, the consumer’s total utility from electricity will be higher. ). In practice, people are likely to pay little or no attention to the specific utility gained from the extra electricity used to run an appliance more. A major reason for this is that it is virtually impossible to separate the utility room the electricity from the utility from the appliance itself. 2.

How will your marginal utility from the consumption of butter depend on the amount of margarine you consume? The more margarine you consume, the lower will be the marginal utility from butter. The reason is that margarine and butter are substitutes. The more you consume of either, the less will be the additional satisfaction of additional units of either. 3. If a good were free, what would your marginal utility be from consuming Zero. As long as your marginal utility were positive, you would consume more. You would only stop when additional units gave you no further satisfaction: i. . When UM = O. Box 1. 4: The UK housing market 1. Draw supply and demand diagrams to illustrate what was happening to house prices (a) in the second half of the 1 sass; (b) in the early asses. (a) Demand was rising rapidly. There was thus a continuing rightward shift in the demand curve for houses and a resulting rise in the equilibrium price. (b) Demand was falling. The leftward shift in the demand curve for houses led to a fall in the equilibrium price. 2. Are there any factors on the supply side that influence house prices? Yes.

Although they are less important than demand-side factors, they are, nevertheless important in determining changes in house prices. The two most important are the expectations of the construction industry. If house building firms are confident that demand will continue to rise, and with it house prices, they are likely to start building more houses. The resulting increase in the supply of houses (after the time taken to build them) will help to dampen the rise in prices. The other major supply-side factor is speculation by house owners.

If people think that prices will rise in the near future and are thinking of selling heir house, they are likely to delay selling and wait until prices have risen. This (temporary) reduction in supply will help to push up prices even further. Box 1. 5: The heyday of the auction 1. What are the advantages of on-line auctions to (a) purchasers; (b) sellers? (a) Purchasers gain by having easy access to a wide range of products, which are likely to be at lower prices than in shops, thanks to the competition and lack of costs associated with running retail outlets. B) Sellers gain by being guaranteed a sale at the best possible price, while cutting down on handling costs. It also overcomes the problem of not knowing what is the best price to charge. 2. In what ways do firms using traditional ‘menu-based’ pricing respond to an increase in demand for their product? Initially they will probably not raise the price (given the costs of adjusting price lists and labels), but simply draw more from stocks or purchase more from their suppliers. If the increased demand persists, they may then consider raising their price.

Chapter 2 2. Which of the following will have positive signs and which will have negative ones? (a) price elasticity of demand; (b) income elasticity of demand (normal DOD); (c) income elasticity of demand (inferior good); (d) cross elasticity of demand (with respect to changes in price of a substitute good); (e) cross elasticity of demand (with respect to changes in price Of a complementary good); (f) price elasticity of supply. (b), (d), (f): positive. (a), (c), (e): negative. 4. How might a firm set about making the demand for its brand less elastic?

Designing it and advertising it so that consumers will believe (rightly or wrongly) that there is no close substitute for it. 6. Why are both the price elasticity of demand and the price elasticity of supply likely to be greater in the long run? Demand: if the price of a good rises, then, the longer the time period, the longer consumers have time to find alternative products. Supply: if the price of a good rises, more firms will be attracted into the industry and existing firms will be encouraged to expand.

Both of these take time. 8. Redraw each of Figures 2. 10-2. 13, only this time assume that it was an initial shift in supply that caused price to change in the first place. See Diagram 2. 1 10. Give some examples of decisions you have taken recently that were made under conditions of uncertainty. With hindsight do you think you made the right decisions? An example would be an item you purchased that you had never consumed before: maybe because you had seen it advertised.

Current Event essay

Radio a young woman was raped as many bystanders watched and videotaped the crime. I know that am to write about a current event happening around the world but I feel that this is an example of women being victimized and it being considered unimportant. I have not watched the video. I know it was during spring break for many college students including women so that means those young ladies watched as well. The unimportance comes from the deep rooted philosophy that women are second class citizens.

Although, many of us are the head of household or working the same job as a man but making less. Looking on BBC world news there is always an article reporting some type of mistreatment towards women. There is an article in Africa that 19 out of 20 rapes go unreported. Recently in Kenya a trio that raped a young lady received 15 years. In England a woman was raped after getting a lift home. The list can go on and on, not only in present time but years back.

The greatest county in world USA always speaks about the Middle East and how women should have equal treatment when USA does not practice watch they preach. We have progressed more than many other countries. But For example I have 5 girlfriends whom I am very close with and 3 out of the omen was raped and never reported the crime. In Panama City Beach, Florida is an example to the world how far we have to go in reactivating the basic civil rights to all.

The act of rape alone must be a very humiliating and degrading act. The young lady had hundreds watching her and videotaped it like its normal. Our world as a long way to go with not only woman rights, civil rights and basic human rights.

Poor Theater: A Grotowski View essay

This way of paying more attention on the actors may suggest craft. Moreover, without all those equipments, the audience as all their left to watch is the performance itself. Grassroots started poor theater because he saw an opportunity to escape the control of power, which could prohibit the shows but not the rehearsals, or that it is what interested Grassroots. He went to Moscow to follow the teaching Of Cassavas, who was the best player in Vagabond before becoming Statistician’s assistant in his last period. In 1 959, he joined the Laboratory Theater, a school and company financed by the polish government.

His experiments focused on the actor, involving how they grow control over themselves (mentally, physically and vocally) so that during performances they might change themselves as demanded by their role. Moreover, at this time, technologies were starting to impress people. Slowly, theater had technical improvement in its theatrical devices. This improvement was constructing Rich Theater. And this was competing with the new technologies: cinemas and the television. In front of this, Grassroots argued that if theater “cannot be richer than the cinema, then let it be poor” (1968). That is how

Poor Theater was born. Poor theater has its own features. Let’s take a look to all of them: First, the movements and gestures was one of the main features of Guesswork’s work. Indeed, Grassroots believed that the actor should be able to completely know their bodies then, they can work at their best while making gestures and facial expressions. Furthermore, actors need physical training because Grassroots was also based on physical theater (type of theater where actors emphasize their roles on movements, rather than dialogue). Secondly, the Actor-Audience Relationship is an important element n poor theater.

