An Inconvenient Truth Review essay

There is simply no reason why a person could not understand this film. AY Gore does a great job conveying his message in a simplistic way. During the documentary, I was concerned on how global warming was affecting the rivers, lakes, and mountains around the world. Once Mr.. Gore showed this in the film, the evidence was devastating. Then I got more worried, because I knew that this issue could in fact grow and become worse fife do not take action. This film presents at the end many ways in which we can contribute to help the Earth, which was great.

These easy things can make a big change and can prevent our planet from having a disastrous end. People can also visit a weapon that provides more examples, so that we can all invest in this movement. Think everybody, including myself, should be doing something about this problem, because it already started having consequences on our country, and some other countries in a horrific way leaving thousands of people without a home to live. Maybe something that would encourage us to take action is to think about the future, not only our future, but our future generations.

I think most f us have kids or at least plan to have kids someday, and if things keep going the way it is today they will not have a beautiful and healthy planet to live in. If we do not do something today, we will regret it tomorrow. I personally struggle with this issue. How can I help? What can I do? Where do start? I am very grateful that I watched “An Inconvenient Truth”, and AY Gore done an amazing job giving his speech with an intriguing presentation.

As a case manager essay

Meaning was any strange behavior that was present. Next would be what goals if any does the client have? Does the client have any expectations out Of the agency? Share with the group any more important information that you feel would impact the client. This could mean providing the team with word for word that something that he or she shared that you feel could be relevant. Last is what recommendations would you feel could help this client. Your impression of who she or he is in general and what path you feel would benefit the client. You should always be prepared before you enter the meeting with your team oh work with.

This client’s wellbeing is in your hands and getting all the information to your team in imperative. The best course of treatment for Mr.. McCann I feel would be to first address would be grief counseling for the loss of his daughter. Grief counseling can be in an individual setting or a group setting. Feel that if Mr.. McCann attended a group grief counseling that would help him see he is not alone. Opening up with other parents/caregivers that have also felt the loss of a loved one could be very beneficial to Mr.. McCann. I would then address his health in regards of the severe headaches. I would get in contact with a neurologist for Mr..

McCann to get some tests just to be sure there is nothing serious going on due to the car accident. I feel that Mr.. McCann should also see a counselor because he feels depressed and is having problems getting along with coworkers which makes it difficult to go to work. Making an appointment with a counselor to evaluate him and see if medication could possibly help. I also help seeing the counselor will help if the divorce will be addressed. Ask the team if anyone has any questions that may have not touched on. As a group treatment recommendations are add and we all agree that this is the best course of treatment for Mr..

McCann. Firmament or service planning, when it is done with a team, is a collaborative activity. While you come with background and some firsthand information about the person being presented and ideas for a plan, everyone contributes to the discussion in order to be sure the best plan is ultimately created. “(Summers, N. P. 358, 2012). When Mr.. McCann comes in for his appointment I go over with his carefully about what the nest course of treatment would be. We start with the loss of his daughter. Explain that grief unseeing is very effective and a good way to come to terms about what has happened.

I explain that he will met many individuals that have felt the loss that he has through the group. He tells me that it seems like a good idea to try this. I give him the handout on a list of meetings and locations in the area. Next we talk about him seeing a neurologist to take some texts. Explain that just as a precaution measure we want to make sure that the headaches are not from something from when the car accident. He agrees and said he often wondered that himself. I told him that the neurologists office will call him to aka the appointment.

Next we touched on his depression and explained that if he sees a counselor to be evaluated and see the nest course of treatment would be. He agreed and said this was one of the main reasons he came to seek help for. He wants to be able to enjoy going to work and not feel so hostile towards his coworkers anymore. Mr.. McCann seems to be hopeful and says he will look into attending a grief counseling right away. In conclusion understanding that the case manager must be well prepared to address the team he or she is working with. Collaborating with the team is ere important in the wellbeing of ones client.

When doing this you must be opened to all you are hearing from your team. Ones the team has come to the best course of action for the client would be then the case manager has an appointment with the client to review and share what he or she would recommend. Going over your recommendations should be done carefully because some clients may be reluctant to change or a form of treatment they m=not be looking forward to. In the case of Mr.. McCann he was very respective to everything that was shared with him and also is looking forward and welcomes the help he will be receiving.

