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Individuality is better of society because being a human Is being their own individual, it gives people the opportunity t o express themselves in their own way, and it would show that there would be no judge meets on people’s lifestyle. Individuality is better for society because being different is okay. In his article “The Sociology of Leopard Man,” Fees states, “To be human is to be an individual, h unman with individual tastes, talents,values, and dreams that are distinct from those of to hers. Here Fees explains that being an individual is to feel comfortable in expressing who you re and to be yourself. Clearly then, being an individual makes people feel unique and true t o themselves because it gives them the ability to express in many ways that other people WI II just never understand. Human individuality is so important for society because we all be come free from rude comments or actions and enjoy life as we want it to be lived out. Montana 2 Another reason why individuality is better for society is because it gives people e the opportunity to be happy in their own way.

June Grubber writes, “True happen as, it seems, comes room fostering kindness toward others?and toward yourself. ” In this passage , it is saying how happiness comes from being ourselves, not only to us, but for others as well, so that that happiness is spread to everyone. This is significant because the happiness that t is gathered by being ourselves, influences others to do the same which makes society a little more comfortable Although conformity might be ideal for society, individuality should be the PRI rarity because a conformed society makes people feel insecure about trying to express themes elves.

Lastly, individuality is better for society because it would show that there wool d be no judgments on people’s lifestyle. According to John the good of hi chi humanity is capable is compromised in obedience. ” In this passage, it explains how people e need to respect and accept other’s lifestyle or personality because who’s to say it’s wrong? Clue early then, knowing that people are making bad judgments on what you choose you would not e even consider trying to be yourself, but if that was not the case then embrace it.

No matter where anyone is, there will be many people who would judge your appearance and your personality, but standing up for yourself and defending who you are, really is happiness. Although being yourself around people is difficult, being a unique human, an d having the opportunity to be happy in your own way and having no judgments on p people’s lifestyle is better for society because everyone has the opportunity to be individual. Whew n individuality is part of what people want, then express yourself and be unique with your own gifts and talents.

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In addition, millennial tend to set their goals much too high then necessary and have the most lenient and liberal views awards taboo situations than any other past generations. They seem to treat each individual around them equally and promote nonviolence to the world around them. This cohort has plenty of positive attributes due to their more modern outlook on society. Education is primarily stressed for a young millennial with the realization that higher education leads to a higher earnings throughout life.

They believe that a future with a well-paying and benefited career is especially important for a financially comforting lifestyle, potentially due to the lack of security that hey may have felt with their Generation X parents. Generation X parents typically have lower to middle-class paying jobs due to the lack of free education and support from their own Baby Boomer parents. This has led to increase in demands and motivation that these parents have on the millennial and a higher expectation they have for their own futures.

Although confidence and hard work is overall progressive, millennial are often stressed and over bearing because they want to be the most elite. Most millennial believe that they will graduate within the top 20% of their class, UT the issue is that this mathematical impossibility leads many to experience frustration. They are showing measures of stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression because they cannot deliver their expected success. On the other hand, the millennial are also optimistic and concerned with the well-being of their community.

They tend to volunteer actively and take part in sports, clubs, and many extracurricular activities due to their high demanding personalities. Outside of the high pressure bubble the millennial thrive in, they tend to relax by scrolling through social media and watching elevation. They are comfortable with sharing the most minimal aspects of their lives to the entirety of the internet world. In fact, privacy is a luxury in this small world of the millennial. An example of this is seen in how socially conscious they are.

The generation of today can share a story or an insight with hundreds in just moments; hence, making them more aware Of social issues surrounding them. Although this does come with a price, as this generation spends less time socializing with people in a more intimate way rather than just posting on social media; however, they are more informed of hat is going on around them. I feel that this generation will lay the foundation for more advancement technologically paving the way for many generations after them.

Hence, one can see that the millennial will play an important role for many generations as they move forward towards the future of technology. Additionally, millennial will influence the next generation in a positive way by showing equality to their fellow man and this will continue to grow for many generations. Through the struggles of generations before them, alienists have learned that the persons in their lives are all equal, a valuable lesson that will continue to impact the lives of all who share this world.

There is still work to be done on this social issue; however, I feel we are heading in the right direction. For example, the more liberal views of same sex marriage has been booming in the last decades. Racism and stereotypes have also been reduced throughout the world around us. This is also something seen in schools throughout the country as people promote nonviolence on campus; hence, promoting anti bullying throughout the country. Students see each other more of equals rather than competing for who is the coolest on campus.

This generation I feel is more likely to make friends with those who are different which a significant progression from Generation X. From the above mentioned, one can see how the millennial ability to see others more of an equal than generations before them, as well as their technological advancements and their motivation for achieving their dreams, will lay the foundation of those who come after them. This generation has many attributes to show those in the future how to come closer as a mankind wrought their social consciousness while educating those around them through equality and hard work.

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In the context of Bone’s Emily systems theory, which concept does this scenario best exemplify? A. Differentiation B. Triangulation C. Family projection process D. Multidimensional transmission process Correct: The Correct Answer is: B. This scenario best exemplifies the concept of triangulation. Triangulation of an outsider into the script forestalls one-on-one encounter between the opposing members Of the original dyad and resolution Of the hostility between them. 2. According to Bowen, which concept explains “undifferentiated family ego mass”? A.

