Attachment A To D For Project Proposal essay

This should contain a discussion on the general problem to be addressed by the project work. 1. 2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology This should contain the current solutions being implemented and the problems with each of these. The discussion could either be in chronological or logical order. This should include only enough detail to show the specific improvements introduced by each. This should lead to the specific problem that the proponents intend to address.

The information regarding the technology or field should be contemporary and not based on outdated sources. 1. 3 Project Rationale This should point out how finding a solution to the specific problem is beneficial. PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2. 1 Problem Statement This could be either in question form or as a declarative statement. The major statement or question may be followed by minor statements or questions. This attempt to focus on a stated goal gives direction to the research process. It must be limited enough in scope to make a definite conclusion possible. 2. 2 Proposed Research Project 22. General Objectives This should contain a single paragraph describing the general objective of the project. 2. 2. 2 Specific Objectives This should contain a list of the specific work that the proponents expect to address to arrive at the accomplishment of the general objective. 2. 2. 3 Scope and Limitations This should contain the basic assumptions within which the project should work the solution to the problem. Consequently, this should also contain the extent of the prototype to be developed and the means by which the proposed system is to be evaluated on its capability of solving the problem.

Virus Sings vs. state of Punja essay

In Virus Sings vs. state of Punjab, the Apex court held that injury intended by accused and actually inflicted by him is sufficient in the ordinary course of nature to cause death or not must be determined in each case on the basis of the facts and the circumstances Santos Mane vs. State of Bombay The Additional Sessions Judge held that the plea of insanity was not established and convicted him for the offence punishable under section 300 by holding that the case squarely fell under the provisions of n 300 fourthly’ and awarded him death penalty and sentenced him to undergo rigorous imprisonment for other offences with which he was charged. Bombay HCI upheld the decision The test to invoke the defense Of ‘unsoundness Of mind’ has been explained in Alkalis v State where motive and the conduct of the accused prior to as well as at the time of the incident is considered to be material to determine the question of insanity. Laxly vs. State (AIR 1959 ALL 534)

The Allahabad HCI observed that that it will be open to an accused in every case to plead that he had dreamt a dream enjoining him to do a criminal act, and believing that his dream was commanded by a higher authority,he was impelled to do the criminal act,and therefore,he would be protected by section 84. Issue No 2:- To what extent the defense of the Asylum has validity section 84 under Section 84 of the PC says that nothing is an offence which is done by a person who, at the time of doing it by reason of unsoundness of mind is incapable of knowing the nature of the act or that he is doing is either wrong r contrary to law. Your honor, The fact is if someone commits a crime, they deserve the same punishment as anyone else, “sane or not”. If someone commits a crime such as Murder, they are dangerous, “sane or not” and cannot live among society Criminals are still criminals no matter what their mental state.

Insane people should not have an “excuse” to not go to jail. They need to be in jail and be punished just as a normal person. Being released back out into the public is dangerous for the people around them. Your Honor There’s no difference to live next door to a “sane” person who gets pleasure room raping & murdering people or to an “insane” person who gets pleasure raping & murdering? If the law is really to protect the public it wouldn’t matter. How can anyone who commits any horrible act on another person actually not be “insane”, when you consider that it’s not “normal” to want to hurt other people in the first place. Your Honor , all of these arguments are supported by the following cases.

The Ethnocentric Staffing Policy essay

The ethnocentric staffing policy refers to the strategy Of a litigation company to employ managers for key positions from the parent headquarters instead of employing local staff (“Global Human Resource Management”). By adapting this policy model business feels and acts greater to other countries, both in is product, culture and service (Business, 2012). This approach also helps the domestic market to set standards for marketing and pricing.

It helps organizations to save resources by not getting much information about the foreign market; through this may lead to loss of competitive advantage in the market that could have been grown by gaining mom knowledge about foreign markets (Keenan & Green, 2011). Sometimes firms may find similar verticals in foreign markets to help in minimizing competitive disadvantage. This model focuses more on domestic market than foreign markets for firms.

Most of the organizations usually relay on parent country nationals (PC’s) for staffing highest management positions abroad there are number of reasons why they prefer to do that: They have political understanding of the headquarters’ organization. They get an option to hire people who have good knowledge about business and technology. It can help he organization in converting headquarter culture to foreign operations (imparting same beliefs throughout the organization). Absence of skilled Host country nationals. Better capacity of pacts to relocate know how from the parent to the subsidiary. Greater ability of expatriates to transfer know-how from the parent to the subsidiary) Degree of control over the subsidiary. Help in personnel development. Better career and growth opportunities for Pans. Quick replacement of pacts possible. Employee development. Through, this approach has some disadvantages as well: Complex techniques Of personnel planning. Affects private life of pacts. Unclear adaptation of pacts. Parent country national may find it difficult to adjust according to the requirement of international assignment.

It is difficult to keep a check on people working abroad. Cost of hiring apace is very higher as compared to Hacks. Failure Rate is higher. Certain restrictions of government. Legal rules of regulations of the host country. Unhealthy relations between Hacks and expatriates executives. (due to culture clashes) Parent country national are quite sensitive towards their expectations and needs of Hacks. This method of staffing can reduce the opportunities for career growth and development which may lead to increase in turnover rate.

