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IMPRESSIONISM o nee of the earlier but concrete forms declaring the entry of 20th century music was known as impressionism. It is a French movement in the late 19th and early 20th century. The sentimental melodies and dramatic emotionalism of the preceding Romantic Period (their themes and melody are easy to recognize and enjoy) were being replaced in favor of moods and impressions. There is an extensive use of colors and effects, vague melodies, and innovative chords and progressions leading to mild dissonances.

Sublime moods and melodic suggestions replaced highly expressive and program music, or music that contained visual imagery. With this trend came new combinations of extended chords, harmonies, whole tone, chromatic scales, and pentatonic scales. Impressionism was an attempt not to depict reality, but merely to suggest it. It was meant to create an emotional mood rather than a specific picture. In terms of imagery, impressionistic forms were translucent and hazy, as if trying to see through a rain-drenched window.

In impressionism, the sounds of different chords overlapped lightly with each there to produce new subtle musical colors. Chords did not have a definite order and a sense of clear resolution. Other features include the lack of a tonic-dominant relationship which normally gives the feeling of finality to a piece, moods and textures, harmonic vagueness about the structure of certain chords, and use of the whole-tone scale. Most of the impressionist works centered on nature and its beauty, lightness, and brilliance. A number Of outstanding impressionists created works on this subject. The impressionistic movement in music had its foremost proponents in the French composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Both had developed a particular style of composing adopted by many 20th century composers. Among the most famous luminaries in other countries were Tutoring Respires (Italy), Manuel De Fall and Isaac Albania (Spain), and Ralph Vaughan Williams (England). CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918) One of the most important and influential of the 20th century composers was Claude Debussy. He was the primary exponent of the impressionist movement and the focal point for other impressionist composers.

He changed the course of musical voltmeter by dissolving traditional rules and conventions into a new language of possibilities in harmony, rhythm, form, texture, and color. Debussy was born in SST. German-en-Lay in France on August 22, 1862. His early musical talents were channeled into piano lessons. He entered the Paris Conservatory in 1873. He gained a reputation as an erratic pianist and a rebel in theory and harmony. He added other systems of musical composition because of his musical training. In 1 884, he won the top prize at the PRI De Rome competition with his composition L’ Enfant Prorogue The Prodigal Son).

This enabled him to study for two years in Rome, where he got exposed to the music of Richard Wagner, specifically his opera Tristan undo Soled, although he did not share the latter’s grandiose style. Debussy mature creative period was represented by the following works: 0 Artistes Bullies prelude to the Afternoon Of a Faun String Quartet Pellets et Melanesian famous operatic work that drew mixed extreme reactions for its innovative harmonies and textural treatments. D La Mere (1905)?a highly imaginative and atmospheric symphonic work for orchestra about the sea

Images, Suite Burgomaster, and Stamped?his most popular piano compositions; a set of lightly textured pieces containing his signature work Claire De Lune (Moonlight) His musical compositions total more or less 227 which include orchestral music, chamber music, piano music, operas, ballets, songs, and other vocal music. 4 The creative style of Debussy was characterized by his unique approach to the various musical elements. Debussy compositions deviated from the Romantic Period and is clearly seen by the way he avoided metric pulses and preferred free form and developed his themes.

Debussy s western influences came from composers Franz List and Giuseppe Verdi. From the East, he was fascinated by the Javanese gametal that he had heard at the 1 889 Paris Exposition. The gametal is an ensemble with bells, gongs, xylophone, and occasional vocal parts which he later used in his works to achieve a new sound. From the visual arts, Debussy was influenced by Monet, Pissarro, Meant, Degas, and Renoir; and from the literary arts, by Mallard, Overlain, and Rumbaed. Most of his close friends were painters and poets who significantly influenced his compositions. His role as the “Father of the

Modern School of Composition” made its mark in the styles of the later 20th century composers like Igor Stravinsky, Edgar Varies, and Olivier Messiahs. Debussy spent the remaining years of his life as a critic, composer, and performer. He died in Paris on March 25, 1918 of cancer at the height of the First World War. CLAIRE DE LUNE (MOONLIGHT) Us tie Burgomaster (Excerpt) Claude Debussy Copyright by everyone. Com 5 MAURICE RAVEL (1875-1937) Joseph Maurice Ravel was born in Ciborium, France to a Basque mother and a Swiss father. He entered the Paris Conservatory at the age of 14 where he studied with the eminent French imposer Gabriel Fare.

During his stint with the school where he stayed until his early ass’s, he had composed a number of masterpieces. The compositional style of Ravel is mainly characterized by its uniquely innovative but not atonal style of harmonic treatment. It is defined with intricate and sometimes modal melodies and extended choral components. It demands considerable technical virtuosity from the performer which is the character, ability, or skill of a virtuoso?a person who excels in musical technique or execution. The harmonic progressions and modulations are not only musically satisfying UT also pleasantly dissonant and elegantly sophisticated.

His refined delicacy and color, contrasts and effects add to the difficulty in the proper execution of the musical passages. These are extensively used in his works of a programmatic nature, wherein visual imagery is either suggested or portrayed. Many of his works deal with water in its flowing or stormy moods as well as with human characterizations. Ravel’s works include the following: 6 Paean for a Dead Princess (1899), a slow but lyrical requiem Juju dead or Water Fountains (1901) string Quartet (1903) Sensation for Piano (c. 1904)

Mirrors (Mirrors), 1 905, a work for piano known for its harmonic evolution and imagination, Gaspers De la Unit (1908), a set of demonic-inspired pieces based on the poems of Allusions Bertrand which is arguably the most difficult piece in the piano repertoire. These were followed by a number of his other significant works, including Valves Nobles et Sentimental (191 1) Lee Automate De Coopering (c. 191 7), a commemoration of the musical advocates of the early 18th century French composer François Coopering, Rhapsodies Espanola Bolero Daphnia et Chloe (191 2), a ballet commissioned by master choreographer

Sergei Dishevel that contained rhythmic diversity, evocation Of nature, and choral ensemble La Valves (1 920), a waltz with a frightening undertone that had been composed for ballet and arranged as well as for solo and duo piano. The two piano concerti composed in 1929 as well as the violin virtuosic piece Tagging (1922) total the relatively meager compositional output of Ravel, approximating 60 pieces for piano, chamber music, song cycles, ballet, and opera. Ravel was a perfectionist and every bit a musical craftsman. He strongly adhered to the classical form, specifically its ternary structure.

A strong advocate of Russian music, he also admired the music of Chopin, List, Schubert, and Mendelssohn. He died in Paris in 1937. BOLERO Transcriptions for Two Pianos (Excerpt) Maurice Ravel 7 Comparative Styles of Debussy and Ravel As the two major exponents of French Impressionism in music, Debussy and Ravel had crossed paths during their lifetime although Debussy was thirteen years older than Ravel. While their musical works sound quite similar in terms of their harmonic and textural characteristics, the two differed greatly in their personalities and approach to music.

Whereas Debussy was more pantones and liberal in form, Ravel was very attentive to the classical norms of musical structure and the compositional craftsmanship. Whereas Debussy was more casual in his portrayal of visual imagery, Ravel was more formal and exacting in the development of his motive ideas. ARNOLD SCHOENBERG (1874-1951) Arnold Schoenberg was born in a working-class suburb Of Vienna, Austria on September 13, 1874. He taught himself music theory, but took lessons in counterpoint.

German composer Richard Wagner influenced his work as evidenced by his symphonic poem Pellets et Melanesian, Pop 5 (1 903), a interruption of Debussy opera of the same title. Schoenberg style was constantly undergoing development. From the early influences of Wagner, his tonal preference gradually turned to the dissonant and atonal, as he explored the use of chromatic harmonies. Although full of melodic and lyrical interest, his music is also extremely complex, creating heavy demands on the listener. His works were met with extreme reactions, either strong hostility from the general public or enthusiastic acclaim from his supporters.

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What life or professional issues are you tackling by doing this personal development plan? ) What is your vision/goal for this plan? (Why is this personal development plan topic important to you? ) As appropriate, you are encouraged to bring in information you gleaned from the self-assessments you have done so far. What Is Your Jungian Typology? Introvert (89%) Sensing (38%) Thinking (25%) Judging (44%). L] How Productive Are You? 48 C] Locus of Control- 29 CLC Are You Experiencing Burnout? 45 0 Stress Scale- 135

Development is a lifelong of nurturing, shaping and improving an individual’s skills, knowledge and interests to ensure my maximum effectiveness and adaptability, and to minimize the obsolescence of my skills and my chances of redundancy. So far, have taken several assessments that have not only made me learn about myself, but also gave me a reflection on my life, and the steps need to take in order for them to benefit me in the future. What have I learned about myself so far is probably one of the hardest and easiest questions I have to answer about myself.