Nuclear family emotional process B. Multidimensional transmission process c. Family projection process D. Triangulation process The Correct Answer is: A. According to Bowen, the concept of nuclear family emotional process explains “undifferentiated family ego mass. ” Unlike empathy, this concept involves an increased fusion among family members because of a lack of internal boundaries. 3. Identify an accurate statement about the family projection process in the context of Bone’s family systems theory. A. It can be graphically represented and accurately explained through sonograms. B.

It explains how a child may find it difficult to achieve autonomy and clear boundaries. C. It explains the “undifferentiated family ego mass. ” D. It explains how individuals seek partners with different levels of differentiation. Incorrect: An accurate statement about the family projection process is that it explains how a child may find it difficult to achieve autonomy and establish clear boundaries. The overfilling parent projects his or her anxiety onto the child in an effort to meet emotional needs. Concept: Social systems theory 4. According to the social systems theory, what is true of steady state?

A. Steady state is equated with entropy. B. Steady state is a dynamic process. C. Steady state can be achieved by successful performance of the goal- attainment function alone. D. Steady State can be achieved by successful performance Of the integration function alone. An accurate statement is that steady state is a dynamic process. It keeps changing and is likely to be different before and after a measurement is taken at any point in time. 5. Max and Aria, students of sociology, discuss the systems that perform important functions in society.

Which function is Aria likely to have stated as the function of the judicial system if her professor affirms it to be a right answer? A. Social control B. Colonization C. Mutual support D. Production The judicial system formally performs the function of social control. It can be viewed, in numerous aspects, as the opposite side of the colonization function. 6. Which of the following is true of functional requisites in the context of social systems theory? A. Integration is an external function. B. Pattern maintenance is an internal function. C. Goal attainment is an input function.

D. Adaptation is an internal and external function. Pattern maintenance is an internal function. Of the four functional requisites, this one is the most important function. Concept: Structural components of social systems Which structural component of social systems includes the development of United Way Of America Services Identification System (OASIS)? A. Proposed output B. Boundary C. Interface D. Desired input Proposed output is the structural component that includes the development of United Way of America Services Identification System (OASIS).

JIGSAWS operated on the principle that all planned human efforts can be traced to one overriding purpose or goal. 8. Identify an accurate statement about feedback in the context of structural components of social systems. A. It helps maintain steady states. B. It occurs formally rather than informally. C. It occurs externally rather than internally. D. It is acquired by comparing input and output. An accurate statement about feedback is that it helps maintain steady states. Information gathered by comparing proposed and actual output is fed back as a maintenance input. . Plans for establishing a new community is in progress. Fifth planning committee is currently in the process of determining a means to separate this community from its supermarkets, what is likely to be its current task? A. Designating a supermarkets to the community B. Identifying resources needed to sustain the community C. Specifying a boundary to differentiate the community from its supermarkets D. Maintaining steady state by importing resources from external sources The Correct Answer is: C. The initial step is to specify the boundary of a community.

Once this is established, the next step is the designation of its supermarkets. Concept: The community system life cycle 10. Identify an accurate statement about the community system life cycle. A. In the morphologies stage, citizens give way to pioneers. B. Metamorphosis is the stage wherein communities breakdown and die. Entropy is the stage wherein institutions are established and law and order comes into force. D. Morphogenesis is the stage wherein communities secure inputs and develop relationships with the environment.

The Correct Answer is: D. An accurate statement is that morphogenesis is the stage wherein communities secure inputs and develop relationships with the environment. During this stage, there is high scope for chaos. 11. Strasbourg is a small rural town that has been functioning relatively well. It was economically, socially, and culturally stable until a neighboring urban community began exerting its influence on Strasbourg. After initial friction, Strasbourg managed to make beneficial changes in its functioning by adapting some of the urban ways.

According to the community system life cycle, in which stage of development is Strasbourg? A. Entropy Metamorphosis C. Morphogenesis D. Morphogenesis According to the community system life cycle, Strasbourg is in the metamorphosis stage. As a rural small town, it has been able to make changes and benefit from gentrification. 12. Which stage of development is characterized by breakdown and decay in the context of the community system life cycle? B. Metamorphosis C. Morphogenesis D. Morphogenesis Entropy is characterized by breakdown and decay. It is the last phase for failing comma entities.

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The stages of development of an individual are influenced by social and environmental factors like the behavior and attitudes of caregivers. C. The process of development of individuals begins during infancy and ends at adolescence. D. The development process Of an individual begins once he or she has formed a sense of identity. Incorrect: The Correct Answer is: B. It can be inferred from Erikson’s stage model that social and environmental factors like the behavior and attitudes of caregivers shape the stages of an individual’s development. 2.

Identify the perspective of client problems that considers problems that occur s a result of a person being in a specific place at a specific time. A. The developmental perspective B. The behavioral perspective C. The situational perspective D. The human needs perspective Correct: The Correct Answer is: C. A situational problem may stem from a significant change in life, natural calamities, or violence. In a situational perspective, the client is often viewed as a victim. 3. Jasmine has always dreamed about developing her artistic skills and achieving fame as an artist.

However, she has not been able to develop her talent as she works two jobs to pay rent for a house in a safe neighborhood and buy ood for he family. In the categorization of needs developed by Brammer and McDonald, which of Jasmine’s needs would be classified as a being need? A. Jasmine’s desire to become an artist B. The need to pay for food C. The need for a home in a safe neighborhood D. The need to pay rent The Correct Answer is: A. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, an individual cannot focus on higher needs until his or her basic needs are met.