Repatriation. Some of the important qualities we look bombard while recruiting an effective manager for Blue Steel Corporation: Knowledge. Flexibility. Technical understanding Of the business. Aptitude. Ability to perform or tack on past performance. Managerial talent Language proficiency. Interest in overseas work. Emotional stability and Maturity. Potential. Proper education. Appreciation of new management and sensitivity. Independence. Good ability to communicate. Creativity skills. Sense of taking initiative.

To Kill a Mockingbird essay

Now let’s clear out of here. ” Trial of Robinson Segregation a symbol of the context – children are oblivious and sit with the Negroes to watch trial upstairs. “That Attic’s Finch is trying to take advantage of me, you goat watch tricky lava,n. Years like that Attic’s Finch. ” The close up, alternating shots of Tom and Male, Lowell during Tom’s testimony -? contrast race + liar/victim + guilty/innocent When the white prosecutor is establishing the fact that “[Tom] felt sorry for [Male]” his standing position is above that of Tom, in a dominant stance and looking down upon him.

While a nervous, seated Tom sweats, looks down at the floor. “The state has not produced one iota of medical evidence of the crime Tom Robinson was charged with ever took place. It has relied instead upon the testimony of two witnesses, whose evidence has no only been called into serious question on cross-examination but has been flatly contradicted by the defendant. ” Closing Statement: To begin with, this case should never have come to trial. The state has not produced one iota of medical evidence that the crime Tom Robinson is charged with ever took place…

It has relied instead upon the testimony of two witnesses, whose evidence has not only been called into serious question on cross-examination, but has been flatly contradicted by the defendant. Now, there is circumstantial evidence to indicate that Male Eel was beaten – savagely, by someone who led exclusively with his left. And Tom Robinson now sits before you having taken the oath with the only good and he possesses… His RIGHT. Have nothing but pity in my heart for the chief witness for the State. She is the victim of cruel poverty and ignorance.

But my pity does not extend so far as to her putting a man’s life at stake, which she has done in an effort to get rid of her own guilt. Now I say “guilt,” gentlemen, because it was guilt that motivated her. She’s committed no crime – she has merely broken a rigid and time-honored code of our society, a code so severe that whoever breaks it is hounded from our midst as unfit to live with. She must destroy the evidence of her offense. But what was the evidence of her offense? Tom Robinson, a human being. She must put Tom Robinson away from her. Tom Robinson was to her a daily reminder of what she did.

Now, what did she do? She tempted a Negro- She was white, and she tempted a Negro. She did something that, in our society, is unspeakable. She kissed a black man. Not an old uncle, but a strong, young Negro man. No code mattered to her before she broke it, but it came crashing down on her afterwards. The witnesses for the State, with the exception of the sheriff of Macomb County have presented themselves to you gentlemen, to this court n the cynical confidence that their testimony would not be doubted, confident that you gentlemen would go along with them on the assumption… He evil assumption that all Negroes lie, all Negroes are basically immoral beings, all Negro men are not to be trusted around our women. An assumption that one associates with minds of their caliber, and which is, in itself, gentlemen, a lie, which do not need to point out to you. And so, a quiet, humble, respectable Negro, who has had the unmitigated TEMERITY to feel sorry for a white woman, has had to put his word against TWO white people’s! The defendant is not guilty – but somebody in this courtroom is.

Now, gentlemen, in this country, our courts are the great leveler. In our courts, all men are created equal. I’m no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and of our jury system – that’s no ideal to me. That is a living, working reality! Now am confident that you gentlemen will review, without passion, the evidence that you have heard, come to a decision and restore this man to his family. In the name of GOD, do your duty. In the name of God, believe… Tom Robinson. Standing alongside Tom, separated from the resection and the jury in alliance.

Johannes Gutenberg essay

Which of the following has increased the mobility of the mass media X span classical/spinal of these / BRB / 7. Trust in the media is considered / X span classical/acceptability’s / 8. Consequences of relying on the mass media for interpretation include X 9. Which of the following media is/are devoted primarily entertainment X span classical/aspiration pictures / BRB / 10. Which of the following is an example of using the media to perform the withdrawal function X span classical/spreading a newspaper so people will leave you almoner / BRB/ 11.

A society depending upon the spoken word is called a(n) span classical/sporran/ BRB / culture. X 12. Johann Gutenberg is credited with developing a printing system using X span classical/supplemental metal type / BRB / 13. The first medium to use digital communication was / X span classical/spectrograph / 14. To permanently store a photographic image / X span classical/showboat of these / 15. Digital technology is best described Saba / X span classical/span system that encodes information into a series of on- and-off pulses usually denoted as zeros and ones / BRB / 16.

Because of the digital revolution,BRB / x span classical/spinal of these / 17. Which of the following is a characteristic of mobile media Span classical/spinal of the these / BRB / 18. The first tool for social media was thebe / x span classical/speakerphone / 19. In the mid-sass, easy-to-use software programs made it easy to upload intent to the Internet. This encouraged the growth of X span classical/ spinal of these / BRB / 20.

A common language enabling computers to communicate with one another is called a(n) X protocols / BRB / 21. Spam sibs / X span classical/Spanish cyber equivalent of junk mailer / 22.

