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Good morning class, my name is Aim Combs and today I will be informing you on the history, prevention, and living with HIVE/AIDS. A common misconception about HIVE and AIDS is that they are the same thing. WRONG! HIVE is a virus that could lead to an infection while AIDS is a condition brought about by HIVE which many people do not survive. You can have HIVE without having AIDS but if you have AIDS then you have HIVE as well. The aim of this paper is to help you all better see the signs and protect yourself. Although there are millions of cases f HIVE every year a cure has yet to be found.

According to WAITED: A very short introduction by Alan Whites, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as HIVE, began to spread rapidly during the sass’s. After identifying the disease scientists could not pin point what exactly was causing it, how it spread, or which treatments were most effective. HIVE/AIDS has become a controversial medical, political, and social concern. HIVE and AIDS: A Global View written by Karen Macerate states that is has been suggested that the govern meet was slow to recognize and adapt to the growing epidemic, public ND private agencies and institutions have achieved considerable success.

Even though there has not been vaccine to prevent the HIVE infection or a cure for AIDS there are a few important ways you can protect yourself from coming in contact with either one of these diseases. First thing you can do is use a new condom every time you have sex, especially if you don’t know the HIVE status of your sexual partner. Next step is to NEVER share needles with people because HIVE is commonly shared through blood. The final step to consider is male circumcision. It has been proven to help reduce a male’s risk f acquiring HIVE.

Evaluating Truth And Validity Exercise essay

To say that you can’t get a credit card because you are not 21 is stating that you aren’t considered to be responsible until that age. I also feel to have a credit card; it should be mandatory to have taken a class in managing money. Just like taking a drivers education course is required to category drivers license, or like reading, math, and science are required in school. I feel it is just as important for students earlier in life to have completed a course in consumer education. In revising my argument, would have to say now, “The credit art habit promotes careless spending.

Therefore, credit card companies should not be permitted to issue credit cards to anyone under the age of 18 and who have not completed and passed their consumer education coursework. ” There are so many people still today who do not know how to properly use a credit card. They are just swiping and enjoying their products and/or goods purchased, not thinking how they will repay their debt. Then before they know it they can’t afford to pay off their credit cards and end up ruining their credit and possibly filing bankruptcy to get out of it…. A hard Essen to learn.

The second argument I chose was, “It’s ridiculous to think that there will be fewer deaths if we ban handguns. Handguns don’t kill people; people kill people. ” After examining my argument, I find that this slogan, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” says it all. Shootings do not simply happen from the gun itself, but the person behind the gun. By creating stricter gun laws, I feel it will restrict those who obey the law and would increase crimes. Criminals don’t follow the law any way, so what makes everyone think gun laws will change the way things are? I also feel

Terrorism in this country would also increase with no safety protection of carrying a handgun. If anything, it will cause people to rebel and banning handguns is a violation of every United States citizen’s second amendment “The Right to Bear Arms”. I feel the government should focus on not banning handguns altogether, but to analyze the people with guns. They should be finding out if handgun owners have a mental illness, and/or if they have been uneducated on the safety of gun use. All handgun owners should also have responsibility in making sure the proper steps are made to secure he safety of everyone around them, including themselves.

In closing this argument, I feel it is still ultimately the person holding the gun that kills someone and not the gun itself. The slogan ” handguns don’t kill people, people kill people” is correct. TO think that banning handguns in the United States will lower the death toll is ridiculous. Banning handguns will jeopardize those who are protected. Criminals and also terrorists will then have easier access to their targets knowing handguns have been banned and death tolls will increase even more. The final argument that I chose was, “If the Social Security system is further weakened, the elderly will have to fear poverty.

Therefore, if the Social Security system is not further weakened, the elderly will not have to fear poverty. ” After examining this argument, I find this argument about Social Security to be true. The Social Security system is our nation’s most effective anti-poverty program. The program lifts many of our elderly above the poverty line. According to the Committee on the Budget, about one-third of the elderly receive 90% or more of their income room Social Security; two-thirds receive half or more of their income from the program. If the Social Security program is not changed then the benefits will run out within twenty years.

Many Americans are living longer than twenty years beyond the time that they retire or reach the age to receive their benefits. Another reason the changes are necessary is that some feel that we are taking away from young and future generations and using it to take care of the elderly. With changing the Social Security program what would happen is that many of the elderly would be forced to live in poverty. Many elderly depend on these benefits to prove food, shelter, and clothing not only for themselves, but also many times for their family.