Finished DOC essay

Duty of care is a legal obligation which means a requirement to practice a reasonable amount of attention and look after others to avoid negligence which could lead to harm, working with children and young people brings a lot of responsibility and significant duty of care, you need to recognizes the younger the child the more vulnerable they are and the higher the duty of care need to be, you have to be vigilant and have a gig level of concentration of the overall environment of where you are at all times to make sure everyone and individuals are safe. . 2 Describe how the duty of care affects own work role. Always act in the best interests to make sure that the people we care for are safe and protected from any form of abuse by others may it be other service users, careers, family, friends and even people they don’t know, therefore follow my safeguarding policies and procedures it is also important to be given the correct training so that I can recognizes and understand abuse.

It is my duty of care to write down anything that may of happened or anything I feel is out of the ordinary for that individual outside and inside of my work, I also write up incident, accident and temperature forms, it is also my duty of care to provide protection and safety for the children and be there when they want to talk and someone to sit and listen. The Honeymoon Nursery’s policies and procedures make it very clear to me and the rest of the staff our responsibilities when it comes to reporting improper contact and conduct that may compromise safety in our nursery and the protection of our children. . 1 Describe dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and individuals rights. It is my duty care to administer medication and creams when needed, on one occasion a child refused to take her medication, so explain that it was in her best interests and that it would make her feel better, but she still refused to take it, I gave her some space and some time, I went back after about half an hour and she still refused to take her medication. Hereford wrote down what had happened and got another member of staff that had witnessed what had happened to sign a written statement, also wrote out a incident from to get the parents to sign when they came to pick their child up. It is in the child’s right to refuse their medication if they want, but it’s my duty of care to support the child accordingly and recorded and report the situation if they do refuse to take their medications or don’t want their creams on.

It is my duty of care to make sure that all children what wear nappies or are in pulls get changed regularly, if a child has filled there pulls/ nappy then it is in my best interest to get them changed, in the case that they don’t have anything to get changed into then we have to put that child in either nursery pants or a spare nappy, if the child starts to come upset that they have not got their own things then you sit and explain to the child that they haven’t got anything to wear and let them pick what they have out of the spears box. . 2 Explain where to get additional support and advice about how to resolve such dilemmas. Can get additional support from my supervisor, deputy and my manager if really necessary, can also ask for support from the child’s parents to tell their child at the beginning of the day that they have to do as us adults ask.

In the case of not having anything for the child to change into, when their arena/ guardian comes to pick them up, you just take them to one side and ask for them to bring in some more and tell them that they got a little upset and that you have had to put spares on him or her and ask that the parent/ guardian talks to the child if they are still upset and tell them that it was in there best interest. 3. 1 Describe how to respond to complaints. All complaints and concerns are dealt with fairly in my workplace and we respond to each individuals needs.

Week Course Project essay

Bob Alger, the CEO of Disney, had a great desire to restore Disney to the greatness it once held. With the emergence of Pixie’s animation and new movies, such as Toy Story, Disney was falling behind in the animation department and losing its once great reputation. The merger with Paxar seemed to be the best choice for both companies. Steve Jobs, Pixie’s CEO, felt that the merger was the next logical step in its relationship with Disney. He felt that Disney was the only company with animation in their blood (Holon, 2006). For XML Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc. ND Sirius Satellite Radio, a merger seemed like the best option for both companies at the start of the recent recession. At the time they announced the merger, both impasses were losing subscribers and the start of the recession didn’t help with that issue whatsoever. In 2007, Sirius Satellite Radio and XML Satellite Radio Holding, Inc. Announced their merger. However, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was concerned that the merger between these two big satellite radio companies would create a monopoly. Then, after sixteen months of waiting, the merger was approved by the FCC.

Mel Karamazov, CEO of Sirius, would take over as the Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed Sirius, and Hugh Pander, then Ism’s CEO, would stay on until the close of the merger. Both Disney Paxar and Sirius saw an opportunity for change, as well as the necessity for it. Had Disney not wanted Pixie’s creative animation team, it might be Paxar Trademarks or Fox Paxar. Instead, Disney and Paxar saw the opportunity and grabbed it. They weren’t just thinking in terms of rivalry or profits, they were thinking about building a reputation together that would lead the media and animation industry into a whole new frontier.

While Curium’s vision may not have been as broad or progressive as Disney Paxar, it most certainly took advantage of an opportunity to keep the combined satellite radio company afloat during the secession. In combining Sirius and XML Radio, the companies were able to offer their customers a much better selection of news, sports, music, and entertainment in general. The company was looking to stop the loss of revenue by improving their product and making it more attractive to possible subscribers.