In fact, Grassroots had a preference for rooms and buildings but the big theatric rooms with a huge stage. That is why he tried to eliminate the separation between the actors and the spectators, and wanted to make an union between them. For Grassroots, “The actors can play among the spectators… The actors may build structures among the spectators, the actors may play among the spectators and ignore them, looking through them. The spectators may be separated from the actors”. As we can understand, in poor theater, the audience can have (or not) a big role in the play.

Thirdly, Acting & Characterization plays a big role in poor theater. The acting skill was really important and has been influenced by Statisticians, it had to be genuine. As we saw before, the actors had to be really trained physically because of using lots of movements. Generally, poor theater has been used in Britain, China, Chicago, Germany, Poland and South Africa. Even if, all those countries have added their touch in poor theater, we can easily recognize Guesswork’s main perception of it. For example, in South Africa, theater remains to a

Aggregations features but was add dance and music. For me, Poor Theatre is able to stimulate creativity. Indeed, it is because poor theater portrays real life lessons. First, think about Acropolis, a play by Grassroots which themes are resurrection, death, forgetting and inactivity. After this play, the audience is able to wonder about all those themes. From all the research I have done about Poor Theatre have understood the main concept behind it and I realized that it is truly realistic. It brings out realism, life problems, conflict and teaches us a lesson or two.

Grassroots manages to epic what life really is, all the issues that we face with the use of an actor’s emotions and the fact that these emotions can touch us so deep and show us a new side to life that we have not seen yet. If poor theatre really goes out of existence then We would be living in a world full of lies that We tell ourselves just to forget all the problems we face every day. Poor theatre displays realism with the help of theatre, bringing entertainment together with teaching to let people know that our life is not perfect and if we want to change something then we should not deny it rather accept.

Key Terms in Finance essay

Operating cash flows based on cash flows (cash accounting) while net income based on wealth flows (accounting). Net income provides a better measure of change in wealth. Statement of shareholders equity: investment made by the owners of the firm. ARC: additional paid-in capital; Contributed capital= APPC+ common stock COCA: accumulated other comprehensive income; ROE= (return on equity)=Net income/Average common shareholder’s equity (current year+ last year) ROAR (return on assets)=Net Operating Profit After Tax (NONFAT)/Average total asset Trend analysis: is an “across-time” analysis.

Trend financial statements: for each line item, the amount for a given year is state as a percentage of the line item amount in the base year. Cash versus Accrual accounting: Accrual counting is better because it better matches economic effort with associated economic benefits(HUSKS). Accrual represents change in wealth, at some point there’s a change in cash. Gains: wealth generated from incidental activities (disposal of assets) Losses: wealth consumed by incidental activities (fire loss).

Primary choices for valuing accounts: Fair market value; net present value; Historical value. Earnings managements techniques: Accelerating revenues; taking a bath; cookie jar reserves; one time items Cost provides immediate beneficences; Costs provide future benefits capitalize Expenses incur cost n IS; capitalize incur cost on BBS; impairment: record lost(write off asset) on IS. Revenue cash collection; Expense Cash payment; Debit (Joe) credit(dad); Debits increase assets Trial Balance (T B) is a collection of all the account balances at the end of a particular period.

Unadjusted Trial balance is the TAB prepared before the adjusting entries; Adjusted trial balance is then the TAB prepared after the adjusting entries. Closing entries: transfer net income (or loss) to retained earnings; establish a zero balance in each of the temporary account to start the next accounting period. Income statement take account # from the adjusted TAB. Cash=L+C (contributed capital)+RE-non cash asset Revenue: inflows of assets or outflows of liabilities from delivering or producing goods, rendering services, or other activities that constitute the entity’s ongoing major or central operations.

Gain: Increases in equity from peripheral or incidental transactions of an entity and from all other events affecting the entity except those that result from revenues or investments by owners. Revenue up?cash up or account receivable up or unearned revenue down. Revenue recognition: persuasive evidence that an agreement exists; livery of goods or services has occurred; fee is fixed or determinable; collection is probable.

Reggae: An Inspirational Rhythm of Jamaican Culture essay

Rationalism’s, was beginning in some quarters to be heard and felt. For example, in 1 980, the European tour of Bob Marled and the Wailers played to the largest audiences a musical act had ever experienced there. In today’s society it seems more and more people are out of their luck, down in the dumps, depressed, or are just having a harder time in their normal day to day lives. In an interview with Reed Spamming, a fellow reggae listener and close friend, he stated Besides the fact that reggae music is different and less popular in which I like, there is no other music that hits me with more positive vibes and energy than does reggae.

I love Reggae Music. There is no other way to put it. Everyone has a right to his own likes and dislikes of a particular music genre. That is not to say that I don’t like other types of music. Just preferring music. Reggae music sucks me in because it elevates my concentration when I am working out. When I am trying to surpass my personal best in any exercise, all I have to do is listen to a motivational type Of Reggae music and am able to focus better. Member a time when was working out in the gym.

I was about to quit doing a leg press, all of a sudden hear a Reggae tune on the radio, and I was able Doolittle pounds more than my previous personal best leg press. Knew at that point that Reggae music was a friend that I would hold near and dear for many years to come. Reggae music is also very easy to sing along with and dance to. The beats and lyrics are also very catchy. While I am dancing, the music helps put me in a mood to have fun and just unwind. It is amazing how many people were drawn gather in unison just to groove to the new J Bog song Audio.

Reggae music also helps me to get closer to attractive man that I may see at a concert or at a bar. What a deal It plays a vital role in my life from the very beginning. I have always loved listening to, singing and dancing to music. Really enjoy listening to reggae since the music just flows into me and from me and that is how express myself the best. Usually can always express myself through a song in situations that I am in.

Owens Minor Inc essay

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Historic dad Empress O & M poi funded me 1882 poor George Gilder Minor Jar. Urn vendor De toccata De drags Richmond, Virginia, queue SE junta forays com a concurrent e vendor De drags OTOH Owens. Manor vive De mum familial estimate De professionals De asјDe. Sue basis¶ Tina Side urn biotic- chirurgic me Williamsburg colonial e sue VA¶ era Thomas Jefferson do postal m©dick. Owens e Minor operand Tanta um dictates e um engine De varied me Richmond, vend artists dividers, taints e video dad jangle, beam com as prescribe¶sees De enchantment. An d©cad De 1920 a familial Owens vending USA participant an empress.