From taking the assessment “What is your Jungian Typology? I think really made me see the type of person I have been so far. I will admit that I have always been a person that has kept to their self, and has always had a very keen sense. I think by taking a assessment such as think will not only benefit personally, but professionally as well. One of my most favorite assessments would have to be the Stress Scale assessment that not only showed me what my stress level is, but also how I respond to efferent situations that I am put in.

I received a score of 135 which means that I have a low to moderate chance of becoming ill in the near future. What I plan on gaining by doing this plan is learning more about me as a person, and what can I do not only to improve my life professionally, but also academically as well. On a professional note I think with me doing this plan would offer me the ability to better solve problems and develop the positive attitudes and approaches associated with a successful professional life.

Now many employers now expect employees to understand their own performance, and to know how to adapt to meet times of increased workload, stressful situations or conditions of change. What is your vision or goal for this plan? My vision or goal for this plan is too become a better more well-rounded individual that will not only be a better person to others, but a better person to me. This personal development plan will create a positive, forward-looking approach that will allow me to make better choices.

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There is many ways to recruit potential candidates, job fairs this way the interested antedate can meet and speak with the HRS reps asking questions about the job and proved a resume in person. Several methods of recruiting are job fairs at colleges, websites, want ads and personal referrals. The most efficient and quickest and least expensive way to reach a lot of job seekers would be through the internet.

Most organizations use the Internet, to include social networking sites to fill job openings. Once the potential candidates are selected through the process of reviewing applications and resumes candidates are contacted and offered an interview. The human resource manager has the job of selecting and hiring employees with the department managers and or supervisors. During the interview process the interviewer is not allowed to question the interviewee about his or her personal life (I. E. Deiced history, alcohol and or substance abuse issues/problems, criminal history, race, religion, and several others) which brings me to employment laws that must be considered in the process in question. There is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1 964 which prohibits employers from discriminating against applicants based on their race, religion, color, sex, or national origin. The second law would be EEOC – Affirmative action programs which increases job opportunities for women, minorities, people with disabilities, and other protected groups.

The job being interviewed for is a position working as an Information Release Specialist (IRS). The work processed will be cases from individuals and offices, and relatives of soldiers and other information such as congressional, and other legal issues. The interviewees will be asked questions in reference to the Privacy Act, and the Freedom of Information Act. This type Of work is classified and there cannot be any discrepancies on the IRS part when giving a response to the sender. Boone/Kurt, 2013) Unconventional Workforce As the Director of the HRS department it is HRS duty to see to it that although the company has decided to an unconventional workforce keeping the full- time permanent employees on staff and bringing in temporary workers and contract workers it is important to try to keep the working relationships mumble since there will be a diversity, a blending of individuals who are different in genders, ethnic background, culture, religion, age, and physical and mental abilities working together.

Building an employment relationship there are many laws that confer on employees rights to be protected from discrimination of all kinds and be allowed to come to work and do the job without harassment because of the sort of discrimination. The two laws HRS must remember when establishing a relationship with the temporary workers and independent contractors is with temporary workers “Legal problems can rise when temp workers, particularly those kept on for long periods of time and doing the same work as regular employees, challenge their exclusion from the benefits available too company’s regular employees. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act the independent contractors work for themselves. “A company cannot establish independent contractor Status simply by labeling its workers as contractors. Companies using independent contractors should have signed agreements spelling out the terms of these relationships. Clarifying the nature of relationships at the outset can avert countersigning. ” (Walsh, 2013). Knowing these laws and keeping in mind the status of the temporary workers and the independent contractors also knowing the law pertaining to their status will play a major role in the business relationship.

Organizations HRS policies and process The organizations HRS polices in promoting a diverse workforce is effective in a way that diversity can be crucial for companies wanting to attract and retain good talent. The HRS is the major support behind a successful company because it is HRS who select, interview and hire the employees for the many with some assistance from the managing staff. Diversity is what makes an organization or company successful.

Have a diverse group of background experiences, perspectives, are crucial to development and crucial to encouraging different perspectives and births innovation. Affirmative Action Strategy “Cultural diversity can provide distinct competitive advantages in the world of small business, and all business owners can benefit from employing proactive affirmative action strategies to build a culturally diverse workforce. Hiring culturally diverse employees is only the first step, however.

To fully leverage the benefits of cultural awareness in the workplace, companies must actively promote diversity awareness among all employees. Benefits Cultural awareness is achieved when all employees in a company can appreciate the benefits Of cultural diversity. The numerous benefits Of cultural diversity stem from the fact that people from different cultures bring different perspectives to the table, introducing new ideas, perspectives and personalities into strategic planning processes and workplace activities in neural.

A culturally diverse and aware workforce can create a company culture of mutual respect and dignity, garnering a reputation as a fair employer in the job market. Company Leadership Seek out minority employees for leadership positions, but be careful not to overlook more qualified or better-performing candidates based solely on their majority status. Hiring culturally diverse employees can serve to spread cultural awareness among employees, but culturally diverse leaders can go even further to leverage their cultural uniqueness for the benefit of their ark teams and employers.

Placing minorities in leadership positions can promote understanding between different cultures in the workplace and can encourage lower-level minority employees that there are career advancement opportunities for them within your company. Diversity Training Include diversity training as part Of new-hire training programs or advanced training programs for managers. Diversity education programs can help employees to recognize prejudices and cultural assumptions in their own minds, while teaching them skills to respectfully seek to understand other ultras they come in contact with.

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When deciding to buy HRS database systems there are many factors that should be thought wrought before making the choice. It is important to keep in mind the customer of the data, the process, and the decisions that will be made. (Savannah, M. J. , Teeth, M. , & Johnson, R. D. (2012). Two types of these commercial HRS systems are Bamboo HRS and slims. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the two. Bamboo HRS software is versatile and allows users the ability to track what is needed and able to organize data to ones needs.

The software multiuse access performs reliably so the user can define what people can see what information. The software is user friendly, great staff support (customer service), constant improvements, ease of use; cost affordable, flexibility’ of reports and the software has data security compliant with sensitive data. Its disadvantage is Bamboo cannot be hosed on a company’s own server. Bamboo is what is called a dashboard and they cannot be customized by adding modules, and some menus cannot be customized. Some payroll services it does not sync to and the software has limited functionality.

SIMS is about talent that businesses are drawn to for the intuitive talent, acquisition and on boarding solutions, assisting companies with hiring those best fit for the position. The great advantage is the branded career portal which allows applicants to seamlessly apply and enter the company’s applicant tracking system and when position(s) open in the company the company itself can report on employee applications seeing whether or not they most fit person for the position(s) already works for the organization which is a big plus financially.

Other advantages of this software in the branded career portal is posting jobs are easy and employees can manage heir personal information like resumes, contact information and certifications and licenses. SIMS has a social media distribution access to Over 300 social media outlets, career site search engine Optimization and as mentioned above a job board posting, allowing HRS professionals and recruiters to reach more qualified candidates.

Also, the SIMS the system is easy to use, it has good functionality, the product quality and customer service is a plus the cost is not cheap, but companies want the quick time and the smoothness of the function so they pay the price. As it is known no tater how good something is it also has disadvantages and with the CUMIN small businesses will find this database can be problematic leaving the IT issues to the employees due to the company not large enough to have an IT specialist.

Other disadvantages human error when loading information, the cost to update the system, the applications either malfunction and depending on the business can have insufficient applications to support human resources specialists’ functions. The greatest disadvantage is online security, and because of this users must take great measures to make sure that when recessing personal information they process it with true attention to detail. With all this said, both systems are good in their own functionality of what a business is looking for and for the type of work being processed.

It is important to do the research and ask questions before opting to settle with any HRS these systems are not cheap and once the system is in place it will be very unfortunate to work on a system not conducive to the work being processed. Last but not least security is very important and working database that has not secure¶y’ measures is risky and costly. Software As A Service (AAAS) has many advantages for using this service for Human Resource starting with the security. Security is always number one on the list.

The provider manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance (HTTPS://move. Salesrooms. Com/AAAS). The efficiencies gained from using a AAAS for its HRS needs, and much inefficiency from maintaining an MS Access-based database application is, to access the database calls for only an internet connection, and “A good way to understand the AAAS model is by thinking of a bank, which protects the rivalry of each customer while providing service that is reliable and secure?on a massive scale.

A bank’s customers all use the same financial systems and technology without worrying about anyone accessing their personal information without authorization” (HTTPS://vow. Salesrooms. Com/ AAAS/). Programs offered through AAAS are affordable to implement and manage compared to the traditional software. Using the AAAS does not require buying equipment to house the software, no license with PC cost and flexible when changes are made with a company to change the fields and aromas without disturbing the entire database (Reagan, 2002).