Disney Paxar and Sirius went through radical changes with their mergers, yet both companies came out On top. Had it not been for their ability to successfully manage change, neither Disney Paxar nor Sirius would have the reputation or popularity that they have today, aside from lessons learned on what not to do during a merger. As with any change that a company experiences, there are pressures for change and images of change. For Disney, there were reputation pressures that needed to be addressed. It needed to renew its reputation, not just in the movies it made, but in the way it did business.

Paxar had growth pressures, which led it to consider Disney as a partner. Sirius and XML Radio were both dealing with market decline pressures, as well as growth pressures. In merging their respective companies, Disney Paxar and Sirius made the necessary changes to deal with these pressures and improve their business models. The mergers brought images of change that were needed for each company to find the direction in which it was headed. For Disney Paxar, Bob Alger and Steve Jobs were change managers during that merger.

They both had their own ideas, but collaborated on the final result of the company. Although the need for a coach change image was necessary for the creative vision of the company, it was the navigator change image that facilitated the overall changes in the merger. Alger knew what he could control during the merger and realized that he must work through the changes as they came. As Steve Jobs was emending and wanted Pixies independence in animation, Alger realized that relinquishing control for that situation was necessary in keeping the company moving forward with the merger.

Had Alger maintained a director change image, the merger may not have gone as smoothly as it did, or worst case scenario, not have happened at all. The image of change that best facilitated the Sirius merger was the caretaker change image. With the FCC taking sixteen months to make a decision on whether or not the merger created a monopoly, Mel Karamazov could only keep watch over the company and address the issues that were within his grasp. It wasn’t just waiting for a decision from the FCC either, it was also waiting to see any possible limitations that may be set for the company as well.

Karamazov took care of the company while its future was still in question. If Karamazov had taken on another change image, it may have put too much pressure of the company and stopped the merger. Even with different change images, both companies had successful mergers. Each situation was different from the other and the obstacles encountered were different as well. As previously stated, Bob Alger and Mel Karamazov had different changes images that were appropriate for their companies. Germ was a navigator who realized that control is not always possible in every aspect of change.

This change image seems to represent him the most and helped ensure the finalization of the Disney Paxar merger. As for Mel Karamazov, the wait for the PC’s approval proved that he could take care of the issues at hand with the company, while waiting on the outcome of Curium’s future. These two companies took on the changes that occur during a merger and proved that such a drastic change Can be managed successfully. Even though the focus here is on the management of change during a merger, Disney Paxar and Sirius have also successfully managed he changes that occur throughout the life cycle of a business.

Does Spanking Children Create Mental or Emotional Problems essay

Whether people agree or disagree on spanking research findings from past years, they show at least nine reasons that hysterical punishment should not be used on children with corporal punishment. The purpose of this paper is to gather information from already completed research to help add a new level of understanding. Many variables play a role in why parents use spanking for punishment such as ethnicity, social class, income, and society. It is predicted that the youth who receives physical punishment shows more aggression and develops mental disorders in adulthood. Rewords: spanking, child development, behavioral development, cognitive development Does Spanking Children Create Mental or Emotional Problems with Development in Adulthood? Mental health has to do with a complex interactive association with a person’s physical health and ability to prosper in society; both physical and mental health affect how people think, feel and act. Overall, this is an essential part of children’s health (Children, n. D. ). Child neglects definition as abuse in relation to failure to provide appropriate care, food, clothes, and housing.

Neglect is not physical abuse it is more than one incident situation. It is designate by a pattern of improper care and observed by a person who has had close contact with the child. Neglect is usually noticed by poor hygiene, inadequate weight gain, improper medical care, etc. There have been four types of neglect classified educational, mental, emotional, and physical (Children, 2011). Child abuse occurs is when a caretaker inflicts physical harm to a child while in their care on purpose.

There are many forms of child abuse, such as physical abuse, fetal abuse, emotional abuse, and spiritual abuse (Children, 201 1). Physical means of punishment were not always seen as abuse when parenting, due to society’s approval on means of punishment. The study shows spanking as a enmeshment to children, and other forms of physical discipline have profound effects on a child’s mental, behavior, and physical attributes. The mental disorder it creates includes, but is not limited to, adult anxiety, depression, and aggression.

Also, drugs and alcohol dependence has been recorded problem for adults who were spanked as a child. Child abuse has not always been known as abuse due to societies using a harsh punishment to teach children how to become productive adult citizens (Smith, 2012). Acts Against Child Abuse The legislature passed an act in the year of 1975 to protect children from enduring harsh unnecessary punishments or neglect. An act was passed on child abuse that requires any person to report child abuse and neglect.