Brammer and McDonald classified the needs into deficiency needs and being needs. Deficiency needs are those at the first four levels of Maslow’s hierarchy, while being needs omprise the next two levels. Individuals can focus on being needs only after deficiency needs are met Concept: Stages of the helping process in human services 4. What happens during the preparation stage of the helping process? A. The helper prepares treatment plans for the client. B. The results of intervention are evaluated. C. An appropriate setting for the helping process is prepared. D.

Client problems are assessed. During the preparation stage of the helping process, the professional helper makes all the arrangements to ensure that the client will not face any problems or barriers when he or she arrives. . James is helping Robert, a client, evaluate the pros and cons of different courses of action that can be taken to solve his problems. Through the process, James is encouraging Robert to focus on his own wishes and the social and personal factors surrounding him. Identify the stage of the helping process that is illustrated in the scenario.

A. Preparation B. Termination C. Exploring the problem D. Intervention strategies The Correct Answer is: D. During the intervention strategies stage, the helper and the client come up with strategies and goals that will help tackle the problem. The helper takes nto account various factors like the wishes of the client, his or her resources, and social factors. 6. Identify the true statement about the termination stage of the helping process. A. The termination stage can be reached even if the objectives of the helping process have not been met. B.

The termination stage is reached only if the relationship between client and helper is negative. C. This stage involves identifying and setting goals to achieve during the helping process. D. This stage occurs only when a helper refers the client to another helper. While exploring the problem, the helper considers the different perspectives f client problems and uses the concepts of the whole person and multidimensionality. Concept: Engaging clients and communities in the helping process Mastery For the Kids is a human services agency that is entering a new city.

The agency is trying to identify the other agencies and organizations in the area in order to understand how it can serve the needs of that particular city. What strategy is For the Kids using to learn about the other agencies? A. Community mapping B. Social control C. Community organizing D. Social care The strategy that human service agencies and professionals can use to learn bout other agencies and organizations is known as community mapping. 8. What would a human service agency that follows the client empowerment model for change be most likely to do? A.

Work only with qualified human service professionals in creating change B. Educate clients to organize and undertake their own campalgns C. Adopt a for-profit rather than a non-profit structure D. Undertake advocacy efforts to solve the problems clients face The client empowerment model aims to have clients or those in need organize and undertake their own campaigns. To achieve this, the agency trains clients to organize, network, and plan their campaigns. . What would be the opinion of a human service professional who uses a model of client empowerment? A.

The ultimate responsibility of identifying and countering problems rests with human service professionals. B. Human services agencies should only focus on improving services for clients that already exist. C. Clients should be encouraged to identify and advocate services for their own issues. D. Clients should not be burdened with pressures to solve their own and others’ problems. The model for client empowerment focusses on empowering clients to take up advocacy for the causes that they have identified. Campaigning and networking are important parts of the client empowerment model.

Concept: Barriers that prevent clients from seeking help 10. What kind of helper is most likely to make the client reluctant to seek help? A. A helper who is aware of the cultural background of the client B. A helper who has many similarities with the client C. A helper who comes across as assuming and rigid D. A helper who is not an authoritarian Many clients view professional helpers as either strangers or experts. When the client sees the helper as someone who is more accomplished, it might prevent the client from seeking help.

Clients do not feel comfortable seeking help from professionals who do not come across as genuine. 11. Jason has been facing difficulties in his career. His family and friends have encouraged him to seek professional help. However, he is worried that seeking professional help will only harm his sense of self-worth as he will have to accept the fact that he has failed in his career. What kind of barrier to seeking help is illustrated in the scenario? A. Psychological barrier B. Resource barrier C. Social barrier D. Cultural barrier Psychological barriers can prevent clients from seeking professional help.

Fear of losing independence and the fear coming to terms with failures and problems are some Of the psychological barriers. 12. Which of the following is a barrier to seeking help that is related to the resources of the client? A. Belief in spirituality rather than in professional help B. Difficulties in transportation C. Discouragement from friends to seeking help D. Fear of facing problems The barriers associated with the resources Of the clients are lack Of money, difficulties in transportation, and lack of time. Concept: Helping skills required for human services 13.

Identify the true statement about the helping skills required for human services. A. Helpers should refrain from using any kind of nonverbal communication when interacting with clients. B. It is easier to understand the feelings of clients when they are expressed indirectly rather than directly. C. During a conversation with the client, the helper should focus only on the cognitive part of the verbal message. D. Helpers are likely to find it more difficult to understand the feelings in a message than the facts. The cognitive part of a verbal message focuses on facts and the affective part on feelings.

As the affective part is often expressed indirectly, the helper may find it difficult to understand. 14. What is an indicator of responsive listening according to Egan? A. Facing slightly away from the client during a conversation B. Crossing arms or legs while interacting with the client C. Maintaining eye contact with the client during the D. Leaning backward from the client Maintaining eye contact with the other individual during a conversation is a very natural nonverbal cue. A helper should maintain eye contact with the client while conversing. 15. Jessica is an experienced professional helper.

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It focuses primarily on the malfunctioning in the environment rather than the individual. C. It emphasizes that illnesses have an organic basis. D. It focuses on the strengths of the client and not on problems. Correct: The Correct Answer is: C. The medical model is influenced by the medical profession. This model focuses on the organic basis Of illnesses which can be cured by medical intervention. 2. Nathan is a professional helper. He is qualified to evaluate symptoms, diagnose illnesses, and come up with a treatment plan to cure the illnesses. Nathan also focuses on the organic causes of diseases.