According to Nancy Alton, the co-director of Social Security Works “says Social Security isn’t just about older Americans”. Many children receive and depend on the Social Security benefits. In some families the primary source of income is from Social Security weather it is because the children are being raised by their grandparents do to the lose of parents or the parents are no longer able to After further review I feel the only change that should be made is work. Hat when it comes to the national budget Social Security should not be part of the process.

Senario One essay

Discharges at the Anderson Cost Club Store Cost Club’s Anderson store is located in a right-to-work state, therefore the general manager does not have to provide a reason for the termination of the employees that he discharged as part of his downsizing initiatives. Although the downsizing is legally acceptable and does not violate the WARN Act for mass layoffs, according to the information presented, the general manager should make sure that he has the proper documentation on file to support the need to downsize since he stated downsizing as the reason for the termination. Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007) Since all of the information presented supports the fact that the employees that were terminated were in good standing the general manager should address the following issues in order to prevent the possibility of costly litigation due to a charge of wrongful discharge or breech of covenant of good faith and fair dealing: The terminated employees should have received an explanation as to the reasons behind the downsizing decisions that were made, especially if there were other employees of similar standing and tenure who could have been eligible for downsizing.

The employees should be made fully aware of their rights. Message 2: Regional CEO Looks to Reduce Employee Costs In order for the Regional CEO to make the right decisions regarding the types of workers that Cost Club should employ he or she must first understand the difference between the types Of workers. Employees are given power to do certain things on behalf of the employer. The employer controls the methods, details, work location, work hours, and other factors related to the employment of the agent or employee. Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007) Independent contractors are individuals or outside companies who contract with an organization, in this case Cost Club, to reform a task according to his or her own methods. The independent contractor is not under the organization’s control regarding the physical details of the work. (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007) A contingent worker is one whose employment with the organization is temporary, sporadic, or differs from what could be considered a normal full-time position.

Contingent workers include individuals who are hired by a staffing agency, temporary, seasonal, part-time workers and independent contractors. Temporary employees are contingent workers since their position is not guaranteed and is limited in time. Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007) It is important to make sure that the classifications of all groups of employees, are accurate. Mistakes made during the classification process could result in the company being held liable for associated taxes, penalties, and benefits.

If a worker is misclassified, that may provide or strip the company of protections under the employment laws; giving the employee the ability to sue for wrongful termination if there is an elimination of their position. To reduce costs, it would be in Cost Club’s best interest to use contingent workers or independent contractors instead of employees cause contingent workers will allow Cost Club to realize staff cost savings, staff flexibility, instant staff, termination without severance costs, and lower benefits costs.

The current workforce could be restructured from full-time employees to part-time employees, this would allow Cost Club to retain a trained workforce while providing staff cost savings for the company. Message 3: Safety Manager’s Concerns about Injury and Damage The safety manager has some valid concerns with the issues that he or she has outlined. Will address each one in detail below: An employee slaps a customer – Assault is a personal act that is committed as a result of a person’s feelings or emotions regarding a given situation.

In this case it was the result of the customer’s continuous yelling at the employee. Cost Club had no control over the situation when it occurred. Most courts of law would not hold Cost Club liable for the actions of the employee because those actions are not part of the normal operating practices of the organization. An employee damages a customer’s home – Since the employee was acting on his own behalf and not on the behalf of the company, Cost Club would not be held liable for the damages to the customers home.

The installation took place outside of the employee’s normally scheduled shift with Cost Club and was not a job duty that the employee was hired to perform for the organization. A Real Estate Agent enters into a contract – In this case Cost Club would be liable for the actions Of the real estate agent. The real estate agent was hired by Cost Club with the specific responsibility of acquiring and entering into contracts to purchase real estate for the company. Therefore, the agent was acting on the behalf of Cost Club even though he or she had not obtained the appropriate authorization to enter into this agreement.

Message 4: Resolving Disagreements that Arise in Employment The alternatives that are available to Cost Club for resolving employment disagreements include arbitration, negotiation, conciliation, and mediation. Arbitration is the selection of a neutral or third party to consider a dispute and deliver a binding or nonbinding decision. Arbitration is an acceptable form of dispute resolution for the federal government. Arbitration can be done at any time, in any location, it is a private event, and the decision is enforceable. Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007) Arbitration should be seed for higher level issue like possible discriminatory claims and could be reserved as a last resort before the employee pursues litigation. Negotiation also uses a third party, but the negotiation process is less formal than arbitration and not a binding agreement. Negotiation involves both parties going back and forth until the parties come to an agreement. Negotiation are most beneficial when dealing with lower lever issues like disputes over hours or the methods used for completing work. Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007) Conciliation is the attempt to reach an agreement on a claim through concussion, without resorting to litigation. Communication is passed through a third party. This method is employed when the parties refuse to talk to each other in person. Communication is the key to getting both parties to find a common ground. (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007) Mediation is when both parties want a resolution to the disputer but cannot come together in a meaningful compromise.