A familial Minor, eventually, assumes a empress undo George Gilder Minor IV turnout-SE president me 1947. Me 1 954 Owens & Minor installs USA primary sisters informational De atonement De peptides. No final dos annoys 1960, a empress acquire duds empress De supremeness m©discos e cirriјregions: A & J Hospital Abstention e Poodles & Anderson. Me 1971, a empress fez USA primary offers pјbiblical De as¶sees. Ay long dad d©cad De 1970, 0 empress continuous a sequoias De novas empress, including Murray Drags, Bronco e Abstention Surgical Hospital Austral, expanding AAAS operas¶sees me 10 estates. G.

Gilder Minor, II, turnout-SE president De O & M me 1981. Com a compare De mum apart do GO Will Ross subsidiary dad Sear, o Segundo manor forerunner m©dick e cirriјRocco nose Estates Unwind, a empress amount USA presence no sector De supremeness m©discos e cirriјregions. Me 1984, m©dick frostiness’s substitute(dos drags no toccata com a manor fonts De arena dad empress. Me 1 986, a empress 1 Fonts De dados Para est. sees: Media General Financial Services distributed peel DOD Jones & Company Inc. (1 5 De Jeanine De 2000); e Owens & Minor Relations Anus 1990-1995, (Richmond, Owens & Minor, 1990-1995). Vagina 3 objective era screen a partier De $ 367. 000. 00 NAS vends Para US S 1 Bilbo at© o final De 1990, contraventions De drags m©dick / cirriјRocco e toccata a hospitals e locals independents De drags. Me 1 990, a empress volt Sue foci Para dented. USA nova start©gig De long pray era mellower margins, productivities e guest De activist, attar©s De um compromises com a technological e Acadia De supremeness paresis. El tama©m articulacy “mum start©gig aggressive De crescent, attar©s De aguish¶sees e internal expanse, Para SE torn a principal distributor De abaci custom De products De asјDe. Me 1994, Tina vending a USA poor toccata De drags e De embalmed empress e acquire prior supremeness m©discos e cirriјregions empress. A manor sequoias-Stuart M©dick-memento dad presence dad empress me 50 estates e troupe mum expert©NCAA motto desperado me stockpiles e just-in-time De stemma De germination De inventor. At© o final De 1995, Indian sob a Adhering De G. Gilder Minor, Ill, O & M turnout-SE um dos memories distributors De supremeness m©discos e cirriјregions nose Estates Unwind. Impregnate cercal De 4. 00 pesetas e Tina crescendo Para quash IIS $ 3 bill¶sees me receipts. O Plano dad empress Para 1 996 include mellower a qualified do service e controls De customs De inventor. O & M tama©m planes momentary a USA brutal Marge, colander preps mass elevates Para so services queue examine mass recurs. O M©dick / CirriјRocco Mindјstirs De Fornicate 2 Appeaser De accosted poor press¶sees De custom, supremeness m©discos e cirriјregions era um sector me crescent, mum fez queue Gatos no sector De asјDe nose Estates Unwind ream spreads Para continual a suburb. Administration De Fomentation De AsјDe estimate queue APS variation De Para 13, 7% do product interns brut product interns brut (BIB), me meadows dad d©cad De 1990, so Gatos De asјDe serial responsiveness poor $ 2200000000000 (16%) do BIB De 1998 a 2002. Healthcare crescent dad mindјstirs poi marjoram a trends- democratic o involvement dad popular dos ASIA-e vans’s an technological m©dick. Mandamus an / mindјstirs m©dick cirriјRica offers reflects a volume dos suicidal De asјDe dos EIA me Gerald.

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A fem. De compartmental recurs, obiter economics De scale e ganger mass controls sober so customs De fornicate, hospitals junta forays com outdoors hospitals, ambulatories e installs¶sees De suicidal De along Dorado Para formal rides De providers prolonged. As consolidation¶sees protocol consolidation¶sees me forwardness e distributors beam. Fuss¶sees e quasi˜sees form SE tornado a Norma, Macedon lateral um Mercado queue have Side podia poor mottos opaqueness actor’s regional e varies grandees empress colonial. Principal fonts De dados Para est. sees: Robert Our, “AsјDe: Products e Supremeness,” Seasoned dad Mindјstirs. Disposition a partier De Standard & Poor, (9 De Forever De 2000). 3 Page 4 Com providers solidified AAAS paresis com outran installs¶sees, else formal groups De compass queue represented um grandee nјmere De sites members. As vends Para Voluntaries Hospitals dad Am©Rica (VIA) member hospitals, De O & M manor client compare group, represented preordainment US $ bill¶sees me annual De receipt, o 41% ads vends liquids, Para O & M me 1996.

Com tall powder De compare combined, Estes groups form escapes De forward so fabricates e forwardness De cart margins. Com Michael Stannic, director De resonates, proviso e guest De customs me O & M explicit: Onions negotiate¶sees com o client involve-Los a tenant obiter noses tax De at© 6% do prep do product e nose tenant boot©-lo at© 8%. No heavier discuss De mum mundane De Services; poi simpleton queue queen Tina a vantage mass forte shanghai. Quanta so clients come a SE unwire Para formal Estes grandees rides integrands De asјDe, else SE tornado mass powder’s, e else titian mum vary grandee Para empyrean.

Have simpler a means De queue o sue client podia tomato dodo o sue volume Para um concurrent. Distributors tama©m softer press sober as margins do load dad proud#o dad Acadia De abstention. Me mum mindјstirs node as margins j ream bassos e urn journal De com©Rocco mindјstirs inform queue 1 993 lucre antes De imposts ads distributors poi me m©did De 1,6%, memos mum reduce 0,5% me descent’s epode significant 3 De imposts. Um correct De 31 % no lucre I(quid antes Mottos distributors difficulties financiers com Estes margins readings.

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Aligns De O & M concurrences mass pr¶osmosis form: Allegiance Corp.. , mum subsidiary dad Baxter International; General Medical, e Bergen Bruising (ever Annex 1 Para Comparative Financiers Demonstrated¶sees). Bergen Bruising era um dictates De drags e distributor ‘(deer De supremeness m©discos. ISO tama©m distribution equipotent m©discos, over-the-counter medicament’s, products De Belize e artists dividers Para dioramas independents e grandees rides Farman©Utica nose Estates Unwind.