The act helps to be responsible for the safety of children who are battered or mistreated. This action helped the authorities to create an area of social services to prohibit child abuse and neglect. This area of social services helps make it the obligations of law organization’s responsibility to defend and enhance the welfare of youngsters and sanctuary family life. This act became a law known as “child protection law” (Office for the Protection of Children ND Youth, n. D. ). Before the new laws went into effect, the phrase child abuse’ was uncommon to hear but was too common to see.

Children who are spanked are often abused regularly, once hit the caretaker gets harsher as time goes. This is due to the reactions of the parents; one swat was fine, then in time the more stress the worse the hitting and swatting to the child. The children who had been spanked were more likely to be insubordinate, demand immediate gratification of their wants and needs, become more exasperated easier, have anger outbursts, and have physical outburst against there people or mistreat animals.

Thus, may-be that spanking sets up a continuous motion of misbehaver. Corporal punishment implants fear rather than information. Even if children stop tantrums when spanked, that does not mean they get why they should not have been acting out in the misbehaving manner in the first place. In addition, spanking sets a bad example, training children that aggressive behavior is a resolution to their parents’ complications. People noticed more children receiving injuries, and this was not a simple child-rearing situation anymore.

This set the child retention laws into motion to protect the children instead of hurt them. The short-term effects from spanking worked in the study, but the long term concludes the child is more violent than other disorders as age development. Child Abuse Long-term Effects The comportment Of child abuse and neglect is frequently deliberated in positions of physical, emotional, behavioral, and societal consequences (Children, n. D In reality, however, it is impossible to separate all types of bearings.

Physical consequences, such as damage to a child’s growing brain, can have emotional repercussions, such as cognitive delays or emotional faculties. Psychological problems often noticeable as high-risk behaviors for those who been abused. High-risk actions can lead to enduring somatic fitness difficulties, such as but not limited to, corpulence and or cancer. Not all youngsters who have been mistreated will experience long-standing effects, but they may have an enlarged vulnerability. Some societies have no trouble of agreeing with using a few corrective measurements to control a child.

The American Academy Of pediatricians established that spanking might do more harm than good. This implies that spanking will not correct he difficulties of the child’s behavior, but will only make them worse (American Psychological Association, 2013). Some people in societies dispute that child spanking will have an undesirable effect on the youngsters complete being since it shows the child insubordinate conduct. It diverts the youngster from the information on how to make a resolution to personal conflict in a humane manner.

However, societies argue that spanking is suitable when a child is performing an action that is probable to cause threat or detriment; therefore it is appropriate if followed up with a reason why it is appropriate because it encourages disciplined performance without negative results. If the actions are bad enough for a spanking the parent must clearly state and carefully explain to the child why they are receiving the spanking; there can be reciprocated explanations why both sides have the same viewpoint of just wanting to correct a child’s behaviors.

There are many explanations why it is healthier not to strike a child. Physicians and researchers conduct many researches to find out how often a child has to be spanked to create the child’s action to be different. Corporal punishment instills in kids to be insubordinate and subsequently to develop low self- esteem amongst other long-term disorders (American Psychological Association, 2013). Societies Role on Child Abuse Society helps to create mental and emotional disorders for the future human generations by practicing the accepted social values such as corporal punishment.

Societies around the globe all have different cultures and values. Even though societies are different in many of the practiced values and social norms they all practiced corporal punishment to reprimand the children. Society’s social values are learned from passing of generation to enervation. People have used spanking for a means of punishing misbehaver in children for a variety of years. The Greeks and Romans of the classical era used corporal punishment to discipline the soldiers.

Self- flagellation, was the main use for this in the Middle Ages, the body was seen as unclean through the eyes of the church; therefore, they punished themselves for cleansing. From the ass’s up until the early nineteenth century, physical punishment was used for floggings of the disobedient pupils and public beatings of the criminals, which was considered a grand display to tiniest. Throughout the nineteenth century societies seen these grand displays as inhumane; therefore they began to decline the beatings of criminals, but modern times kept it for a punishment to the children.

Domestic or parental corporal punishment is what spanking is termed in the eyes of the law; only in the countries that have banned corporal punishment of children. Children are only innocent bystanders that are anxiously excited to be trained how to perform in the social order. When a parent becomes too overwhelmed from the environmental conditions, they do not realize the mental and emotional distress they created for the child by inflicting purposeful pain on them by releasing frustrations of society out on the child.