Combining products from multiple vendors if designed and implemented correctly can be a true burden and stress reducer. If not it can cause a major headache for the organization if it violates existing law and regulations (Savannah, 2012). When combing products from multiple vendors the risks in software compatibility is very important for the fact that not all software codes are compatible and this can cause a major compromising of the data due to glitches and other issues. An HRS database has to be managed properly and taken seriously if not the

HRS processing the entire HRS processing is at risk of becoming affected and storing data properly will make the job all the more advantageous to the workers. The data must be entered properly, genuinely and must continually have periodic quality checks and performing quality checks will partly assist to be sure there has been duplicated information input, no security breaches in information input. Improperly adding or updating information can put a hindrance on a company’s trust and loyalty to people who expect their information to be secure and guarded with care.

Fears Posed by Anti-Globalization Movement Members essay

As a result, inevitably, it became such a profound part of everyday life and its impact on ivies of individuals in different parts of the globe is increasing with every day. Usually there are three distinctive features of globalization debated in academia and those are: economic, political and cultural globalization. Therefore it can be observed that globalization process penetrates the most vital disciplines of every society; there is no doubt in that.

However, world and scholars of social sciences are facing the question if increasing globalization is a good thing. There are very mixed views on this matter, as it varies from exaggerated idealizing of globalization to perceiving it as a pure evil. On the other hand, from varies studies on this matter it can be concluded that even if there are dangers and harmful outcomes of living in global world, the weight of benefits is much more valid, because, in words of Philippe Algerian, globalization has potential to do immense good. Starting with defining the term ћglobalizationџ, then concentrating on exploring the most common, established fears posed by anti-globalization movement members and general public, and presenting ways in which global problems are managed by nation-states or Nan-state actors, this essay will try to present often raised issues of conception of globalization and to explain why they are important for our understanding of world politics.

First of all, agreement on exact definition of the term ћglobalization was never achieved and respectively nowadays scholars acknowledge that in their works. It was once commonplace to think of globalization as an economic process (which it surely is), then emerged thought of grain, Philippe, “Open World: the truth about globalization” (Abacus, 2003), p. 14 Dominica Kampala (1207347) viewing it as a political process, and the most recent one is concerning cultural changes.

Jan Art Schools pointed out that “knowledge of globalization is substantially a function of how the concept is defined”3 and as David Held and Anthony argue, the intensity and diversity in scholars of social sciences views on the debate about globalization are enormous. However, there can be distinguished few leading positions in the debate, which varies from insisting on the resistance against global forces to adapting to them.

Moreover, globalization is such a complex phenomenon that until very recently there were only few who tried to measure it and make it certain how immense it is. When something can be measured, the knowledge about it is of a more satisfactory kind as it becomes more comparable. We can measure some things very accurately, especially in developed countries, but what about things such as spread of culture and ideas that are not that easy to measure, at least not in such short period of time?

Of course, some things require more broad and distant look, not only close and narrow perspective. To illustrate this point, one can use figures of Foreign Policy report on measuring globalization which show that, for instance, Malaysia is more globalizes but far less equal than Poland. Philippe Algerian further argues that globalization is all-embracing and omnipresent force, which is yet extremely misunderstood and those two are main reasons why so many people fear it. 6 Moreover, its tempo is increasing in unknown before rates.

The choice of words here is deliberate – unknown, because never before people could share news and information that effortless and fast. Maybe it is awareness that makes difference in its perception, as some scholars argue that globalization was far more advanced in the XIX 2 Libber, Robert T. , Whispers, Ruth E. , “Globalization, Culture and Identities in Crisis”, International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, 16:2 (2002), p. 273 3 Schools, Jan Art, “What is Globalization? The Definitional Issue Again”, SCAR working paper 109 (2002), p. 2 4 A. T. Carney, Inc.

Global Policy Group & Foreign Policy Magazine, “Measuring Globalization”, Foreign policy, 122 (2001 p. 56 5 Globalization”, Foreign policy, 122 (2001 p. 64 6 Algerian, Philippe, ћOpen World: the truth about globalization (Abacus, 2003), Doran-like Kampala (1207347) century. 7 Nevertheless, the impact of globalization nowadays is undeniable and so is accompanying fears and misconceptions that gather people into organizations. What is more, some people even die while expressing their concerns and dissatisfaction, like did young Italian Carlo Giuliani during protest in Genoa in 2001.

So what are those things that causes so much disconcert? As Douglas Keller in his sociological study states that globalization critics claim that globalization produces an undermining of democracy, a cultural homogeneities, and destruction of natural species and the environment-8 Therefore, Philippe Algeria insists, more broadly globalization can be seen as a focus of popular fears about the might of the cuisines, the pace of economic change and, primarily, sense of powerlessness in the face of intangible global forces.

Although there is hint of truth in these statements, they are still not true enough to be terrified. 9 In fact, as British business writer John Key argues, term ћglobalization[l seems to be often used as umbrella term to put the blame for negative nowadays] occurrences just as once term ћprevarications was used by opponents of marionettes reforms. To sum up, there are many ways of understanding and looking at globalization.

Some people claim it is just a metaphor expressing the hope for the better future, others see it as a path of values and ideologies, a process initiated in 1648 by forming states, through collapse of Soviet Union and end of socialism, to capitalism and democracy. On the other hand, it is difficult to say if this journey is successful. Number of wars and conflicts since asses can contradict it so one can claim that this hope for better future crashed. Also, current world is divided into the biggest amount of states in the history.

It may be a way to resist the effect of globalization or just a will of people to identify with their region and culture because one deeds to remember that the importance Of a State is decreasing in the time when boundaries have smaller and smaller meaning. Even though there are many doubts 7 Roseland, Ben, “Babylon and on? Globalization and International Political Economy’, Review of International Political Economy, (10) 2003, p. 664 8 Economy”, Review of International Political Economy, (10) 2003, p. 64 9 Algerian, Philippe, ћOpen World: the truth about globalizationњ (Abacus, 2003), p. 17 about explaining the meaning of globalization, there is one certain advantage: the discussion about it was a reason to rethink all political, economic and oral issues like power, identity, time, space, and ideologies. Elise P. Irises in her article n The Lasting Marriage between Nation and State Despite Globalizationњ analyses further and explains that what causes concern is transformations in the patterns of interactions of state with both the market and society.

She argues that change is undoubtedly and seems to be inevitably happening, so people need to rethink define actions of certain concepts as established ones seem no longer reflect current circumstances. First and the most traditional approach of globalization is economical interconnectedness. It has the most noticeable and palpable effect on what is referred by Mary Calder as a global civil society. 10 In words of John Clark, globalization has been predominantly seen as an economic process or, more accurately, a process whose primary driving forces are economic ones. 1 Open markets, free trade ? those are the means of rise non-state actors in global arena as nowadays firms, transnational corporations are increasingly independent from nation-state provided that there are no strict regulations that state can impose on such company. Hence, there is emerging fear, which as been discussed in Philippe Legionnaires ћOpen Worlds – private corporations invading and claiming more power and legitimacy that it should ever have and therefore imposing threat of new kind of imperialism to the world society.

However, there is strong and legitimate evidence that it is not true, there are measures taken to prevent totalitarian rule of companies on global stage, such as international organizations like World Trade Organization (WTFO), World Bank or International Monetary Fund (MIFF). 12 Moreover, it is argued that the consequent fear of monopoly of organizations mentioned above is unfounded for states that generate them being defensive of their national interest and therefore 10 Calder, Mary, “Global civil society – an answer to war” (Polity, 2003) Clarke, John, “Turning Inside Out?

Globalization, Neo-liberalism and Welfare States”, Anthropological, 45 (2003), p. 202 12 p. 17 11 controlling their agendas and activities. 13 What is more, in the research carried out by Linda Weiss it is pointed out that in the developed economies, where most of the legitimacy of companies debate is raised, about 90 per cent of production is still made for the domestic markets and about the same regenerate of consumption is locally produced . 14 Therefore it can be conducted that there is no real danger from the multi-national corporations.

On the contrary, according to the unalienable model of globalization, the comparative advantage, such as economic and political integration, new economic opportunities, free trade and consequently promotion of the demonstration are far more valuable and important both to developed and developing countries than potential loss. 15 On the other hand, recently increasing popularity is observed on debate conducted by many scholars whether or not traditional Westphalia system, hence, nation-states are declining. Fifths was true, it would mean that global processes that are leading to it are detrimental for states and, as a result, for nations.