Midterm Study Guide essay

A Media vehicle is a single component of the mass media, such as a newspaper, radio station, TV network, or magazine. Characteristic’s Of mass communication organizations -Produced by complex and formal organizations, ;Have multiple gatekeepers, -Need a great deal of money to operate, -Exist to make a profit, -Highly competitive. DC]What vehicles have increased the mobility of the mass media? Cell phones, laptop computers, Pads, and pods in the media is considered what?

Credibility Acidification of ‘surveillance’ with regard to individual media use Cocooned nuances of relying on mass media for interpretation -Audiences are exposes to a wide range of often contrasting viewpoints, -audiences are able to weigh multiple sides of an issue before deciding on our position, audiences are given a greater depth of expertise upon which to draw conclusions. ICC]Definition of the colonization function Chadwick media is devoted primarily to entertainment? Motion picture C]That is meant by the ‘withdrawal’ function with regard to using media Using the media to create a barrier between themselves and other people or activities. (Example. Reading newspaper to get people to not talk to you) C]The name given to a society that relies on the spoken word Oral Culture Dentition of Johann Gutenberg -Generally credited with developing a printing press that used movable metal type. C]Decaffeinate of the ‘telegraph’ Speed of communication increased from MPH to 186,MPH by using electricity.

The telegraph affect -How we moved goods, -How we coordinated services, -Standardization of market prices, – News flow and news story length. The technology in a telegraph later was used in the radio. Adolescent Of change with regard to development Of photography photography provided a way to preserve history, had an impact on art, and brought better visuals to swappers and magazines. Motion pictures help socialize a generation of immigrants and became an important part of American culture. ICC]What is the best description of ‘digital technology?

A system that encodes information into a series of on-and-off pulses usually denoted as zeros and ones. C]Distractedness of ‘mobile media’ -They depend on wireless technology, -They allow people to access information from virtually anywhere, -They are interconnected, -They blur the distinction between mass and interpersonal communication. CO]The internet system most resembles what? [That is a ‘URL URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which mean it is a uniform (same throughout the world) way to locate a resource on the internet.

DњDefinition of WIFE WI stands for Wireless fidelity- a system by which personal computers and other information devices connect to the internet without wires. Chitchat are popular methods to make a profit over the Internet? Sell advertising, Sell merchandise, Sell services, make people pay to see your site. Deconsecrate of having no ‘gatekeepers’ On the Internet It has no censorship L]Distractedness of newspapers in early America There were few papers, -Printers and postmasters did most of the early publishing, -News was not as timely as it is today, -The idea of a free press was not endorsed by the colonial governments.

Cocoon the definition of the ‘First Amendment’ to the Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peace fly to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Direction of literacy to mass media Definition of the ‘penny press’ The mass-appeal press of the early 19th century. Mass production of inexpensive newspaper became possible by switching from hand-crafted to steam-power printing. Famous for costing one cent while other newspaper company cost 6 cent.

Made it affordable for a lot of people. C]Down what is meant by ‘yellow journalism’ Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspaper. Depreciated features of the future newspaper Traditional newspaper is declining, while online newspaper is growing. Towhead is ‘muckraking? A term coined by Theodore Roosevelt to describe the reform movement undertaken by leading magazines in the sass to expose corrupt practices of business and government to the general public.

Chitchat were the three types of magazines that evolved between WWW and WI? Digest, News magazines, Pictorial C]Time and TV Guide are examples of which type of magazine? Latitudinarians of the book ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ It sold 300,000 copies in its first year and was credited with converting many readers to an antislavery position. ;C]What major event caused paperback books to flourish? Copyright laws in the sass’s C]Distractedness of the contemporary book industry Advantages of ‘e-books’ Easier readability, Can be continually updated C]Ditch company was the first broadcasting network?

AT&T C]That caused radio to evolve into a mass medium? Between 1 925 and 1930, 17 million radio sets were sold [Decaffeinates of the ‘Telecommunications Act of 1996″ The goal of the law was to let anyone enter any communications business- to let any communications business compete in any market against any other. Extraterrestrial radio stations (AM-FM) and relationship to the digital age The increased competition from online radio and declining ad revenues prompted terrestrial radio stations to come up with new Web strategies.

Oddities of a radio program director Catch the audience’s attentions as soon as they tune in and keep them drawn in so they don’t switch to another station. Acidic did record companies want to clean up rock’s image by 1 960? 1 959 the record industry was shaken by the payola scandals that, arriving on top of the years of bad publicity and criticism of rock and roll as responsible for most of society s ills, threatened rock’s profitability. Since rock n roll had too much moneymaking potential to be abandoned, the record companies decided to clean up rock’s image.

Chichi types of retailers are most important to the record industry? Tunes is the biggest record retailer, accounting for nearly 25 percent of the market. Wall- Mart is in second place. CO]What is the function of an “A& R” person with the record industry? This department serves as the talent scout for the industry. Keeps an eye on local markets to see who’s hot. Once in a while, they might also venture out on the road to check out acts in the hopes of finding the next superstar. ICC]Advantages of multicultural recording Not necessary for band members to record together.