Baxter International fabricator e distributed(do mum gamma De products De suicidal De asјDe, including o gangue, circular¶ROI, dillies, e products intravenous, e equipotent De chirurgic cardiac. Me 1996, poi fiddlehead no roses De sends dismembered dad Baxter. General Medical poi mutatis vexes characterized com o terror manor m©dick distributor cirriјRocco. Divide USA situation financier prairie, registration pervades liquids cad anon deseed 1993, a empress stave modulo Para mum fuss o sequoias. A empress poi edited importunateness peel Keels 4 & Co. Um group De investment suicidal no-asјDe. Aligns hospitals e groups De compass opt poor empress queue form escapes De beast©-Los com ‘dodo”lineal De products Farman©Tutsis e outdoors supremeness De asјDe a partier De um distributor-compare De distributor a IM De minimize o nјmere De forwardness Para Grecian. O & M, no entrant, opt poor Ana SE expander Para 3 Curt Werner, “J & J Level Ire dad Med-Sure Distributors poor Cutting Prompt descents De pageant,” Mindјstirs dad asјDe hose; Union; Stoats De 1995, p. 2. Disposition a partier Protest, ABA / Inform. (9 De Forever, 2000). Anonymous, “manta De sigil financiers Elevators; General Medical via a pјbloc, “landјstirs dad asјDe hose; Union; Forever De 1997, p. 6. Dispose(vela a partier Protest, ABA / Inform. (9 De Forever, 2000). Page 5 outran lineal De products, accreditation queue sue foci no material m©dick / cirriјRocco lee permitting Forcer mellower products, preps e services ass sees clients. Mottos dos concurrences dad O & M firewood privacy frostiness’s um r©toll area queue O & M Tina decided no serial apart dad USA start©gig.

A poss.$o dad empress poi queue nonrandom maracas pr¶prima, judgments com products De outdoors fabricates comparative USA capacitate Para agar me none De USA maraca forwardness. Custom-Pious Prep A formal dominate De prevaricate no / sector De distributor De m©dick- cirriјRica poi cost-plus. Customs©m significant o client page um prep fabricate De base sacrifices De um mark-up additional peel distributor. Poor example, o group De compare negotiate com o fabricate um preps De US $ 1,00 poor acacia De ligatures. O distributor occurrences mum tax De 7%, cobra o client $ 1 Para o product intrigue.

O perceptual poi o memos, interdependent dos customs a erecter, mover, armament e envier o product. Com Balderdash explicit: Com cost-plus, a noses tax poi entrainment based no preps do product a partier do fabricate Para o client. Mum grandee acacia De Faraday Para adult’s u custom $ 30 gerbera, me um -cost-plus 7 tax%, S 2,10 me receipt. Me contrasts, mum pecan acacia De sutras cardiovascular queue custard S 800 aria eager US $ 56 me receipt. Hove mum monomer different no custom De Adair com grandee cassias contra so opaqueness.

No have motto dinner me grandees vacates, volumes, mass motto me artists opaqueness. Balderdash passes a explicit a genes do cost-plus propose: An d©cad De 1980 VIA, primary e manor organization De compass De group dad NASA, introduce me large scale prep sacrifices do custom Para a mindјstirs De alimentary m©dick / cirriјRica. Antes De cost-plus, distributors so mum varied De mannerism De conduit so preps. No have um Monte De forerunner principal accords De Eng¶CICS poi fragmented enter distributors. VIA mud outdo ISO. El elaborate o primer accord De distributor national cost-plus.

Era um contract competition, o queue significant queue so hospitals member concord me compete dodos so sees negation traditionalistic distribution Para urn distributor. Thieves mum tax De custom sacrifices De 7% Para dodos so products. VIA coulees O & M com um dos sees distributors preferential, queue alimentary motto o nose crescent ay long dos annoys 1 980 e 1990. Mum disadvantages De custom-plus Para so distributors poi o potential Para so clients a SE involver me “Checkering “Com Petrel explicit. : Cost-plus marjoram noses tax Para o valor do product me fez do valor do service.

Para avatar o pageant De mum percentages elevate De distributor me products cards, o client aria compare -Los directorate do fabricate. ISO nose dioxide com apneas a bias Marge De lucre, barras product. Commando direct no poi efficient Para o client queer, mum fez queue o fabricate dive brig-Los a compare me grandees quantities e queue else tern so stemma especial o De guest me vigor era nausea o product. Mutatis vexes so items mass cards form extradites, dynamics o presidia. Para complicit a structures De propose poi o fat De queue so distributors e so sees clients negotiate preps De products distinctions dos fabricates.

Stand-alone distributors com O & M no defined product propose com so sees clients, else sacramental o sue perceptual cost-plus Para o prep do product cachou poor o fabricate e client (Vega a Figure 2 Para mum descried garlic dad Acadia De abstention). Outdoors features fadeout o custom real do product Tanta Para o distributor e client: 5 Page 6 Fabricates perforce incentives, com descent’s distributor. Distributors, attar©s dad compare De grange De fabricates, podia momentary so sees lucre’s, so descent’s me mass ferocious peel fabricate.

So preps dos products various De um client Para outer, dependence De varies tats com a quantized De product queue o client compromise-SE a compare ay long dad Vida do contract e SE o client faze apart De um group De compare. Aligns products form asbestos poor contract, unquote outdoors no form. Hospitals Tina a pox De faze compass off-contract Para um product different o a partier De um fabricate different. Distributors queue fazing apart De mum empress De fabricator queue vended items De maraca Pravda podia combiner a tax De prep e De distributed#o do product, tornado-o impossible De distinguish enter so doss customs.

A complexioned dad structures De preps turnout dif(ceil Para um greener De compass Para raster real so customs dos products o compare as cotta¶sees De fabricates e distributors concurrences. Com Stannic explicit: Mottos distributors vow tenant vender um client dizzied queue via term custom sacrifices De gem, tattle ISO © overloaded Para, digamma, so 10 artists queue compare, mast me seaside, else est. pagan at© boa relate stereoscopic De 20% Para outran cocoas-items else no accompanier to De Porto.