However, a number of scholars agree that it is not happening. To illustrate the point, John Clarke observes that the increasing power of capital and the extension of market relations are primarily understood as a challenge to the state and that is an attempt to juxtapose those concepts and create misunderstanding. He explores matter further and states that while political-economic analysts view libations as dissolving borders and capacities of nation-states, political- institutionalism approaches view nation-states as place capable of adaptation to the external pressures of globalization. 6 On the other hand, it is proven that nation-state is not about to lose its sovereignty, although it might lose some of its monopolies (for example, of telecommunication), which is not a bad thing. On the contrary, the fewer monopolies society, state or region has, the freer and more 13 Keller, Douglas, ‘Theorizing Globalization”, Sociological Theory, 20 (2002), up. 96-297 Weiss, Linda, “Globalization and national governance: antinomy or interdependence? Review of International Studies, 25:05 (1999), p. 63 15 Smith, Tony “Globalization. A Systematic Marxian Account”, (Brills-Elided- Boston, 2006), Chi. 2 16 Clarke, John, “Turning Inside Out?

Globalization, Neo-liberalism and Welfare States”, Anthropological, 45 (2003), up. 204-205 14 democratic it becomes. Moreover, Elise Irises in her article backs thoughts Of acknowledged scholars such as B. Moore Jar. Who insists on necessity of creating strong nation-states in the developing world, because it still remains racial to create motives citizens to control public authority. 17 Moreover, there are international organizations, above all, the United Nations Organization and belonging bodies, which am to facilitate cooperation in international security, economic development, and to achieve world peace.

Therefore it can be conducted that not only nation-state is still needed in global society, but it also has real power, legitimacy and capabilities, which if even partially gives up it turns up to be in favor of demonstration. Mention of demonstration immediately brings into the debate about libations values and human rights on the world stage, which are important in current international relations. As John Boil and George M Thomas argue human beings everywhere have similar basic needs and desires, can act in accordance with common principles of authority and remain loyal to the community goals within society he is living.

It is also true that there is poverty, inequality and threats to human security around the globe. Therefore, their argument is that everyone and everywhere is potential beneficiary of International Non-Governmental Organizations activity. 18 For instance, the world-famous INGOT “Amnesty International” is doing a great deal in defending human rights almost in every corner in the world and therefore is quite effective organization. Another one of a good few INGOT is 350 which fights for solving the climate crisis.

What is more, increasing globalization encloses to nation-states as well as individual human beings variety of opportunities not available before. Extension and intensity of trade are rising. More and more data along with newer and newer technology is accessible. 17 Irises, Elise P. , “The Lasting Marriage between Nation and State despite Globalization”, International Political Science Review, 25 (2004), up. 251 -257 18 Boil, John, Thomas, George M. , ‘World Culture in the World Polity: A Century of International Non-Governmental Organization”, American Sociological Review, 62:2 (1 997), p. 73 Exchange of values is easier. However, one can claim that media can provide not only good for societies and world peace ones. The consensus in looking for the definition of a word “globalization” has not been reached and three basic positions about it can be noticed. Hyper- globalizes believe in emergence of a single economy and a death of a nation- Tate, skeptics claim that globalization is just an ideological device used by politicians and academics, and transmogrification’s say that something has changed but not everything.

However, one can conclude it is the comprehensive term for the emergence of a global society in which economic, political, environmental, and cultural events in one part of the world quickly come to have significance for people in other parts of the world. It also involves the growth of multinational corporations (businesses that have operations or investments in many countries) and transnational reparations (businesses that see themselves functioning in a global marketplace). The international institutions that oversee world trade and finance play an increasingly important role in this era, too.

To understand all regulations and decisions made or influenced by them, social scientists need to remember about new position of state, sovereignty, and security in international relations. Especially that there are also some negative effects associated with globalization. It’s not an equal process, and often the link is only one way (for example, resources going out of Iraq or India with nothing f equal value going back in). Rapid spread of diseases, illicit drugs, crime, terrorism, and uncontrolled migration are a few other fears linked to constantly increasing globalization.

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The original site that he created was not just an individual site. Originally when he created eBay, it shared the site with a consulting company that he also operated called Echo Bay Tech oenology Group. EBay which was originally called Auction Web received its current name because when Midair attempted to register Cacheable. Com as the domain name for the website he found that it was already taken and figured he would just shorten the name to eBay. Soon after eBay became an official website and began its huge rise in popularity it landed Meg Whitman, a Harvard graduate as its CEO.

The leaders of eBay state that it was extremely hard to pep up with the growth that they experienced once they became a real company. When eBay originally launched it did not use Papal as its online payment service. According to Dave Andrews from The History of EBay, when eBay started they were realized that one issue holding the site back was that there was very little trust on the site and people were always worried about payment. When eBay realized that fact they began using Ballpoint as an online payment system. Soon after that, Papal was introduced and it was very heavily outweighing the daily use of eBay’s Ballpoint service.

It was clear that nonusers preferred Papal over Ballpoint so eBay then proceeded in 2002 to purchase Papal to use on their website for 1. 5 million dollars. Today, eBay has over 94 million users worldwide and in 2010 the total worth of goods sold on eBay “website was 62 billion dollars (“Who We Are”). EBay’s auction site is a place for both buyers and sellers to come together and buy and sell just about anything imaginable. Sellers come to eBay and list the item or items that they want to sell and then are able to choose from two options.

The first option is a traditional auction scenario where the seller lists the item and then elects a price for bidding to start and then a set time that the item will stay listed and then at the end of the time the buyer with the highest bid wins the item. The second option that a seller can choose is a buy now option where the seller sets a price for the item and the first buyer to pay that wins the item (“What is EBay? “). Today, eBay has over 94 million users worldwide and in 201 0 the total worth of goods sold on eBay’s website was 62 billion dollars (“Who We Are”).

As a company, it’s also own other e-commerce companies such as Stub Hub, Shopping. Com, Half. Com, entrant. Com. Also included in our portfolio are payment services such as Papal and Bill Mission and Vision Statements At eBay do not have either a clearly defined mission statement or vision statement. However, if you look at their 2010 Annual Report you will find the following two statements: “Our purpose is to pioneer new communities around the world built on commerce, sustained by trust and inspired by opportunity’ (Ebay 2010 Annual Report). We seek to create a global platform that provides individuals and businesses of all types and sizes with access to broad markets” (Ebay 2010 Annual Report). Believe that eBay vision is encompassed in the second statement above. A vision statement should always answer “What do eBay want to become? ” In this statement it’s discussed what eBay want business to be come. Not only do that eBay want to play a part in commerce and payments but its wanted to create a fully global platform that combines their products. Bay want these products to work together for both individuals and businesses and allow their consumers to reach more markets than they would typically have been able to reach. This statement however could be a little more specific possibly, and mention something about commerce and payments. As for the mission, believe that the first statement above could constitute eBay’s mission. In that statement it’s mentioned exploring the current parts of business which include the commerce, such as eBay. Mom and Stub Hub, the trust, which involves making Papal an even more dependable and trusted payment service, and opportunity which means capitalizing on any venture that it can add to benefit their company. There is a lot missing from this statement to make it a quality mission statement. To make this a better mission statement it’s could; mention their customers more specifically, explain the state of our current genealogy, give a brief statement on the beliefs and ethics of their company, and mention the employees of their company.

Organizational Objectives As with any company, it is important for the eBay company to have objectives that they can strive for. These objectives along with the mission and vision give eBay and their employees a goal to focus their activities on. Having these organizational objectives helps their company to continue to grow and improve different aspects that we need to in the future. eBay’s 2010 Annual Report lists in the section to their stockholders certain areas that we have en working on and plan to work on in the future.

These areas include; extending our lead in payments, delivering a better eBay experience for customers, expanding our capabilities, connecting buyers and sellers anywhere, anytime, any device, driving sustainable commerce, and operating more efficiently and reducing costs (eBay 201 0 Annual Report). For our company to extend our lead in payments, we have to work to attract more buyers and sellers to Papal. In order to attract more buyers and sellers, we need to expand our Papal more and more internationally.

Some ways that e have done that recently are by forming partnerships with local governments and banks and also in Mexico, Brazil, and China we have been working along with mobile providers. Not only is it our goal to expand Papal more globally but we are aiming to expand it more for digital products. Another objective for our company to increase payments is by attracting more volume to our Bill Me Later service (eBay 2010 Annual Report). eBay have also been striving to make consumers feel more comfortable and better about using their products.

In order to help consumers feel more comfortable, it’s worked on adding features to eBay’s sites to protect nonusers and highlight which other users are more trusted to do business with. Not only have it’s added those features but eBay has been adding additional features to make the overall site much easier to use and find the stuff that you want (Ebay 2010 Annual Report). For our company to expand our capabilities it comes down to our ability to purchase and work with companies that improve our reach locally, globally, and digitally.