The instrumentalists can come in one at a time and lay down their tracks, the lead singer or singers can add the vocals later, and everything can be put together at the mixing console. Chatterboxes of the mass communication audience in general Activators that are making traditional mass media business models obsolete Towhead is meant by the term “everything everywhere’? Media is every”here you kick covers all subjects. L]Differs medium to use digital communication Telegraph C]Donovan the characteristics of television

Lodestones nuances of the digital revolution -Fledging writers no longer need a publisher, -new bands can bypass music companies to reach their audiences, -traditional news media no longer have as much control as in the past. Cocoon features of the mobile media Small screen devices allow media to become increasingly mobile. Goethe first tool for social media was what vehicle? Telephone Accidentalness of ‘jazz journalism’ Jazz journalism is like yellow journalism but instead of writing it’s photography. CLCњWhat is the Audit Bureau of Circulation?

C]Dhow was Marion and what did he accomplish? Lithe network that was originally part of the NBC Network L]the biggest problem facing online radio is what issue? Ditch most prevalent listening venue for Satellite radio is a format with regard to broadcasting? Defeaters of National Public Radio (NAP)? Chitchat Was the significance of the ‘nickelodeon’ around 1900? DњSignificance of the ‘jukebox’ during the 1 ass’s Odder when rock music became part of the counterculture Required Midterm Essay Questions (50 points each) 1 .

The follow question is one of two to be answered for the midterm. – Be thorough in your answers. You may use the textbook and outside sources to help you to respond. Since this is a timed response, there is no need to list sources. – Your answers should be in paragraph form with an introductory paragraph introducing the reader to the material. – Length of your answers is not important as the quality of your response. This means that you answered all of the elements Of the question. It’s suggested to prepare your answers in advance. Entrance the history of the printed newspaper and various types of eras in reporting the news. Start with the colonial period of print up to and including owe printed news is delivered today with national papers like USA Today. Include and describe what was the significance of the era of the ‘penny press’, ‘jazz journalism’, yellow journalism’, and ;muckraking”” 2. The follow question is two of two to be answered for the midterm. Be should be in paragraph form starting with an introductory paragraph introducing the reader to the material. – Length Of your answers is not important as the quality Of your response. This means that you answered all of the elements of the question. Although the telegraph was first in providing electronic communication in he 19th Century, ‘radio’ is considered the grandfather of modern day electronics which led to television and where we are today with the Internet, computers, and all types of audio and video devices.

The Tempest William Shakespeare essay

The Tempest Response by: Magma Demanding The question Discoveries often require individuals to reconsider their perspective and develop a new understanding of the world around them. Examine this statement in relation to your prescribed text and at least ONE related text.

Prescribed text: The Tempest, William Shakespeare, 1611 (play) Related text: Dead poets society, peter weir 1989 (film) Conceptual opening that also addresses the focus Of the question Introduction of both the set and related texts within a conceptual framework The nature of discovery entails a journey that is transformation and concerns one’s relationship with one’s self or one’s world. Discoveries can be either sought or serendipitous and can lead to good or bad consequences, but ultimately they are all concerned with the acquisition of greater knowledge and a new perspective.

In William Shakespearean The Tempest, Prospers comes to realism not only the limitations of his art, but also the importance of love and redemption in redefining one’s place in the world, as well as one’s view of it. Peter Weirs Dead Poets Society represents the importance of new perspectives on the familiar in order to realism the self, in the face of inflicting and controlling forces.

The topic sentence and the nature of the discovery Close analysis of language – tone of regret Close textual references to support the topic sentence Reference to dramatic tech issues The Tempest, as its title suggests, is partly concerned with the forces of nature, but mostly it is about the need for the liberating and redemptive power of forgiveness in the face of man’s inhumanity towards man. Prospers conjures a storm, with Riel’s forced assistance, that brings to the island those who have wronged him. The scene seems set for a revenge plot to unfold.

However, we soon discover that Prospers has changed in the 1 2 years that he has been exiled on the island. He realizes that he is as much to blame for his exile as his treacherous brother Antonio to whom he relegated his ducal responsibilities in order to pursue his selfish interests: ‘And to my state grew stranger, being transported/And rapt in secret studies. ‘ Just as Miranda discovers her true identity, her history and her future husband, Prospers has discovered his error and will return to Milan a wiser, more forgiving and less self-indulgent ruler: ‘I’ll break my staff, / Bury it certain fathoms in the earth, /

And deeper than did ever plummet sound/ I’ll drown my book. ‘ Through the dramatic device of the masque and Ariel (music) he comes to see that even on the island his powers are unable to change those unwilling to change (Stephan, Trujillo, Sebastian and Clinical), just as he has realized his powers did not prevent his exile from Milan, and comes to accept the need for himself to change his perspective on human nature; one that sees it as a combination of both Clinical and Ariel, evil and good, chaos and harmony. Ultimately he comes to realism that his powers are based on illusions.

Related text introduced in connection to question Implicit difference with set text The catalyst for changing perspective is introduced Close reference to a scene Representation of the tension be;en old and new perspectives The last sentence returns to the question highlighting implicitly another difference between the texts By contrast Dead Poets Society is set in Walton Academy where those who choose to enter its halls are forced to have a particular world view and a particular niche in life; one consistent with the view of success that entails ivy-league universities, high-status professions ND material lifestyles.