Both parties present their positions to the mediator who then composes a compromise that eliminates weak positions and unreasonable demands. Once the mediator completes his or her assessment the compromise is presented for both parties to sign. Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007) All of these methods utilize a third party or neutral party to facilitate the process and are typically less costly than litigation. These methods are usually able to be processed faster and are less public than litigation.

Using these methods allows both parties to retain some control over the resolution process, which makes a win-win scenario possible. It should be said that arbitration is binding whereas negotiation and mediation are not. Also, compromise is a key feature of these alternative methods. Message 5: Legal Implications of Employment-related Processes Performance assessment can be subjective, therefore it is critical to ensure that the selection process allows for unbiased decisions to be made.

The following points will help to ensure an unbiased selection process is in place: It should include standardized, uniform process for all employees in a job classification. It should be formally communicated to all employees. It should provide written documentation Of performance issues and ways to correct them. All employees should be able to see the selection reviews. An appeal process should be in place. Multiple, diverse, and unbiased raters should be used. Clear, written instructions and training should be provided.

Consistent documentation should be used. There should be a system of checks and balances against discriminatory abuses. Since selection process can be subjective, it is important to make sure that the selection system is one that adequately and fairly evaluates performance without having an adverse impact on protected classes. With subjective performance appraisals, there can be disparate impact caused when looking at the number of employees in certain classes or groups and the relative percentage of selected employees from that group (the four-fifths ole).

Discussion Questions essay

Commuting reimbursement covers the employees cost of travel to and from work locations on a regular basis, outside of those times the employee is working. Simply, you get paid to drive to and from the office. Flat rate, mileage reimbursement, per day based on travel distance – level a radius, B radius, etc… Any of that works. Perhaps the company actually provides busing from commuter lots located in towns at 30 mile intervals. Electric buses, none of that gas powered clunky stuff. What do you think employees’ general attitudes are towards the benefits packages?

How can an organization monomaniac the value of a benefits package? Developing an effective benefits package is a challenge during the recession. Pay & Benefits gathered industry leaders together in a bid to address the issues surrounding strategic benefits in an economic downturn. Developing a meaningful benefits package that adds both value and encourages engagement among an organization’s workforce is a challenging task facing compensation and benefit advisers in the current economic climate. How do demographic regions play a role within an employee’s compensation?

What type of data old be needed to determine an employee’s compensation? Explain your answer. For government jobs, there is a base pay based on the grade, and then additional compensation based on each step within the grade. Then the pay value has a multiplier based on the cost of living in the area as compared to the national average. So someone in a more expensive city will have a higher multiplier. For non-government jobs, companies generally pay as little as they can while still getting qualified employees.

In areas where the cost few living is higher, market forces cause the pay to be higher as people will not accept the lower paying jobs. When determining an employee’s compensation package, what is more important: work experience or education? Provide an example that supports your choice and a rationale that validates your position. This question is almost as important to figure out as which came first the chicken or the egg. Of course there is a debate about both, LOL. But I feel that they are both vital to the overall work performance of the individual. And this would be different for each company and situation.

Some organizations that have very specific qualifications, licensing, etc have a set education requirement they need to meet. For example, a RAN for a specific shift at the hospital the education requirement could be met; however the experience might not be met, so a lower employee compensation package could be offered. Or the RAN might choose to work per diem to obtain experience. I tend to feel that a few years ago, like in the sass’s and prior not all people went on to college for a degree. They might have gone on for a specialized career, but many people graduated high school and joined the workforce.

Convictions essay

If you start a list, every person could probably come up with hundreds of items that together form what they feel is right ND wrong, a blueprint of how they walk with God according to their conscience. Here’s the rub: every single person on this planet has a different list. If we asked enough questions, we would find differences in everyone’s personal convictions. The question then becomes, what is the proper place of personal convictions in the Christian walk and in the church?

And how do we handle interacting with our brothers and sisters in Christ who have differing personal convictions?which actually means everybody, since everybody has differing personal convictions? There are four convictions that should be voided though. Convictions that are little more than superstitions, convictions that attract attention for a selfish ego, convictions generated by an unwillingness to accept change, and convictions that are negative.