Identify the model of service delivery that Nathan uses. A. The medical model B. The social service model C. The human service model D. The environment model The Correct Answer is: A. Focuses on the organic basis of illnesses, which can be cured by medical intervention. Four important factors of the medical model are symptom, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. 3. Which is the correct statement about the history Of the medical model? A. Until the 18th century, only electric shock therapy was used for the treatment of mental illnesses. B. The psychoanalytic method completely replaced the medical model in the late 19th century. C.

The psychoanalytic method involved the use of psychotropic drugs. D. Psychiatry began to be known as a discipline at the end of the 1 8th century. The Correct Answer is: D. Psychiatry developed as a discipline at the end of the 1 8th century when Philippe Pineal took over as the Head of the Hospice De Bickerer and then of Slipperier?two mental institutions in France. Philippe Pineal introduced the medical model into the treatment of individuals with mental illnesses. Concept: The public health model 4. Select the true statement about the public health model. A. It is not multidisciplinary. B. It is not linked to the medical model.

C. It does not focus on prevention like the medical model. D. It is not independent of societal factors. The public health model recognizes that individuals’ problems may have a link with social problems. The model emphasizes that a problem can have many causes and seeks to identify those causes by gathering information from people. 5. Gabrielle is a professional helper at a large organization. Her efforts and those of her colleagues are focused on the welfare of large groups of people. They understand that a problem has various causes and that social factors and the well-being of individuals are connected.

Most of their efforts are also focused on the prevention of illnesses and ailments. Which model of delivery is described here? A. The psychoanalytic model B. The public health model C. The human services model D. The physiological model The Correct Answer is: B. The public health model aims to improve the present and the future quality of life and to alleviate health problems. The model also emphasizes the prevention of health problems. 6. In 1 850, Lempel Shattuck prepared a report on the need for improved sanitation and disease control in Massachusetts, considered to be most influential in the history of the public health system.

What did this report recommend? A. The development of state mental health facilities B. The creation of state and local boards of health C. An increase in recruitment efforts for nurses for the armed forces D. The improvement of medical facilities in army camps Lempel Shattuck prepared a report on the need for improved sanitation and disease control in Massachusetts which is considered the most farsighted and influential in the history of public health system. The report declared the need for improved sanitation and disease control and the creation of state and local boards of health.

Concept: The human service model . Identify the characteristic of the human service model. A. It focuses on the deficits and weakness of an individual rather than on strengths. B. It views individuals as patients. C. It uses problem solving as the fundamental approach to treatment. D. It views all problems as arising from physiological conditions. The human service model uses problem solving as the fundamental approach to treatment. It emphasizes the importance of correctly identifying the problems and capitalizing on the strengths of the clients to solve them. 8.

Halley is a psychologist whose efforts are aimed at helping her clients identify ND solve their problems. While planning treatment for her clients, Halley takes into account the social and environmental contexts of her clients. She also emphasizes identifying and capitalizing on the strengths of her clients. Which model of service delivery does Halley most likely follow? A. The human service model B. The medical model C. The public health model D. The escalation model 9. What is the theme of the human service model? A. The service should have a future-oriented approach.

B. A specific rather than a generic focus should set the human service model apart. C. The helper takes a person’s environment into account when helping. D. All the decisions should be taken by the human service professional during the process of helping. The human service model focuses on treating the “whole person. ” This means that the helper should assess the clients situation taking his or her environment into account. Many disciplines will have to be used in order to meet the different needs of the client. Concept: Motivations for choosing a helping profession 10.

What is a likely problem if a person’s motivation for choosing the helping field is a desire for self-exploration? A. The helper can make the client overly dependent. B. The helper may tend to focus less on the clients concerns. C. The helper may fail to relate to the client’s situation. D. The helper may expect all clients to passively follow instructions. A wish to explore oneself can motivate individuals to choose the helping field. This motivation can cause problems as the helper’s desire for self-exploration may come in the way of focusing on the client’s needs. 11.

Beatrice successfully recovered from a psychological trauma in her childhood with the help of a warm and positive psychologist. She has ever since plopped a respect for and a profound interest in the field of helping and is keen to pursue a career in it. What problem is Beatrice most likely to face in her career as a helper with this kind of motivation? A. She may expect all her clients to be responsive and cooperative. B. She is likely to ignore the environment of the clients. C. She may develop a tendency to focus only on the weaknesses of the clients. D. She may expect all her clients to be passive recipients of treatment.

People who have had good experiences of receiving help realize the value of helping and this could become their motivation to choose a helping reversion. One problem associated with this sort of motivation is that the helper may expect all the clients to be as participative and positive as he or she was as a client. 12. Which motivation of the helper for choosing the helping field is most likely to result in the client becoming more dependent on the helper and less participative in the helping process? A. A wish to explore his or her own thoughts and feelings B. A wish to gather knowledge C. A desire to learn about different people D.

A wish to exercise control Helpers who are motivated by a desire to have control over things tend to aka their clients dependent on them. They would be ideal for managerial or administrative roles in the helping field. Concept: Values and characteristics of effective professional helpers Mastery 13. Natalie, a human service professional, is helping a client who is a former pathological gambler. Natalie has never liked people who gamble, but she has learned not to be judgmental about her clients. In her interactions with the client, she avoids criticizing the client and focuses more on how she can help him.