The arrival of John Keating ironically himself a graduate of Walton, destabilize this world view by exposing the students ready to follow him to notions of curiosity, mystery, poetry and personal fulfillment. Their journey begins with the vandalism of their poetry textbooks. Keating then moves out of the classroom only to turn the trophy cabinet, a symbol of Welter’s values, on its head by focusing rather on notions of potential, carper diem and the transience of life.

Tradition, Honor, Discipline and Excellence’, the four pillars of Walton are soon challenged by the reminisces of the Dead Poets Society: freedom, self-expression, passion and integrity. Furthermore, the conflicting setting becomes a secret cave with its symbols of rebellion: poetry, smoking, saxophone and girls.

Keating challenges the boys to see things from a new perspective by having them literally stand on their desks; he trains them at football accompanied by poetry and non-dietetic classical music; he teaches them in the courtyard; he tells them that ‘words and language can change the world’; and, most importantly, he challenges them to discover their emotions and to express heir passions. However, Keating also discovers that ‘unorthodox teaching practices’ designed to highlight the ‘dangers of conformity’ have their own price. He is forced to leave Walton, but his legacy will remain with those whose eyes and hearts have been opened.

The tables that provided them with a platform from which to see their classroom differently, are now used as plinths upon which Settings real achievements, his disciples, in this pyrrhic victory are to be found; none of them will ever see the world and themselves in the same way. Topic sentence introduces another kind of discovery Love as the basis of moving forward rather than revenge Similarly, with the arrival of the ‘survivors’ on the island, Miranda discovers a ‘brave new world’ populated by creatures other than the few she has known.

Most importantly, however, as a fifteen-year-old girl on the verge of womanhood, she discovers a new kind of love: ‘l might call him / A thing divine; for nothing natural/l ever saw so noble. ‘ Ferdinand, the son of the King of Naples, the enemy and co-conspirator in Prosperous usurpation and exile, is the man Prospers has chosen for Miranda and as the vehicle for his return. Miranda is on the verge of a new life and Prospers is about to return to his old one transformed.

Despite her sheltered existence and without her father’s powers and books, Miranda already realizes what Prospers has for so long refused to accept: ‘Good wombs have borne bad sons. ‘ Clearly she is ready to return to the real world and to discover more. Returns to related text and explores the complex nature of discovery Reference to particular scene and cinematographic techniques Through Settings influence, Neil Perry comes to see the limitations of the world his ether wants for him: ‘You’re going to Harvard and you’re going to be a doctor’.

However, Nil’s father discovers the consequences of forcing Neil to live a false life too late and he must live on without him. For Neil, the price of discovering his new perception of himself and the world around him is his own life. His final words as Puck are directed to his father and embody the hope of achieving the kind of forgiveness, redemption and reconciliation that Prospers achieves on his stage, the island. The energize delight of discovery and the joy of self-actualization is visible on the close-up of is face as the curtain closes on the applause for his performance of puck.

Conceptual conclusion that relates to the question Both texts revisited to highlight central similarities and differences: importance of discovery but varied outcomes Comparative observation The nature and legacy of any discovery can be complex, diverse and transformation on both personal and global levels, confirming the inter- relatedness of inner and outer worlds. The Tempest moves from the discovery of an uncharted island and the creatures that inhabit it to the equally important discovery of the power of love and forgiveness in a world dad imperfect by man.

The discovery of metaphysical realities continues in Dead Poets Society through the representation of relationships that seek to control and shape the lives of others in accordance with existing expectations devoid of any recognition of individual differences. Whilst essentially different in their endings, both texts represent the liberating nature of the discovery of self, our limitations and our potential. In short, discovery is an unending journey that transcends time and place because it reflects our need to find personal meaning in our world.

Drinking Culture In South Korea essay

The drinking culture in Korea has much to do with the free and lively temperament of its people. Koreans have intense feelings and high spirits, and love to enjoy themselves. The Korean tradition of generous hospitality and the dimensioned custom of sharing a drink to deepen relationships can lead to drinking in various social settings.Being invited out to drinks by a superior is one of the biggest compliments a Korean worker can receive. ; If your boss is constantly re-filling your juju cup, it’s COLLECTIVISM a sign that he really likes you. Belonging to a group is vital to one’s identity.

TO succeed in a group, one must please the others. Alcohol plays an essential role in lubricating this system. RESPECT ; Drinking is how you show your elders respect and how they show you respect ; Older people are more superior to those younger than them. A younger person cannot refuse a drink offered to them by someone older. LOOSENING SCREWS ; Drinking is important because it lets you open a whole can of things that can’t and won’t be said! ; Prevalent attitude : the person who drinks less than his counterparts is ding something or is afraid to let down his defenses.

Expenditure on alcohol by Koreans per year of alcohol consumed in one year Hoes i k (314) a company sponsored meal that involves alcohol consumption. It is usually vital to sealing the deal on business engagements or helps welcome new members. On the flipped… Alcohol was a factor in almost a third of the 3 most serious crimes -? including murder, robbery and rape Drunkenness was cited in 76% of public order offences and 44% of cases of domestic violence. Vicious drinking cycle – Men tend to resort to violence because they are run, and then drink more to avoid the shame of what they have done. . But the trend is changing People refrain from binge drinking which is pointed as a social problem Movement towards drinks with lower alcohol content Businesses have created internal rules to prevent excessive drinking The 91 1 campaign – 1 round of 1 type alcohol by 09:00 pm Socializing at homes rather than pubs and bars Growth in sales volume of alcohol is decreasing 1. Fill up the other person’s glass if it is empty 2. When someone is filling your glass hold it with both hands 3.