There are countless companies across the world that will help in improving our company and help against our competition (Ebay 201 0 Annual Report). Going long with other objectives of our company is the objective of connecting buyers and sellers anytime, nap. Where, and on any device. EBay are contain ally aiming to increase the total volume that they can see on their mobile platforms. Also according to their 201 0 Annual Report, in 2010 eBay annual mobile volume increase to over billion dollars. Bay focus is to constantly increase the total number of people using these mobile applications in every market in the world (Ebay 2010 Annual Report). Len the business world it is becoming more of a need to meet increasing environmental needs. At eBay we recognize these growing needs. That is why eBay has been determined to make their company more environmentally conscious and sustainable. They have been enacting various programs to conserve energy and recycle various items.

Not only have they been working to benefit the environment that way but they have been encouraging their workers to go out into their communities and help with the environment as well (Ebay 201 0 Annual Report). It is also important for eBay company to reach a goal that we set in 2009 of reducing our cost structure by billion dollars over a 3 year period. At the time our 2010 Annual Report came out we were till on track to meet that goal that we set. They are not just focused on reducing our cost structure but eBay also working to find other ways to improve their financial standing (Ebay 201 0 Annual Report).

Company Background Name eBay Inc. Go Industries served Internet, Online retailing Geographic areas served Worldwide Headquarters current CEO John Donahue Revenue $ 14. 07 billion (2012) profit $ 2. 60 billion (2012) Employees 27,770 (2012) Main Competitors Amazon . Com, Scraggliest, Ibid, ibid Auctions, Google, Overstock. Com and many other companies. By eBay For any business to grow and prosper, managers of the business just be able to anticipate, recognize and deal with change in the internal and external environment.

Change is a certainty, and for this reason business managers must actively engage in a process that identifies change and modifies business activity to take best advantage of change. That process is strategic planning. Internal and External Environment All businesses have an internal and external environment. The internal environment is very much associated with the human resource of the business or organization, and the manner in which people undertake work in accordance with the mission of the organization.

To some extent, the internal environment is controllable and changeable through planning and management processes. The external environment, on the other hand is not controllable. The managers of a business have no control over business competitors, or changes to law, or general economic conditions. However the managers of a business or organization do have some measure of control as to how the business reacts to changes in its external environment. 1. Strategic Business Planning Process When the company processing a strategic planning, it must be using following steps they are; Identify the various steps in the strategic planning recess Initiate and manage a strategic planning process Determine appropriate tools for strategic planning Understand strategies for evaluation Initiate community support and involvement in the process Develop communication strategies to promote the strategic planning process Identify partners to be involved in strategic planning process Participate in the strategic planning process (if applicable) Core Values At eBay it has a list of five core values that EBay Company follows each and every day to make sure that eBay run an ethical and legal business. This last of core values can be taken from their Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. It includes that: eBay believe people are basically good eBay recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual eBay believe everyone has something to contribute eBay encourage people to treat others the way they want to be treated themselves eBay believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people. All of these values apply to each and every subsidiary of the eBay company.

It is also outlined in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that to work at eBay they must have an active and relevant knowledge of regulations and laws that affect our businesses. Just like most companies if Hess laws and regulations are not followed then eBay will face employee sanctions along with any lawsuits that might come forth from our actions. As a company eBay of course strive to generate good returns for ourselves and for our shareholders. At no point though is it approved focus to cut corners or do anything else illegal or unethical to reach what they want to. Not only is It viewed as unfair to their company but it is also viewed as unfair to the community that eBay operate in. At eBay it is also of utmost importance for the company to never falsify any of our books or records.

We believe very tryingly in properly disclosing any information that should be included in any reports that are given to the Securities and Exchange Commission and other agencies. There should also never be any falsification to any records that are given to the public and shareholders. EBay’s employees should always be sure to follow any guidelines that are set and if they are suspicious of any violations to auditing, accounting, or finance regulations they should report this to any auditors, Legal, or Finance. Employees of our company are not to use internal resources from our company illegally and unethically. Also, the only use of these internal resources should be to benefit eBay. Bay’s employees will also deal with different contracts while they work for our company. When working with these contracts our employees should never promise anything that they will not be able to deliver from our company. EBay should never exaggerate any benefits that we can deliver or any products that they have just to gain a contract as that usually leaves both companies in a difficult situation. EBay should also never exaggerate anything in any advertisements that they use in our marketing campaigns. Again this dads to difficult situations for the company and any user that feels they have been misled by information that they have displayed. Conflicts of Interest can occur in any company.

This is when you are in a position to influence a decision that hurts the company you work for but that same decision will benefit yourself or a close friend or loved one. At eBay if you feel that you will not be able to avoid a conflict of interest we believe that you should disclose that to the company and simply avoid any decision that you feel you can’t make. At eBay, they also have employment guidelines. eBay’s employment actions are governed by the fact that we are an Equal Opportunity Employer and also that we are a harassment and discrimination free workplace. With eBay being an Equal Opportunity Employer, they are committed to not discriminating against any applicant to a position. When they are evaluating the applicant they will look only at the abilities of that person.

That being said they will not discriminate by race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, age, marital status, disability, medical condition or sexual orientation, or on any other basis protected by law (“Code of Business Conduct and Ethics”). By being a harassment and discrimination free workplace they are allowing all employees the environment where they can reach their fullest potential and be most productive. However, if they are experiencing any harassment or discrimination eBay asks that you always make the company aware of what’s happening so that they are able to keep a safe environment. In order to keep their company safe, eBay must protect the confidential information that they deal with every day.

Not only is it important to protect this Information to save our company but it’s also important in protecting other companies. As a company they must never disclose any personal information to any out ciders or anybody that does not need to know the information. EBay must always be sure to keep up to date in protecting this information and never let our guard down because it only takes one time to ruin the company (“Code of Business Conduct and Ethics”). With everything that we do at our company it is always important to follow the guidelines that we have Set. EBay also need to be Sure that they are meeting all the governmental and ethical standards that affect our business on the day to day basis.

Any documents that they ever have to report should ever be falsified or made to look better than what they actually should. All in all eBay strive to be a most ethical company in every aspect of their business and operations. 2 Task 02 2. 1 SOOT Analysis Strength Weakness 1 . Current and Quick Ratios indicate we are more able to meet our current obligations than Amazon 1 . Decrease in Return on Assets 2. We are financed little by debt which means our returns should not be outweighed by debt 2. Have not declassified our Board of Directors 3. Thorough Guidelines for Governance 3. Have been streamlining positions 4. Effective Structure for segments to report to CEO .

Company culture beats down employees 5. Organization is diverse and socially responsible 5. No long-term employment agreements with key personnel 6. Hire and develop best employees and offer competitive benefits to retain them 6.. Need to expand or improve facilities to accommodate future growth 7. New Data Center in South Jordan, Utah 7. Charge fees to users when a product is listed and when it’s sold 8. Users can find nearly anything with our product and are able to pay with our secure payment service 8. Following innovations 9. Extensive research at eBay labs on many new features including mobile littoral 9. COT has other responsibilities than just Info System 10.

Social Network for Information Systems Opportunities The rats 1. Chinese Business Model 1 . Violating Laws and Regulations 2. Lower Effective Tax Rate 2. Illegal Use of our Products 3. India/Asian-Pacific Market 3. Foreign Currency Exchange Rates 4. Bargain Hunting Consumers 4. Current Economic Downturn 5. Improve Buyer Certainty Internet Security Risks 5. 6. Mobile Platforms and Payments 6. Internet Access Expand Portfolio Internationally 7. 7. Strong Local Competition 8. Many Competing Firms 2. 2 External Organization Environment Analysis One big threat to the payment segment of this business is if eBay are found to be violating any laws or regulations.

These laws and regulations include those that govern money transmission, electronic funds transfers, money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, and banking and lending. In Europe, they have been providing localized versions of Papal in different EX. countries. That being said, Papal is subject to fines and enforcement if eBay violate the disclosure, reporting, anti-money laundering, capitalization, funds management, corporate governance or other requirements imposed on Luxembourg banks (Ebay Annual Report 2010). Any fines or enforcement that eBay may encounter from their payment operations in these countries will inevitably increase their costs and also slowdown their business expansion. Bay also encounter these problems in their other global markets including Australia and China (Ebay Annual Report 2010). In the united States, eBay operate as a money transmitter in every state. Of the fifty states, forty two states require Papal to be a licensed money transmitter, seven states licensing is not required, and the last state does not regulate money transmitters. Their business is subject to restrictions on the investment of customer funds, reporting and bonding requirements, and they are also inspected by regulatory agencies of each state. If they were found to be at fault with the laws and regulations, then Papal may be forced to stop doing business with certain states or to alter their business.