Parents all over the world have the same three views that equal out in the same issues for raising their children. Safety and wellbeing of the children, high quality parent and child relations, and ensuring children grows up to become productive adults that transmit their cultural values. Within the worlds, societies and country’s there are different social classes. They relate to one another in different ways but one thing that links these people are the hysterical spankings accepted by the cursor endings of the people. Social class has to do with the income level an individual or family receives.

Lower income families in America have more child abuse and neglect than any other social class. This is due to the harshness of the families’ hard times that they endure. The stressful situations due to the lack of money lead into the problems for children from the parents. Parents who are stressed or depressed stop thinking about the best Interest of the child and start thinking the child is acting in an inappropriate manner to despite the parent. Therefore, this leads into the response of hitting the child to try to help control the child’s behaviors.

People who are not affording the economy needs as easy as others do lash out from disappointment and anger, therefore; their understanding abilities are not as clear as they need them to be. When an anger person smacks a child they take all the built up anger and frustrations out on the small child; resulting in brutally hitting than intended and sometimes death. The only way to prevent this from happening to children who are too small to fight back and for them to leave is not an option s to change the laws of the land; therefore, physical punishment cannot create victims of child abuse.

Child abuse is a very serious global problem that has negative life-long-term consequences. Sadly there are no real precise or reliable estimations for the occurrence of child abuse. Child abuse data is lacking in many societies especially lower and middle class. These lower limited countries also have lower amounts of prevention techniques to follow. Many people do not associate spanking to violence creates violence. If a child is hit then he or she believes it is k to hit; therefore, they become violent, aggressive and pressed.

The parent sets examples by actions as well as rules; therefore, if the parent hits the child the child thinks this is acceptable. Most societies that use corporal or physical punishment do not associate the realistic point of violence becomes more in the future. A child sees violence and/or receives for their misbehaver this ends up sending the message it is necessary to punish people with a harsh form of violence. For every action, there is a reaction. Example if someone does them wrong then they should correct the situation with violence (U. S. Department of Health & Human Services, n.

Hypothesis The research over the years has shown similar results, the fact that child abuse and neglect create mostly long-term difficulties in adulthood for children who are spanked The mental impacts on these children are significance and the more that it happens the more people will be affected. People do not see the negative effects will continue to grow worse over time if the child rearing conditions do not improve. Societies will not agree on everything, but the matter of child abuse needs to be seen, and the results can change for future generations.

The more people ignore the results of the tidies from research over the years the worse mental disorders will become in adults. Children who are spanked have more anger than those who are not spanked. This anger and confusion builds up over time and leads into problems that last for the rest of their lives. Societies need to change the way they punish children in order to change the negative effects. Resources American psychological Association (2013). Family Stress, Beliefs About Parenting and Cognitive and Emotional Reactions to Children’s Misbehaving can Lead to Harsh Discipline, Says New Study.

A Sound of Thunder vs Nethergrave essay

“Interrogate” and “A Sound of Thunder” “Interrogate” and “A Sound of Thunder” are both interesting science fiction SST irises. In my opinion, “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury was the more exciting store y compared to “Interrogate” by Gloria Skuzzier. “A Sound of Thunder” had me hanging on the edge of my seat, anxious to find out what they mightn’t done to alternate the future. “Net heritage” was more Of a slow Story, not as exciting. Both of the authors had an incredible imagination while writing these stories, and in some says a bit of insight to the future.

The way Bradbury described the time mach nine was, for me, easily imaginable because of how he described it. When Cells first sees the it me machine, “he looks and sees a mass of tangle, a snaking and humming of wires and steel b exes. He also sees an aurora that flickered orange, silver, and blue. ” (pig. 288). In “A Sound of Thunder’ you can almost feel Cells fear when he finally sees t he massive Tree. He was so excited to get to go back in time and hunt the dinosaur ours, but when he actually came factories with one, he wimpled out and became overly afraid, almost killing himself and the other guys in the hunting group.

The sound of thunder is a gar eat description of the boisterous Tree. At the end, the sound of thunder is left to our own intern rotation. “Interrogate” didn’t seem to have much emphasis on technology. This story wasn’t very interesting to me, and throughout the story, never felt as though I liked or related to Jersey’s character. In the beginning of the story, a lot of time was taken up describing Jersey’s d ay. It made it easier to understand Jersey’s character, an unauthentic, shy teenager ho dislikes the world he lives in.