Approval essay

As a team, complete the table below examining the case studies in Watersheds 4. Each team member should identify at least two possible case studies to work on and write the justification for using each. Then, as a team, choose your top two case studies to use for the Learning Team project. Submit this form to your instructor, who will tell your group which case study it will be using. Add additional rows for team members if needed.

Team Member Case Study Justification Lenience Thornton Exxon Valued as very young when this happened but it is still effecting us today and It was swept under the rug but spills are still happening and we need to look back at this to find ways to stop future spills A: Global Warming This is a topic that is relevant today and we need to find ways to save our planet or change how we help it B: Alex Managing Everything we do in life can affect how the environment around us, and although it is not a quick turnaround of global warming it will affect the younger generations. Going green” has become a big deal in stores to cycle and carpooling, but spreading the word and having people become more aware do to little changes in their dally habit can make a big difference. Resistance to Antibiotics When someone has whooping cough, sinus infection or bronchitis, it is very common that antibiotics are prescribed to cure this infection, but it seems as if people can’t decipher the common cold or sore throat and exaggerate a cold then the doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics just to be on the safe side.

This is a common mistake because when someone is prescribed too any antibiotics they are killing the bacterial inside of them that would be easily treatable before. C: Irene patina While looking at the options that we had this case study defiantly stood out to me because it still is affecting us today and we need to look at the mistakes that were made to prevent future spills and also try to come back from the damage that has been made.

C: Irene Patina GM This topic is an interesting topic because this involves the food that we consume and it is important to know what is going on and how it is being done and the consequences of it.

Stock Market Project essay

The first stock I purchased was Microsoft as a safe investment with low risk. As the game first began to enroll itself, Microsoft became a very profitable contender due to the sharp increase in share prices. I knew the increase would not hold on for long and the stock trend portrayed both sharp increases and decreases in stock prices; this attributed to the selling of my Microsoft shares as an incentive to save any gains I made. Question 2: http://www. Fool. Com/investing/generational/02/22/is-it-time-to-buy- Microsoft-corporation-stock. Asps

Microsoft Corp.. Is a technology innovation company, which provides goods such as smartness, Tablets, and computers; as well as services which include technical support and Microsoft office. Many of these products are commercialese at enormous scale, and profoundly incorporated within the classrooms of school districts around the country. Though mass marketing and product dispersion allowed the company to become as successful as it is today, market trends showed that every two months the company would go into a financial slumps, especially around the time Apple would present new products.

Since Apple would not announce their new products until September, Microsoft seemed like a great contender for a safe and beginning investment as they always do around this time of year from April to May. Question 3: “Microsoft (NASDAQ:MISTY’ had a 52 week low at 39. 86 during the Month of February 201 5 due to the lack of corporate income as swell as the loss of consumer interest towards Microsoft new innovative product “Surface Pro” The 52-week high for the company was 50. 04 as the new speculation of Google’s Android section and Microsoft teaming together to produce new smartness.

Though this would only be competitive towards the cellular market, the company has also bought many rights to various prominent video game designers as well as the unveiling of Microsoft office 10. As Microsoft begins to recover from its 3-month slump, many investors also recognize this trend, which also contribute to the increase of Microsoft shares. I bought Microsoft at 41. 48 towards the end of a 3-month low providing a higher chance of share growth in which the stock price would increase by 10 dollars. Averaging an increase Of 2. 04% my revenue reached towards 213 dollars from the 93 shares I purchased.

Though the sharp increase in stock price would provide me with sufficient revenue, a change of 3 dollars would to the share would have a loss of 20 dollars. As the stock price stays around the 47-50 dollar range, I sold it in order to avoid any sharp price fall in which I would loose money rather then gain. Purchase #2 Buying Santa Pharmaceuticals was purposely a risky decision due to their stock market status as “Penny Stocks”. These kinds of stocks are known to Drop and Rise at an exponential rate in a short amount in time. Santa Pharmaceuticals provided me with acquiring a large amount of stocks to enervate large gains.

When purchasing a penny stock such as Santa Pharmaceuticals, one can only hold on to that stock for a limited amount of time to avoid great losses from a sharp crash. Held on to the shares until it reached a profit of 1 00, which would provide me with sufficient revenue as well as avoiding further risk. Http://saleswomen. Com/Santa-pharmaceuticals-corp.-Santa-releases-quarterly- ear innings-results- beats-expectations-by-O-II -peps/242631 / Before obtaining Santa Pharmaceuticals Stock, I noticed that many of the large short-term gains for stock profit were Penny Stocks.

The pharmaceutical industry has developed an annual corporate income of 300 billion dollars in which consumers will pay anything in order to protect the health of their loved ones and themselves. Santa Pharmaceuticals announced a new drug along with its paired company College Corporation which provided a study on one of their medications (Reveled) in which it proved to improve health qualities with patients diagnosed with Non-Del-SQ MEDS (Red Blood Cell Transfusion). Such study provides appeals towards the consumers connected to the disease and create a demand.