Convictions that are little more than superstitions are based on blind fate, while our God is “personal and reasonable” Nonstop, J. , 1996) An example given by Johnston is that of the Greeks worshipping to a god whose statue a goat had crossed paths with. This is foolish, and should be avoided. 1 Timothy 417 “Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness;”. Convictions that attract attention for a selfish ego are based on when the focus is on us. We need to always praise Him and give all the glory to God. We don’t put the focus on ourselves. Timothy 3:2-4 “For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God”. Convictions generated by an unwillingness to accept change are based on those that hide behind the wall of tradition. You need to be able to accept positive change. Johnston states “To accept such a mind-set is to thwart our growth and to bring about an inevitable, traumatic collision with reality. Convictions that are exclusively negative are based on sheer duty that we grow distaste for. (Johnston, J. , 1996) We should enjoy and embrace our convictions. Why stand by something that you do not care for? It brings about negativity. We need to avoid these types of convictions. They can bring about a negative effect on the convictions that we should hold true to ourselves. Convictions that are self-defeating and God-dishonoring do not help us in our elk with God. They can break down the convictions that do help in our walk.

You can avoid these convictions by refraining from compromise, and by staying obedient to God. John 15:19 (NET) states; “If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as its own. However, because you do not belong to the world, but I chose you out of the world, for this reason, the world hates you. ” We need to not compromise our true convictions for worldly gain, and we must stay obedient to God. The true reward lies in His Kingdom. Matthew 6:33 (NET) states; “But above all pursue His Kingdom and seditiousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Justine and Trash Davis, authors of the book “Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough” write in the article ‘The Difference between Conviction and Shame” that; “Conviction is a prompting by the Holy Spirit that something you are choosing in your life isn’t right and you need to repent (turn back to God) for it. Shame is brought on by the Enemy for a sin that you have already been forgiven of, and convinces you that you didn’t deserve that forgiveness, and there is still a price to pay. ” We need repentance in our lives, and not shame.

Out of these four convictions, the one I am guilty of woo old be the conviction regarding unwillingness to accept change. For me the emotion associated with the word change is pure anxiety. Losing control is not an option embrace and any type of change, regardless of the size, makes me uneasy. I enjoy knowing what will happen, when it will happen, and to what degree it will happen. One of my personal convictions would be kindness. Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you”. In summary, negative convictions will bring about negative consequences.

FYP Project Report essay

Firstly, the team would like to thank the external supervisors Dry Jonathan Gogh and Mr. Roth Dubbed from ERR for assisting the team to accomplish the project. The team sincerely appreciates all the guidance throughout the duration of the semester especially from the external supervisors who took time off their lunch hour to meet us for further project discussions or to answer to our queries. Our external supervisors have never once declined our request for a discussion despite their hectic schedules. They gave valuable input and helped the team beyond the boundaries and hence, making this Final Year Project successful.

Secondly, the team would like to thank our internal supervisor Dry. Lu Liming for her extensive care and help and for taking up the crucial role as our internal supervisor; meeting us every week without fail as well as closely monitoring our developments, keeping track of what has been completed and the necessary deliverables during the project and followed by her suggestions and providing, valuable suggestions notably during the many occasions when we had ran out of ideas to enable us to progress forward. The team greatly benefited from her insights on certain areas of security, allowing the team to hint further.

The advice also redefined the team’s boundaries on areas of security. Dry Lu also assisted the team with providing the laboratory facilities and a cabinet for the team’s storage purposes. All in all the team is truly thankful for this immensely educational journey and getting to work with the suppressors. Moving on, the team would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest thanks to our friends for coming down on several occasions during the course of this project, walking past the Kinetic repetitively during our profiling phase and enabling us to test our system despite having a long day.

This goes out to all the wonderful souls who came over to help us from their workplace and after school. The team understands that it can be quite a time consuming and slightly boring process to be profiled and cannot express our appreciation and gratitude anymore. We would like to thank the twenty six people here for their support. The following mentioned are Lecturers from Diploma in Inform Security (DISH): Dry Lu Liming, Mr. Calvin Sick , Mr. Ho Cheek Eng.

Subsequently, the following are students from DISH, Hafiz Muar, Guan Chi Min, Gusting Nanjing Ting, Ouzo Ye, Darryl Humid, Mikhail, KHz Sock Teen, Des Low, Hew Jinn Ye, Nathaniel Chain, Coho Shih Ha, Young Wee Then. The following mentioned are from Diploma in Business IT (DEBIT): Lee Wee Yang, Fan SAA Chining, Winnie Chow, Tan Huh Our, Calais Than, Trivia Limit, Gerald Tan, Axing Wee , Darrel Lo. Lastly from Diploma in Business Administration (DAB): Limit Lie Shank and Jihad. These folks assisted in the profiling phase.

