A Victim of Peer Violence essay

Professors name: Course title: Date: Victim of Peer Violence Based on this scenario, what environmental alterations might you suggest based on what you have learned? Base on Anita experience in her new environment. There are some few environmental alterations that can be done to help Anita live away from violence or sustain it and adapt resilience. The teachers should provide early interventions to avoid mistreat of new students by those already there. Put in measures that make students such as Anita feel safe.

The school authority should enforce discipline in conjunction to behavior and conduct. Acts like bullying as in Anita case should be punished accordingly and hence providing a conducive environment for children such as Anita Parents and the teaching stuff should teach the children good social skills hence they can be able to provide a welcoming environment to new students as Anita Parents and teachers should empower the children towards supporting each other and the positivist of friendship hence enhancing a friendly environment to everyone, (Psychologists, 2002).

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How will you foster resiliency as part of a community-intervention plan? Resilience can be defined as the nature of someone being able to recover or resist the effects of emotions like stress, conflict and violence. This is an important building block as part of community-intervention plan for children undergoing violence like Anita. Social and emotional skills are an essential way to teach such children to be resilient, they help such children have a strong mind that can manage stress, conflicts and violence positively. According to research, (Varlet, 01 3), the female and male gender both respond differently to violence, males are said to have a violent or rather revengeful way to retaliate to violence upon their peers while females are said to be mostly emotional, cry. Hence this mechanism that helps them develop an attitude, know-how and skill that are essential towards coping with emotions, make relationships, understanding differences, managing anger, problem solving, critical thinking, empathy, goal setting and as well make reasonable decisions, (Varlet, 2013). Include issues Of gender, diversity, and ethics in your plan. Above) As the counselor meeting with Anita, how will you manage state-mandated reporting laws and maintaining Anta’s confidentiality within the community? Confidentiality of the one who give the information is essential and hence in Anita case its essential to hide her identity from the public and in-order to do so without violating the state mandated reporting laws, I would ask the court to perform an in-camera review on Anita so as to give permission to perform confidentiality of Anita but as well proving the legitimacy of the information at hand, (Jones, 2001).

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