He spent almost every afternoon chatting with his online Fri. ends, making up lies to them because he feels like a pitiful person. Then a program appears on his screen. The program turns out to be a completely different world, where he was promise d to never be alone or hurt. I’d say the theme for both of the short stories would be “Be careful of the choc cues you make”. Both of the stories show how technology can change a person’s life, of r better or for worse. Technology can be useful, but also destructive.

Community Corrections Paper essay

The erection programs may also assist to house defendants who have been committed to non-violent, or non-risk offenders and whom have severed only a short time sentence. Community corrections also insist of a non- monitoring of the offenders with electronic monitoring or day reporting to even housed arrest. Community corrections affect and also mi minimize the amount of classed and rehabilitation of offenders. The recidivism rate is higher as community corrections affect the wants and need of the offenders corrective behaviors and with these programs, they make more profit when he offender cannot complete the programs which are put in place.

In simple term they make profit off the failure of a host of people who enter into the community of corrections. In the long run this cost the taxpayers more money in paying for the repeat offenders in which the community corrections insist of them completing. The state is paid so much money per the housing of an inmate by the CA then in return the state gets charge mainly half of the dollar amount combined in which the most states pay the DOC. When this occurs CA lessen the amount of classes and rehabilitation the offender may receive.

When this process comes in effect this makes the recidivism cost much higher, because this is what the CA is based upon. In more word to be most understood this is also what the CA want because, the more offenders return the more profits will be made. The hypotheses to my knowledge about the community correction do have good and bad points. The pro side to this programs is having a program put in place has outstanding opportunity and challenging for the upcoming youth who committed a crime or mistake when they was young to have a new beginning o have a fresh start so to say.

The cons side when an adult do something wrong he/she know their right and wrongs of the law. And if has an adult they keep making the same mistake of breaking the law over and over again. The need to be obtains and place in prison and does not need to be given the chance to community corrections. This is a program to give positive second chances not just waste the time and opportunity to what need to be done. Having these programs put in place keep the resources at a cheaper cost to obtain the overcrowding in prison and jails and not to mention has we do now saving the taxpayers a lot of money.

But let’s face the fact which is put in our face people take advantage of these programs and ruins the chance of opportunity for the offender who definitely need these programs to lead a positive life and realized their mistake, and tried to wrong their rights. Brazil in the years of January 2013 about twenty four Brazier’s in twenty seven states at least 218 inmates have been murdered and more than 12 inmates in this country die under suspending circumstances. In most ways like the united States overcrowding is a big ordeal also; there are perhaps 62 people n a cell built for about 12 inmates.

Most inmates sleep on the floor or just lead On the walls, because Of the tight fix in the cell. According to official figures, half a million inmate’s received care from 367 doctors in 2012. Fifteen gynecologist served 32,000 female prisoners, many of whom used bread to when they have menstrual cycle (www. Economist. Com). The rate in the Brazil prison’s do not have high skills nor take punitive out of the justice attitude towards criminal behaviors, their recidivism is an outstanding of 60% higher than of the united States.

The prison System in the United States has its problems and concern, but let’s they do have laws and functions put in place so this would not happen that occurs in other countries. During the research Europe country has a lower crime rate also Japan, the resources states that Unites States quickly place people in prison for their crime, but the United States also goes in many ways to help the offender to change and rehabilitate their ways of criminal thinking and behaving.

In fact the United States has many minorities in the country in prison and they suffer from a many efferent disadvantages than the rest of the world, which consists of property, lower income and not to mention no and little education standards and no to not much health care and less job opportunities. Japan, executions which are still put in place is hanging, in the 21 first centuries, and the fact that the family member will not be notify until after the execution has been done.

Japan in deed has a lower crime rate, but this is only because of the unjustified and humane way they treat their prisoners. The United States laws and junctions and sanctions put in place by the congress and each state which has code and conduct to abide by. And if the United States was to treat their prisoners like animals and not human being would be a lot of lawsuit in place and much unrecognized order in the criminal justice system. One Of the main laws put in place so that the inmate to have life behind bars which was put in place in the 1 8th century by the Quakers.

There will always be an outstanding need to community of corrections now and in the future to come, having treatment programs put in place not to mention the psycho- pharmacological treatment in today society the changes in treatment has to e updated with the time in which crime changes with the time. Due to the harshness in the breakdown of the economy and jobs lost, and entering back into the same environment there will always be crime on the rise and a great down fall in the system.