Last but not least, the team would also like to take this opportunity to make a special mention to two lecturers, Mr. Ho Cheek Eng and Mr. Calvin Sick. Despite Lecturer Mr. Who’s hectic schedule, he took the time off to do profiling or us and shared an article regarding the Kinesics ability to detect a person’s blood flow to identify a subject’s current emotion. After mentioning about the article he had read, he expressly went to his office to search and print out the article for the team for our reference. The actions of Mr..

Ho deeply warmed us and encouraged the team to work harder for the project. Lecturer Mr. Sick was another figure who occasionally dropped by on us offering his thoughts and opinions; he was helpful towards the team, during the holidays when the team required a room to for research and testing repose and was unable to find one, without hesitation Mr.. Sick immediately helped the team book a venue. Finally the team would like to thank everyone for their help directly or indirectly towards completing our Anal Year Project.

This project would not have made it this far without all of their guidance, suggestions and help. Abstract This report presents a research on Gait based Authentication using a Kinetic to identify a subject without being intrusive. Gait is an important part of every humans life. Every individual has their own unique gait. An algorithm is set in lace to calculate length of joints together with an angle to form an identification method. It aims to discover if an algorithm can be calculated based on the diverse findings.

A Gait is defined as a person’s walking behavior. This solution is designed to work as a background process. Research has shown that it is indeed possible to create such a program and at a low operational cost too with the aid of Microsoft Kinetic camera. The Kinetic being equipped with Depth cameras and IR cameras will enhance the results of the data enabling the program to provide an accurate and detailed ATA set. In an attempt to evaluate if the program is suitable to be used as a security implementation, various testing and experimentations would be carried out.

This project is also targeted at economical organizations, where a Kinetic may prove useful as a cost effective solution. But most importantly, this program is targeted and proposed for its ability to be non-intrusive. Through experimentations proper documentations are anticipated to be achieved. Profiling is a critical phase in this project. It helps to gather distinctive data to be used for research. The team is hopeful for the profiling scope to be expanded to more subjects.

It has also been demonstrated that certain materials may not be suitable for this program. Recognition accuracy has achieved an estimate of 86. 66% amongst the 15 subjects. Table of Contents Abbreviations & Symbols –6 Introduction Preliminary Findings – 7-8 Purpose and Scope of Gait Authentication using Kinetic Kinetic for Windows Key Benefits of Microsoft Kinetic 9-10 Microsoft Kinesics Common Uses ? 11 Background Related Work AD Models 12-14 Biometrics 15-18 Initial Group Proposal – – 19-22 Main Text

How did the final implementation come about? 23-24 How the Kinetic Gait authenticator program works? 25-28 Additional Information 29-30 Explanation of program calculation and algorithm 31-33 Profiling Phase 34-35 Percentage of Accuracy 35 Experimentation 36-39 Discussion Software Simpleton Skeleton Tracking Openly /C 41 Opening Framework – -41 Sec ritzy Aspect Team’s view on Kinetic -42 How the program can be improved 43 Program Limitations 44 Program Performance What makes it unique? 45 Current Security Risks – 46-47 Difficulties Faced – 48-49 Conclusion 50 Reference 51-54 Appendix Gaunt Chart 55 user Guide – 56-64 Program Listing 65-68 ADMIT Digital Media and Inform Technology DISH Diploma Inform security technology M Meters CM Centimeter SAVE Support vector machine SMS Sequential Minimal Optimization M LAP Multilayer perception IR Infrared SD AD DNA Software Development Kit High definition 3 Dimensional Deoxyribonucleic acid D TWO DIP RAG Etc.

Dynamic Time Warping Dots per inch Red Green Blue Etcetera COSMOS Complementary metal-oxide?semiconductor INTRODUCTION Preliminary findings The ability to produce an actually functioning automated detection system to identify users based on their unique gaits will be both fascinating and incredible new security implementation the world can have. Gait patterns are always unique due to the fact that different subjects always have a different walking behavior or pattern.

In the 21st century where Information Technology is being used comprehensively, authentications are being enforced to protect the integrity of data and confidentiality. Currently physiological biometric security systems which make use of fingerprints and IRIS to uniquely identify a person has raised concerns over an individual’s hysterical privacy as well as its claim to be one of the most secure methods of authentication has now been put forth in recent years. Researchers have proved that fingerprinting and Iris scanners can be easily manipulated by nothing more than simple tools such as cameras and printers.

It is notable that both of the above mentioned are extremely intrusive and not everyone would support and co-operate with the organizations to make them successful. It is essential for a Biometric system which would eliminate or reduce the risk of privacy concerns as well as being complex enough that it does not become o susceptible. The team could explore the enriched possibilities and options through Biometric system in behavioral characteristics. Research from the past have proven and shown that Gaits are hard to hide and imitate.