What value of professional helpers is illustrated in this scenario? A. Tolerance B. Volatility C. Individuality D. Authoritativeness Tolerance is the ability that helps human service professionals view their clients in a fair manner without being judgmental about them. Tolerance enables professional helpers focus on what needs to be done next rather than being occupied with the clients’ failures and shortcomings in the past. 14. Pedro, a psychologist, is very careful about the people with whom he shares information about his clients. Pedro has always refused to divulge what the clients share with him to even their family members.

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Social care is received by people who are able to provide for themselves. B. Social control is meant for individuals who have violated norms. C. Social control is provided only to the individuals who ask for it. D. Social care imposes restrictions on clients’ lives and their independence. Correct: The Correct Answer is: B. The recipients of social care are individuals who cannot provide for themselves. On the other hand, social control services are meant for individuals who are able to care for themselves but have not adhered to the norms of society in doing so or have simply failed to do so. Who among the following is likely to receive social control rather than social care? A. A victim of a road accident B. A person with a mental illness C. A teenager convicted of illicit drug use D. A malnourished child The Correct Answer is: C. Social control aims to restrict or monitor the independence of clients because they have violated the norms of society. A teenager who is convicted of illicit drug use is one example of a client who requires social control services. 3. Jan, a human services professional, is helping Philip, who was severely injured in an accident.

After the accident, Philip finds it difficult to function without assistance from others. Jan has made treatment plans to help Philip achieve the level of independence he enjoyed before the accident. Which aspect of human services is illustrated in the scenario? A. Rehabilitation B. Social control C. Self-sufficiency D. Psychotherapy The Correct Answer is: A. The aim of rehabilitation is to help an individual get back to an earlier level of functioning and independence. People with physical disabilities and individuals who have suffered psychological trauma are examples Of clients ho need rehabilitative services. . What is the goal of rehabilitation? A. Allowing an individual to return to an earlier level of functioning B. Restricting or monitoring an individual’s independence C. Helping individuals become more financially secure D. Helping individuals adjust to a culturally different environment Rehabilitation aims to enable an individual return to an earlier level of functioning. For example, rehabilitative services can help an accident victim achieve a level of independence that he or she enjoyed earlier. Concept: The interdisciplinary approach of human services 5.

Allay, a human set-vices professional, is gathering information about one of her clients. Allay has been spending time trying to understand her client’s cultural background so that she has a broader perspective of the client and his needs. What discipline is Allay using to assess her client’s complete situation? A. Management B. Sociology C. Psychology D. Behaviorism Sociology examines the influence of a society on its individuals. The discipline allows human services professionals to understand how different aspects of culture and life affect individuals. 6. Identify the true statement about anthropology. A.

It deals primarily with the functions of the brain. B. It involves the study Of pathological causes Of mental illnesses. C. It focuses on the cultural and environmental influences on people. D. It involves the study of behavior of individuals under controlled conditions. Anthropology focuses on how individuals develop culturally, socially, and physically. It also examines what role culture has in the lives of people and how their customs and beliefs vary. Which discipline encompasses different theories of development that deal with behavioral patterns and skills associated with different age groups? A. Sociology B. Psychology C.

Human resources D. Management Psychology is the study of mind and behavior which encompasses all aspects of the human experience like child development, care for the aged, and functions of the brain. Many theories of psychology deal with behavior, thinking, and feelings of human beings. Concept: Societal attitudes toward human services before the 19th century 8. Identify the true statement about human services before the 19th century. A. There were special facilities for individuals with mental disabilities long before the colonization of America. B. Church wardens and governors rather than medical professionals determined insanity.

C. A system of district workhouses to care for the poor was established in the early 1 6th century. D. Almshouses were built by the colonies especially for vagrants and poor strangers. Before the 19th century, the treatment of mental illness was not given much attention. Mental illness was not even considered as a medical problem. Determining insanity was the duty of officials like church wardens and governors and not of medical professionals. 9. Identify a feature of human services in the US before the 1 9th century. A. Unlike England, the colonies in the United States did not develop institutions for the poor. B.

Philosophies such as Social Darwinism greatly impacted human services in colonial America. C. District workhouses were developed to accommodate needy strangers and vagrants. D. People with mental illnesses, criminals, and the able-bodied poor were accommodated in almshouses. The Correct Answer is: D. Before the 19th century, the colonies developed almshouses to support the needy. The almshouses accommodated dependents like people with physical or mental illnesses, the aged, children, criminals, and the able-bodied poor. 0. What principle of the Elizabethan Poor Law influenced human services in the united States before the 19th century?

A. The primary responsibility of caring for needy individuals rests with their families. B. Poverty arises from the failures of individuals and thus, they should not receive support from the government. C. Government assistance provided for the poor should be less than the least wages that can be earned. D. Individuals with physical or mental disabilities should not be allowed to live with their families. One of the principles of the Elizabethan law stated that the responsibility of eddy individuals must be taken up by their families.

Needy individuals who had family members were not given public assistance. Concept: The changes in societal attitude toward human services in the 1 9th century Mastery 11. What was the purpose of the Poor Law Reform Bill of 1834? A. To establish a limitation on the services available for the poor B. To provide a higher number of individuals With the right to public assistance C. To limit medical assistance for people with mental illnesses D. To increase the amount of wages paid to the poor The poor Law Reform Bill of 1 834 imposed a limitation on the services and revisions by the poor.