Metabo GmbH Co essay

Meta © considerate o Rolls-Royce dad mindјstirs De MO-fragments e tem Side cap De commander um preps premium me comparator com sees concurrences. So principals concurrences dad empress, tama©m preference lineal De products, seam Busch e AGE, doss fabricates lames occidentals-e Black & Decker. Busch, I(deer De Mercado, e AGE, o nјmere doss, forcer boa qualified, boa image, e preps illegitimate mass bassos. Black & Decker compete an exterminated inferior do Mercado. Recommencement Japan©s concurrences entrap Mercado doom©stick dad Meta.

Unquote else fiercer boa qualified e preps mass bassos, else no tam liana complete De products dad Meta. Pipsqueak’s Associate Datagram Butterscotch e Professor Robert S. Kaplan preparer est. case com base Para a discuss me classes me fez De illustrator a manipulate sea office o inefficacy De mum situation De administration. Copyright C 1989, peel President e Fellows De Harvard College. Para necromancer aspics o piped authorization Para reproducer materials, liege Para 1-800-545-7685 o secretes Harvard Business School Publishing, Boston, MA 021 63.

No apart tests publicans epode seer reproduced, remanded um sisters De recuperate, quads me mum planning, o transmitted me squealer formal o poor squealer memo letter¶nice,-mnemonic, optical, aggravate o outer, seem a permission dad Harvard Business School. Page 2 189-146 O process De produce Appeaser De seer mum empress relatively pecan, Meta © complement verticalness integrand e constrict dodos so components critics e subcontinent me case.

Um dos fundraisers dad companion accreditation “Voce© come qualified s© SE voce© faze©-lo Shinto. ” Produce De fragments De powder come com o treatment De mat©arias- prima, including components fifties no funding De alum(onion, poor loadable poor injure De plastic, e no treatment do ago. Cercal De try©s detonates De aluminum so findings derailment an funding e Ninja-SE prior components queue so opaqueness postponement limp, polio e inspections.

No department De moldable poor inject#o De plastic, granular o material © alimented a partier De rearrangement me silos De grandees varies minas Para seer aqueduct e injection sob press me molded Para formal so components De plastic (poor example, passwords) Para as fragments manias. A moldable minas v©m me ottomans differences e t©m differences necessitated De postal, queue Varian De 1 operator era mum mannequin Para um operator durance 6 minas. Treatment De ago proud peps sandals, tats com roads, mandarins e sixes De armada.

Doss tips De treatment coercer: a alimentary De barras, me queue barras tornados so Coronado deposits do treatment, e peak De alimentary, Or-did as peas pr©-cartloads so sandals. Divide considerate diversified De peas (cercal De 1. 500) processor’s attar©s De um treatment De ago, um grandee inventor De 1. DO a 1 . 200 detonates De ago, no valor De cercal DIM 900. 000, © amanita Para a area. No process De alimentary bar, as bar Rasa De ago so ottoman poor guanidine era o girl adequate mannequin Para pronouncements.

Doss tips De torsos so squads: minas 6 De fuss queue processes 6 barras De ago e minas simultaneity monobasic. Cercal De 1. 000 differences peas so prodigious me est. department – 60% NAS minas De 6 De fuss. Tempos De set-up depended ads dimension¶sees do components. Components com specific¶sees similar epode Geiger apneas opaqueness statutes Para o minas. Se so components so complement differences, o tempo De preparatory epode Varian enter 2 e 14 horns, memos com extents tribally De preparatory realized unquote a apart anterior est. me excuse no Quinn.

Doze set-up pesetas trackball exclusiveness no department. Outdoors functioning do department De alimentary a mat©aria-prima, e remover as peps casabas e poor-products. Divide ass longs tempos De set-up, a produce De peas padre est. Amerada me grandee lots. Poor example, urn load queue level 13 Segundo De tempo De signage © produced nun Tammany De Lott 20. 000 peas. O Lott grandee, onto, entrap me inventor e Liberace Para pronouncements additional me Totes monomers, dependence dad demand final. Aligns components so prosodies De formal continua, outdoors corner Para enter 2 a 10 turns.

Preparatory fragments © outran deviated important nest department. mum program set-up force informal sober a necessitate De fragments e peas De minas. As mesas pesetas faze so set-ups e preparer o fragments. Fragments De preparatory tem mum m©did De horns, mass epode, © Clara, seer befit unquote a mannequin est. corroded. Mum m©did De set ads 35 minas serial an base De set-up a cad did. Quash DIM 6 mill¶sees De inventor De equipotent e fragments supports so torsos. Deposits De mum apart Dixie um mannequin De girl, sits © undirected me um porno, o color tornados e inspections.

Peas De ago e outdoors components so reunions an produce De mottoes el©strict line. Est. department count©m mum liana talented automatic queue serpentine FIFO, attribute um ventilator e isolator’s, e testes e contractors o component queue torn o motor Para a fragments MO. Est. alternate process automation © replicate me scale manor com a MO Para cert.’s [email protected] personalized e Para peps h mass tempo no padre De produce De peps. An montage final, peas comrades e components manufacturers so Montanan annulments me products scabbards.

A lists De peas product cabala count©m De 80 a 100 items, dodos so quasi dived seer dispose(vela no moment cert.. O product final recede um testes el©citric final e © onto embalmed e invited attar©s De urn centre De distributor talented automation. 2 Vagina 3 Meta Gumbo & Co. KEG O tempo De produce De funding De aluminum Para o product scabbard © De 6 a 8 seminars. Moms, minas especial personalized e confect e produce in-house fragments minas so prosodies me areas De produce separates. O Sisters De Custom Volvo Meta deseed um complex ambient De germination De informal¶sees (Vega a Figure 2). Implicated era deficit De control, memos com o us extensive De computations peel sisters De custom De dead. o A principal tare do sisters era Para cellular so customs areas iota’s. Continua try©s a accountability De customs classic elements: poor De contact, proposed centers De custom, e poor products. So sub-stemma, disport out. com So customs form controls De accumulate materials cuts e controls salary, entrants Para o modulo De could De customs do distributed a partier De 200 differences contact De customs Para centers De custom o 250 orders De serveџ.