With this happening and occurring Community Corrections will always be needed to establish groups and programs put in place to help the offenders to stay employed or give them the resources to find the help they required, while they are severing out sentencing and keeping the prison in becoming much overcrowded than they already are. Having the treatment programs or groups come to the offender’s home would be a good idea this will make sure the offender gets the counseling he/ she needs.

Mitchell H essay

Studies are now showing what many of you may have suspected: We are living in an increasingly narcissistic society. “Lisa Firestone – PA”. Are we in the middle of a narcissism epidemic and, if so, who or what is to blame? “Lynn Malcolm” Social media is providing a platform for exposure to those who want attention and reassurance towards their body image, ? Approximately 83% of teens have signed up to a social media site and have used it. Social networks like Mainstream, Backbone and Tumbler not only breed narcissistic tendencies but transform relations into a sexual rat race.

NP? The popularity of girls is greatly contested over one big reasoning’s ; how sexy can do have to appear to get everyone’s attention? The things girls will do to get picture that produces an epidemic amount number of “likes” is outrageous, with no creativity at all [P] a simple hip, boob and kiss is strong enough to endorse a large amount of likes. These teens are showing how much they love themselves in the hope that you’ll hit that “like” button to reinforce their claim. Not only that, it’s a passive competition for in which whom ever gets the most likes is “popular”.

This can cause “Backbone Depression” in teens. Parents and relatives fear that Social media is making their children do self- harm because they aren’t “perfect” like other people they see on Social Media. The Parents are definitely on track, Social media can contribute to this kind of activity also known as “Backbone Depression”. Backbone depression according to the PAP report, may result if young users see status updates, wall posts, and photos that make them feel unpopular. This also happens when these people see other peoples’ lifestyles on Backbone and compare it to their own.

Social media sites may have greater psychosocial impact on kids with low self-esteem or who are already otherwise troubled. Perhaps the most comprehensive study to date found that Backbone overuse among teens was significantly correlated with narcissism. Narcissist people with an inflated self-concept and a strong sense of uniqueness and superiority strive for attention and affirmation on Social Media. A 2014 study published in Computers in Human Behavior found that narcissists posted more often about themselves in effort to attract likes and comments that fuel heir beliefs about self-importance.

Other studies have found that narcissistic people love to post selfless and they share the ones where they think they look most attractive in the hopes of gaining admiration. As if adolescence weren’t painful enough, the pressure to be “camera-ready” may be adding to teens’ body dissatisfaction and leading to set destructive behavior. Teens turn to social media in adolescence, self-consciousness and the need for peer-validation because it acts as a kind of “super peer,” providing a quick route to satisfying both concerns .

According to a study by he Keep it Real Campaign, 80 percent of 10 year old American girls have been on a diet. Examples of negative teen body image are all over the Web. In youth videos, kids ask an internet audience to tell them they re pretty or ugly, they rate each other on Mainstream and compete for “Followers”, they edit their selfless and drink in advice about how to improve their online image. Where is your conclusion? Quotes: “l think of narcissism as an adaptive thing that teenagers use to work on self- image and identity,” University of Notre Dame psychologist Daniel Lapse told Youth Radio.

Project Scope And Estimation Of Time And Cost essay

Project Site(s) – When appropriate, the project Manager should use a map or drawing to identify the site(s) or location(s) associated with the reject, with the intention of providing the geographical context in which the project takes place. Project Organization – During the session, the Project Manager can review the project organizational chart and the associated roles and responsibilities to accomplish the project objectives. Project Budget and project Number(s) – A portion of the meeting is usually dedicated to go over the specifics of the project number(s).

Team members need to know how they should charge their time and expenses for all project materials and contracting costs in relation with the project. If needed, some discussion on he specific break-out of the cost elements for the project could also take place. Project Reporting/Document Control – Another important project aspect to be talked about during the kick-off meeting is project reporting and project document control and archiving procedures. The project team needs to know and understand the project reporting requirements (I. . , types of status reports, frequency, formats, and audience). If a document coding system has been developed for archiving electronic documents and filing project hard-copy documents, the Project Manager needs to share that information with the project team. Quality – SQ/SQ procedures and forms can also be reviewed at the kick-off meeting. The Project Manager will communicate how quality will be measured in the project and what is required for the project to meet its requirements.

Fifth project requires any sampling, data collection, or testing, then procedures associated with these tasks can be discussed. Environmental Health and Safety (SHE) Special attention should be paid to any particular hazards in connection with the project. Additionally, it is important to share with the project team the geographical location of the emergency places (I. . , hospital, fire department, police, and clinics) closest to the project site(s), as well as all health and safety procedures to be utilized for the project.