The bill stated that assistance to any individual in need should be lower than the lowest wage that can be earned. 12. What opinion is a supporter Of Social Darwinism most likely to hold? A. Every poor individual must get assistance from the government. B. Poverty arises out of misfortune and unscrupulous business practices. C. The provisions of human services should be expanded. D. Attempts to help the less fortunate hamper progress. Incorrect: Supporters of Social Darwinism believed that efforts attempts to help the less fortunate and the poor come in the way of progress.

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Week 1 Knowledge Check Study Guide Concepts Mastery Biological development in infancy and childhood score: 18/18 Questions 100% 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Psychological development in infancy and childhood Social development in General systems theory Life-span development, common life events, and normal developmental milestones Important concepts for 16 17 18 understanding human behavior Concept: Biological development in infancy and childhood What term best describes the tendency of an infant to respond on being touched on the lips or cheek by moving his or her head toward the stimulus ND attempting to suckle?

A. The tonic neck reflex B. The rooting reflex C. The Moor reflex D. The Banking reflex Correct: The Correct Answer is: B. The rooting reflex best describes the tendency Of an infant to respond on being touched on the lips or cheek by moving his or her head toward the source of the stimulus and attempting to suckle. Rooting babies generally make sucking motions with their mouths. 2. Identify an accurate statement about fetal development in the second trimester. A. During the second trimester, fatty tissues form beneath the skin of the fetus. B.

During the second trimester, the fetus develops a regular sleeping pattern. C. During the second trimester, the internal organs of the fetus become fully developed. D. During the second trimester, the fetal brain and nervous system become fully developed. During the second trimester, the fetus develops a regular sleeping pattern. It develops a steady heartbeat and sleeps and wakes at fixed intervals. 3. Sis’s daughter, Emma, cannot walk or run well. She enjoys scribbling with crayons and playing with building blocks, although she can barely stack up three to four blocks at a time.

Emma can also use a spoon and hold a glass using both her hands. She utters meaningless sounds, but she is able to respond to Lisa when Lisa asks her to give her a kiss. According to the developmental milestones that Emma has achieved, what is Enema’s age most likely to be? A. 3 years B. 18 months C. 12 months D. 2 years According to the developmental milestones that Emma has achieved, she is most likely 18 months old. 1 8-month-old infants show an improved ability to feed themselves and have a vocabulary of about three to fifty words.

Concept: Psychological development in infancy and childhood . According to Sigmund Freud, during which phase of psychosocial and personality development does a child seek pleasure through genital stimulation? A. During the oral stage B. During the genital Stage C. During the latency stage D. During the phallic stage The Correct Answer is: D. According to Sigmund Freud, a child seeks pleasure through genital stimulation during the phallic stage of psychosocial and personality development. From ages three to five, children experience different complexes based on gender. . At a birthday party, eight-month-old Jason does not display extreme distress hen his mother, Peyote, steps away to greet a friend. On Peyote’s return, Jason ignores his mother’s efforts to interact with him. In this scenario, what kind of attachment pattern does Jason display, according to Newman & Newman? A. Secure attachment B. Disorganized attachment C. Anxious-avoiding attachment D. Avoiding-resistant attachment The Correct Answer is: C. In this scenario, Jason is displaying an anxious-avoiding attachment pattern, according to Newman & Newman.

Babies exhibiting an anxious-avoiding attachment pattern are less distressed than other babies when separated from their mothers. 6. Identify a difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence. A. Fluid intelligence includes the ability to learn from others; crystallized intelligence does not. B. Fluid intelligence is innate; crystallized intelligence can be developed. C. Fluid intelligence can increase over an individual’s life span; crystallized intelligence remains constant. D. Fluid intelligence includes skills that emphasize verbal communication abilities; crystallized intelligence does not.

A difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence is that fluid intelligence is innate, while crystallized intelligence can be acquired. Fluid intelligence does not have the potential to increase and tends to remain constant throughout an individual’s life span. Concept: Social development in infancy and childhood 7. What kind of learning takes place when a child learns how to wrestle by watching his older siblings fight? A. Negative reinforcement Positive reinforcement B. C. Respondent conditioning D.

Observational learning Modeling or observational learning is the kind of learning that takes place when a child learns how to wrestle by watching his older siblings fight. Modeling takes place through observation, and it can teach children inappropriate behavior as well. 8. Identify a difference between the authoritative and the authoritarian styles of parenting. A. There is evidence that suggests that the authoritative parenting style is a less effective style of parenting, while the authoritarian parenting style is a relatively more effective style of parenting. B.

Authoritative parents emphasize control and conformity, while authoritarian parents do not. C. Authoritative parents involve their children in decision making, while D. The authoritative parenting style is adopted by parents who want to exert absolute control over their children, while the authoritarian parenting style is adopted by parents who are nondestructive. Authoritative parents involve their children in decision making, while authoritarian parents do not. Authoritative parents tend to communicate well with their children, and they share good relations with them. . When Maria goes to pick up her three-year-old daughter, Jade, from Alcove Daycare Center, she decides to sit down for a while and watch Jade play in the nursery. Maria notices that though Jade is attempting to play the same game and is using the same toys as those of the other children in the vicinity, Jade sakes no attempt to talk or interact with them. Based on the information in this scenario, which level of social play is Jade most likely participating in according to Partners different levels of play? A. Parallel play B.

