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Every month families look at their bills and write checks or pay their bills online shaking their heads out how much it costs just to live the average lifestyle in the united States. Certain bills we can control like meals, entertainment, vacations, etc. But other bills we cannot control as much like rent/mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. But, what if you could significantly lower your utility rates by almost half? I propose a new service through Duke Energy Corporation known as Duke Saves Initiative.

Duke Saves Initiative is an incentive program that is offered to our customers that allows them to make more energy efficient choices and receive rewards and bonuses for making better choices. Duke Energy Corporation Duke Energy is a Fortune 250 company that currently services over 7 million electric customers and 500,000 gas customers in the Carolinas, the Midwest, Florida, Ohio and Kentucky. With over 150 years of experience in the industry Duke Saves Initiative is a way for Duke Energy to offer their customers a way to save money on their monthly bills while making improvements to their moms and reducing their carbon foot print.

Duke Energy believes in providing electrical and gas services in a sustainable way by being affordable, reliable, and clean. (Duke Energy, 201 5) Duke Saves Initiative Duke Saves Initiative would be a division Of Duke Energy that will work with both commercial and residential customers to find more energy efficient ways to help manage energy use and help lower their costs. The program would start with a free energy assessment provided by Duke Energy where a technician comes to your home and assess the areas that you are using more energy than you should.

They will create a report that tells you the areas that you can save on your monthly bills. By agreeing to the free assessment, you will be offered a one-time loan through an affiliated bank of Duke Energy to upgrade your heating and cooling systems to more energy efficient products. There will also be rebates that you can receive for purchasing more energy efficient appliances in your home such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Company Vision The vision behind this program is simple, promotion of energy efficiency while still providing the same electrical and gas services we have over the past 150 years.

At this point in time no one is one hundred percent sure how much longer our fossil fuels supply will last and what damage that it is doing to the environment. This initiative will help us to be able to reduce our emissions and maybe save some of those fossil fuels for future need. We are doing our part to make sure that we have customers to service another 1 50 years from now. We are always striving to make sure that We continue to meet and hopefully go above and beyond for our customers. Duke Energy is always looking for ways that we can bring newer technologies to the customers that we service. Partnerships

Duke Energy would like to partner up with local banks, HAVE and plumbing contractors, and stores that sell various parts and equipment along with our customers to get this initiative going. Local banks can gain more customers by giving exclusive interest free loans to customers so that they can upgrade their heating and cooling systems that will save them money on a monthly basis as well as improve their homes for resale value if they chose to do so. Contractors in the area can partner with Duke Saves Initiative to receive rebates for using certain energy efficient products and equipment with their customers.

And lastly, local stores and manufacturers can also receive a rebate incentive to sell certain products to contractors to ensure that the most energy efficient products are being used in the area. At Duke Energy we strive to be reliable and keep developing new ways to help and save our customers money. Local Banks Banks within communities are key structures to the financial healthiness of that particular community. People will only be able to buy homes or make renovations most of the time if they are able to get a loan from a bank. Most non-local banks do not have as much vested interest in the community that coal banks and credit unions do.

The partnership with the local banks and Duke Energy would allow people in the neighborhood to be able to upgrade their homes to becoming more energy efficient. The homeowner would have the opportunity to apply for a 0% financing loan that will help them to install a more energy efficient heating and cooling system in their home. This benefits the home owner because they do not have to pay financing fees and the banks gain new customers. These customers in turn may become permanent customers which would also help out the banks. Contractors

Most people, especially in today’s economy are not as eager to go out and spend ten to twenty thousand dollars on a new heating and cooling system, even if it is more energy efficient and would save them money on their monthly bills. So, this program offered by Duke Energy will allow people to get lower costing loans from banks which will hopefully cause them to take advantage of such a wonderful deal. The contractors that are approved by the Duke Saves Initiative will get paid for the work that they do during the install but they will be offered incentives in the form of a rebate for using a reticular energy efficient prod cuts.

Retailers The last piece of the energy efficient puzzle is partnering with the retailers. Retailers and consumers are going to benefit the most on this part of the new program. Retailers will have the advantage to sell to both individual homeowners as well as contracting companies so they will be drumming up business every. Veer. By selling energy efficient products, they will be eligible for the Same rebates that the contractors and Consumers are offered for switching over to more energy friendly products.

So whether they are selling homeowner an Energy Star rated refrigerator or selling Joey’s Plumbing and Heating Company a 30,000 BTU heating unit for a home, they are offered a rebate for selling those particular products. Culture, Social Responsibility, and Ethics We are always doing everything we can in today’s society to please everyone which is becoming a more difficult task every day. It is everyone’s responsibility to not only look out for themselves and their families but also look out for their neighbors and future generations. Every generation has worked to make the world better for the next.

By initiating this program we ill be ensuring a better future for generations to come. Not only will they be in homes that are heated properly, but they are more energy efficient which helps the environment. In today’s society many people are trying to fix the damage that our technological advances have caused so I fell that this will become a very welcome program. The only ethical concern is going to be in choosing who we conduct our partnerships with. We do not want to discriminate against any company or person but we also have to do what we need to do to protect the program and the people that wish to use it.

If we make sure that we offer the initial opportunity to everyone and base our decisions on the partnerships on predetermined factors, we should not have any ethical issues. Conclusion This program is a win-win-win for all that are involved. Duke Energy will be known for helping customers to bring in better products in their homes that will save them money as well as doing their part to reduce energy emissions. Homeowners will finally be able to upgrade to systems that will be better for the environment and in many cases reduce their monthly utility bills in half.

Banks will become partners with Duke Energy and the community to help families that will make people in the community use that particular bank more because they see them willing to help residents. Contractors will be able to grow their companies by working with communities and they will be known for their environmentally friendly atmosphere. And lastly, the retailers, they will be able to receive money back for selling more energy efficient products to their consumers. All it takes is for an individual home owner to call Duke Saves Initiative and sign up for their free home energy assessment.

Next an approved contractor assesses the areas in their homes that are not energy efficient and where they could improve. After that it becomes a domino effect of banks, contractors, retailers, and consumers that all benefit from this program. There is no one that does not benefit from this program, to me it is a no brainier.

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