Though it will take several years to remote and mass market the drug, enough hype will be created to raise the stock price due to the ideology that Santa Pharmaceuticals might prod cue more medications for more common and profit encouraging illnesses. Since there are many companies driven by the same ideology, investing in such would be a high risk yet profitable in the short run. “Santa Pharmaceuticals ((NASDAQ:SANTA)” had a 52 week low Of 1. 85 in April of 2015 and a high of 4. 97 in July of 2014. The Market trend showed a general decrease in stock price; averaging scents a month to the eventual low of the year.

From the provided information of Finances. Com, the promising new drug would raise Santa Pharmaceuticals stock by 3% and yield earnings of 100 dollars. The Product has grand potential to push Santa Pharmaceuticals stock towards gains even though the illness isn’t as common as generic illnesses. Purchasing 1 00 Santa Pharmaceutical shares at 2. 52 was a great risk and an eventual profit of 98 dollars; though due to the small demand for the drug, I sold at 2. 90 and avoided the eventual stock drop nearly 70 cents for the following 2 months. Purchase #3 Purchasing Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.. Ares was another risky investment due to the abundance of gold mining companies who have struck out. Financially, the company was stable and continually growing. When I purchased Paramount Gold and Nevada Corp.. The stock had risen substantially, yet I still purchased the stock at the second highest its ever been since the 52-week high. As the stock kept on falling, believed that sitting on it would hold its value but consequently had to many losses and decide to sell before lost everything I had gained. Http://www. Marketplace. Com/story/paramount-gold-and-silver-corp.- 5;04;09-211734956

Before purchasing Paramount Gold and Nevada Corp. stock, many of the reports suggested that the mining company was merely holding on rather then growing, given that Max stock high was 4 four dollars in 201 1 and dropped 50% in the given years they have been situated. Based on one of the largest claim holder in mining camps, Paramount is a mufti-million- development company, acquiring many projects such as the San Miguel Gold Project, Max Gold, and The Sleeper Gold Project. Though the Sleeper Gold Project did not contain any reserves and any plans to drill would be an obstruction to Nature as well as the San Miguel Project.

Though these reports are a detriment to the stock price of Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.. The company has portrayed its intentions to put the company at common stocks, which would allow for shareholders to receive more dividends and unlimited claim on the assets of the company’s income. This would provide a safeguard and assurance for investors and slowly drive the market up, which is why I invested a small amount of Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.. Stock. “Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.. (PEG)” 52-week low was at the 65 cents during the month of November of 2014 while the 52-week high leveled at 1. 8 wrought February of 2015. As the current price per ounce of gold is 1, 188. 35, down from sass’s price of 1 250, many investors have claimed this as the factor as for the decline of the gold market; including Paramount Gold and Nevada corp.. Though this may be a detriment, the company has sufficed its increased market revenue and increased its available shares to 162. 03 Billion due to common stock. Seeing that the share price would increase due to investor assurance and the rise of price per ounce of gold, I bought 1 ,OHO shares at 1. 20. The price of the stock increased to 1. 4 and only fluctuated between 1. 24 too 1. 5 at a . 10% gain. Though the small increase in share price may have fluctuated between 2 cents, my revenue totaled to around 40 dollars. I sold it to avoid any uncertainty of crashing, yet only to see the market raise 30 cents. Purchase #4 Buying Entreat came into play as a sure profit investment. At the time of the purchase Entreat was nearly close to its 52-week low and according to the graph trend on Google Finance, Entreat seemed to consistently be in a 2- month deficit before the price on a share increases in value.

Thinking that the share would increase due to the rapid increase in value after 2 months, I Hough it would be a safe and sure investment. Disappointingly, Entreat stayed and only decreased in value while increases were so minimal I lost more profit rather then gain. Http://shenanigan’s. Com/article/31 69586-n étagère-great-company- overpriced-stock Entreat has been a very productive company since the introduction of Wi-If into society. Being one Of the leading providers Of efficient wireless routers, Entreat exemplified profound profit.

The Profit and annual income being very slow forced me to sell seeing that 3 months of investing in Entreat would only provide me with minimal Profits and selling early. Though I sold earlier then anticipated Entreat showed promising gains due to the rapid increase in share price after a 2-month deficit. Strengthening its security network as well as its services, which appeal to the consumers are greatly due to security and privacy concerns. Announcing new products such as the wireless routers to provide a strengthen privacy and network connection, Entreat provided itself with more incentive for its stock to raise its price.

Since the earnings would only be so little, I would not only be succumb ant to profit loss, yet also time due to the fact that the bigger games span around 6 months providing me with an incentive to buy a small amount of shares and sell if Entreat stocks fluctuate around a one dollar change for more than a week. “Enticer (.NET)” had a 52-week low of 29. 20 in the month of April 201 5 while the 52-week high was 36. 70 in December of 2014. According to seeking Papa. Com Entreat Was an overpriced stock such as many tech companies who go big and are unable to provide the minimal amount of income such as the newly evaluated Entreat.