Either of these options would be costly to their company and make us a less attractive payment company which will also hurt business on eBay. Com (EBay Annual Report 201 0). At eBay, they also have difficulties with their products being used for illegal purposes. Their service has dealt with people selling unlawful or stolen goods and unlawful services. EBay has had several lawsuits against their company for this reason. Due to these lawsuits and accusations against their service for allowing these illegal activities they may be forced to use additional resources to protect their service against these illegal operations. There have also been large retailers lobbying for legislation regarding stolen goods.

With this legislation it would require their company to confirm the source of the item for sale and that the seller has a legal right to sell the Item Ebay2010 Annual Report). In China, eBay has created a business model that has been working well for their auction company. EBay realized that the auction site that was dominating the Chinese market had very little reach outside of China. To capitalize on this they have been catering to the Chinese consumers. In order to provide a service that worked for Chinese consumers to sell their product to global consumers easier we have worked with the Chinese post and the United States Postal Service to provide free shipping from China.

This cross-border model works well for our company which is intentionally tying to find ways to connect buyers and sellers (Northern, Bruce). This is a model that eBay may be able to use to attract business in other countries. At eBay, they have a strong international presence. In fact the majority of their revenues is generated from their international presence. That being said, the reeve Lies that their company generates are going to be subject to the foreign currency exchange rates. EBay currently has a program that is designed to reduce the effect of the foreign currency exchange rates. This program’s effectiveness will vary from period to period. Their operating results will be significantly affected.

Recently, the movement of foreign currency relative to the dollar has been negatively affecting their business. For the year ended December 31 , 201 0, these movements negatively affected their revenues by 59. 6 million compared to the previous year. These foreign currency exchange rates affect both the market place and the payment segment of their company. The marketplace segment of their company was negatively affected by approximately $7. 1 million and their payment segment was negatively affected by approximately $2. 5 million. These two segments combined for the $9. 6 million for our whole company (Ebay 2010 Annual Report). The current economic downturn is also adversely affecting their business. Our business is dependent on consumer purchases.

The economic downturn has resulted in reduced buyer demand and reduced selling prices and may reduce the volume of purchases on their Marketplaces platforms and the volume of transactions paid for using their Payment services, all of which would adversely affect their business (Ebay 201 0 Annual Report). This is not the only part of business that this has affected. EBay company has also en experiencing negative effects on their advertising revenue. With the current downturn eBay also may need to focus on increasing their reserve for bad debt, transaction, and loan losses (Ebay 201 0 Annual Report). According to the Asian Exporter’s Index, India has been eBay’s second fastest growing exporter. Indian’s eBay exports have been growing 85% year on year.

This trend can be attributed to the rise in demand that developed nations have had for country-specific, exotic items. Not only have the exports been increasing, but the majority of these exports are coming from small scale manufacturers. With these exports coming from these manufacturers, this is a very good situation for eBay. If they continue to support these items their company should see a good return from areas such as the Asia-Pacific Region. In recent years, their effective tax rate has been decreasing. In 2008, our effective tax rate was at 19% and it then decreased to 17% in 2009 and was most recently at 14% in 2010. The decrease from 2009 to 2010 was mainly Papal because they won’t be using it to pay on eBay.

Business operation essay

It includes the movement and storage Of raw materials, work-in- process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption(Wisped, 2015). It is the integrated management of product flow, information flow, and cash flow that throughout the flow of goods and services, for maximizing the value provided by minimum cost. So the vital foundation of SCM is to coordinate smoothly the relationship and operation between each department. However, in the most of companies, it is difficult for one department to understand the jobs of another department.

The marketing department attempts to acquire more orders but the amount exceeds the production department’s capacity; the R department attempts to diversify products but the purchasing department must contact with more suppliers which results in few economies of scale and financial deficits. The barriers among departments could be the biggest block for implement SCM. In the addition, the whole supply chain could not be completed by one many on today but more rely on cooperation with business associations.

The big companies which try’ to construct the whole supply chain always lose the competitive advantage of cost and expansion speed if there is no monopoly or absolute advantage. COPY recently has acquired a couple of firms, but its sub company, China Agro-Industries Holdings Ltd has a decreasing profit and the ROAR in 2013 was only 2. 10. 6. SCM consists of three functions, supply management, operation management, and logistic management. Supply management Supply management as a category of SCM is different from purchasing management which focuses on dealing orders.

Supply management more relies on the strategic management of suppliers, ensures the us table costs and quantities through analyzing expenses, confirming needs, evaluate and choosing suppliers, making contracts, and managing suppliers(Purchasing and Supply chain management, 2014). It could directly influence the profitability of a firm. Every dollar the firm saves from the suppliers, the profit can be increased by one dollar; while every dollar the firm earn from customers, the profit could be increased by ten cents.

The common problem caused in supply management is there are too many appliers owing to too many types of components or materials, so the firm would has few economies of scale and complex orders. After 2000, Motorola had introduced up to 65 new mobile phones and a couple Of appearances and components, that incredibly increased the difficult level of supply management, but were pointless, then its mobile phone department was sold in 2011. Therefore, if the firm wants to maintain stable SCM, it should decides less suppliers and standardized components.

Operation management Operation management is the integration of design, industrial engineering, management information system, quality management, manufacture management, inventory management, accounting, etc. , for more efficiently planning, utilizing and controlling organization(Purchasing and Supply chain management, 2014). In fact, operation management is a repeat but fussy process no matter the process is easy or complicated. It is very difficult to do one thing again and again without mistakes forever, that is the reason why McDonald can be the leader of fast-food industry because its foods are the same quality whenever and wherever.

So the series of systems of processing, training, monitoring, etc. Is vital, to design, operate, and upgrade these systems is operation management. Most of big companies tends to diversify its products when they have high- liquid cash flow, but the large scale of company could not bring profit but discomposes of scale, also the more complicated SCM. Chinese state-owned enterprises now becomes very much big during these decades, but they are also famous for bureaucracy in management and inefficiency. But some firms only focuses on several products and gets high profit.

It is important to cut the extra and no-profit product lines in doing operation management. Logistic management Logistic management is to prompt goods, services, and information to be moved and stored by managing transportation, vehicles, storage, material handling, orders, logistic network, inventory control, demanding plan, and the management of delivery company(Purchasing and Supply chain Logistic management very relies on the transparency of information flow or the firm can not plan for production and delivery goods to customers on time.

In 2000, Rolls-Royce decided to reform SCM, it started SAP as the SCM system, and allocate a GAPS system for every truck, all the information about odds would be uploaded to SAP, the firm’s cash flow and inventory turnover were quickly improved. Logistics management also directly affects the costs because transportation is expensive, it is critical to choose the location of manufacture facilities. Before 1997, Apple designed its computers in America, produced components in Taiwan, assemble components in Ireland, then sold computers over the world, Apple got little profit because money was paid to airline companies.

In 1998, Cook closed the factors in North America and Ireland, then transferred all the production process in Asia, supply chain was simplified, profit was increased. Inventory management Inventory management is the foundation of three categories. How many materials or components the purchasing department should prepare? How many goods the production department should produce for dealing with orders or uncertain factors? How many goods customers could purchase the marketing department should forecast?

So inventory management can reflect the whether SCM Of a company is efficient or not. Inventory management is primarily about specifying the size and placement of stocked goods. Inventory management is required at different locations thin a facility or within multiple locations of a supply network to protect the regular and planned course of production against the random disturbance of running out of materials or goods.

The scope of inventory management also concerns the fine lines between replenishment lead time, carrying costs of inventory, asset management, inventory forecasting, inventory valuation, inventory visibility, future inventory price forecasting, physical inventory, available physical space for inventory, quality management, replenishment, returns and defective goods and demand forecasting and also by blandishment Or can be defined as the left out stock of any item used in an organization. Wisped, 201 5) Inventory is generally classified into cycle inventory, safe inventory, and extra inventory. Too much safe inventory and extra inventory could result in excess inventory, but to produce goods only according to orders could result in inventory shortage. So the balance in inventory management must be controlled and adapt in each different situation. Available lower inventory For most of companies, excessive inventory is a stubborn problem. The clothing industry is a typical example, customers could find the discounted loathes whenever.

Excessive inventory could be caused by wrong forecasts, poor demanding plans too much debtors and creditors, delay from suppliers or delivery companies, quality problems, design problems, etc. , but managers always notice the too much inventory when there is something wrong with cash flow because the profit has contributed to the inventory, and the unstable inventory could be depreciated. Especially for the companies with long-term working capital cycle and high costs, the excessive inventory could break down the cash flow and result in bankruptcy.

Roll-Royce, one of the biggest manufactures of engine, before 2000, it took average 260 days even up to 1. 5 years to complete the order of an engine, the inventory turnover was only 3. 4 a year, the inventory approached to 3 billions pounds. Whereas its competitor, Gee’s inventory turnover is 8 a year, its Backlog fund was more 2. 1 billions pounds than Gee’s. So the high inventory obviously reduces the competitive advantage of this kind of companies.