So customs do product form construct(ads a partier De anta’s De material master, lists De peas e planes De tribally. Countries (De poi) so customs dos centers form locals ass centers (De produce) De customs promise, Susann causal relax¶sees, Tanta quanta positives, com attar©s De orders De service internal. A locale De customs indirections poi befit annulments duds vexes poor anon (me stemmers Para fins De or#mentor e Para computer customs padre Para do anon, e no final do anon Para eliminate errors e USSR valor’s areas me fez De argumentation).

A tare 3-4 seminars required Para mum passes alternate qualification. Components De custom do prod out form: Materials Materials supercargo Amerada Re-peas Mo De bra direct Beneficial addictions Supercargo De Produce Customs especial applicant com mum percentages De materials De custom (o pray Para subcontinent) applicants com base no custom De MO De bra direct applicant utilization as Texas De hoar mannequin based an utilization dad capacitate (tats com metals) Jim escudo analytics poi realized mum fez poor anon Para determiner as Texas De hoar mannequin individuals.

So customs decrements Para so centers De custom individuals form attributes a cad mannequin no centre e divided me volume annual estimate dad mannequin. As Texas form estimates no nuncio De cad anon Susann a expert©NCAA real me relate ay anon anterior. Meta devote 1. 500 tats Texas hoar mannequin. Hustler observer queue mutatis empress continuation a local supercargo Para products based me MO De bra direct. Meta stave Susann Texas De hoar mannequin deseed o nuncio dad d©cad De 1970.

Sees categories De customs reservist powdered seer locals directorate Para as rains: Depreciate Jurors imputation Escape Energies Minuteman linear com base no valor De substitution 1 2 com base me 50% do valor De substitution dad mannequin com base no tempo De excuse e pot©NCAA dad mannequin estimates com base an expert©NCAA e an mindјstirs m©aids (including owe e grata) Tooling 1. O could based nose customs De substitution poi befit apneas Para fins interns deseed queue so customs histories form mandatory Para relations financier’s e De imposts. . A long pray (3 a 5 annoys) tax De empire©stilts binaries poi USDA Para cobra despises De jurors sober inventor e atavist fixes. Dismantlement stave an gamma est. De 5-6%. 3 Page 4 So customs queue no epode seer attributes directorate a minas form aggregate no centre De custom e locals Para minas individuals com recurrent mark-up dos customs reservist. As Texas Tina various enter 200 a 300% dos customs reservist, mass est. predominant causes problems poor fourteenth subcategory cards, minas automatism.

A fem. De avatar subcategory tats recur©m-acquired minas com grandees components dos customs no reservist, mum solute De compromises poi doodad Para local 50% dos customs no-reservist com base me horns De mannequin e 50% com base nose customs reservist. Problems com o sisters Antonio Appeaser dad specifications e do suicidal ay projector sisters De custom historic De Meta, el no requisites De guest De top mass satisfied. Me primer Lugar, o pronouncements manual dos dados no nuncio e fem. De anon poi inefficient e Carr.

Me Segundo Lugar, so GAL corrode motto tempo enter so dados collect e feedback, Para queue so paradoxes no consensus obiter informal¶sees opportune sober o queue stave contended me sees centers De custom. Assam, so paradoxes no ream motto consciences dos Cuts. Al©m disco, mum fez queue as Texas De mannequin S¶ form calculated mum fez poor anon e no divided me components fixes e varies, so principals errors form introduction poor fluctuate¶sees De utilization dad capacitate.

Aps um anon motto boom, as Texas De cargo dad mannequin aria dispenser e deposits De um anon ruin as Texas tornado-SE motto mass Carr. Unquote o Sir. Hauser, based me USA expert©NCAA postal, Denton faze aligns statutes Para amortize Varian¶sees extremes De Texas, so resultants no form satisfy©iris. No arguments form prepared De mood a queue so resultants areas no epode seer compared com um padre. Memos com um argument, a informal terra Side seem sentient Para egresses De centers De custom, pursue dad incapacitated Para control o n(vela real dad talkative me um period.

O grab De aggregate annum centre De custom produced problems addictions. Poor example, a funding De aluminum e injection department De moldable form tornados com um јnice centre De custom, memos queue varies minas differences, com differences grass De automata e intensified De tribally form USDA me cad mum ads installs¶sees. No treatment De ago area, toads as minas 6 De fuss estates no memos centre De custom, e an area De produce do motor, a plane automation e as operas¶sees De montage De MO form includes no memos centre De customs.

Tama©m producer errors ii a practical De cobra beneficial addictions (um custom motto elevate component an Lehman) Para o centre De custom me queue um thralldom poi originated attribute, unquote o real cargo De tribally direct poi befit Para o centre De custom me queue el o Ella executor o tribally. Alamo so tetrahedrons powdered executer mum varied De tares specialized e form roads frequentness enter centers De custom.

Deseed o Tammany dos lots various De process Para process, a brokerage tribally De conciliated order apparentness Outer problems s©ROI. An funding De aluminum, mum order De tribally podia seer escritoire Para 4. 00 peas De um component. Se o process stave a functional seem problems, 0 supervisor epode decider producer o sufficient Para liberal 4. 500 boas peas Para a prima base. Omitted a partier tests contagion serial items produced no Tote, mass queue Tina Side posts De load com strata o retractable.

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Natural Born Entrepreneur essay

In the midst of my studies at Harvard Business School, 1 had grown more than a little frustrated by having o manually calculate and recalculate every single change on a spreadsheet as I worked through a case study. There had to be a battery, Figured,so started designing a computer program to address those inefficiencies. I described my idea to Bob Frankfort, whom I’d met as an undergraduate at MIT, and he agreed to try to turn my primitive prototype into a working program. After toiling for several months in the attic of Bob’s home, we had a hunch that we might have something big on our hands.