As of Tech insider and market watch, many have put Entreat on hold of buying. Due to the slow advances of Enterer’s refits one would only make significant gains within the expenditure of 1 to 5 years. In order to maintain Entreat as a safe investment, I invested 80 shares of Entreat at a price of 30. 07 per share. Due to the fiscal instability of Entreat as well as the lack of consumer demand, the price per share dropped to 2980 along with a loss of 10 dollars. Though a few days later it rose to 30. 99. Inconsistent and dawdling, I sold at 30. 99 with +. 0% only to gain profit of 20 dollars due to the recuperation of my previously lost earnings. Purchase #5 When I purchased Marathon Oil, my expectancy of profit gains would be increasing from the increase of the price of oil. Throughout the time I held Marathon oil stock, the price Of crude oil increased from 55 dollars to barrel to 61 dollars. The increase of Price allowed for Marathon oil to gain Its revenue while continuously raising Marathon Oil Prices. Due to the uncertainty of oil prices as well as the unstable economic foundation Marathon oil has been experiencing the past year, sold when I reached into a deficit from revenue loss. Http://www. Dustsheet. Com/quote/MR.. HTML According to The Street. Com, Marathon Oil Corp.. Functions internationally as an energy company. Due to the rapid demand of energy from new innovations and populated environments, the need of Marathon Oil will still be in play; it whether how it will it be in play and for how long. Increasing capital by 6. 8 million shares per day, marathon oil crop has a market capitol of 20. 2 billion. Though promising, the oil industry can go dry and ruin the company. Although the need for energy is grand, many are referring to alternative energy in order to conserve money and the environment.

This new demand forces a different perspective towards Marathon Oil in which whether there will be a big enough demand to increase stock prices. Not only is demand a problem yet also the fact that Marathon oil has declined in operating cash flow to about 6. 02% and a growth rate of -42. 26%. This provided me with an incentive to buy low and sell when the price does not change due to the fact that the price is for sure to drop rather then rise. Question g: “Marathon Oil Corp.. (MR.) consisted of a 52-week low of 24. 28 during the month of December 2014 and a high of 41. 2 throughout August of 2014. The decline of December put forth a new and staggered fiscal scale for Marathon oil in which the fluctuation of the stock price kept ill persuaded investors to take the MR. seriously. Many of these investors looking towards renewable and expandable energy create a detriment towards the demand for Marathon Oil. As the price of oil drops and rises continually, investing 130 shares at 27. 71 and selling at 27. 41 with a . 08% droplets for me to invest a proportional amount while having the opportunity to sell incase of a large drop in share price.

Purchase #6 Towards the end of the game, one of my initial stock buys was Party City Holdings. When I first bought the stock, the company’s revenue had skyrocketed due to their change to going public. Many took the opportunity to invest in the young company before the stock prices rose again. Though many bought Party City Holdings right after they went public, the purchase of the stock while they were at their high fiscally signified that the company would fluctuate around that price and it would be best to sell due to the fact that my profit gains would be minimal to none. Http://dead I book. Anytime. Com/2014/01/22/party-city-to-try-again-to-go- Before the purchase of some Party City Holding Shares, I understood that party City was a commercial store located almost in every city providing party odds to almost every special event. Ever year the store not only provide general party supplies yet also for specific events such as Halloween and New Years. Being a time-to-time customer Of party City, it is known how busy and popular the store is throughout Halloween when kids buy very expensive cheap costumes and party supplies over inflated in prices.

Though these prices can be burdensome to a customer, millions of people buy from here every year to produce a corporate income of 2. Billions dollars annually. Knowing that the company is ahead of its league, in party supplies, many days f the years there are no need for party supplies, which would prognosticate eventual sharp gains and losses due to non-continuous revenue. Seeing that many of the market gains party city earns are through a seasonal calendar. Did not invest the Max do to the fact that the stock price would stay about the same due to less demand.

Though I may not have earned the ideal profit from party City one can invest right before graduation season for graduation parties, stocks are for sure to rise upon that time. “Party Hold Inc. (PARTY)” had a 52-week low of 20. 07 in the month of April ND a 52-week high of 22. 60 throughout May. According to Dakota financial news, PARTY is at a status of buy since they are now a new public company With a 26 dollar stock price target set in the future, many of investor’s revenue would see exponential growth as well as a an ideal target due to upcoming holidays.

Since I bought the stocks on a non-holiday season did not buy very many. The 180 stocks did buy had barely to any profit just as I had expected. Though no revenue, at 20. 07 per stock it made an increase of 1. 07% and probably 4% or more during the holidays. Since PARTY is a new public company, many investors will rush to purchase the low stocks while they can, this will eventually hype up the stocks before the holiday even begins and increasing the risk of a fiscal PARTY share crash. Purchase #7 One of my last trades was investing in GOP.

Being one of the most common and now popular camcorders; they are becoming as necessary as phones. I knew that once I bought this stock, had to sell it once I felt like it reached its Max potential or I would begin to loose profit. Though the shares when down 50 cents when I first bought it, I know the shares would go back p when they announce a new product. Http://www. Valuable. Com/2015/06/GOP-stock-soars-on-hero-LCD/ Having market capital of 7. 87 billion, GOP has increased exponentially since going public in July of 2014.

Though their products are efficient and modern, many of the stock prices are build-up on hype. According to Valuable. Com when the Hero+LCD camera was unveiled, the stocks soared once again. Knowing that hype would create profit in my stock, invested smaller then usual and was careful that any income made kept and sold before it gradually went down. Just like party city during Halloween and Apple unveiling the new Phone, the hype creates excitement that raises stock prices.