Permitting – If permits are required for the project, the Project Manager needs to identify those and the particular instructions for obtaining them. In those projects requiring inspections from outside agencies, specific procedures and standards regarding those inspections may be included as a topic of discussion of the kick-off meeting. Project Scope Management -Project Scope Management includes the processes required to ensure that he project Includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the Project successfully [1].

It is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what Is or is not included in the project. ] Activity Resource Estimating -Activity resource estimating is a process in which the project team carefully compiles a thorough listing of the resources that will be needed in completing a project. Project Time Management -Project time management refers to a component of overall project management in which a timeline is analyzed and developed for the completion of a project or deliverable.

Estimation of Project Cost -A cost estimate is the approximation of the cost of a program, project, or operation. The cost estimate is the product of the cost estimating process. The cost estimate has a single total value and may have identifiable component values. A problem with a cost overrun can be avoided with a credible, reliable, and accurate cost estimate. An estimator is the professional who prepares cost estimates. There are different types of estimators, whose title may be preceded by a modifier, such as building estimator, or electrical estimator, or chief estimator.

Child Minder essay

It is my responsibility as a professional children to do everything possible to keep all children safe at all times and prevent accidents. Ensure home safety: Kitchen: No access for children when cooking, baby gates in place, but will have systems in place in case kitchen access is required, such as cupboard locks, electrical wires at back of sides, all equipment doors closed, kitchen bin out of the way of children’s hands.

Dining/sitting Room: Fire place guard/gate if needed, all electrical cords out of reach, secure table cloths, Clear floor space to prevent tripping, (few toys out at a time) child friendly table and chairs. Radiator guards, Stairs: Safety gates in the correct places to prevent falls down stairs. Bathroom: Cleaning products out of reach, spills and accidents to be cleaned, non-slip mats, always run cold water first. Hygiene and waste disposal: high standard of hygiene is essential, Led by example, washing hands/good personal hygiene.

Clean and disinfect floors, equipment and toys regularly. Use disposable gloves when dealing with faces, urine or blood. Clean kitchen and bathrooms regularly to keep germ levels down. Anti-bacterial sprays are a must. Have a good recycling system in place, all food waste in a separate bin, also a good idea to have a separate in for nappies and bodily waste etc. To ensure a healthy environment, need to store food correctly in fridge or cupboards, wash hands etc when dealing or handling food, be aware of cross contamination.

Also recognizing children’s illness is a must to ensure a healthy home based setting, flue, diarrhea and vomiting are just a few of certain illnesses where the parents will need to be contacted to collect their child. As a Children I need to be aware of any allergies that a child may have. To ensure a healthy and safe environment, a registered children needs to undergo first aid raining every 3 years, and finally they need to follow the policies and procedures they have put in place. Question 2 (Weighting: O) The principles of safe supervision of children in the home-based setting and off-site. 200 words] As a home based child-minder the safe supervision of children both in and out of the home is ultimately my complete and main responsibility. This has to be done without impeding the play and independence of the children, the level of supervision will depend on the following factors: -Their age and stage of development, – Whether I’m on or off site whether a child has a disability, they may need more supervision if in an unfamiliar environment -the activity that is going on -changes in weather conditions.

Three levels of supervision: Constant supervision, which is being aware of what they are doing ALL of the time, Close supervision, aware of what they are doing most of the time, but able to intervene should the need arise, and finally general supervision, so being aware of what they are doing and checking on them regularly, for example when baby is having a nap. When offset, believe a risk assessment f the offset activity is the first port of call, , looking at details such as, how many children will be with me? Ill we be in the car (valid road tax/MOT/Car insurance/Car seats etc)? Buggy? Walking? How far to our destination? Crossing roads? Will snacks/lunch be needed? Having a risk assessment should make the trip easier, and have all children safer. Stranger danger will also need to be discussed with the children, they need to know what to do if approached by anyone. Finally if/when using public transport I need to ensure all children are sat with me. Question 3 (Weighting: O) Ways of ensuring that equipment is suitable for children and meets safety requirements.

As a registered child minder, I will be carrying out checks/risk assessments on all equipment the children in my care will be using. Headings in my risk assessment checklist as follows: -Age Appropriate – Children under three years of age should never be allowed to play with toys which are marked as being unsuitable for them -Toy Safety Correct working order, no broken pieces/sharp corners -Battery Safety – Battery cover on correct – fully working batteries – not corroded etc -Law – Correct safety symbols on the toys.