The rest of the Fiscal story is replete with the usual twists and turns-not to mention some very difficult downturns. But that cool little software program is still regarded as the first killer 53 FIRST PERSON Natural-Born Entrepreneur app of the PC industry, and, much to my surprise, I have had to get comfortable with Henning famous as “the father of the electronic spreadsheet,” Some 20 years and four start-ups later, I still get my jollies the same way: by creating tools that solve people’s everyday problems. Eke to think these are tools that speak to people’s needs, whether for expressing a personal passion, such as publishing digital photo albums, or for solving a practical problem, such as automating the small- business judged or prototyping a piece of software. Times haven’t always been easy. I’ve lived through a lawsuit, layoffs, two acquisitions, and a failed start-up. (Let’s just say that I won’t be endowing any university buildings or faculty chairs anytime soon. ) But life as an entrepreneur, professional tinkered, and technology and business commentator has brought me many joys. Action summer program that enhanced my basic programming skills. My education continued at MIT, where I worked at Project MAC, which later became the famous Laboratory for Computer Science. MIT helped me strengthen my skills in programming, systems design, Aspiring entrepreneurs and business and algorithm analysis and gave me executives frequently ask me what I’ve an appreciation for the knowledge and learned, especially now that the notion abilities Of the great technologists who of being an entrepreneur seems both came before me.

My generation was glamorous and, every once in a while, an wrestling with the same general protective method for getting rich. I’ve elms that the greats, ail the way back done a lot of thinking about that sues- through Galileo, were trying to solve. Zion recently, and although 1 don’t have Like a lot of my peers at MI T, 1 veered a complete answer, [ do know that UN- those who came before me, and I was less you find your true calling and love honored to work with a current generator craft, the risks may outweigh the Zion of stars. Rewards.

Sure, training, talent, and that After graduating from MIT, took a most elusive component, good timing, job designing computerized typesetter essential. But they are not enough. Ting and early word processing at Digging need to have a true passion for what tall Equipment Corporation. Four years you’re doing. Later, I went to business school, where You also need humility. We’re coming I learned to understand the legislations out of a time – the dot. Com era – when between things-for instance, how decimate entrepreneurs have lost all sense signs about allocating costs affect other of humility.

They’ve come to believe parts Of the business. Business school that the lessons of the past no longer taught me that all aspects of business, apply and are, in fact, laughable. They’ve even the seemingly mundane activated a price for their arrogance. Person- ties, can be fascinating and challenging. Ally, limb convinced that much of what I Try your hand at enough case studies, know has come from paying attention and you legalize that nothing is as simple to timeless questions and to the work of as it first appears. These were key methods who came before me. .NET in my development, but in terms of what made me an entrepreneur, other Composing a Life factors were surely at work. My formal training with computers My entrepreneurial backbone was began in high school in 1967 when I formed much earlier, as a kid in Philanthropically in a National Science Found- Delphic. My father headed up the fame Dan Bricklike, who changed the face of the computer industry with his invention of Fiscal, says he became an entrepreneur cause he coccid’s achieve his goals through any other means. Ill printing business, Bricklike Press, which had been founded by his father in the asses.

Afternoons spent at the printing plant and dinners devoted to the day’s business problems prepared me (though I didn’t realize it at the time) for the trials would face in my own business ventures. My family’s unspoken dedication to the business gave me respect for the paradox of running your own business – the contradictory feelings of freedom and responsibility that define the experience of setting out on your own. Growing up, I never expected hat some big company would eventually take care of me; instead, I was always looking for opportunities to turn some nifty idea into a business.

Some ideas would work out, i hoped, but 1 knew others wouldn’t, and that risk didn’t stop me from wanting to try. 1 suppose you could say the entrepreneurial instinct was in my genes. But much like a lot of people, I also became an entrepreneur because I felt I couldn’t achieve my goals through any other means. Another important part Of my early entrepreneurial training came from a source many people might regard as unusual-the religious instruction I received in Jewish day school, which I tended from kindergarten through high school.

Many of my values, my ways of approaching problems, and my first skills as a leader were formed there. One concept of Judaism that greatly impressed me was Titus Loam. According to one story, when God made the world, he left it a little bit incomplete. Instead Of making bread – so the story goes-God gave us wheat; instead of bricks, we have clay, and we have to bake the hayricks ourselves. Why? So that we are partners in completing the act of Dan Bricklike is the founder and chief technology officer vitriolic Corporation in Concord, Massachusetts.

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW Natural-Born Entrepreneur FIRST PERSON creation. The point of Titus Loam is that our time on earth is important; we are not passive observers but active participants in making the world a better place. That sense of individual responsibility – the need to ask. How will I pa artic pate? -stuck with me. My religious studies also taught me how to analyze complex problems. When you study Torah, you lean how to peel an onion. You lean to look at a situation, a single word or phrase, and to appreciate that even one word can have multiple interpretations.

The process of covering each meaning is gratifying, and it teaches you different styles of logic, which in Tums deepen your understanding. The discipline of studying the Bible certainly played a role in my technical work because it reinforced the importance of examining a problem from ail angles, sorting through the possibilities, testing different models, leaning from them in the process, and recognizing the contributions Of great philosophers. As a kid, I had already acquired a passion for tinkering.

In the third grade, built an electromagnetic crane from scratch for a school science fair, and a few years front of groups. Equally important, it later I had advanced to Heating volt- taught me to accept that I would make meters, shortwave radios, and a stereo mistakes and that the crowd wouldn’t rip me to shreds. 1 also came to understates for my parents. In yet another way, my religious stud- stand that one of the jobs of the leader sees gave me what you might call “just-in- was to teach other students how to time” leadership training.

As one of the chant from the Torah themselves. Bemire advanced students of Hebrew in cause of my notoriety and my years as my synagogue, was often called on to an entrepreneur, these days I am often dead services, which meant that 1 had asked to speak before large audiences, to be able to get up in front of my peers to pitch my ideas to investors, or to give and adults to chant from the Torah. I talks to journalists and conference don’t have a particularly melodic voice- audiences about trends in technology or I’m no Preparation – but that experience products.

Performing these activities has helped me to become comfortable per, been made easier by those formative exploring under pressure and speaking in princess in temple. So, are entrepreneurs boom or made? For me, the answer has been both: through a combination of following y instincts and being in an environment that cultivated and directed my talents. And I suspect this is the case for most entrepreneurs. Learning on the Fly Even with good training and strong motivation, being a successful entrepreneur is tricky.

You have to live with having control and not having control at the same time. It’s like this: In big businesses, when you need to cross a river, 55 What Will people Pay For? Someday soon, so we’ve been told, cell phones will become our most ubiquitous and essential financial instrument-to be used for everything from checking stock quotes and making trades to buying all sorts of goods and revises. Cell phones, these prognosticators argue, will lead a wave of wireless e-commerce, and people will pay to use cell phones in order to make all sorts of purchases.

