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Green Computing Mr.. Cubes Sheikh Name of institute: DRP. D Y Patti School of Engineering and Technology Abstract “When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity”, said president John F. Kennedy, who knew his share of crises. Similarly Green Computing is an opportunity to prevent or minimize the effect of the future e-crises by using power efficient and environmentally sustainable computing.

Focus on green computing has been growing lately, but at the same time ailing in the false trap of comprehending Green Computing effectively might just drift us away from its mysterious importance. Long gone are those days when hunger of evolution was the only trade of jack, while its consequences were neglected. Times have indeed changed and shrinking our carbon footprints seems to be very important.

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As a result of our work dedicated at communities and open source non-profited organizations dealing the crisis of lack of awareness, we are able to offer unrivalled strategic insight into HOW ,WHERE and WHY Green Computing stands the priority of importance. For every Millions of computers that are not properly shut down cause billions of dollars of wasted electricity cost.

The bright screen which reflects this paper at this instance might just be adding to e-waste ravage and a major contributor to what might be known as the haunted “Judgment Day’. Small but concise efforts can make Green computing not just a mere topic of the whitepapers but must also be brought into the limelight of general public. Our motivation for this paper is for the well-being of environment and future generations. It consists of the following main points: Effective E-waste management models.

Brief Green computing initiative takings in Pun. Resource fertilization. Holistic issues for environmental sustainability. This paper intends to provide a brief journey from minimizing impacts of our household PC’s on the planet to large corporate being made realized to clean our environmental sins.