Ashok Leyland Annual Report essay

I truly believe that it is not a chance occurrence but a sustainable performance since structural changes have been effected in the operating business model. We should obviously not rest on our laurels or allow a sense of complacency to set in. With general economic conditions set to ease further, Your Company is poised to achieve even better in all areas in the coming year. As Your Company marches another step in 2015-16 towards the Vision of becoming a global player of substance, due attention will be given to the concerns of our ecosystem, especially air pollution.

It is not pleasant to read reports that Delhi is the most polluted city in the world and India has 13 of the global top 20 polluted cities and not act on it as responsible corporate citizens. Your Company has always been at the forefront of pioneering new technologies into the Indian market even ahead of times, whether it be in trucks or buses and Annual Report 2014 – 201 5 whether it be safety or performance related.

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Some of the examples you are familiar with are mufti-axle trucks for higher load carrying capacity, safety oriented air brakes, various mass transport applications such as integral bus, articulated bus, double deck and ultra low floor bus. In line with that approach, Your Company has now drawn a road map for introduction of alternate propulsion systems. With global trends moving towards zero mission cities, we already have a head start in hybrid and electric drive system capabilities. In addition to keeping pace with technological trends globally, Your Company is actively pursuing cost effective solutions through frugal engineering approach.

Consistent with our philosophy to be ever ready in anticipation with appropriate technology for the markets served. It is heartening to note that government actively supports introduction of alternate propulsion vehicles giving the much-needed fillip to the initiatives being pursued by Your Company. A slew of innovative products will be munched progressively from next year. In 2015-16, Your Company will continue to maintain momentum to the business transformation exercises that are underway and strive to achieve pole position in all fronts with an added impetus to the Green Initiative.

I believe 2014-15 is an inflexion point in our journey having gained tremendously in our collective self-belief to overcome business challenges and face the future with greater optimism. Am also happy to inform that as part of our CARS programmer, we have decided to pursue the theme of Education for the Underprivileged with a holistic orientation combining health and education. We hope to see visible results from this endeavor shortly. Would like to gratefully acknowledge the trust and confidence reposed in us by you and more importantly for your patience in seeing us through the recent turbulent times.

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