I beg to differ. If you lookout’s people actually use the Internet, cell phones, and other communications technologies t/key pay/o/; you quickly discover that they are rarely driven obtrusively things or track their money Unlike the kings in chi Alden’s rhymes, most people don t sit in their counting houses counting out their money Most people don’t buy and sell stocks so frequently and on such whims that they need to do it on a cell phone. When have you ever heard any normal person say, “Oh, look!

That trendy kid over there is wearing penny loafers! Quick, I must buy stock in a penny loafer company before it goes up this afternoon. “The reality is, most people don’t buy and sell many stocks at all-and certainly not the imagined majority who will supposedly drive the wireless Internet revolution. So what will people pay for? For that answer, listen to cab drivers on their cell phones. Listen to bus drivers. Listen to mothers and teenagers in the mall. Who among us hasn’t witnessed – or participated in – these kinds of conversations? Finally left the office, but traffic is I can pick up a pizza on the way home,””reverberate minute and thought I’d shay’s. “‘ Or, watch people when they go to an Internet cafe in Paris, where fellow travelers stop in to connect to the Internet over a caftan alit. You don’t find them surfing to buy things. Instead, they pay money to send e-mails to friends and loved ones. A large percentage of AOL usage comes from instant-messaging services. The fact is, people will pay for the privilege of saying “hi,” flirting, chitchatting about their days, and coordinating activities with their buddies and families.

People engage in all sorts of seemingly mundane and trivial activities: forwarding jokes to people, recommending URL, arranging dinner plans, and, yes, gossiping. People will also pay money to give little gifts to show that they remember a special event, that they care about or are thinking festoon. They send postcards (mainly the paper kind but increasingly the electronic kind), they spend an inordinate amount oftener valuable vacation time buying souvenirs, and they love spending money on friends and loved ones at special times like Christmas. Indeed, for many Of us, it is absolutely more fun to give Han to receive.

Manometer how banal some oftenest uses sound, they are exactly the kinds of activities people will pay for and hyperinflation, (Think of that now archaic communications tool,the telegram, which people continued to use for years in celebration major life events in spite of its high cost. ) Instead of dream ins up far-fetched uses for the technology, we ought to spend some time considering what it is people actually want to do and what the natural uses oftenest devices might be. 56 you simply design a bridge, build it, and march right across. Taut in a small venture, you must climb on the rocks.

You don’t know exactly where each step will take you, but you do know the general direction you’re moving in. If you make a mistake, you get wet. If your calculations are wrong, you have to inch your way back to safety and find a different route. And, as you jump from rock to slippery rock, you have to like the feeling. Of course, you can save yourself some grief by taking to heart is>me conventional wisdom: Hire the right people. Choose people who are flexible – who don’t mind doing the dirty work-especially in the early days, when there’s more than enough work to go around.

And, yes, do what you love, and don’t, whatever else, do it for the dream of money alone. Too many people joined dot-comes for the lure of money and glory, only to be left with neither in the end. But those of us who love our craft find that approach foreign. We like to work in areas that interest us, and we hope money will be a by-product. To be sure, certain business truisms still apply: People matter, and focus is important. And yet, I’d like to suggest a few other lessons that have made all the difference to me. First, understand your true talent and what value you bring to an endeavor.

Too often, entrepreneurs don’t value the work others do, and they tend to overestimate their own contributions. Of course, in the early days, when you’re simply trying to give birth to an idea, you may not need help from outsiders. But when – make that if-you are able to take the business to the next stage of growth, a different and deeper set of talents may be required. If these aren’t your talents, you may need others to step in -for instance, to swim in the details of running the operation, to build strategic partnerships, to set financial priorities, or to make the trains run on time.

LA SON essay

Tell us where to park it” (Kook’s Official Web). Highlights of Kook’s classic menu include Spicy Pork Tacos, Chime Quadrilles and Short Rib Sliders. “If L. A. Had a song, you’d hear it in the first bite. If L. A. Had an anthem, you’d find it in your first meal” (Koki). The New York Times said, “The food at Koki Korean BBC-To-Go, the taco vendor that has overtaken Los Angels, does not fit into any known culinary category. ” This pioneer of food truck and icon of LA street food has been made by LA son: Roy Choc.

The fact was that “Choc was a once gambler and early a gangster, and a stoner from youth who was quick to fight, slow to wake” ( The New York Times). When he was young, he was surrounded by different types of people including latchkey knuckleheads, smart kids with bad attitudes, Armenian gem dealers, drug connects, playful college students, dishwashers and card players. Traditionally, this environment was not good for a child’s development. Nevertheless, all happened in our life means something. This unique childhood gave Choc the seed the passion and pursuit for street-food culture.

Roy Choc wrote in his memoir: LA SON: When 26, he was half drunk and high, filled with the usual self-hatred and self-pity, staring listlessly at this New Orleans chef with a New England accent cooking French food. At that moment, his future seemed directly to him: Cooking would be his life. In 2007, Choc became chef De cuisine at the Beverly Hilton. It was there that he met his future partner, Mark Manger, a Philippine-American and the founder of Koki- One year later, Coho’s company, Koki, was founded with partners Mark Manger and his wife, Caroline Shin-Manger.

At the beginning, Choc and his team were driving through streets of Los Angels regarded like LOGO, and they just sent out Twitter alerts to increase their customers. Also, they gave free sample to students and Pedestrians advertise. In addition, they parked the truck in front of the Green Door of Hollywood to freely serve the food floggers and invite them to broadcast their foods. By these ways, Koki was gradually got popular in Los Angels. “During the Koki era, street food was crowned king as Roy tapped into his own veins, digging pep into the base flavors that raised him on the streets Of LA” (Kook’s Official Web).

Today, Koki is just one piece of Coho’s food empire. There are restaurants (Check and A-Frame), a famous memoir, L. A. Son; a hotel, The Line in LA Korean Town that Choc designed and filled with his restaurants; and a new CNN. Com series called Street Food. I have been to The Line hotel, it is really special that all the windows are covered with colorful rolling door, and the inside is like the original industry studio. All of his products are special and stand for something new.