One of the greatest advantages enables Gait recognition to not require the subjects attention during the implementation phase as the system would run behind the scenes and detect any possible unauthorized users, alerting the management for further action. These are potential advantages that should be heavily considered. Gait is defined as a subject’s unique walking behavior. During the gait processing phase, the team would be recording a short video and from it, marking out several joints/points which are useful. It will total up to about an estimate of 100 frames for three walk cycles.

A walk cycle is defined by left foot up and right foot down. Every single frame will be put into consideration as the distinct gaits will only surface over time. Every joint will provide the team with EX. coordinates which will be used to calculate any specifics needed. Examples of what can be derived are lengths of certain joints and as well as specific angles between elbows. Since humans are able to identify the people around them just via their unique walk patterns, the team will be attempting to explore more on this subject and hopes to be able to use a Kinetic to simulate the detection of a human.

In this report, the team will be making use of Microsoft Kinetic sensor to research and explore more possibilities. The Microsoft Kinetic has already been programmed to be able to detect and calculate EX.. The proposed areas include just the left portion of the human body. Data will be extracted. In this program, the team will be using Processing, a language that is similar to Java. Data for comparisons will be stored in Myself database. The Kinetic will pass on these data to be processed automatically Proposal of calculating largest angle through frames.

Methodology of using certain variables to ensure authentication is accurate. This report will describe how Microsoft’s Kinetic can be implemented to perform authentication. It will also explain the causes and reasons why Kinetic can prove to be effective for identifying a subject. It will cover the codes, profiling and errors faced during the whole process Of implementation. It will include experiments done by the team as well as how the team derived at the anal solution. The scope covered for this Final Year Project will involve learning how to identify a user and profiling these users’ data into Myself.

The process should be done automated without the need of a personal watching the process manually. Enabling this research successful will require the team to make use of a Microsoft Kinetic. The team aims to research more on Gait Authentication using a Kinetic. Limitations to the program will also be pointed out In the recent years, security has raised concerns on how secure are existing implementations in the market. The team will propose a whole new approach y using length of the joints of a subject calculated with a largest angle between elbows to do identification.

This program should be able to run automated. Besides, the program should be able to detect when a person starts walking. The program is expected to extract necessary data and discard the rest to be stored on the database. The Microsoft Kinetic is able to provide precise video recording with additional features such as depth sensing, infrared capabilities and also having a RAG camera which supports full colors up to 1 IPPP HAD video. The Microsoft Kinetic can be used to develop interactive applications. The Kinetic used by the team will be using Software Development Kit 1. 7 (SD 1 . 7).

Microsoft Kinetic are an important part of security researches. There are quite a few of researches out there that use Kinetic to make security programs. The method used to make these programs vary from colors to AD sketching. One of the main reason there are researchers out there that wants to use a Kinetic instead of high end equipment is due to the Kinetic being cost effective. Key benefits of Microsoft Kinetic: I. Improved body tracking This will allow the depth camera to track body movements to be detected. The sensors can track up to a total of six subject’s skeletons at each time.

My Organism Physiology Paper essay

Dolphins, were survive. Helpless on land millions of years ago. Dolphins are said to be one of the inspired mammals who friendly and fun- spirited approach has made them preferred mammals of all time and they also known for their speed and pleasing manners. It is said that researchers believes dolphins evolved from land to water because of the changing atmospheres of what happened millions of years ago. During the period, the dolphins became living being of the sea to correspond with their habitations. At first, scientists was thinking that they were land creatures.

Dolphins has lung like humans do and also come out the water for air unlike other fish do. Dolphins differs with other fish in so many ways. For example, other fish lay their eggs and the dolphins lives real births. Dolphins are warm blooded mammal that breastfeed the babies and they even had hair at some time of their lives. Dolphins can save energy by swimming beside ships that is also called bow- riding and be inherent in a group sets of five to hundreds of years. Scientists also thinks that dolphins developed echolocation to locate their kills and recently hunt together by encircling a school of dolphins.

It is also rumored that dolphins originated from the Misconceived, a creature which existed 55 million years ago, but however on the contrary, the dolphin’s skeletal construction is like a human hand, completed with a ball and socket joint. Scientists also thinks that dolphins developed from native ancestors depending on DNA, molecular, and genetic research. While looking at the diagram of the dolphin, I learned that they has a blow hole that let them to inhale once they emerge from the water for air.