Available higher inventory Low inventory is good for most companies, but also probably cause inventory shortage which is vital to some particular companies. This kind Of company usually has a variety of the customers which needs a large amount of goods constantly and whenever. Some large equipment and machineries key components need to changed frequently and immediately, so the component manufacturers usually set the storage near the customers with very high inventory for satisfying the customers’ needs. For example, the inventory turnover of components of SIS Air Force is less than 1 a year.

Quality control Quality control emphasizes testing of prod cuts to uncover defects and reporting to management who make the decision to allow or deny product lease, and eliminating all factors that could cause defects on the quality loop. It is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production. ISO 9000 defines quality control as “A part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality 2015). It concerns three factors: 1 Elements such as controls, job management, defined and well managed processes, performance and integrity criteria, and identification of records 2.

Competence, such as knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications 3. Soft elements, such as personnel, integrity, confidence, organizational ultra, motivation, team spirit, and quality relationships. (Wisped, 201 5) Quality control means to control the process of transformation. For manufacture business, it means to ensure the needed design, technical process, production, inspection; for service business, it means to ensure the specific service process and preparation.

Setting quality standards The first step of assuring quality control is to set a series of quality standards. For manufacturers, standards include the products’ functions, durability, safety, technical procedure, etc.. For service businesses, standards include the attitude to customers, the cleanliness of environment, the level of professional workers, the materials used to serve customers, etc.. The quality standards must be able to be measured by specific numbers, and included in KIP, used to guide workers to achieve the needed quality and to evaluate the level of quality.

Training staff Workers are the people who make goods by hands Or controlling the machinery, or contact with customers, so it is important to let workers realize the concept of quality when they accept the training courses of specific skills. After courses the firms can give workers who produce high-quality products uncial incentives and praise in public, give workers who produce Iow- quality products warns and financial punishment, for enhancing the concept of quality.

Evaluating The manufacture businesses can use the method of sampling inspection to evaluate the defect rate, if the defect rate is over a number set, this batch Of products can not be sold with the other batches. Quality control tests and inspections can also be done by a group of particular quality control staff. The service business can collect the feedback from customers online or at the end of service, like APS always invite users to give them a rating and suggestions. Then the result of sampling inspections and feedback both can be uploaded in a statistical system, which produces meaningful charts and graphs.

Finally a evaluation report can be prepared according the data. Improving systems The engineering and IT technologies now can be used in business for enhancing quality of goods and services. The standardized production can be completely done by equipment and machinery with few mistakes and high accuracy, CAM can substitute for people to control the machinery and do something people can not do. CAD can help both manufacturers and service sinuses paint the more accurate and pretty design pictures easily and quickly.

When all these processes are improved, the quality would be improved. CONCLUSION Through this investigation about business operation, how supply chain management, inventory management, and quality control from an integral part of business operation. Supply chain management is the highest-level management which controls and coordinates the whole business operation in the modern society. Inventory management is the transition point within business operation, which connects three categories of supply chain management.

Theories and models essay

George Engel proposed this model and it soon became a revolution in how illnesses and behaviors are looked at. HTTPS:// www. Arum. Rochester. Deed/education/MD/documents/biophysically-model- approach. PDF Cognitive Behavioral Counseling This type of counseling identifies negative perceptions that the offender may have with themselves in order to correct certain behaviors and give the offender a more positive outlook. Aaron T. Beck developed this type of counseling through his extensive research on depression. Hansen, R,. & Mire, S. (2011). Correctional Counseling.

Upper Saddle River: NY: Prentice Hall. Strength Based Counseling This type of counseling focus on what is going right in a persons life instead of what is going wrong. Clients are encouraged to focus on what has gone right in the past and present and what will go right in the future. A negative situation is only a setback, not a total defeat. A major advocate for this model is Martin Salesman http://www. Basic-counseling-skills. Com/strengths- based. HTML Solution Focused Therapy This type of therapy focuses on the present to develop solutions to their current issues.

It is a goal-driven model to help clients figure out and follow through with making their lives better. Steve De Sharer and Unison Kim Berg are credited with developing this type of therapy. Http:// www. Solicitousness. Et/solutionfocusedtherapy. HTML Us Mary Description Answer the following question in a minimum of 350 words: Explain the different roles and responsibilities of a case manager. Case management in the criminal justice system is extremely important. According to “U. S.

Department of Justice (1999), “case management reduces recidivism or relapse, encourages social reintegration, and enhances public safety. Most case mangers in the criminal justice system are probation and parole officers. Their job is to coordinate services for an offender that will help them with any issues they are having, specifically dealing with the crime hey have committed. Services include but are not limited to social, mental heath, medical, and rehabilitation. They address issues in an offenders life that may cause them to roofed such as poverty, drug addiction, anger, mental illness, etc.

The job of a case manager in the criminal justice system requires additional tasks beyond what a normal social/case worker would have to do. A few of their other tasks include intake which may involve crisis prevention. This is where the case manager will discuss with the offender information on treatment plans or sanctions. An assessment is also a necessary function Of a Case worker. The case worker will find out the history of the offender and any issue they may have, they will make home visits, contact family members, employers, etc.

They have to classify offenders to find out who may or may not benefit from rehabilitation services. They are in charge of referrers, meaning that they refer clients to halfway houses, treatment programs, employment training, etc. They may also help an offender find housing, mental health counseling, health case, etc. Another task is monitoring each offender. They have to make sure offenders are following through with what they need to be doing and if they are not then hey need to be held accountable for that.

They may make contact over the phone, in the office, or in the offenders home. They advocate for the offenders and make recommendations in court for the offender. They also may be asked to help with data collection for research to make sure certain programs are working and if they are worth the money. There are several tasks that a case manager in the criminal justice system must perform but they are necessary tasks for not only the offender but also the communities they live in. Http://www. Battista. Co/reports/case-management. PDF

Have you ever made the disastrous decisions essay

Although was saved, my throat was injured because the coin scratched my throat. As a result, could not eat any hard food for a month, such as my favorite fries and sausage. Gerald Diamond, in his text ‘VVhy DO some Societies make Disastrous Decisions? ‘ argues that societies make such disastrous decisions based on four critical reasons. However, by examining a disaster through Diamond ‘s perspectives of how people make disastrous decisions, I can probably learn from the disaster and avoid it happening in the future. The first reason for making a disastrous decision is failing to anticipate the problem.

Diamond provides an example of Easter Island, where the islanders logged the forest for their own benefit. In the long run, the forest was destroyed by the islanders logging. However, no longer having those supplies for them to live threatened their lives. They were on the knife s edge. Living becomes a primary problem for them. In the end, most of the islanders died because they didnt have any resources for them to. The reason for having such tragic end is they didn’t anticipate it. They didn’t have a clue of the consequences if they deforest the island, because they did not now that if they logged too much would become a disaster.

For example, the Donner party consisted of 86 emigrants, who attempted to travel to California. However, they didn’t follow the regular trail road and decided to take a new, supposedly short route named Lansford Hastings. Afterwards, they knew that this route was worse than they thought, and the encountered a lot of rough terrain while they were heading to California. Even though most members of this group once suggested that they should return to the established route, they ignored the advice. As a consequence, they were trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a horrible winner, leaving half of the party dead.

After analyzing two disasters, it can be concluded that people made such disastrous decisions due to the same reason they failed to anticipate the problem. Diamond goes on explaining that ‘They may have had no prior experience of such problems, and so may not have been sensitized to the possibility’. Lacking of prior experience may be one reason for them to make such a disastrous decision. Therefore, learned that even though I have ailed to do something gained a precious experience. From my previous experience of swallowing the coin, I drew a conclusion.

Afterwards, became more careful about putting things in my mouth. Hence, This experience could help me to foresee the problem and avoids the disaster happening again. Secondly, failing to perceive the problem causes people to make disastrous decisions. As we know, China is a country where the population is growing rampantly and is one of the top ten populated countries. It is not an advantage. The overpopulation produces negative impacts in China, such as n insufficient amount of working positions for all citizens.

As a result, the unemployment problem is a major issue in China and that has causes most people died because a lack of personal financial recourses. The reason the population increased so fast is because they did not perceive the problem. China s president Mao Zedong claimed that we could become stronger if we had more people. As a result, people accepted his perspective of having more people. The government supported population growth. Having offspring as often as possible was popular at that time. As a consequence, China ncreased population quickly and reached a level of overload.