Associative play C. Cooperative play D. Onlooker play The Correct Answer is: A. Based on the information in this scenario, Jade is most likely engaging in parallel play. Parallel play is most likely to become evident by the age of three. Concept: General systems theory 10. Identify an accurate statement about the concept of steady state in the context of the general systems theory. A. It provides a reactive approach for modeling human social behavior. B. It suggests that an individual has no control over the processes leading to a steady State.

C. It assumes that the natural state of all individuals and social organizations is proactive. D. It assumes that all living organisms are intrinsically passive. Steady state assumes that the natural state of all individuals and social organizations is proactive. Homeostasis is a reactive, counter-balancing approach. 11. Tracy, a high school English teacher, has been using the lecture method in most of her classes. Her goal for the new academic year is to make sure that all her students pass the final exam.

Vaccine Speech essay

My main arguments supporting childhood viruses are that you can die by not being vaccinated, you can affect the well being of others, and most schools require each student to have certain amounts and types of vaccines. The first point discussed will pertain to the prevention of worldwide epidemic. “Why should we be inoculated? ” The main motive people should know is that they are preventing the spread of various viruses throughout the human race; childhood vaccinations in the

United States prevent about ten-and-a-half-million cases of infectious illnesses and 33,000 deaths every single year. 1 Also, most child vaccines are ninety to ninety-nine percent effective against most illnesses such as polio, measles, and mumps. However, when children who have been minimized do contract a disease, despite being shielded against it, they suffer fewer severe tribulations than an UN-inoculated child that gets the same illness. Scientists and doctors are working hard to make them more proficient, with fewer side effects.

Overall, immunization are a personal choice. As to who makes this choice is another controversial issue. One simple theory, should you not be vaccinated, come in contact with someone infected, your chance of contracting that infection (fatal or not) is very high. It has been shown and documented that populations can infect other people’s health by not choosing to have these important shots. A second stance related to the fact if you are not given the shots, you can contract life-threatening diseases and then contaminate others.

Children and young adults who are not minimized can readily transmit vaccine-preventable diseases throughout the members of our communities. Foremost, unventilated children can pass ailments (illnesses) on to babies who are too young to be fully protected, until they have completed the shot regime. Also, unventilated children pose a threat to children and adults who cannot be inoculated for medical reasons; they do not have a choice. This includes people with leukemia and other cancers, immune system problems, and people receiving treatment.

Additionally, unventilated children can infect the small percentage of children who do not mount an immune response to the vaccination. Therefore, when most children eventually attend school, they should be vaccinated, to protect themselves and those around them. Another major fallback of administrating vaccinations is that a few years ago, mercury, an ingredient in most injections, was said to increase the chances of autism in children. This sent a multitude of people into a frenzy! They stopped giving their kids the suggested shots, which prompted most eradicated diseases to return stronger than ever.

Nowadays, most schools require their students to have at least twenty-five shots before first grade, and if you do not have the proper doses, then you might not be allowed to go to school there with a proper documentation. Thus, the quarrel continues. When should vaccines be required or should they remain a drug? With all of this perplexity concerning this debate, why vaccinate at all? Have most of the diseases been eliminated in developed countries? Maybe so, but it will not stay that way if the rate of immunization entities to decrease.

Veterinary medicine essay

I absolutely loved working with them and learning more about dogs. Then decided to become a veterinary technician and attend college full time. My boyfriend was proud of me; he knew had a passion for animals. My family and friends thought it was pretty cool; my friends always had asked me for advice as well as gave me any unwanted pets to care for. So finally I enrolled myself in school to get a degree in veterinary technician. I made sure would have to do my part in putting time to study and do each and every assignment successfully.

A year into school and now having a full time job at a tertiary hospital, when get home my day hasn’t even been finished yet. With a dog living at home, I must provide her with love and attention. I also must take her on short walks around our neighborhood and of course feed her dinner. My dog must also get her teeth brushed and take vitamins to prevent any health issues as she ages. Before my boyfriend gets home, I get our dinner for the evening started. I also do some household chores around the house including laundry and vacuuming the carpets. I then check our calendar to see if there’s any upcoming bills or payments that are due.

Once a month I travel down 3 hours to the city to visit my family and friends. It’s usually just for the weekend when visit so you can imagine how very little time have to fit everyone in. On any other free time I have, usually go on social media websites to post photos or even view what everyone has been up to. Also go on websites such as Amazon or any online clothing store and just browse or shop. Leave most of the studying and school work on my days off. During the weekdays when I work, my time is already constraint with other things as well. When I study, I do it for 3-4 hours or even more pending how much I would want to get done.

Sometimes it’s very hard to find the time, energy and money to do it. I find myself questioning if it’s even really worth it but then get a reminder from myself that this is something I really want and it will pay off in the long run. Managing my time has been one of the most difficult task since I started school once again. Working full time in an animal hospital requires me to be organized especially handling multiple charts all at once. Taking phone calls, making appointments, checking out clients and getting patients medication together at the same mime can be overwhelming sometimes. Mind it really helpful for me to write a list or a note on the task that has to be done but can wait when the hospital is very busy that day. If I can’t get to it even then, I’ll just ask one of my co workers to help me out. Being organized at my job is very important. If we mix up the patients charts and prescriptions, not only would it lead to misinformation, it can lead to misdiagnosis and can be harmful or even deadly to the patience. I must also be organized in taking care of my bills or finances. If I miss paying my bills, my credit score will be effected.