The dolphins blow hole is a pacific single nose which is located on top of the dolphins head and the dolphins might clear and refill its lungs in under a 5th of a second. When the dolphins inhale, the air leaves the blow hole at rapidity of speed more than 100 miles per hour. Adapting to life underwater, the dolphins has imaginary vision in and out of the sea. Whenever light passes from air to water, it modifies speed. The dolphins produce an optical impact or refraction which modifies their eyes to see clearer. Daylight helps the dolphins see during the day and under water at night.

When dolphins first began to learn how to wimp, they also learn how to look and find foods. While other animals use their legs to keep down other mammals, dolphin has to learn how to capture the food with the other dolphins which is also called a “food ball” surrounds the other fish to make a circle to enable them to catch the fish. I also learned by looking at the diagram, the main teeth of a dolphin has to adapt too. When a sharp teeth was compared to a dolphins teeth, the dolphin’s teeth were smaller with a cone shaped teeth. Dolphins has a specific gastrointestinal system which is has 3 chambered abdomens.

Dolphins cannot chew their food, but instead the crushing and grinding of the mammal goes to the first or forefront abdomen, the huge majority of digestion is in the primary or second abdomen chamber and the final part of the abdomen goes to their digestion before the materials emptying inside the abdominal area. Dolphins interact with sounds or whistles to inform others that food is around or if a threat is nearby. Dolphins also has 2 kidneys like all of mammals but they are more modified kidneys. In conclusion, today dolphins are well- adjusted to the modern life in the water.

Civil war weapons essay

Civil War Cannon summary: There were many types of cannons used in the the civil war , including the 6-pounded Gun, MI 857 12-pounded ‘Napoleon”, 12-pounded Howitzer, 24-pounded Howitzer, 10-pounded Parrot rifle, 3-inch Ordnance Rifle, and the 20-pounded Parrot rifle. One of the more important technological advances at the time of the Civil War was the ability mass produce rifled barrel field artillery, increasing their accuracy and range.

Smoothbore cannon were still seed, falling into two categories, guns and howitzers, for firing at higher trajectories and shorter ranges. Civil War Rifles Rifles used in the CiVil war include the Springfield rifle, the Lorenz rifle, the Colt revolving rifle, the Smith carbine, the Spencer repeating rifle, the Burnside carbine, the Trailer carbine, the Hi troth rifle. Civil War Pistols include the Colt model 1860, the Colt Dragoon Revolver, the Remington 1858, the Smith & Wesson Model 1, the Starr revolver, and the Elgin Cutlass pistol. Civil War Bullets

Bullets used in the Civil War include the . 58 or . 69 caliber Minnie Ball, the . 58 ca libber Gardner, the . 577 caliber Enfield, the . 52 caliber Sharps, The . 69 caliber Round Shot, The . 58 caliber Will aims Cleaner, and The . 44 caliber Colt Army. Minnie Ball summary: The MiniĀ© ball, or Minnie ball, is a type of bullet used extensively in the America an Civil War. The misleading rifle bullet was named after its stockholder, Claude?teen e MiniĀ© Made of soft lead, it was slightly smaller than the intended gun bore, making I t easy to load in combat

My Final Speech In My Farewell Walk As Miss SVA essay

You are the most beautiful person know, and I love you more than anything. Dad-maybe one daddy will tell you how much these dresses cost! I am so much like you Dad, you continue to inspire me to give back and do great things, as you lead by example. I love you both so very much, thank you for everything. Archie/ Melvin my handsome kayak’s. I am so proud of you, know you are still my right hand. You are always there for me, thank you. I love you my kayak! To the rest of my family, you are all my biggest fans, you never miss a beat, or a stricture.

You all have loved and supported me since day one, and I wouldn’t have made it this far without each and every one of you. I love you all so much. To my close friends who stand behind me through thick and thin, words cannot express how blessed I am to have you all in my life, thank you for being here. To the Principal and the SVGA pageant organizer, you are wonderful, benevolent, fascinating people. Thank you for holding such a great pageant, your titleholders all are steadfast in their accomplishments and so lucky to have you as directors. Y fabulous manager of the year- you are so much fun, and so dedicated.

Thank you for helping me make this year all it could be. I love you! This perfect year couldn’t have been all it was without the help of the organizations I am honored to say represented this year. A huge thank you to all of the organizations, the staff, and of course the volunteers that helped them and believed in their mission. Thank you all for your hard work to change the lives in Java’s. I loved being able to use my voice and this year as a platform to help your causes. Believe in all you are owing, and will continue to help and support you in every way I can.

All of these amazing people and organizations have taught me the importance of giving back to my community. We all have the power to make a difference. When won last year, I promised myself I would be the best Miss Java’s could be, and I have done just that. So to the next Miss SVGA, this year will be what you make of it, so I hope you dance- remember to be humbled and to work hard, you do have the power to make a difference in the lives of others, serve a cause greater than yourself. Now reached out to so many lives, because each of those lives touched my life more than they could imagine.