Therefor, people made such a disastrous decision because of they failed to perceive the problem. According to Diamond, the third reason people make the disastrous mistakes because societies failed to try to solve the problem. For example, when was a kid, video games and the conversations were the most popular activities during school time. Nearly all of the conversation with classmates was about how good I was at playing the video games. At that time, the purpose of playing video games was for relaxation and becoming loser to my classmates. As a student, maintaining good grades was my primary focus.

However, most of my time was spent playing video games instead of studying. As a result, my grades worsened. After a period of introspection, I realized that I should hit the book and buckle down on studying. Yet, it was tougher than I thought. Whenever I stopped playing video games and went back to studying. The ideas of playing video games would always distract my mind. As a consequence, my addiction to playing video games caused me to have a bad grade in third grade. In conclusion, ade such a disastrous mistake because failed spend more time studying.

It is too late to solve this problem. The last reason that disasters occur is that the solution to the problem failed. When we hear the name, “Titanic”. We mostly think it is a love and mystery movie, which does not have bad connotations. Contrary to common opinion, the Titanic was more than a movie could depict, it was death, sadness and destruction. In fact, the Titanic was a luxury steamship and carried three thousand people seaward journey. When the Titanic went through the North Atlantic, there was a huge iceberg in ts path.

But people were too late to realize that the iceberg was right in front of them. Even though the ship tried to escape the iceberg by switching directions. At the end, the Titanic sank to the ocean floor after sideswiping an iceberg. Thousands of people were lost in this accident. The Titanic had a catastrophic end in the North Atlantic because people were too late to solve the problem and failed to do so. Overall, making disastrous decisions is based on four basic factors. First of all, people may fail to anticipate the problem. Secondly, they may also fail to perceive the problem.

Final Exam essay

In the case of “The Island President” it illustrates just how diverse the issue of climate change is. One reason this is so challenging is because, climate change affects every country in a different way, and would require many different approaches in policy making to correct and address the issue. For example the policy needs of the Maldives greatly differs from ours here in the United States. Another reason is that there are so many factors that contribute to climate change, and more that aren’t yet specifically defined and understood.

So, while a policy may address one factor, there would still be more that would to be covered and would go unchanged. Impeding the effectiveness of any policy that would be put in place. A third reason, and the most challenging would be that of gaining international cooperation. This largely would be in part to the economic status of countries and their ability or willingness to participate and cooperate with a policy. 2. What is the role of values in environmental policy? Identify at least two conflicting values and discuss them in the context of grazing on federal lands OR drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

Values play a critical role in environmental policy. They especially play a radical role in the discussion Of drilling for Oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. The conflicting values at hand here are that of wildlife habitat destruction and disturbance. The opposing value is that of human energy demands. On one end of the spectrum there is the importance of specific wildlife habitat and how drilling would negatively affect multiple species that live in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. Their survival directly correlates with how much of an impact we have on the environment.

With this being a National Wildlife Refuge, specially set aside to preserve habitat for the species hat rely on it for survival is a major controversy when deciding whether it would be ethically correct to drill here and disturb their habitat. The other value is that of human demands and our need for sustainable sources of energy. This value gives little consideration to wildlife habitat and focuses purely on human needs. 4. What does the term “common but differentiated” responsibilities refer to and what is its significance to this course?

Discuss in the context of an environmental policy problem. Http://acids. Org/public/docs/news/brief_common. PDF The term “common but differentiated responsibilities” refers to the intuitions of developed and developing countries and how their contributions to global environmental pollution differentiate. This also states how the ability of developed and developing nations differs when it comes to their ability to take on these issues. Depending on their economic and technological capacities.

This term is significant to this course, because we spent a great deal of time discussing policies and how they affect other countries in different ways. The type of contributions may be the same, yet differentiate in the amounts contributed to the environment. This plays a roll in how much responsibility hey actually have when it comes to amounts produced. A current problem would be that of carbon emissions. For example, the United States and the Maldives both contribute to this issues, but the Maldives produces much less carbon emissions than the U. S.

Therefore, what we are contributing are common, but differentiate in that the U. S. Produces carbon on a much larger scale. Also, in the U. S. We have a larger economic and technological advantage when it comes to being able to act on these issues. 1 . What distinctive challenges face those trying to create environmental policies in the United States? Describe at least THREE such challenges in your answer. Discuss in the context of water governance or genetically modified organisms (Smog). How have US policies succeeded or failed in meeting the challenges you discuss?

Be sure to use specific evidence from the course to support your argument. Genetically modified organisms (Smog) are becoming a hot topic in today’s’ world. We are seeing this term used in many current news articles and in online posts. The use of Smog’s has been going on for quite some time now, but has just recently been brought into the public spotlight. With more and ore people becoming Weary Of the food they eat and products they purchase, questions are being raised about how these products are produced.

Also, the rising desire for “natural” and “organic” products really highlights these questions people have about Smog’s. The practice of genetic modification is when a desired trait is exploited in an organism, and by changing its genetic make-up, we can better utilize that specific desired trait in an organism. A distinctive challenge for those trying to create environmental policies to regulate Smog here in the United States is that of unregulated Smog from there countries gaining entrance into the United States by the importation of certain foods and feed.

A GYM that is unregulated and allowed in another country may be prohibited here. There is not currently a way of tracing these Smog and being able to identify them and their entrance into the IS. S. This makes regulating the extent of GYM use in the United States difficult because it cannot be certain if an unapproved GYM came from over seas or is being illegally modified here. Another challenge faced by policy makers in the U. S. That support safe practices of genetic modification is that of escapes of newly modified genes onto the native or wild populations of plants and organisms.

These escapes of genetically modified organisms are problematic, because they introduce the new gene sequence of a plant or organism to the native population. This is a big concern, because the newly modified gene will reproduce and that trait will take over and the native population will suffer. This also will cause a significant loss of biodiversity. Which makes the species very vulnerable to disease and other harmful effects. There is also a problem with the ethical values that people have when it comes to Smog . Many believe that That natural world should be left alone and to function as it was designed to.

While others think that if it is in our best interest to get the most benefit from our environment we should do so, even if that means genetic modification must take place. With such a wide range of opinions on what is right and how Smog should or should not be used it is very difficult for environmental policy makers to design such a policy to combat these varying opinions. Currently the United States regulations on Smog are relatively favorable to their development. They are economically important and the biotechnology industry is creating many jobs and opportunities in the U. S.

There is no federal legislation that specifically addresses Smog. I feel that this is a failure of our government and that there is a need for a policy to address and regulate these genetically modified organisms. 3. While vacationing in Berkeley, California, you see a bumper sticker on a 1968 VOW Bus (right next to the Grateful Dead sticker) that states: “If the people will lead, the leaders will follow. ” Discuss this motto with respect to environmental policy, using at least THREE specific environmental policy examples from the course. Do you agree that public participation and an active civil society are vital to good environmental policy?

Why or why not, or under what conditions? Be sure to describe which forms of public participation are most effective, in your view, in helping to solve environmental problems. Be sure to defend your own view with specific evidence from the course. The saying, “if the people will lead, the leaders will follow’, is a powerful statement. It speaks volumes when associated with environmental policy. It is the push behind nearly all-environmental policy in place. If it weren’t for the people who have the drive and passion to press our leaders with the environmental issues we are facing, important policies would not be in place today.

A specific example of this statement in action comes to mind when I think of how environmentalist, Jerome Ring has made such a positive impact on environmental policy in the United States. While attending a presentation by Jerome Ring, at Purdue university I was able to see first hand, just how much of an impact a passionate individual can have on national leaders. Mr.. Ring recognized that there was a serious robber in the United States and that many people were suffering from harmful pollutants in their communities due to the careless deposition of chemicals into the soil and water, from local factories within the community.

He took a stand and made his voice heard. By doing this he was able to gain the support Of many, in some instances the support Of entire communities. He enabled people’s voices to be heard, this in turn prompts government leaders to listen and to follow the people to address their concerns and needs for environmental policy. Another great representation of “if the people will lead, the leaders will allow”, is the case of “The Island President. After viewing this short film in class I was able to see that the actions of one to motivate a group of people can have global affects on leaders of nations. The Island President is a man by the name of Mohamed Gnashed. As a native of the Maldives he contested the president of the Maldives to make change, because he realized that the environment was changing his home island rapidly and something had to be done. His actions lead to his imprisonment and harsh treatment. But he didn’t stop, he continued to press the issues of environmental instability on his island.

Finally gaining the trust of thousands that now shared a common concern for their environment and the deteriorating condition of the island, due to rising ocean waters. This inspired change and the people elected Gnashed as President of the Maldives. He then spread word all around the world to different nations, expressing the critical issues of environmental pollution and the effects it was having on his country. He demanded there be action taken and by doing So, world leaders have acted. The success of environmental policies is directly correlated with the amount and input of public participation.