When you have a low credit score, you will be denied if you decide to get a house, car, loan or even a credit card. The bill collectors will even come after me if I haven’t paid after some time. I have a calendar that is a dry erase board where I’m able to view and write what day the bills are due and plan accordingly with my pay day schedule. This has definitely helped me be more organized and pay my bills on time. I cook almost every day so having all the ingredients is very important or it won’t taste how would want it to taste. I rye to do the grocery shopping to a minimal amount of trips since I don’t have much time on my hands anyway.

I make a thought-out list of items and stock up for the items to last me at least a couple of weeks. Sometimes there are those moments where want to make something like Lasagna but don’t always have the ingredients for it. I then suggest the idea to my boyfriend and we come up with ideas as to if we should go to the supermarket to get them or if not, what we should make instead of that. Luckily it’s only a 2 minute drive by car! As you can tell if I’m not organized, everything will get overwhelming and a bad chain of occurrences will happen.

It is very important for me to finish school and work full time in the veterinary office. I keep a small notebook in my purse to keep in handy when ideas, or things I have to do/get comes across my head. I’m a forgetful person especially multitasking and carrying this notebook helps me remember everything. The technique of jointing things down has tremendously improved my organization skills. Now I’ve planned the next 3 years with school and everything else, I’m very confident that I can accomplish my dream in becoming a veterinary technician.

Sociological and Anthropological Research Methods essay

The anthropologist either lives among or spends a substantial amount of time observing, even participating in the lives of those being studied in their natural I habitat, in order to determine key components of an individual culture (Truman, C. , n. D. ). This allows the researcher to better understand how shared ideas, values, and perceptions c name to be, and how it has resulted in a culture’s shared behaviors, feelings, and activities, among o there traits specific to individual societies and cultures (Havilland Prints, Walworth, & McBride, 2008) . Justification

A qualitative research method, participant observation is a key component in anthropological research. It allows the researcher to observe and participate I n the lives of those being studied. This allows the researcher to collect data and draw conclusions by observing the nuances only an insider would be privy to. It provides a look into the everyday lives of those being studied, an important part of understanding how cultures form and ho w differences between cultures occur. Research Method Two: Historical Analysis Historical Analysis is another method of research employed by anthropologist

Historical analysis allows the researcher to study a culture’s oral and written h stories, accounts from explorers, missionaries, and traders, as well as through historical dotcom nets and records (Havilland, prints, Walworth, & McBride, 2008). By comparing a culture’s past wit h the same culture as it is currently, allows researchers to better understand how change occurs over time. This allows the researcher to form a better, more educated theory. Sociological Research Methods Sociology is defined as the scientific study of human society and social interact scions (Tetchier, 2011).

Unlike anthropology, which studies all aspect of humanity inch duding past cultures and societies, as well as biologic evolution, sociology focuses on hum an society and social relationships. Among other things, the field of sociology attempts to UN deterrents why certain events occur in society, such as crime, as well as the sociological effect s of aging, and how economics affect a society’s crime rate. Research Method One: Survey One method of research is by surveying a population, or a sample of a popular Zion. Participants are given a survey or questionnaire to complete, or are interview d face to face by researchers.

Surveys reveal important facts about the individual in terms of w hat is being studied. One such survey is the Nielsen survey, which asks participants to answer sues scions about their television viewing habits. The data collected is then used to inform advertiser s and television markets about a population’s preferences and viewing habits (Tetchier, 201 1). Many surveys are quantitative research methods as they often collect data from a large amount of respondents, which is then analyzed via mathematical algorithms (Truman, Cћ n. . ).

Justification Answers given during a survey, questionnaire, or interview can help form a pi couture of the social and economic factors affecting a given population at one point in time. By comparing changes in variables over time, surveys given to the same respondents over a period of time can provide insight as to why a respondent’s behaviors or opinions of a given to pick may change over time. This type of data analysis can provide insight into why things happy en, and what circumstances could lead to a recurrence.. Research Method Two: Participant Observation

Just as in anthropological studies, sociologists employ participant observation to collect data. They too observe or live among a particular group in order to paint an a accurate picture about participants’ daily lives, and the attitudes and behaviors of individuals, as well as the group in which they interact. Comparing and Contrasting Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology Participant Observation Participant Observation is a popular research method in both sociology and a anthropology, however the components being observed can vary greatly.

Anthropologists o serve participants in order to learn many things. Anthropologists observe participants to deter nine everything from how who we are today biologically has evolved, to how individual cultures ca me to be. Sociologists are most interested in the sociological point of view. For example anthropologist may study an entire society of tribal members to determine h owe their culture came about, and has helped form individual behaviors and beliefs of the cult rugs people. While a sociologist will study specific aspects of an individual group in a society.

For example they ay live as a homeless person, a subset of people within a society, to deter nine how people become homeless, how they survive, and how the feelings and opinions of the e homeless population differ from the mainstream population in a society. Historical Analysis As most sociologists focus more on the current issues of today’s societies and human behaviors, in an attempt to understand the current State Of a society or it’s v arioso population subsets, and attempt to improve the lives of humans living today, historical a analysis would not be as useful for sociological research.

Historical analysis is useful to anthropology y because anthropologists are most concerned with where we came from and how we g to to where we are today. Studying historical documents and accounts give them a glimpse into t he past and helps to understand how we may have evolved biologically, culturally, and as a society. However, a historical sociologist will use historical analysis to determine how a society, or subset thereof, has formed over time. Us rave Surveys can be used for both anthropological and sociological research.