It would be impossible to thank everyone that has done so for my reign as Miss SVGA. So I thank the wonderful people of this Institution, and the thousands of people in attendance today and beyond that I met and spoke with this year, have learned so much, I witnessed true patriotism and generosity and for that I will continue to share my message and take with me so many life lessons as I open the next chapter of my life. This year, my family, my old friends and new rinds, and all the hard work has been tantamount to nothing I have ever accomplished thus far, they all have a special place in my heart.

Every person, every child, every smile, every hug every picture, will always remind of this wonderful year. With the mentality that everyone wins when you volunteer, I will continue my work and message lifelong. I am excited about the future; I am determined and dedicated to making an impact and a difference in this world and in the lives of the (figure) students of SST. Vincent Academy . Will always use my voice to help others, continuing to set an example for monger generations. So, mark my words, this will not be the last you hear of me, am not going anywhere.

His essay

Known figures like James Madison, James Monroe, and Henry Clay supported this effort and they founded Liberia n Africa for these Africans. The American Colonization society proposed this idea and ran out of money as they relied on donations. C. How would proponents of those approaches perceive Garrison’s new work? Why? Those that supported gradualism and colonization would be most likely be opposed to abolition because it would have been to extreme to abolish all slavery all at once. Where Abolitionists proposed the immediate abolishment of slavery.

This propitiation was not successful until the end of the civil war. D. How would the general public receive The Liberator? Why? It appears as thought Garrison had 2000 subscribers in the north. The reception in the south was not the same. A North Carolina grand jury indicted him for distributing incendiary material, and the Georgia Legislature offered a $5,000 reward for his capture and conveyance to the state for trial. E. How would free people of color receive The Liberator? Why? Free people of color supported William Lloyd Garrison and his paper the Liberator.

They supported abolition as they wished that their comrades could join them in freedom. 2. From the earliest years of the United States’ independence, Indians were acutely aware that the new nation threatened the future of Indian cultures. For them, the issues of assimilation, resistance, and survival were foremost among their concerns. A. Read Memorial and Protest of the Cherokee Nation (Links to an external site. ). Which strategy did the Cherokee pursue in their relationship with the United States? How do the Cherokee justify their opposition to the 1 836 removal?

How do you think they defined “civilized”? Your answer should be at least two paragraphs long. The Cherokee pursued friendship and peace with the US government after many different wars during the sass. The Cherokee could not stand up to the might of the US. They tried to resist removal by negotiation but failed. Their land was too rich with gold and ore that the industrial economy needed in Georgia. The Cherokee would define civilized as themselves living without violence and destruction and the white man as uncivilized and destructive.

Where the white man would view the Cherokee as uncivilized and barbaric because of their lack Of inventions and modern technology. B. Now compare the map “Removal of the American Indians” in Chapter 10 with the map Percentage of Population Enslaved (Links to an external site. ). Think about the connection between Creek law and the Cherokee protest. Taken together, what is the meaning of the two maps? Do you see any patterns that connect the documents with the messages that are implicit in the maps? What are they? Explain. Your answer should be at least two paragraphs long.

Most of the land in the south occupied With a large population of slaves and Indians. Principal Chief John Ross and a delegation of tribal leaders traveled to Washington, DC to protest this high-handed action, and to lobby against the removal policy of President Andrew Jackson. The treaty of New Echoed provided a grace period until May 1 838 for the tribe to voluntarily remove themselves to Indian Territory. The number slaves grew in the Cherokee area as whites took over the land and began to grow cotton, mine gold/ore, using slaves.

Part II points possible: 20 Identify and give the historical significance of each of the following: 1. Nicholas Fiddle: American financier of the second bank of the US. He was an ancestor of William Penn and the Quakers. He was devoted to American Independence and was the UP of the supreme executive council of Pennsylvania alongside council president, and famous Benjamin Franklin. 2. Nullification: a sectional crisis during the presidency of Andrew Jackson rated by South Carolina’s 1832, Ordinance of Nullification.

This Ordinance by SC declared that tariffs by the federal government were null and void. The nation suffered an economic downturn throughout the sass, and South Carolina was particularly affected. 3. Charles Grandson Finned: American Presbyterian minister and leader of an second great awakening. Together with several other evangelical leaders, his religious views led him to promote social reforms, such as abolition of slavery and equal education for women and African Americans. 4. Texans: A term for a Spanish Texan Of Spanish or Mexican heritage.